12 August, 2022


Israel & Sri Lankan Islamophobia

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

The attacks against this writer practically every week, which have gone on relentlessly over a very long period, have evidently been meant to stop this writer’s articles from being published. But the articles continue to be published in the Island, the Colombo Telegraph (CT), and the Sri Lanka Guardian and there are no signs that the attacks will have their desired impact on any of the Editors. Consequently this writer can safely ignore the attacks. Unfortunately there has been another dimension to the attacks that cannot be ignored: Islamophobia shown in varying degrees of contempt and hatred towards Islam and the Muslims as a whole. The writer’s analysis led to the conclusion that Tamil Islamophobic racism was much worse than that of the Sinhalese. It afflicts only a minority of the Tamils but it can be terribly lethal if the LTTE rides again. Fortunately, however, after 2009 moderate and pragmatic Tamils have had the political ascendancy and can be trusted – the writer is convinced – to defuse Tamil Islamophobic racism and keep it in check.

Alas, there is yet another dimension to the attacks that requires analysis: Israeli promotion of Islamophobia in Sri Lanka. There is good reason to believe that the present Israeli Government would want to promote Islamophobia on a world scale. Its settlement policy in the West Bank is blatantly expansionist and is making a two-state solution virtually impossible. Israel will therefore have to work out a strategy to prevent the colored Arabs from gaining a demographic ascendancy over the white Israelis, a strategy that entails the apartheid system that is being installed, and is already worse than that of South Africa according to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who should know. The apartheid Israeli state cannot endure unless it is backed or at least tolerated by the West. Ideally Israel would want the West also to institute the apartheid system in which the colored immigrant hordes are subjugated and kept safely in their place. It would result in a world order as envisioned by Hitler and also by one of the founding fathers of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, who projected Israel as a white fortress withstanding the threatening colored Asiatic hordes. It is a neo-Nazi vision in which the colored peoples, particularly the Muslims, are to be regarded as lesser breeds. That is the deep meaning of the Islamophobic movement that is sweeping the world today. It has its devotees, passionate devotees, in Sri Lanka also.

There could be a reason why this writer in particular could be targeted by the Israelis. Shortly a after he left the Foreign Ministry around 1990, notoriously a victim of the UNP’s ferocious Islamophobic racism, he was invited by one of the two leading Muslim institutions of the time to give a talk on the Palestine problem. It was very well attended by leading Muslim politicians of the time. The talk lasted for over an hour, it was videotaped, and a version was serialized in the Sri Lanka Guardian. After the talk several Muslims asked Dr. Kaleel whether he could do something with the material provided towards effecting the closure of the Israeli Interests Section at the American Embassy – which question was known to be under consideration at that time. His reply was that he would definitely do something about it. He had given an edited copy to President Premadasa who had watched it in full and decided to close down the ISS. (At this point the Tamil Islamophobes will raise one of their sky-splitting earth-sundering yells “LIAR”). It is relevant also to mention that one of the questions raised at the conclusion of the talk was whether the Israelis had been behind the last-minute abortion of his appointment as Ambassador to Paris.   

The above certainly establishes that Israel could have a motive for spreading Islamophobia on a global scale but what evidence is there to show that the writer has been targeted? The evidence has to be of a hypothetical and circumstantial order but it seems pretty convincing. After the concerted attacks by the LTTE stopped, further attacks by two, three or more Tamils have continued practically every week. For the most part those Tamils were venting their Islamophobic hatred, but the attacks by two Tamils have been of a different order and require explanation. Backlash has been attacking articles by this writer over a very long period, declaring every one of them as no better than excrement – his favorite metaphor has been “verbal diarrhea”. He suddenly revealed that something unusual was afoot: he corrected this writer’s erroneous memory over an article he had written twenty five years ago. How was it that someone who regarded the articles as excrement should have so vivid a memory of them over a quarter century? Some sort of institutional backing for Backlash was clearly suggested. 

