7 July, 2022


Viva The Patriot! – A Reply To Sarath De Alwis

By Rashantha N. de Alwis-Seneviratne –

Rashantha N. de Alwis-Seneviratne

Rashantha N. de Alwis-Seneviratne

The to and fro of arguments on Patriotism presented in the articles by Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka and Mr. Sarath de Alwis, made this week a most entertaining, riveting and energizing one for me.

Dr. Jayatilleka’s Smart Patriotism and the Marginal Majority” was a good, thought-provoking read that made me revisit my own feelings about patriotism. Therefore, I could not help being curious about why Mr. de Alwis opened his reply entitled “Sein Kampf: A Fabricated History, with a quote from Ambrose Bierce, the well known satirist – “Patriotism is fierce as a fever, pitiless as the grave, blind as a stone and as irrational as a headless hen” – curious, because flippancy does not sit too well on something as simple and profound as Patriotism: Simple because it is a matter of the heart that stems from loyalty and love for one’s country and profound because of myriad other reasons such as the feeling of belonging, community, history, welfare of the country, etc. that may inspire it.   For me, patriotism signifies a sense of personal identification with and concern for, the welfare of my country. It is a kind of unconditional love – a ‘tough love’ as Dr. Jayatilleka calls it. This is why I do not believe that a loyalty-based virtue like patriotism, can be set aflame by Mr. de Alwis’ ‘fabricated history’ because it is not history alone that provokes patriotism but emotions that go beyond it. It is too glib, therefore, to aver that ‘smart patriotism’ was devised by Dr. Jayatilleka to appease the “existential angst of the Sinhala majority in the South”: On the contrary, I believe that patriotism may increase because the Sinhalese are, as Dr. Jayatilleka says, a “The Marginal Majority”. To a cynic, this will be gobbledegook.

The idea of patriotism is not a new one. In fact, its journey through history has not been easy, with many deploring it and some valuing it for what it stood for. The writer quotes impressively from satirists and philosophers but being a subjective emotion, it really does not matter what others say about patriotism; it is something personally personal to one, irrespective of the waffle. Because our ideals constantly demand more from us, patriotism cannot be defined as loyalty to any particular leader or government policy, unless the circumstances also concern one’s country. Even though the writer refers to the Manichean moral duality of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, I cannot recall it being referred to in Dr. Jayatilleka’s essay and looks like he pulled a rabbit out of his own hat, for effect. However, it may be a good time to refer to the recent past when, in the face of a barrage of accusations against Mr. Rajapaksa and his regime at the conclusion of the war against terrorism, the patriotism of the people of this country was excited and showcased in many ways from satyagrahas to protest marches. At this time, the loyalty to a leader, government policy and to the country, were all in place making it an example of how, sometimes, patriotism may include aspects other than love for the country alone.

Maithri WigneswarsnThe writer seems to obsess over the Sinhalese in the South to the extent that he accuses Dr. Jayatilleka of ‘manufacturing’ their consent. Consent to what, is a good question in the light of his assertion that the article legitimizes political and historical distortions of the post-conflict years 2010-2015. I must sigh at this point to keep hold of my thinking cap as Mr. de Alwis has really let his imagination run riot and temporarily addled mine. Perfectly valid observations made by Dr. Jayatilleka, are purposely fractured into meaningless segments, for no other reason but to misrepresent facts which amount to “the geography and history of the Sinhalese”  – facts which are at the crux of Sinhalese patriotism. If these are the facts that the writer says is ‘Fabricated History’ it is no wonder that he used Ambrose Bierce to open his critique: Had I known, I would have told him about Ho Chi Minh who said “It was patriotism, not Communism, that inspired me” which would have taken the cynic out of both of them!

To the cynic, these sentiments are an obvious anathema but isn’t Smart Patriotism found in all nations and does the term not encapsulate old ideas? My understanding of Dr. Jayatilleka’s theory, in a nut shell, is that it deals with love for one’s country; that it will criticize the government when it has to but it will defend the country at all times; that it will be nationalistic but be devoid of chauvinism and racism and will respect a collective identity; that it respects national borders and national sovereignty; that it respects the sovereignty of other countries and nations and celebrates diversity and opposes the hegemony, intervention and interference of the superpower; that Sinhalese patriotism wants the unity, integrity and territorial integrity of the country is subject to other salient considerations in relation to its position in “the sub-region and the region as a whole where the Sinhalese are a minority, dwarfed by the landmass and populace next door in Tamil Nadu from which incursions and annexations have originated many times in Sinhala history.” To make Mr. de Alwis happy I will take out Smart Patriotism from the Sinhalese. We will then have NO NEED to love our country; to identify ourselves with it; to criticize our government when it is wrong or clap it on the back when it does well; to stand up to the hypocritical criticism of foreign powers and institutions; to safeguard our territory and sovereignty and to love ourselves as Sinhalese or the Sinhalese nation. Perhaps Karl Marx and Alan woods were Mr. de Alwis’s old buddies; it was Marx who famously said that “The working men have no country” and Woods who was “in favour of tearing down all frontiers and creating a socialist world commonwealth”. It is not surprising, therefore, that Mr. de Alwis says “To me it makes no difference whether it is the 13th A of 1987 or a return to the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayakam pact of 1957 that is used to bring about national reconciliation.”

