28 May, 2022


Jaffna University At The Cross-Roads: A New Hope And Flagship At Last?

University’s Hope through New VC

Jaffna University announced on 28 Aug. 2020 that it had a new Vice Chancellor in Professor Sivakolundu Srisatkunarajah (Professor in Mathematics). He is a good man and gives hope to many. Many institutional and structural challenges, however, remain.

Srisatkunarajah received the highest number of votes  at the Council in recommending him to the UGC and President, and the President seems to have a policy in recent times of appointing the one with the most votes. Last time a VC was appointed, Srisatkunarajah came first but he was not appointed because of his role in not accommodating, as student counsellor, some Sinhalese students who barged into a cultural program. He had disallowed them because they had not expressed their wishes early and were not scheduled. Reginald Cooray, governor then, took a dim view and successfully dissuaded President Maithripala Sirisena from appointing Srisatkunarajah. 

With a science degree, western research credentials and good relations with students, Srisatkunarajah offers new hope to the university community where the culture is for all and sundry to earn professorships with papers in predatory journals that charge a fee and promise publication in a week. Another facet of the culture is to appoint friends as Visiting Professors (by  VC Vasanthi Arasaratnam making fraudulent claims to the Council of the candidates having been professors in the West). The UGC suddenly discovered university autonomy to take no action, leaving it to the same Council headed by the VC to act over its own transgression. Srisatkunarajah’s professorship, says a critical academic, is one of the few he has seen in Jaffna using genuine credentials.

The Challenge of Scandals

The university comes out of long period in the doldrums, with scandals under Prof. Vasanthi Arasaratnam that required Rtd. Prof. K. Kandasamy as Competent Authority. Ongoing scandals include widespread sexual molestation of students by staff who received impunity because of the role played by Vasanthy Arasaratnam’s beautician,  trees from the Kilinochchi Campus being felled and sold, a professor telling the expected No. 1 student that there would be no exam, thereby allowing the next student to rank 1 and make claims to the next vacant academic position. The Council, in a rather refreshing change from the long-standing position of “we are never wrong,” is offering the misinformed student a new exam. Another involves a professor who took home his exams to mark and after marking, lost the answer scripts. The challenge to the Council is whether to accept his marks without the scripts to back them up. 

The situation, however, is far better than when LTTE-families were awarded Jaffna degrees without attendance, or when Peradeniya’s unmarked answer scripts were found to be at Valaichenai Paper Factory for recycling when the students had already been awarded degrees based on the unmarked scripts.

Long-term Problem: Hinduization 

A longer-term problem for Srisatkunarajah are the attempts to Hinduize the university. Three glaring examples are i) The Hindu imagery in the new entrance to the university under Vasanthy Arasaratnam thereby making non-Hindu students feel left out and dispossessed; ii) a Faculty of Hindu Civilization forcing arts student who want nothing to do with the subject for lack of job opportunities into that faculty, but the Council and Senate wanting to have more voting members through the faculty because these votes will surely be Tamil votes at a time when the university is being Sinhalesized by the UGC; and iii) denying senior appointments to Christians as the late Prof. Carlo Fonseka has sworn to in an affidavit based on what former UGC Chairman Prof. Mohan de Silva stated when asked by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga to explain how Prof. S.R.H. Hoole with a higher doctorate was found unqualified to be mere Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering (when he had been Senior Professor in Peradeniya). This non-selection was by a Selection Committee Chaired by then VC Vasanthi Arasaratnam,  with Prof. S. Sivasegaram leading engineers on that committee of whom many were his former students.

The same hatred for Christians shows when Prof. Hoole fails to be recognized as a former VC although the University Services Appeals Board declared him a VC, ordered his payment and VC Arasaratnam delayed the payment and took down the Board listing former VCs in the Council room “for repairs” – so that she need not list Hoole as VC, says a senior professor who has studied her. She delayed Hoole’s payment until the UGC intervened. She herself was deemed the Ninth VC (Daily Financial Times, 2 April, 2011) by leaving out Hoole who would have been the only Christian among the VCs. She stubbornly refused to list Hoole as VC and had interloper Prof. R. Kumaravadivel on the Board of VCs without his ever having been  VC although he had acted for Hoole while he was hiding from the LTTE. It took the next VC, Prof. R. Vigneswran to put up the Board after the alleged repairs and list Hoole updating the university website as ordered by court.

The new announcement by the university of Srisatkunarajah’s appointment claims him to be the Ninth VC! The Professor of Mathematics, a reporter informed this writer, has the onerous task of teaching basic counting at the university.

Angajan’s shakers and doers get official front seats at Kachcheri: PA Sivaram, Chiththappah’s son in charge of Capital TV, Father Sathasivam Ramanathan, Chithappah Sathasivam Rayan, Mother and Chinnama

Challenge of National Practices

Srisatkunarajah must rock the national trend where the President gives big appointments to his cronies from Los Angeles and the Prime Minister is known for giving national appointments to family members.

The Jaffna Kachcheris is emulating the above national practice of crony government. At the Development Committee meeting at the Jaffna Kachcheri, Angajan Ramanathan, MP, is the chair. On the front row are seated his family members who have no official say in development matters – his father, his mother, his Chiththappah and son, et al. – while real officials are on the second row and behind.