The other fact suggesting institutional backing is what might be called the tactic of the bucket attack. The logic behind the attack is not of the slightest consequence since what matters is the attack itself, which consists of scooping up the contents of the bucket and letting them fly at the target. The following are some examples. Backlash was asked why he has been reading this writer for years and decades when the articles are no better than excrement. He has also been asked how come editors continue to publish the writer’s excrement. He has given nothing but facetious replies. The reason is that fact and argument don’t matter since what matters is only the successful flinging of the bucket contents at the chosen target. That is also clear from the latest example of his bucket attack. He spent some weeks abroad and now finds that the editors still continue to publish this writer, leaving him and others no alternative but “to grin and bear”. He cannot expect to be taken seriously. But he can tell his foreign backers that he is earning his keep by again flinging bucket contents at the writer. 

The other brilliant bucketeer is Kettikaran, who has been attacking this writer with hatred and rage over a very long period. Some time ago he inadvertently blurted out that he wished that he didn’t have to read me at all. What could that mean except that he was reading me under compulsion? Who was compelling him and why? Was it some institution? Recently in exchanges with this writer and a Sinhalese in the Colombo Telegraph he suddenly became placatory in language that seemed typical of Christian fundamentalists, who in general are notoriously pro-Israeli and Islamophobic. It was such Norwegian groups that are alleged to have funded the BBS. 

In addition, just like Backlash, he specializes in the bucket attack in which fact and reason don’t matter at all. He continues to allege that this writer advocated famine as a method of subduing the Tamil rebels when in fact he advocated the precise opposite – as will be shown beyond dispute by getting to Google and clicking on “Izeth Hussain’s reply to K.Arvind – 2006”. He now alleges that the incriminating article by this writer was reproduced in the CT, which is a bare-faced lie. He has been asked to provide the details, which have not been forthcoming, but he can be confidently expected to go on repeating the lie ad nauseam. Some time ago a Tamil reader wrote approvingly of Goebbels’ theory of the big lie, according to which a lie that goes on being repeated comes to be believed. That might have been true in Nazi Germany where there was no freedom of expression. Do these Tamil idiots think that the big lie can prevail against this writer in Sri Lanka where he can easily refute the lie? 

This article leads to the question whether the Israeli propaganda organization Hasbara, which has plenty of funds at its disposal, is using Backlash and Kettikaran as its agents for the promotion of Islamophobia in Sri Lanka. There are interesting common factors between them. Both have been attacking this writer over a long period, both have given indications that they have some sort institutional backing, and both use the identical tactic of the bucket attack in which fact and reason have no place at all. How do the bucket attacks serve the interests of those two nondescript Tamils? In no apparent way at all because this writer continues to be published and continues to be read. But we can expect the bucket attacks to continue. Why? They don’t serve the interests of those two Tamils but they could serve the interests of Islamophobes who believe that the best that can be done against this writer is to keep throwing dirt at him in the hope that some of it will stick. That will serve their fundamental purpose which is to project one message: All Muslims are dirt.

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    Bring Back the BBS.

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      Mama Sinhalam and otgher castists and racists,

      “Bring Back the BBS.”

      Actually, it should be Bring Back Dr. Ambedkar.

      Annihilation Of Caste Is Now Available For The Sinhala Readers. Needed for the Tamil readers as well.

      A Sinhala Translation of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s book Annihilation of Caste is now available in Sinhala translation entitled “Kulaya Mulin Uputa Demeema” The book has been translated into an easy, readable language by Osadhi Nayantara Gunasekera and published by the Asian Human Rights Commission. The book is now available in bookshops in Sri Lanka.

      “But, would he kindly consider removing those paragraphs from his speech? Dr Ambedkar then pointed out to the organisers that those paragraphs contained the very core of the views that he held. The removal of those would not result in a proper explanation of his views. Basically, what the objectionable paragraphs said was that the caste system of India was a product of the very ideals of Hinduism, based on the Hindu books known as the Vedas. The Vedas declared that caste was a creation of God and society should be organised on the basis of caste. Dr Ambedkar pointed out that it is this that makes the reform of the ideas of Hinduism on caste impossible. And it is not merely the mistreatment of Dalits that is the issue. Mistreatment itself is a product of the concept of an ideal society held in Hinduism. It considers the organisation of a society on the basis of caste as the ideal form of a society.’