To such a man, the Resolution by the NPC, would be startling and outrageous only to Sinhalese ‘Fascist’ Patriots and would not undermine the national reconciliation he craves at the expense of Sinhalese Patriotism and Nationalism. The “Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council (NPC), Justice CV Wigneswaran, on Tuesday called for real international investigations on genocide against Tamils committed by the successive governments since Ceylon’s independence from the British in 1948. Passing a resolution in the council that demanded international investigations on genocide, the Chief Minister has called for criminal prosecutions at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and urged the on-going OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) to investigate the claim of genocide and recommend appropriate investigations and prosecutions by the ICC. “This Council urgently calls upon the international community to create conditions suitable and sustainable to protect the Tamils of the NorthEast Provinces in Sri Lanka from genocide.”

Not only does the writer sneer at Sinhalese patriotism, he extends the same consideration to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa also and uses the Presidential election to say that “For the first time since the Vaddukodai resolution, the TULF and its allies now under the TNA, insists on a collective ‘liberation’ from the tyranny of an autocrat who kept Pirpaharan pickled in the public psyche……”. If Pirpaharan was kept pickled in the public psyche, this resolution must be the heartfelt thanks of the Northerner, for giving him back his voice after being dumb for decades. The mind boggles but my deeply patriotic instincts rebel and rise to the occasion. These feelings stem from a fear of an impending intrusion on my country; of helplessness to act; an invasion of my privacy and that of the citizenry. Does this make me, then, by Mr. de Alwis’s definition, a Fascist patriot? Especially in extreme situations – what I call up-against-the-wall situations – Patriotism finds Nationalism for support and comfort but according to the writer, for a Sinhalese to do so would be “aggressive Patriotism” of a ‘fascist’ bent. As Dr. Jayatilleka avers, “The main motive force of Sri Lankan patriotism is Sinhala Nationalism but it is not the exclusive force or component with Sir Lankan patriotism.” Yes, it is a tough love which the Sinhalese have balanced admirably in the past but what it has taught us is that the post-conflict reconciliation that is much advocated cannot be achieved with a one-hand-clapping mode. With this type of NPC resolution, there is little chance of even that but this not our problem alone. Sinhalese patriotism has not closed its doors to others; especially after hostilities ended, there have been opportunities for negotiations of reasonable expectations. It would be on point to quote Dr. Jayatilleka that “Democracy cannot trample upon the rights of the minorities but nor can democracy be misused or overlooked to install the rule of a minority and to marginalize the Sinhalese majority and its interests ……… [it] cannot be manipulated to trample on the natural role and rightful status of the majority…… A majority on this island, in the modern world-system and its regional subsystem, the Sinhalese are a structurally marginal minority. This is their – our- existential situation.

According to Dr. Jayatilleka, “Mahinda Rajapaksa’s great historical merit was to leverage the weight of a rising China and resurgent Russia to compensate for that structurally marginal situation of the Sinhalese and offset the systemic advantage that secessionist Tamil nationalism enjoyed owing to its number in Tamil Nadu and its embedding within the Western democracies.” He also believes that it was a triangle of factors (A) a strong leader from Ruhuna (B) the Executive Presidential System and (C) the alliance with China and Russia, that enabled the defeat of the fascist-separatist LTTE, warding off Western pressures for a cessation of hostilities and a return to negotiation. With (A) and (C) no longer in the picture and (B) being sought to be downsized, what repercussions will it have on the Sinhalese? The silence of Mr. de Alwis on this point is not surprising given his cynical jibes at Sinhalese patriotism: His Sinhala centric smart patriotism is ‘pernicious’ but the average Sinhalese is neither pernicious nor evil. It is the average Sinhalese that forms the backbone of the Sinhalese nation. Patirotism is about our heroes of the war; people as diverse as Gunanda Thero and Saradiel; and the ordinary man who gives of his time and energy to enrich us in his small way; it is intrinsic and fundamental to our attachment to this country and manifests itself in many ways – like when we raise our national flag or stand to attention to the national anthem; simple things that represent deeply personal expressions of loyalty but profound for what they represent. Patriotism is like a structure of a building that keeps the building strong; just as a country is only as strong as its patriots. That the NPC Resolution is hostile to our country and stems from a chauvinistic and racist Tamil Nationalism is clear: Against this, Smart Patriotism is like being differently-abled. Viva the Patriot!

