12 August, 2022


Justice Wigneswaran – Smarter Than The Smart Patriot?

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

The process of growing up is sad and painful for it means a banishment of youthful idealism, the sacrifice of daring, the erosion of ardour; a tacit, perhaps bitter realization that life is brutal, to the idealist and that success in any sphere compels and adjustment to this awful truth. Total integrity may be an occupation for the saint and artist; alas a chimera for the politician.” – Mervyn De Silva writing in 1967

A post script

Mervyn de Silva is the distinguished Editor under whom I had the privilege of writing and also learning the art and science of writing, reporting and commenting. I am sure he would have included political scientists as well among those flexible towards total integrity.

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka confers the grand title “Northern political aggression and Sothern Existential situation” on what he calls his concluding response to my commonsense approach to patriotism. Describing the passage of a resolution as aggression is again a sign of ‘retarded adolescence.

In any event it has no relevance to the questioned I raised on the integrity of his Smart Patriotism treatise. He has avoided meeting any of my arguments either of the two response I made – Senie Kampf – Smart Patriotism is manufactured history and Perception, Intuition and Reason of Smart Patriotism.

Wigneswaran MahindaUsing the pretext of a purported treason by Justice Wigneswaran Chief Minister of the NPC he has chosen to pick up his own gauntlet and withdrawn in to his Sinhala Chauvinist ‘Vijithapura’ fortress. That is his privilege.

But I object to his raising the drawbridge of Intellectual arrogance to forestall further pursuit. He has bolted the door with a decisive declaration ‘concluding response to Sarath de Alwis’s diatribe against ‘Smart Patriotism’.

I am left with no choice but to leave a post script to an otherwise barren debate where Dr.Jayatileke has been fisherman extraordinary – ‘piscator par excellence’ for red herrings.

In the first rejoinder I stressed that his ‘Smart Patriotism is an exercise of Sinhala self-aggrandizement by intimidating a minority by superior strength. I suggested that his ‘smart patriotism’ is naked self-interest that overrides moral principles.

In the second response I demonstrated that his ‘Smart Patriotism’ is an enterprise of political expediency where he has arrived at a conclusion and is now struggling to discover suitable evidence. I also congratulated him for his brave disregard for Kantian moral dimensions and paradigms of governance.

None of them elicited a response from this preeminent public thinker – a Martin Heidegger of our time. “Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy. The human being is not the lord of beings, but the shepherd of being”

As repeatedly insisted in this exchange I am no political scientist and possess no analytical discipline that could match the political and academic dexterity of Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka.

Having read George Orwell, Arthur Koestler and Franz Fanon in my youth and lived long enough to see the unravelling of Régis Debray and brothers Raoul and Fidel I find it amazingly amusing to watch the transformation of the Political Scientist to Trapeze artist. I appreciate his confidence in his own knowledge and his refusal to see, hear or learn new knowledge. I admire his determination to create proof and construct arguments to defend his theories with the vehemence of a crusader.

I doubt however that Justice Wigneswaran was provoked in to moving a resolution calling for an International investigations in to what they perceive as genocide of Tamils was a knee jerk reaction to Dr.D.J’s smart patriotism. Justice Wigneswaran is very much smarter than our smart patriots. Very early in this discussion I described the efforts of Dr.D.J as a Melian Monologue. I should have added ‘with Athenian Arrogance. George Orwell comes to my rescue in this post script.Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.’

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  • 24

    Well said.

    • 16

      Having noticed the way DJ has been just within last 4 days- everyone would agree with you all what you have been articulating here. Dj s intention is to paint a picture which is miles away from all realities but being within the radical politics being played by MR regime. I really dont know why this kind of so called higher seniors stay that alert to their own thinking rather than seeing it beyond. Now the time has come to react – this kind of political analysts either stay shut their cesspits up or should be punished, since their kind of idiosyncrasies is far from all practical lives of the people. just being addicted to own agendas that failed to find the ground either MR or any others, this man DJ has gone to mad to have posted 4-5 articles one behind the other- within not even 4 days.

  • 17

    In Deed, justice Wigneswaran has proved what Mary Pierce stated ” Sometimes things aren’t clear right away. That’s where you need to be patient and persevere and see where things lead”.

    In contrast, Dr.DJ has his self gratification with the knee jerk response.

    There are only few people see the war and the cause of war as a disease and try to find the cure for the disease rather all are treating the symptoms. No wonder the why we still have the effects of disease.


    What Justice Vigneswaran realized is somewhat ehcoed here


  • 16

    Why not our political “scientists” observe the 100 days more closely and provide feed back to the readers with their inductive scientific and possibly comparative observations in a more pragmatic sense rather than spending their time on sterile “patriotism” and historical arguments? There is still more time
    for the next political campaign.

  • 23

    I would conclude that LTTE leader Pirapaharan is true patriotic to Srilanka than Dayan Jeyatilake or Mahinda Rajapakse family. he loved his country, his people and he did not give up Srilanka to the West or even to India unlike Rajapkse and Gotapaya sold the nation to China and India.