      • 1

        “The Vedas declared that caste was a creation of God and society should be organised on the basis of caste. Dr Ambedkar pointed out that it is this that makes the reform of the ideas of Hinduism on caste impossible.” – Amare

        Our Cut and Paste king is misreading Ambedkar, who already is outdated and he pretend like he knows what is in Sanskrit Veda. I don’t know of Ambedkar (Dalit had no access to Veda) but Racist Amare never did know what the word Sanskrit means is.
        First Let me put some excerpts from Agni Veer Society. Then I challenge him to bring here and his and Ambedker’s Veda part.

        ““Vedas and Shudra”, there is absolutely no element of hatred or discrimination in Vedas regarding any person – be he or she a Brahmin, Vaishya, Kshatriya or Shudra.


        The concept of caste is relatively new. Vedas contain no word that can be considered a synonym for ‘caste’.
        The actual word used for Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra is ‘Varna’ and not Jaati.

        The word ‘Varna’ is used not only for these four, but also for Dasyu and Arya.

        Those who choose to be Arya are called ‘Arya Varna’. Those who choose to be Dasyu become ‘Dasyu Varna’. Same for Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

        That is why Vedic Dharma is called ‘Varnashram Dharma’. The word Varna itself implies that this is based on complete freedom of choice and meritocracy.

        3.Those involved in intellectual activities have chosen ‘Brahmin Varna’. Those into defense and warfare are ‘Kshatriya Varna’. Those in economics and animal rearing are ‘Vaishya Varna’ and those involved in other support functions are “Shudra Varna”. They refer merely to various choices of professions and have nothing to do with any Jaati or birth.

        • 3

          Malle Urine, I have already warned you about being bold and getting us all in to trouble. Now you go and italicize us all. What is wrong with you? Can’t you keep your hands where we can see it?

          Next time you do it I am going to slash you.

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        4.Often mantras of Purush Sukta are cited to prove that Brahmins originated from Mouth, Kshatriya from hands, Vaishya from thighs and Shudras from legs of God. Thus these varnas are birth-based. However nothing could be more deceptive. Let us see why:

        a. Vedas describe God to be shapeless and unchangeable. How can such a God take shape of a gigantic person if He is shapeless. Refer Yajurved 40.8.

        b. If indeed this were true, this would defy the theory of Karma of Vedas. Because as per Theory of Karma, one’s family of birth can change as per his or her deeds. So one born in Shudra family can take birth as king’s son in next birth. But if Shudras are born from feet of God, how can same Shudra again take birth from hands of God?

        c. Soul is timeless and never born. So soul can have no Varna. It is only when it takes birth as human that it has a chance to opt a Varna. Then what is meant by a Varna coming from one part of God’s body? If Soul did not take birth from God’s body, then does it mean body of soul is prepared from God’s body parts? But as per Vedas, even nature is eternal. And same atoms recycle among various humans. So it is technically impossible for anyone taking birth from God’s body, even if we assume God to be having a body.

        d. The said Purush Sukta is in 31st Chapter of Yajurved, apart from Rigved and Atharvaved with some variations. In Yajurved it is 31.11. To see what it actually means, let us look at the previous mantra 31.10.
        It asks a question – Who is mouth? Who is hand? Who is thigh and who is leg?

      • 1

        The next mantra gives the answer – Brahmin is mouth. Kshatriya is hand. Vaishya is thigh and Shudra becomes the legs.

        Note that the mantra does not say that Brahmin “takes birth” from mouth…It says Brahmin “is” mouth. Because if the mantra would mean “takes birth” it would not answer the question in previous mantra “Who is mouth?”

        For example, if I ask “Who is Dashrath?”, an answer like “Rama is born from Dashrath” would be meaningless!

        The actual meaning is:
        In society, Brahmins or intellectuals form the brain or head or mouth that think and speak. Kshatriya or defense personnel form the hands that protect. Vaishya or producers and businessmen form the thigh that support and nurture (note that thigh bone or femur produces blood and is strongest bone). In Atharvaveda, instead of Uru or Thigh, the word “Madhya” is used meaning that it denotes also the stomach and central part of body.