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  • 41

    What a bunch of absolute gobbledegook trying to cloak itself in sophistication.
    Why don’t you simply address the blatant injustices that the Tamil people – both those of the North and East (whose history REALLY precedes the arrival of Vijaya and his band of outcasts) and those of the hill country who were disenfranchised by a government of Sinhala patriots? Instead, you trying to jump on the (new) bandwagon of DJ trying to salvage some respectability from the train-crash of the Rajapaksa government that he so obviously supported all these years! Different gender, same story as DJ’s!

    • 11

      Do not blame anyone but the Tamils themselves for the predicament they imagine they are in. The racist policies the Tamils promugulated, led by the likes of Ponna, Chelva and Sunda pre dates independance of Ceylon. The same racist ideas have been adopted by present Tamil politicians are the root cause of misery the tamils find themselves in. The other, manufacturing of history to suit a racist cause is not going to help Tamils either. The possibility of a sprinkling of Tamils in the north and east does not constitute a Tamil nation on Sri Lankan soil. The history of Sri Lanka clearly shows that the vast majority of Tamils arrived on Sri Lankan soil as invaders, looters and indentured coolies. Pull you head in and be a part of Sri Lankan society with equal rights for all but without any special status, or find your way to that squalid homeland of Tamil Nadu. Cheers!

      • 48

        lal loo

        “The racist policies the Tamils promugulated, led by the likes of Ponna, Chelva and Sunda pre dates independance of Ceylon.”

        Could you cite your source.

        • 6

          Please ignore the space between the words 18 & 19, so as to get a fruitful meaning.

          • 22

            you keep 19 ; 21 has never been there…..just 13 raped poor soul keep chewing sole `Goo`ta `Booo`ts – too hot to toot…booo`ta gandu!!

            • 5

              Boota-Goo, Mat-kit-choot may not be a synonym but an acronym for a Javicose poo.

              • 12

                Catching fish is your family trade no wonder you smell.
                Basco – Palayan Yakoo ….

      • 20

        lal, You are talking about “pulling your head in” Would suggest you pull your head out of that other orifice of yours and face facts. You say a “sprinkling of tamils.” Those people were the overwhelming majority of the population of the north and east because they were hard-working and prepared to battle inhospitable climate and soil to earn a living. The only way that Sinhalese advanced (from the South and Central parts of the country) to the dry zone was when the maha kalu Sinhalayss ruled and deliberately settled them with free land, housing and settlement allowances in the areas brought under irrigation in the NWP, NCP and EP. Don’t tell blatant lies that contradict the facts of this deliberate settlement of Sinhalese where there were none. There was not one Tamil settled by the Sinhala Ministers of Agriculture in the colonization schemes. THAT IS A SIMPLE FACT AND YOUR DISTORTIONS AND DELIEBERATE FALSEHOODS CANT PROVE OTHERWISE.

      • 3

        Well said Lal – The biggest obstacle for national reconciliation is centuries old egoistic Tamil racism of selfish Tamil politicians – after many decades Rajapaksa were the only leaders who understood the real face of Tamil racism and did not allow it raise – unfortunately what is happening now is just the opposite – I think everybody who really love this country must get together to make our voice heard before it is too late – Rajapaksas were strong leaders from south – unfortunately he chose to sleep with dogs – none of the present leaders in the government or opposition are strong enough to resist tamil racisum so none of them are suitable to be leaders of this land – So I think bit modified version of GR would be a very good strong leader .

      • 18

        Lal LUUUU Baiyo,

        “” The history of Sri Lanka clearly shows that the vast majority of Tamils arrived on Sri Lankan soil as invaders, looters and indentured coolies.”

        Your towel must be very smelly of dry fish- get bleached not in the pool of duck shit.

        ʘʘ Two letters rotten for your teeth : D N

        “suffering`| O:-) faith.

        hope is a good breakfast but a poor dinner.


