26 June, 2022


Lake House To Sue ‘Aarakshakayo’: Page Taken Down But CID Inquiry Continues

The Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. (Lake House) is to be the first Sri Lankan company to resort to a law suit over potential financial losses caused by online abuse and fake news.


The company lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department on Thursday against a defamatory Facebook page by the name of ‘Lake House Aaraksha Karanno’.

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) was entrusted with the task of offering technical assistance to the CID team handling the inquiry.

However, the derogatory Facebook page was taken down a day after the complaint to the CID was lodged.

Highly-placed Police sources told Colombo Telegraph that the inquiry will continue despite the page being taken down by its admin.

They added the investigation would be carried out based on scientific evidence and details provided by CERT.

A spokesman from the company who wished to remain anonymous said the company would resort to legal action, based on the the CID inquiry.

He said Colombo Telegraph’s revelation on the matter was one of the key reasons for the company to seek the assistance of the law enforcement authorities to investigate into the matter.

Colombo Telegraph is now in a position to reveal that the members of the CID team would visit Lake House early next week to gather information on the Facebook page and those who were behind it.

In the complaint, the Lake House management said the Facebook page caused a potential financial loss of over Rs. 200 million as it spread false information about the company and its business decision. The Lake House recorded a profit of Rs. 204 million during the last financial year and the management said the Facebook page was aimed at affecting the company’s profitability.

Colombo Telegraph exclusively reported that a derogatory Facebook page, allegedly run by a Director of the company, has created a heated situation among the members of the company’s senior management. Evidence has been found to suspect that a member of the Director board had written derogatory posts for the Facebook page by the name of ‘Lake House aaraksha karanno’.

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  • 3

    I know this is not related to the this but Why is the water board on strike!!?

    Is it true that the Rajapaksas have something to do with it??

    • 1

      No any legal action against the former Chairman Mal Kumara the [Edited out] of MR? He abused his office immensely during the last regime.

  • 2

    Who Cares ,what matters is The new CID is doing a super job , very soon a lot of those FB monking around are going to be exposed and will bebin big time trouble,some may even be convicted for aiding and abaiting for attempted murder,arsons,attempt to create racial riots, picinkg victims from face book for many crimes, there may be a huge lust of names of Suspects sent to the CID and CDB by victims.

    Its good but not enough and such crimnals should not be put behind bars and waste tax payers money and burden the country ,instead their civic rights should be evoked for a period of 20 years and made to report weekly to the police and make them do do social work for 20 years.

    • 1

      Thats correct. Introduce civic rights disabled for a long period with reporting procedure.

  • 0

    Ah at-last Man – The much awaited Sri Langa Cyber Ghost busters ate on the job openly now, a bit later ,but rather better than never. We have already list young innocent girls lives when they decided to commit suicide simply because they felt they had no law and order in the Country they can turn to. In cases where young girls images are tarnished where am more than sure it could be the highest because perverts of zero education and from lowly circle are seen openly taking pictures on the streets of Young girls ,we need to bring in some rules from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunie to deal with them. Please ban free Sam if acids, and please introduce death penalty for drugs asap and save the nation.
    The decent ,educated and professional lot of the public have the duty to support and cooperate with The Police and CID,it is not right to sit and blame the Police we need to encourage them ,if you ignore Cyber Criminals of all forms ,it really means you are a part of them and willfully protecting and encouraging them,Social media platform is not for drug addicts,pedders ,Sex maniacs who engage in odd jobs with zero education. It is for people with least basic education,broad horizon and those wanting to make the the world a better and safer place.Today it is used by very tom ,dick & harry to abuse it for Crimal purpose. It has to stop ,if India can come down on such issues and if Sri Lanka does not ,it would be a great shame.

  • 3

    This will be the first time a company suing one of its directors on mud-slinging Facebook pages.

  • 2

    The government and Victims should reward handsomely those who are willing to help crackdown Cyber criminals whislt legally gauranting to protect the informants identity.

    It is also time for the government to introduce a new law to make it ilegal to have in possession pictures of anyone or write about anyone without valid facts.

    Let the Law of The Land prevail with true Justice so it may have the blessing of the nature and prosper.

  • 1

    For professionals it is best to shut their fb and switch to LinkedIn Preferably Premier account if you can afford it.
    You can keep the Dung beetles out b that way.today Unfortunately FB is more a low end social media and not very safe or good especially for those who are of professionals and good calibre.

    Unless FB is willing to introduce a new specialized account that let’s decent folks keep away from dung beetles.

  • 1

    Go far is this rumour true?? Some News portals leak information for kinckbacks ?? Will betray your readers I’d and information CT?? Even if they ate your critics ?? And do your Seniors remotely monoitor your staff from behaving unethically ???

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