        Shudra or Labor force form the legs that lay the foundation and make the body run.

        The next mantras talk of other parts of this body like mind, eyes etc. The Purush Sukta describes the origin and continuation of creation including human society and states ingredients of a meaningful society.

        Even the Brahman texts, Manusmriti, and Bhagvat do not state anything even close to crazy hypothesis of God creating Brahmins by tearing of flesh from his mouth, Kshatriya from flesh of hands and so on.


        It is thus obvious why Brahmins are accorded high respect in Vedas. This is same as what happens even in modern society. Scholars and experts get our respect because they form the direction-providers for entire humanity. However, as we have discussed in previous articles, dignity of labor is equally emphasized in Vedas and hence there is no element of discrimination.

        • 1

          This quadruple division is a form of social stratification not to be confused with the much more nuanced Jāti or the European term “caste”.[7]

          The varna system is discussed in Hindu texts, and understood as idealised human callings.[8][9] The concept is generally traced to the Purusha Sukta verse of the Rig Veda. However modern scholarship believes that this verse was inserted at a later date, possibly to create a charter myth.[10]

          The commentary on the Varna system in the Manusmriti is oft-cited.[11] Counter to these textual classifications, many Hindu texts and doctrines question and disagree with the Varna system of social classification.[12]

          • 1

            Mallai-urine, you write in society, Brahmins or intellectuals form the brain or head, Kshatriya or defense personnel form the hands that protect. Vaishya or producers and businessmen form the thigh that support and nurture, Shudra or Labor force form the legs. That means Brahmin is protected by Kshatriya, earnings for him done by Vaishya and other menial works for him done by Shudra. The truth is when western civilization invaded North India they found the indigenous population are dark and ugly compared to them they invented caste system to keep out the indigenous population intermingling with them. So Brahmins are superior and nobody can marry or sit with them. You know SEX is a blind force so up to now there were so intermixing of race and the product are present Indians whether from north or south. You can see fair skin to dark skin, good looking to ugly people in India. So don’t write fairy tales to fool the society.

            • 1

              Hey Bravo,

              I didn’t, write it. I didn’t support it.
              What I had done is offered prove that others’ cut paste -specially Amarea- is not something within their capacity to understand – something just like your capacity.

    • 1

      To all those who spread hate mongering posts:

      I request you all not to continue this way, since what would bring to exchange the kind of posts ?

      Edwin, IH, Mallyurun, or the others, please rethink. I dont know about your beliefs, but one who respect buddhism as buddha taught it- deepen praying even bitter enemies.

      Following quote will help you guys. Good luck and a nice day.

      ““Save your skin from the corrosive acids from the mouths of toxic people. Someone who just helped you to speak evil about another person can later help another person to speak evil about you.”
      ― Israelmore Ayivor”

      • 2

        Get Lost buddy. just when I am at the peak of my enjoyment you want me to stop? Keep your Budu Bana for others.

        • 1

          Buddy ?

          How come I could be your buddy ? First and foremost, I would love if ones with some knowledge could see it right.

          If it is impossible leave it and enjoy furuther. None of you – hate mongering stuff suppliers seem to be noticing the harm being done.

          It was an hearted effort only: All the best.

          • 0

            OK my enemy, you know what? I feel much better calling you my enemy rather than the ‘other thing’.

            You say, “If it is impossible leave it and enjoy furuther. None of you – hate mongering stuff suppliers seem to be noticing the harm being done”. Harm? what harm my enemy? according to Raa Jazz I have made about 200 posts this month, which works out to tidy sum per post. Harm is if they stop it and then I have to stop it. You my enemy is my Kill joy.

            Like the Tamil Rump, I want this to go on forever. This is my job now.

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    MalUrine,Boy you deserve an award for being the world’s greatest cut and paste King!!

    • 3

      Yes MAlle Urine’s has been cut by their logger Kalu Ketha Kota Kutti Karan. I don’t know whether it has been pasted though.