        M-) see no evil
        :X) hear no evil
        :-M speak no evil

        “Vulgar-CUT” ಠ_ಠ. ~k゜・_・゜k~ 
        “Vulgar-CUT” ಠ_ಠ” ~k゜・_・゜k~ 
        ~゜・_・゜~  ~゜・_・゜~  ~゜・_・゜~  ~゜・_・゜~ 

    • 3

      Yako – What kind of blatant injustice to tamils you are talking about – do you think talking against tamil racisum is an injustice towards tamil – decades old tamil nationalism and racisum is the main cause of suffering of tamilians in this country – so by talking against this poison we are doing a justice for the tamils – during Rajapaksa era racist rabble rousing was minimal within the country – unfortunately liberal Democratic views of the present administration is paving the way for marginalising the majority – this was the fear we had before Jan 8th

  • 21

    “the Sinhalese are a structurally marginal minority. This is their – our- existential situation.”

    This is the heart of the matter; the Sinhalese are suffering from chronic insecurity that they feel that the world is against them! It is astonishing that educated folks like this woman has written the entire article predicated on this marginal minority concept. No one can reason with such people. I hope people such as Sarath De Alwis can constructively educate the Sinhala masses that they are indeed the majority and they have a responsibility in the quest of nation building. We will fail as a nation, if majority does not pull itself together; it is them who need to accommodate the minorities confidently and absolutely equally. If they do not, I am afraid the country will eventually be divided!

    • 9


      The people who articulate such fears are large in numbers, and need something like collective psychotherapy.

      I doubt the excellent writings by people such as Shyamon Jayasinghe or Sarath de Alwis will convince those whose racism is clothed in the language of patriotism. Only a courageous political leader from among the Sinhalese can give that therapy. I doubt that President Sirisena or PM Wickremasinghe are up to that task, but they are undoubtedly better than the Rajapaksas, and they deserve to be given a chance.

      Tamil people need to have hope that enough people on the other side can change despite their past traumatic experiences. Simply asserting other people won’t change and hoping someone from the international community will come to their aid, has not helped and will not help the Tamil people.

      But the fact that Sinhalese society has such fears is no reason for Tamil people to give away what is rightfully theirs in Sri Lanka. There is something called free speech; it is idiotic to say the Northern Provincial Council has exceeded its mandate in passing any resolutions.

      I hope Justice CVW has explained his stance as well as the motivations behind the resolution to President Sirisena well at his meeting yesterday.

    • 5

      We DID suffer insecurity, till the Rajapakse brothers took control and used the security forces (till then mostly confined to the barracks under foreign ‘guidance’) to liberated us. It is true that some Sri Lankans (not just the LTTE supporting TNA and it’s acolytes) do NOT like the result. I wonder whether Sarath de Alwis had a hand in fabricating history as there are at least two ‘learned’ tomes that have recently appeared, both written by medical men.

      • 6


        Here we go again.

        VP won the first presidential elections for MR.

        Watch this clip you will learn one two things about the Man Mahinda and his mission then.

        He was hiding behind not only his women folks but JVP terrorists too from IPKF.

        Dining with terrorists – Divided Island – 21 Feb 09 – Part 2


  • 9

    Does nit the concept of patriotism and nationalism require a bit of evolution that the Sinhalese have not had?

    Are they not still in the ethno racist cess pit that Dayan stiring?

    What was the patriot doing as a minister in the North East provincial council led by Varsdarajs perumal closely sligned with India?

    Its time for you to get out of that cess pit or help DJ stir it.

    • 24


      “Against this, Smart Patriotism is like being differently-abled.”

      What do you read from the above?

      Differently abled does NOT mean “having different abilities;” more precisely it means “lacking expected abilities.” – Urban Dictionary

      Does this also mean Dayan, Rashantha and the marginal majority are lacking expected abilities?

      Despite being lacking expected abilities I wonder how the marginal majority managed to win the war against the formidable LTTE on their own under the leadership and guidance of MR and GR.

      Must have been a miracle.

      • 3

        “Despite being lacking expected abilities I wonder how the marginal majority managed to win the war against the formidable LTTE on their own under the leadership and guidance of MR and GR. I think you need to read the conclusion of the article.”
        I think you need to read the concluding paragraph. Also, the topic is about Patriotism; not about the war.

        • 19

          higano! brainless Crocuta Buruva ge Sickness,

          where do get your gear from to do the preeek preeek Whooo BooooM??
          the day you manufacture is just your dream.

          ((Studies and surveys have consistently indicated that approximately 90% of persons in any given country have strong patriotic sentiments. ))

          You are living off others glory perhaps lying to yourself of your importance.

          Chameleon you don’t need parents help to come out of your egg.

    • 3

      Thank you for that Simon. It could not have been said better!