    • 34

      ʘʘ So what jaguar tiger tam`ill`- `hole in one` village hyena died a coward up on the Palmyra tree.
      The same old tainted knickers of seniors who just belch and fart- try something afresh for hero. my3 comm candidate the same old tainted knickers isn’t it??

      ʘʘ His 10 year old sang the blues his pop taught him ` say father say if i may yet be gone… and shot himself in true fashion of a hero his father the coward cherished. Just like Hitler from a freak civilisation.

      ʘʘ while other villagers JR, DSS DS, Banda Chandrika, Sirimavo, Passa killed the sheep and jumped over the moon,
      f*ing cows with generations of worth loot to keep them in luxuries lap and fight for power another day.

      Its of no value to have knowledge without an imagination.

      “Logic will get you from A to Z; like Google;Ask Jeeves; thesaurus;his_story-
      imagination will get you everywhere.”
      Albert Einstein

  • 8

    All this is getting to heady my friend.Most people can see in dayan the coomon o garden racist communalism that he dresses up in various form in desperate search of employment.

    He knows for sure that only Dumb patriots will require his intellectual services.It is a pity that we can nolonger enjoy the gymnastics of this much injured and desperaste gymnist as it becomes a sader and sader spectacle as he performs now from the deep pit of sinhala ethno national communalism.

  • 5

    Wigneswaran is preparing to take up racism where Prabhakaran left. It was this kind of jingoism by politicians that started Tamil terrorism in the fist place. Having taken every advantage offered by their adoptive country they are not content. It is this Tamil-Shylockism that will bring this small island to ruination again.

  • 8

    I am no political scientist and possess no analytical discipline…

    Well, allow me to help you there.

    Last election TNA won in a landslide. Why? Vingeswaran, Sumithranan and Sambandan on all platforms said they will “punish the Sinhala” for destroying their “boys”. The UN process was how they planned to “punish the Sinhala”.

    They are facing an election again but they haven’t delivered the “punishment”. So they are worried about coming to power again.

    Mahinda Rajapaske did Sinhala nationalism between 2005-2015. These Tamils in FP/TULF/TNA have been doing it to remain in power since 1952.

    Rajapaske nationalism marginalised the country from the world. The smart Sinhala realised it was a road to disaster so they removed the guy.

    Tamils are marginalised and brutalised in the streets. Although Tamil nationalism and racism persists. Have you ever wondered why you plonker?

    The reason TNA whips up nationalism is to monopolise Tamils and to maintain their caste system in Jaffna. Its a complexity I know you will never understand.

    So I suggest you take a break from “political analysis” altogether.

    • 11


      “Last election TNA won in a landslide. Why? Vingeswaran, Sumithranan and Sambandan on all platforms said they will “punish the Sinhala” for destroying their “boys”. The UN process was how they planned to “punish the Sinhala”.”

      Please provide some evidence.

  • 16

    Justice Wigneswaran – Smarter Than The Smart Patriot? Yes, it is pretty obvious, even Dr Dayan Jeyathilake knows himself, Justice Wigneswaran miles ahead of him.

  • 2

    A paean of praise for Wiggy?

  • 3

    Lets be one nation, forget the past, now we all can live and get alone with our daily lives, have elections, vote, brother Wignei could become the chief minister, no terrorist. Tamil people did die during the war. So were Sinhalese. Millions of Iraqi people died when foreigners dropped bombs(some may have carried nuclear war heads to mutilate the DNA of future Iraqis), nobody to charge for war crimes. LTTE raided villages and killed even children in the dark nights. Armed forces killed innocent Tamils trying to rescue them. LTTE war criminals are dead(except Mrs. Balasinhgam). Bro. Wingne was already cheated by Ranil’s plans.MR and Gota made it possible for Brother Wignei to become a Chief Minister(from a retired CJC). You know how!

  • 23

    “”I doubt however that Justice Wigneswaran was provoked in to moving a resolution calling for an International investigations in to what they perceive as genocide of Tamils was a knee jerk reaction to Dr.D.J’s smart patriotism. “”

    ʘʘ Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion:

    The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence.

    ʘʘ Patriotism is the incubator of wars.

    Yes Justice Wigneswaran reading is his own and towards reality of the island in the Indian Ocean. He seems to know more than the 3 languages of usage in the island.
    He definitely would have been a follower of one of India’s greatest sons late Nani Palkiwala who climbed the ladder could recite the law of evidence chapter verse off hand and saved the nation from dictatorship by none other than Indira herself.

    Wiggie, is aware of the causes of Sikkim and Nagaland both never ruled by the Mughals of north India joining as states. The Bhutanese escape thanks to Chinese funding and Nepal’s struggle after the closure of entry gate by Sonia.

    ʘʘ Dayan the Old Raspberry Tart has 2 rotten Cobbler’s Awls!!

    ʘʘ Reading and observant travel maketh a man.

    ʘʘ DJ- Coblers Owls- in the last resort for scoundrels- patriotism.

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