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        Malle Urine you have done it again. Stop copying and pasting and baptizing all of us. (Or is it italicizing?). Whatever.

      • 1

        I know you the half baked filthy, roam around everywhere and Show your SinhaLE Wildlife Sanctuary mentality, will mess up my cut-pastes because you inferior understanding of what is what.

        I tried to protect them before you start to plow; some went good. some have lent to you.

        Unless you take a triple gem blood transfusion from your wildlife SinhaLE, you can’t come to normal.

        You show your wild tension because you are caught in Muslim country having coir rope tied on the tip.

        Your Ayatollahs show the same of it because they tie around the yellow rope.

        No difference between you and them.

        You fool stay out of my Postings.

        • 3


          Malle Urine, you are so….stupid even for a SB, that you do not know when you soil in your own pants. You go on and on spreading your italics boldly and the smell until the others are also soiled by induction. And when I correct the mess you made, not because I love you but because of others, this is the thanks I get.

          You are threatening me to stay out of your postings. Those are not postings but just tons and ton garbage of Meethotamulla quality. try and stop me if you can.

          My advice is, you can read us. But don’t try to imitate out stunts in your posts. It is too dangerous for kids.

        • 2

          A lesson in font usage

          Malle Urine, bold fonts and italics are used to highlight important parts of a document. If you make everything bold then you loose the emphasis.

          I don’t care about you. For me a you are just a Iyer category Brahmin, and I have described before what Iyer Brahmins do best.

          But your actions affect other’s postings. That is the problem. When you do that, the emphasis in existing documents is lost and no bolding can be done in new documents.

          I tried to tell you this without humiliating you, in an indirect manner. But your phase array radar did not get it. So, I am doing it openly. Subtlety and finesse don’t seem to work with Iyer Brahmins.

          Do not use bold font or italics in your posts. Because you have no idea of how to do it. These tools are like a sword in the hands of a Kalaveddah.

          Just use normal font. There is nothing of such great importance to emphasize in your posts. They are too long winded, messy, ungrammatical, and in Yiddish. Emphasizing will make it loose whatever little emphasis they have.

          You guys hate Israel but the beauty is that most of you write in Yiddish. Another mystery.

          • 1

            Filthy Prophet, this is the convention:

            When you write something, keep it in normal. When you want to emphasise (that is purely in your opinion) something, Bold it.

            When bringing in others, italics it.

            Now you tell me why are messing up mines with you low understanding? It is the usual inborn Sinhalese inferiority complex that falsely struggling to fix mine.

            Meethotamulla is in Lankawe. Nothing any pride like that is available out of Lankawe, where there are no conventional Sinhala Buddhist management is available. You may be misunderstanding the name “Colombo Telegraph” as something in Meethotamulla (or even in Colombo). Sorry Man. That is not under Legendary Sinhala Buddhist management. That is not in Lankawe. Can you ask Angoda hospital open a forum you and your mates so you can relieve your pains in that. There you can be “Uumaiyar Sapayil Ularuvayan Mahavituwan”. (The foul mouthed is the pundit in the meeting of dumps).

  • 3

    Theory of Inflation

    Raa Jazz, in IH’s previous article, when the number of comments topped 200, you came out with the theory that Edwin is the one who loads it with useless comments just to jack up the number.

    This time I kept completely away until the number reached 180 and just now I came in. Your theory was as flawed as your existence, wasn’t it?

  • 3

    Scarborough and Israel

    IH, I really think that Palestine is not the place for Jews although as per the Old Testament it is the Promised Land. They should have been given a place in England. If they can scar up Scarborough with Tigers, I don’t see why they could not find a place for Jews.

  • 3

    Ambassador Izzeth Hussein is on 180 not out.Wow What a classy batsman he is,cutting,sweeping,hooking all round the wicket.Another, back to back, double century beckons!By the way MalUrine, those are cricketing terminology.They have nothing to do with what takes place under the palmyrah tree up North ok?

  • 3

    Wow! IH on 196,on the way to a well deserved double century.Well done Sir.