  • 8

    I would like the Author read little more on the Historic perspectives



    • 6

      Victor Chernomohideen,

      Losers are the only ones who made history. Sometimes, they belong to the lot of unsung heroes otherwise called pop-off heroes like that of Napoleon Bonaparte, 3rd Reich, Yamamoto, Ho Chi Minh, Amin Dada, Dudayev, Aidid, Saddam, Qaddafi etc.

  • 10

    “That the NPC Resolution is hostile to our country and stems from a chauvinistic and racist Tamil Nationalism is clear: Against this, Smart Patriotism is like being differently-abled. Viva the Patriot!”

    what a patriotic!The NPC resolution is about genocide of Tamils? If you are true patriotic to this land, Can you defend your state by participating in the international investigation by proving that your forces did not massacre Tamil civilians? Can you prove that the patriotic state did not involve with corruption?

  • 5

    Those who don’t have the moral fibre to face up to the demands (sometimes sacrifices) of being a patriot, denigrating it is a way of salving their conscience. It is true that they ‘do not care’.

    It does take considerable ‘backbone’ for Dayan to take the personal abuse of appeasers and separatists and still continue to write. It is those who fear that his warnings will derail their plans who seek to discredit Dayan.

    • 4


      I agree that Dyan has a spine without it he will not be able to do the acrobatic acts that he has been doing in CT – the problem we have with it is that it it extremely flexible.

      He must first have some credit to be worthy of discredit.
      Only over educated Sinhala racist and ethno chauvinist can see a “moral fiber” running through this desperado.

      The Sinhalese need an Anton too, but not a dumb one like this.

      • 19

        “The Sinhalese need an Anton too, but not a dumb one like this.”

        So yours and his god asked him to pack and go for ever before Xmas 2006 as IC Eagles were ready to bomb the shit out of shipping and supply lanes from Jan 2007.

        You never seen brilliance in your life except sudhu pukka nurse nona the terror outfit??

        Look up north boy from Madhya Pradesh at ND who stunned the world and Greenspan Dr Raghu of IIT Delhi electronics present Governor of RBI. Not a newspaper boy.

  • 14

    A very well written and impressively presented article by R Alwis-Seneviratne. However, ironically, that precisely is the tragedy!

    When well educated, exposed and intelligent people stoop to using their talents in such under-handed way, knowingly very well the fallacies in their own arguments and the consequences, but with the sole purpose for their selfish ends, it is very disheartening, and more importantly, very dangerous. It would no doubt be the “beginning of the end”!

    Isn’t that what SWRD did? Despite being educated in an atmosphere of the most diversified, democratic, civilized, and intelligent, for the sole purpose of a “block vote” he instituted the divisive language policy, cloaked as protecting the “marginalized majority” in the economy. His strategy certainly rewarded him personally, as he expected, in the near term. But, at what cost? It set back the country three to four decades, as Lee Kwan Yew observed. The country that one exported Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and Accountants retreated back to export mothers, daughters, wives and sisters as maids to uncouth oil barons of the ME, who sent back mutilated and murdered bodies back!

    Who does not think that if only Sri Lanka had not instituted the language policy, it would have been the top contender by far to become the silicon valley of the east after the IT out-sourcing revolution?

    I would have understood very well if Mervyn Silva of Kelaniya fame harboured the kind of sentiments expressed by either Rashantha De Alwis-Seneviratne or Dayan De Silva-Jayathileke! But when the very educated shamelessly express such sentiments it is extremely worrying in terms of the exactly the long term prospects of a country that this presumed “smart Patriots” feign to protect.

    Here is a quick question.

    If a mother finds out that her son raped and murdered a girl, should the mother’s emotion, namely love (no doubt there is love, and in emotional terms, no different than patriotism that the author reveres) come in the way of her confessing to the authorities? What exactly is a good mother’s responsibility? If she informs the authorities, would that be any indication of lack of love (patriotism)?

    • 9

      A follow-up on my question above, if I may.

      If a mother finds out that her son raped and murdered a girl, should the mother’s emotion, namely love (no doubt there is love, and in emotional terms, no different than patriotism that the author reveres) come in the way of her confessing to the authorities? What exactly is a good mother’s responsibility? If she informs the authorities, would that be any indication of lack of love (patriotism)?

      Conversely, if her son is accused of raping and murdering a girl, and if the mother knows and can establish that the son did not do it, would she hide him from the authorities or help defend him as best as she could in the court of law?

      Under what circumstances do you think, she would try to hide the son?