Can Srisatkunarajah rock this trend and make the university a flagship to the nation and the President, eschewing cronyism and embracing secularism? (By Jaffna Correspondent)

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    It looks like things are returning to normal in Jaffna much faster this time after an election. Champions of Tamil nationalism are ceding the stage for the Developmentalists hand-picked by Colombo government to ensure the North doesn’t secede. [edited out]

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    Not so much secularism but anti-Hindu Buddhist.

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    So there was SEX galore under the stewardship of EX. V.C. Vasanthy Arasaratnam eh?!
    Jaffna talks of secularism for the rest of the country but do not practice same in their Flagship institution the Jaffna University!

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    Cool, all of it above my head.

    Sivakolundu Srisatkunarajah at Uni of Jaffna his publication at Uni of Jaffna.

    Other publications

    Dual Citizen of Australia

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    In the past, three VC appointments were given to the people who had not received the highest number of votes in the council. Finally the VC appointment has been given to the person who got the highest number of votes.

  • 5

    The government has protocols to follow. They prevent this sort of abuse by politicians and even others.

    Does the GA of Jaffna not know the protocols for seating arrangements at official public meetings?

    Is this pliant nature of GA Mahesan why he was moved to Jaffna displacing the experienced Mr. Vedanayahan?

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    So, the Jaffna Correspondent has come out of hibernation to declare:
    “The university comes out of long period in the doldrums, with scandals under Prof. Vasanthi Arasaratnam that required Rtd. Prof. K. Kandasamy as Competent Authority. “
    So much for being factual.
    Prof. VA was compelled to retire a few weeks late after her due date of retirement at the end of her second term owing to the haggle to deny Prof. Srisatkunarajah what should have been reasonably his over three years ago. Then there Prof. Vigneswaran’s was made VC, and removed unceremoniously removed and Prof. K. Kandasamy was made Competent Authority. (BTW, he should be called Prof. and not Rtd. Prof. as he is Professor Emeritus).

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      Sorry about typos:
      Then Prof. Vigneswaran was made VC, removed unceremoniously and Prof. K. Kandasamy was made Competent Authority.

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    I find “Competent Authority” a great job title — recognizing the existence of many incompetent authorities in the system! :-)

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      I can but will not name some who chased after that ‘great job title ‘ soon after Prof. Vigneswaran was removed.

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        “Some!” plural?

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          If you are sure that it is singular, kindly confirm.
          I will humbly correct myself, but after cross checking.

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            I haven’t a clue — was just curious about the inner workings of a place with competence and (implied) incompetence.

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              Ignorance is bliss.

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    Dear CT

    I read a theme in the article aimed at the malpractices/misuse of power by the elected, further compounded by the hierarchy misuse of power, religious issues in Jaffna irrespective of the institutions.

    I further read all this have some connection to the GOSL maybe perhaps the religious aspect??

    Therefore CT is also saying GOSL and the Jaffna culture (Buddhism and Hinduism) plotting something against the Christians??

    I want to learn how CT does then fact checking of the events hat get quoted fir discussions please?? Can CT give some confidence to their readers please.

  • 0

    Sorry my last sentence was incorrect.

    I want to learn how CT does the fact checking of the events used in the analysis please??

    • 6

      A lot of allegations are repeats of tales of the past, and are based on speculation.
      It will be good if CT can fact-check, but it is tedious. Today, many of the stories can be checked by the writer himself/herself by recourse to RTI; or consulting former Council members to whom the writer seems to have had access to provide unassailable evidence if any.
      I wonder which GOSL you have in mind. It was Yahapalanaya when the alleged events are supposed to have occurred.
      When it comes to issues before the Council, the Council is collectively responsible, but for any member who recorded his/her dissent. Even the VC is bound by Council decisions.

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    University of Jaffna
    Rating: Last amongst all Universities list in Sri Lanka.o
    Who? What? is responsible for this state.
    Are you concerned? Anyone
    No Body – why should they be
    • People Tamils / Sinhalese / GOSL
    • Academic
    • Council / J.U
    • Professors
    • Politicians
    • U. G.C
    • Expatiate Graduates

    Who pays: Tax Payers?
    Who benefits – Employees of all sorts
    Who suffers- Students, future Community chronic destruction?
    Two Tamil leaders fought for Brand names & sign Boards for 25 years- Hindu / Tamil.
    25 years passed – Last in the list. Wonderful achievement. Name the destroyers.
    Do they have any guilt- Big No- Who cares
    Oh. Tamils pity on you.

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    Programme for Jaffna University

    1. Future Foundation at J/U
    2. Linkage with academic, Professional change agents Thinkers man of future thinkers and action institutions worldwide.
    3. Worldwide Supporters of the Foundation and Financers.
    4. Creation of linkage electronic online broad casting (Two way) interactive process modes and agencies worldwide.

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    Dr KK
    “University of Jaffna
    Rating: Last amongst all Universities list in Sri Lanka.”
    May I please know whose rating this is.

  • 4

    Sri Lanka
    World ranking of Universities in Sri Lanka
    5 2383 University of Sri Jayewardenepura
    6 2731 University of Kelaniya
    7 4017 University of Jaffna
    8 4178 Rajarata University

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