  • 3

    ….. and there he goes down on his knees and sweeps MalUrine’s bag of urine for a six over long off to reach 203.What a classic innings Hussein has played today to reach that magnificent score!RajArse, are u nursing an injury sustained by Hussein’s belligerence earlier in the innings?Ketti of course retired hurt!Poor chap was hit square in the groin!!

  • 2

    Yeah, Yeah, Don and IH, you celebrate getting the double century saying, “sweeps Malle Urine’s bag of urine for a six over long off to reach 203”. Malle Urine’s bag bursts right over the stadium, subjecting the fans to a bath of urine. Oh what a great shot, Oh what a great bag of urine. Oh what a stink!

    We see the crowd running away from the stadium and jumping in to the nearest lake, Beira, while shouting things like “deeper the better”, “Oh, what a stink!”; “I cannot swim”. “Come on jump man! Death is better than the stink”. And a Madduma Bandara type says: “Don’t be afraid bro. I will show you how to drown”.

    I suppose this is not unusual for IH. He invariably scores a double century. Let us try a triple next time. IH, don’t forget the men at the other end who backed you up all the way.

  • 2

    Introducing the Cast: 1- Ketti Karan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, before the final curtain falls, let us introduce the cast, not necessarily in the order of importance. First Kettikaran. Why him first, because we want to get rid of the most unpleasant things before we go on to the less unpleasant things.

    In one post he says, “Muslims and Tamils are getting along well here despite the irresponsible anti-Tamil tirades of men like Hussain. that part in italics should read as despite the murder of 167 Muslims while they were praying in the Mosque at Kattankudy

    The name is derived from Kutti Karan – the logger, the chopper, the cutter, one who shortens. It is rumoured that he is a Thurumbar, because his vocation enables the Thrumbars to have fun FOC (Free of Charge). If one has a referendum, he is bound to get 100% votes of the Brahmin ladies.

    Notable achievements: Won the award of a cordless power saw from the Edwin Foundation.

    On a scale of 0 to 10,

    Stupidity: 8

    Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for logging: 10

    Introducing the Cast: 2- Seelawathie, Bolawathie and Darunuwathie

    They go by 3 different names. But all 3 are Darunuwathies. These are the Avtars of the infamous Birds of Freedom, the money savers, who used to kill poor Sinhalese infants in remote villages by dashing them on the trees. No bullets, you see?

    KPI: 10

  • 2

    Introducing the Cast: 4- Silvapulle, Jayaweeran, Gunawardanan

    These Tom Clancy types are Tigers in disguise. Or more appropriately, leopards in sheep clothing. They must be thinking that we, the Sinhalas, who have suffered in the hands (or should we say claws) of the Tigers for so long must be idiots not to smell them.

    They say that they are low caste Sinhalese working in Europe for decades! But by that proclamation itself, they reveal their Tamil nature. Sinhalese do not have caste differences like the Tamils. Everyone knows that. Despite tall claims to the contrary, the Tamils have not been able to remove their colored glasses of caste. For the Tamils, everything starts with caste and ends with caste with the middle too immersed in heavy doses of caste. Why? Because caste is everything for them.

    Caste… Caste… Caste… is the battle cry of Tamils. Even chicken curry comes after caste for them.

    I am digressing because I am cheesed off by this stupid, horrible and disgusting Tamil caste system. Anyway, coming back to the main theme, if there is one characteristic that sets apart the Sinhalese living and working in other countries from those living in Sri Lanka, it is the obsessive hatred they have for Tamils – not only Tigers but unfortunately all Tamils, including the innocent Putujjana Tamils. Even the most reasonable Sinhalese with the milk of human kindness sloshing in them become Tamil haters after a few months in another country. Why? I will explain later.

    So, obviously these 3 cannot be Sinhalese. They are Tigers in sheep clothing.

    • 1

      As one live on the west, I thought lankens in general have improved their life styles back in home country. I thought there is no more caste related conflicts. But having studied the comments being added by Mr Edwin Rodrigo, I now have to change my mind on the updates.
      Is that really the case that Tamil and Sinhalaya are entwined with caste and creed even today ?