      • 6

        Yes if the son has committed the crimes that he said to be committed then he must be punished – However if the scenario is different and the mother has two children and one child is plotting against the other and spreading false , exaggerated stories among neighbours when infact he is the guy who had committed all those crimes and trying all the tricks under the sky to grab a major portion of family property – then mother has to be careful and give him a good Kane and bring him back to his proper sense and tell him – hey look here idiot I understand all your plots against your own brother – however how much you insult him I am not going to divide my property and give you a major part – but make peace with your Bro and enjoy family heritage without fighting

        I think Patriotism is the emotional bond one has towards his/her motherland – however it is bit different from the love the mother has for his children because mothers love has two components – the genetical component and emotional component– All the female animals including humans are geneatically hard wired to love and protect her young ones and the emotional part she aquires over the years through her association with her siblings – but I think Patriotism is more of an emotional bond – which may different from individual to individual

        A real Patriot is difinetly not a racist – because his love for the country encompasses everybody living in that country – he will opposes only those who are trying to destroy his country – and he will do all what he can do to protect his country from the internal and external enemies

        On the contrary I think Racisum is a kind of a mental disorder which shut off the logic side of one’s brain and often fails to analyse anything logically

        • 14

          Rabooka, what’s that ‘Kane’? Do you mean to refer to Adam and
          Eve’s cherubs Mr.Chain & Cable or else the wrestler Glen Thomas Jacobs?

        • 11


          That is twisted logic! If the mother is confident and can establish her son to be innocent, love (patriotism) should not lead to her hiding her son from investigation – but, instead should help defend the innocence. It is when the she knows and suspects there may be some truth in the allegation, whether brought on by another son, or other authorities, that she love would intervene. Yes, as you reassert “if the son has committed the crimes that he said to be committed then he must be punished” – and that is why the investigation is needed – punish if found guilty, exonerate, if found otherwise. Convenient assumptions is not the answer, kane or not!

          Love/patriotism is not lessened by wanting to seek the truth. It is the scoundrels who take cover under patriotism when they find themselves lacking with any rational escape for their crimes. Hence, the wisdom “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels”!

          Incidentally, Rashantha, those words of wisdom, and the few that Sarath cited, are not flippant, but rather profound, despite or perhaps exactly in view of their brevity!

        • 20


          Here is one real patriot who called spade a spade:

          The Devolution Package and the Maha Sangha

          By D. Amarasiri Weeraratne, Sunday Observer, 17 March 1996

          It was with dismay that I read of the Maha Sangha meeting held at the BMICH on March 5 to denounce the Devolution Package offered by the Government. Very discreetly the Mahanayake Theras of the three Nikayas have kept away. The convenors of the meeting were the well-known Sinhala Only hardliners who oppose any form of devolution of powers to the minorities in areas where they predominate. These hardliners see any form of devolution as a stepping stone to separatism and the division of the country. They have gone paranoid with an Eelam phobia and they see the proposals as the writing on the wall for separatism.

          It is well-known that all attempts in the past to resolve the ethnic problem by the B-C pact, Dudley-Chelvanayakam pact, and the All-Party Conference convened by President Jayewardene were scuttled by hardliners in the Maha Sangha who spearheaded the Sinhala Only chauvinists. Thus Ven. Baddegama Wimalawansa led Phalanx that forced Premier S. W. R. D. Bandaranike to abrogate the B-C pact. Ven. Madihe Pannasiha spearheaded the chauvinists who scuttled the D-C pact. This fact is admitted on page 140 of the history of the Amarapura Dharmarakshita sect. The book is titled “Dam Reki Naka”.

          The attempts to settle the ethnic problem by the All-Party Conference convened by President Jayawardene was wrecked by Ven. Palipane Chandrananda in league with the Sinhala Only hardliners. The result of all these wreckings by the Sangha led to continued agitation and protests by the democratic Tamil parties.

          When all attempts to settle the problem by democratic methods failed the Tamils were driven into the arms of the terrorists who posed as the saviours of the Tamil people. They said the only method of reducing their aspirations was by military means. From this point the LTTE terrorists took over the leadership of the Tamil agitation, for autonomy in their regions. Hence, the present war which is ruining our economy and taking a heavy toll of our military forces. Now the war has come to Colombo and the whole world has seen the carnage at the Central Bank through TV coverage of the incidents.

          No ethnic problem

          The Sangha leadership who spoke at the recent BMICH meeting have stated that there is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. Therefore, there is no need to ask for a solution to a non-existent problem. And also there is no need for the Government to evolve a plan to meet the aspirations of the Tamils for regional autonomy. The Sangha spokesman saw only a terrorist problem and they called for the subjugation of the LTTE by military means. Then according to them, in the absence of an ethnic problem or dispute there will be peace, law and order in the country.

