16 May, 2022


JHU Hums And Haws On Claim That Rajapaksa ‘Kids’ Raped Young Girls

JHU spokesman and member of the Anti Corruption Front Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe stuttered and stammered when questioned about allegations that former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sons had raped young girls.

Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe

Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe

On January 11th Warnasinghe made this charge during a press conference of the Anti Corruption Front. Colombo Telegraph published the story in the same day. It attracted 90,000 hits. Since 11 months have passed we called Warnasinghe to inquire about progress into the matter. After humming and hawing for several minutes he said “we have evidence, we have made complaints, more complaints to be made, but the issue is nothing is happening”

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  • 34

    Ranil Wickramasimnghe is covering up all Mahinda Jarapassa’s shit and sitting on the pile in the Diyawenna Parliament of corrupt clowns where Ranil is the Principle Jester!

    • 28

      If so, dear Rani, it is a real shame on Ranil, whose clean image is increasingly getting tarnished these days, due entirely to his lack of clear action.

      Ranil must know that not only must things be done right, but they need to be seen as done right as well.

      In my view, he’s heading for a major calamity by neglecting the threat of the oppositional forces. He is also taking too much for granted, including the patience of those who propelled him to power.

    • 14

      proper way would be to investigate that Rugby Players murders and alleged accusations made to Raja offsprings. I dont think that readers would be happy to read an another allegations without ample proofs. If the govt wants to keep their standards, they have to react accordingly by exposing acceptable evidence of a single case- then the readers will feel that they are really serious with these issues. Else, any simple simon could add allegations to anyone. I really dont kno why it takes that long to prove a single case fully ? now almost a years is gone- JVP together with current govt should bring all the evidences in a provable way so that they can win the hearts of the people.

    • 20

      One speculates, I don’t know how accurate though.

      RW will never screw Dubious Brothers of the former regime. Coz’ Dubious Brothers from Hamba covered up RW’s Batalanda saga. When they over ruling over life and death in SL. Once a upon a time.

      There you got it!

      Transparency, Justice & Accountability all in one. A uniquely Sri Lanka style package. Buy Two. Take Three!


      • 4

        I hope someone whispers in Ranil’s ear, that he is increasingly earning wrong publicity with his ‘non action’.

        What he should have done was to let MR know that grateful though he is, for whatever favours they may have done to him, he is unable to return any, because Sri Lanka and its Laws aren’t his private property.

        Had he any sense he would have gone one step further and declared that No Minister be allowed to appoint his kith and kin to important positions coming under his own ministry.

        ‘Clean up’ is a word Ranil shows every sign of not knowing these days.

        He will pay for it. So will President Sirisena. It might hurt.

  • 6

    “we have evidence”

    Is this actual evidence or evidence like the evidence We Thamizh have of 140,000,000,000,000 100% totally innocent civilian We Thamizh being killed by drug fuelled SLA bioroids using nuclear-chemical cluster MBRLs after bring stuffed into gas chambers and infected with smallpox? :D

    • 0

      hey, why not you take off your mask let alone today. We the readers know that you are that David Blacker who has always been licker from that day on.

      • 2

        Cool story, bro :D Still waiting for the movie :D

  • 4

    STC’s finest!. The more time passes the more enlighten we’ll all get. The best is yet to come.

  • 4

    Shameless people. Why is his chief (PCR) very silent these days?

  • 11

    So funny how JHU who protected BBS when it was with MR used MR’s politically dumb (not militarily) brother, GR to give the cover for BBS and then dump MR and move away and BBS disappearing from the scene…If RW is not acting on the evidence why can’t the JVP and the JHU table that in the parliament??? This is all bull….These Yahapalana folks are spending the same amount of LKR on the highways with less lanes!! I thought they said that from this kind of money they can build roads in gold during the election campaign…it is increasingly looking like that MR’s government (though corrupt) delivered to the masses…but these guys only talk but do not walk the walk.

  • 5

    until RW is ruling the country nothing will happen to all MR family members. all will be well protected.there is no doubt about it. after all srilankans are very grateful people even to their worst enemies.

    • 2

      Does this mean that Ranil will treat this country and its Laws as his own private property, where HE decides what to do when, and with whom?

      He cant be that dumb, can he?

  • 2

    This bugger and his master champaka fools lots of sinhala us to get all these benefits enjoying today. One day we will naked you with the utter truth! Without Rajapaksa family you will not be recognized as of today! You are so cunning and there will be day to be expose. Until then dance !

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