      You may be beating around the bush Mr Rodrigo. I know perfectly how our elders ( sinhalese) stood against the caste and creed going back to 70ties or so. I never had the nerves to digest their attacks being made towards lower caste people (sinhala). Were you one of them, faced the kind of attacks in lanken soceity Mr Rodrigo?
      I felt fine reading your posts in terms of intelligent articles being posted by AKD, but you too are too much when it goes to lanken caste related exchanges.
      Do you ever think that we can easily change the attitudes of people ( frogs in well mentality) towards castes in the country. Going back to my younger days in SL, I could not stop my uncle being that racial against their own domestic servants, just because they were poor and coming from lower castes. So was the case with dobbies that regularly visited house to house and cleaned our cloths. Remember ? I thought I should iron my school uniforms by my own. I had a struggle with my father who never allowed my mother to add her thoughts. What he added was always right within his limited knowledge. He was not alone, many in his age behaved so.

      • 1

        LittleisimonfromBerlin, believe it or not, I am completely free of cast superiority of cast inferiority. It is a useless, disgusting and stupid concept. Whoever practices casteism, whether he is Sinhala or Tamil or Muslim is my enemy.

        But I must say that Muslims are rarely guilty of this practice. That is why I admire them. There are caste enthusiasts here, who get angry when I praise the Muslims for their lack of Casteism. They point out Shiite – Sunni differences. They are stupid to do so or are clutching at straws to protect their stupid system. Shiite – Sunni difference is not due to caste. it is due to sect.

        When I was about 10 I remember my father offering a chair for the dhoby. The man nearly fainted and never came back again. He thought my father was crazy and my mother nearly applied for divorce. Thereafter, the clothes were collected and delivered by his son.

        As far as my writing is concerned, only CT has control over it. You are free not to read my comments if you do not like them. But don’t tell me what to write and what not to write.

        • 1

          Truly saying, I now believe, our people have been more racial in the past than today. Dont you think so ?
          As you yourself added above the manner your father put a lower-high chair visiting dobey to sit right ? THat took me to my youth and I too have the kind of memories within our elderly generations. If asked about why, parents and relatives did leave you any room to discuss it the way we do it today.
          Even in abroad, once we got together for a meeting on annual devleopment program ( WUS, Germany), I happened to face unforgetable moments where some of our people (sinhalaya) the manner they behaved in that meeting. Theirs are well connected to each upbringing. Like forexample, there were few royalists and old school girls and boys coming from various schools from SL, joined us in the meeting. Like it is similar with cast and creed issues, these participants too started behaving one above the other. For Royalists, the name alone was a reason them to behave above. So was the case with old st brighet girls. I think this has been the show-off culture in our home country. Nothing but just boaseted, looking down upon the other.Even if some had not even THEIR Alevels, so no talks about basic degrees. Sure, one earns better schooling if you or your children would have been sent to a popular schools. That has something lot more to do with the facilities given to the those schools while majority of other schools had been neglected by responsible ministries over the decades.
          But today, in retrospective, I feel not just schooling but all various experience being added to each ones life, makes him or her a balanced person right ? I am a late quadragenarian. So thanks being able to share the view this way. What matters for me is the person not caste, creed or anything else. THat is literally in compliant with Lord buddhas teachings.

          • 1

            The Germans and Racial Equality


            Tigers come in many shapes and sizes. Don’t try to pretend that you are a modern free thinking European. We know very well how the Nazis implemented the Final Solution by killing 20 million Jews. OK, if you say so, let us assume 19,999,999.

            Rewind back to 1945 and the end of WW2. American troops walk in to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp and liberate the still living and walking corpses that were the surviving Jewish inmates. The Allies had no idea about what was going on in these camps until the end of war. They were shocked by what they found.

            They bring the Germans living in the nearby villages to the camp to witness the achievements of their Great Feuhrer. You know what those crafty Germans said? they said, we did not know what was going on in there. That is what Germans are. They are very evil and very cunning. Not a good mixture for other races.

            Despite all their technical achievements they are very stupid too. We are much more enlightened than them. If we have 10 Sinhalese there are 12 opinions. In the case of millions of Germans during Hitler’s time there was only one opinion. Heil Hitler!