          But the fact remains that before the LTTE took to arms, there was agitation by the Tamil democratic parties that believed in a negotiated settlement by peaceful means. They found that the Maha Sangha spearheaded the agitation against all three agreements and wrecked them. So to deny the existence of any ethnic problem and say there is only a terrorist problem is a failure to understand the background and the cause for the resort to arms. No terrorist war will be possible unless people sympathise and support them.


          The spokesmen who claimed to voice the opinion of the Maha Sangha are inveterate chauvinists who are not prepared for any form of devolution. They are not experts in political science and their knowledge of international political problems and constitutions is poor. Their opinions on the ethnic problem and democratic ways and means of settling it cannot be taken seriously. Only a plebiscite among the Sangha can indicate what is the opinion of the Maha Sangha on this issue. This probably is the last chance we have to settle this problem by peaceful means. If the government gives into the arm-twisting tactics of the jingoist Sangha our nation will be doomed to unending war, economic ruin, and a strangulation of our efforts to rise above third world poverty status, and general ruin.

          The Government has to be run by the elected Members of Parliament. There is no room in the constitution to give into pressure tactics of reactionary monks. We have to respect the Sangha only when they teach us the Dhamma in which they are experts and authorities. Their advice can be sought by the rulers only on matters concerning how to rule in accordance with the Dhamma.

          Beyond this they have no right or scope. In the whole Buddhist world it is the Sinhala Sangha who says that “politics is the bhikkus’ heritage”. It is a heritage of apostasies coming down from the Anuradhapura period, and should be disallowed as recommended by the Buddhist Commission report which the first Bandaranike Government undertook to implement. Before it could be done the Premier was assassinated by a power-hungry Buddhist monk. And with that, Sasana reforms recommended have gone underground.

          If the Sangha is properly organised and controlled by the Maha Nayakes as is done in the other Theravada countries such as Burma and Thailand they will not resort to the present corruptions and apostasies such as politics, business ventures, renting out temple rooms to laymen including LTTE agents, running garages, printing presses, tuition classes, karate classes, parking vehicles for a fee etc, etc. Therefore, the first duty of the Sangha is to set their house in order instead of trying to dictate to Parliament what it should do and not do.

          The writer D.Amarasiri Weeraratne is a Sinhalese.

          Maha Sangha means Association of Sinhalese Buddhist Priests.

          Maha Nayakes = Chief Priests


        • 9


          “I think Patriotism is the emotional bond one has towards his/her motherland”

          Whipped up patriotism is a very good place to hide all forms of criminality,
          public racism,
          drug smugglers,
          emotionally deranged,
          intellectual dishonesty,
          10, 20, 30% illegal commission

  • 29

    “” it is something personally personal to one, irrespective of the waffle.””

    You are as emotionally charged as the other rump.
    Bombastic one Samuel aptly defined it as :
    Patriotism as the last refuge of the scoundrel.

    It is impossible to love and to be wise.–Francis Bacon

    Love & Wise is your sihala buddhist stupidity.

    “Two things are infinite:
    the universe and human stupidity;
    and I’m not sure about the universe.”

    “Science without religion is lame,
    religion without science is blind.”

    “I have no special talents.
    I am only passionately curious.”
    ― Albert Einstein

  • 36

    The writer Rush_ant, has her knickers in a twist- emotions trailing a lost humor.

    ʘʘ Wars are armed conflicts between countries or states.
    ʘʘ Wars are not conflicts between the individual people of warring countries.
    ʘʘ Wars are conflicts between the governments of countries.

    ʘʘ All wars are instigated by power hungry megalomaniacs, the politicians; managed by professional killers, the military; and fought by the brainwashed members of their respective populations, the canon-fodder.

    ʘʘ Any big bully, who feels confident that he can win the war, can start a war at any time.
    ʘʘ Euphemistic expressions have replaced the word war.
    ʘʘ Politicians now euphemistically refer to wars as police actions, or border alignments, or expeditions, or air campaigns.

    ʘʘ The latest euphemism is a reference to a regime change in Syria.
    ʘʘ In this instance, one country determines to liberate another country from its politicians.
    ʘʘ If euphemisms are clearly inappropriate, politicians merely declare that the war is morally just and necessary to straighten out morally inferior miscreants.

    ʘʘ “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others, merely because you were born in it”.ʘʘ

    ʘʘ Patriotism is to politics what faith is to religion: The unquestioned acceptance of information that is either unverified or that may actually be in conflict with factual evidence.