            While you live among those brutish Nazis you claim that you are sloshing with the milk of human kindness and you are looking down upon the Sinhalese for their caste differences? The Germans were the worst racialists. They are the worst racialists even now and will be so in the future. Try to correct them before you talk about caste differences among the Sinhalese.

            I don’t know what you are doing there in addition to working for the Rump. But I have a feeling that it involves laundering for Germans.

            • 0

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        • 0

          “When I was about 10 I remember my father offering a chair for the dhoby.”

          Filthy Prophet,
          Was that Dhobi a Tamil too?
          Did your father or son ever offer a Chair to a Tamil in any office without asking for Sinhala Only?
          You are just bragging, you racist.
          As usual, just keep spraying only filth, you are worth only for that, don’t attempt to take up a new job whitewashing. You have no idea of how to do that so that you are going to be easily getting caught.
          Could you write on why the Special status of Buddhism should be in the past and the proposed constitutions, if you don’t feel differences among men and in their believes?

          Can you tell the Sinhala Racist Government, when Tamils were passing more at A/L, they had standardized Tamils, so, the same way, now, as Sinhalese are passing high and East-North are the least educated provinces, they have to standardize the Sinhalese?

          You are a filthy extreme racist just trying to hide under your filthy posting. We know why you took Izeth as your rump. That is how DS, SWRD, Sirimavo, JR, Old King, New King all are doing – forming the Muslim Sinhala Government against Tamils.

          (Do you know a Tamil Dhobi can go anywhere into a high caste Hindu’s house and sit on their furniture? Is that why you and other Sinhalese are screeching that Sinhala high castes are better in treating their oppressed castes? The truth is a caste conscious Tamil treat oppressed castes more humanely than the average Buddhist.

          We know that when you and Izeth could not talk substance then only you resorted to filth.

  • 2

    A friendly invitation to Tamils

    Look guys, when I say that I am introducing the cast, I mean cast not caste. Castttttt. Not Casttttte. OK? I know that you guys are in a kind of box when it comes to caste. I want you to come out of it. It is such a silly concept. Your religion, Hinduism promotes equality even among species. for instance take that God of yours – The monkey riding the donkey. I used to think that it is stupid. But on a more philosophic note, to be humble enough to have a monkey as God is a good start. And Hinduism further emphasizes its main philosophy of equality by putting the God on top of a donkey.

    If you can have equality among different species, what more can you say about equality among the members of the same species – homo sapiens? So let us get together and discard this Tamil Casteism that IH has been fighting against for a long long time. Let us all be casteless and then we will be castless. what I mean is that, we will be without any need of this kind of show where there are curtain calls for the cast when we do not have caste.

    • 0

      I read somewhere you live in Bahrain. I believe It should be a beautiful place.
      So what kind of weathers you enjoy there right at the moment ? Do you have winter periods in that part of ME. If my memory is right, I once happened to get to know some Kuwaitees they had been sharing to have had winters of their kind. Here I am from Europe, we still have winter weather, even if official spring is already started.

      • 1

        Hi, Ms. Maralathoni. Thanks for the post.

        Yes, I live in Bahrain, daily commuting to work in Saudi Arabia. Yes, this is the best time of the year in Bahrain. Yes Bahrain is the best country to live in. It is so good that I miss Bahrain even when I am on vacation in Sri Lanka.

        We have night clubs, bars, discos, spas, in short wine, women and song. You name it – we have it. Add to that a tax free salary just short of 5 figures in US$, Rent allowance, Company car and you get the picture. And what do I do for all that?

        In the past month or so, only posting in CT. My boss has relieved me of all other duties. He was infuriated by the way Tamils were attacking Muslims in CT. He told me, “Edwin, you oppose them at your mightiest”. Sometimes he reads my posts and laughs aloud and uncontrollably. Once he told me “Edwin you are in the wrong profession. You should have been a journalist”. What he really means is that I am a lousy engineer but an acceptable writer. Just like me he likes sarcasm.

        Madam, write again when you can.

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