    ʘʘ Patriotism is the incubator of wars.ʘʘ

    ʘʘ Similar to religion, patriotism is an emotion, as opposed to a rational thought process. Studies and surveys have consistently indicated that approximately 90% of persons in any given country have strong patriotic sentiments.
    ʘʘ This percentage is similar to the percentage of people involved in other faith-based activities, such as religion.
    ʘʘ This same percentage also reflects the bell-curve of the general intelligence level of a population:
    ʘʘ 90% of all persons in a Caucasian population group register an IQ below 120.

    Lanka IQ below <55

    • 0


      • 4

        [Edited out] I want you to be cannibal not a keyboard warrior with his dick in his smelly butt what a toddy tapper to have caps locked- cant fu*k his own kind and dreaming of homeland in hole in one.

        Kill kill and kill because less in your village the better is for all in the region – Less is More.

        You off shot late bugger licking shit.

    • 1

      Wars are armed conflicts rattled with arms not with pencils with a naughty eraser in the extremity.

  • 10

    Palayang Yako should not have dismissed Rashantha de Alwis-Seneviraratne.s concerns “as absolute gobbledegook.” By taking, such a stand and failing to crystallize meaningful answers to the issues she raised, Palayan yako shows his lack of debating skills.

    Because of the participants’ unwillingness to observe the 10 perfections–determination, energy, ethicality, truthfulness, renunciation, patience, equanimity, generosity, loving kindness, and wisdom–most unmoderated comments lack any substance.

    Many comments reflect what Buddhists call the five hindrances– “sloth and torpor” (thina-middha), ill-will (vyapada), doubt (vicikichcha), sensory desire (kamacchanda) and restlessness-worry (uddachcha-kukkucca).

    Although I may not agree with the term “smart patriotism,” I am impressed with the lpgic DJ and Rashantha presented in defense of it.

    I am totally unimpressed with the NPC resolution demanding international intervention for the division of Sinhale to accommodate an Eelam thereby perpetuating ethnic enmity. The solution of Sri Lanka’s ethnic grievances should be worked out locally. Tamil leaders must cease to antagonize the Sinhala majority by conniving with the imperial West and Tamil Nadu to claim more rights than the Sinhalese.

    The Tamil Congress and the Federal Party (ITAK), who demanded more rights than the Sinhalese, initiated the debacle of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. THey created the monster Prabhakaran and his unruly band of terrorists, who ultimatelly decimated the Tamil population in the North. but they tried to blame the Sinhalese by refusing to admit their own guilt.

    Both Sinhalese and the Tamils are Indian by origin. It’s immaterial who came to the island first. They fought wars, and the Sinhalese won. TheREFORE, the Tamil leaders should become “smart patriots” and work in amity with their Sinhala friends instead of conniving with aliens to divide the country.

  • 11

    This Chief Justice, in her verdict, sounds exactly like Sarth N. De Silva, Shiranee Bandaranake, Mokan Peris… the usual Sihala Intellectuals.

    “Naaikku nadukadalilum Nakkuththannithaan” Dog can only lick even in the middle of the sea. Unfortunately its nature, it can not drink, a generous action.

    The Dr., Who served in the UN came out out and wrote a pathetic essay about his convoluted patriotism. The idea, the mind, the heart, the nature, the opportunism, the mentality of the Sinhala Intellectualism, which flourish in converted Christian Buddhist patriots could not be expanded by looking at the theories and philosophies discussed at UN. That pathetic soul, which constantly walk around with the fear of of his lies at the UN is going to be uncovered, proposes theories just to substantiate his evil deed he did at the UN.

    The great minds thinking differs from our Dr. Who’s thinking. The problem is his grandee taught him about the Animal race’s stories only. So his mind is so nastily corrupted. Had he read the Tamil Malar that used my years’ of kids, he might have had chance to read about “Manu Neethi Kanda Cholan”. This King ordered his officers to serve justice for the cow that was hurt by his son. He explained to them as it was his son, he did not want to get involved in to that matter. His ministers explained to him, the cow, as a Tamil by birth, it is a low life animal; it does not need any justice. But as they are the “pantham” of the Old King, they had a duty to protect the Prince form external revenges. So the King Manu Neethi ran over his child, by himself with his own chariot, because his ministers were only patriotic preachers. If Dhayan the Dr.Who had read this story, he might have redefined the UN, when he was there. Because he was taught only bestiality stories, he corrupted the UN too.

    There was another King Called Shibi, (he, these days fought by other races as their king too, but all the evidences are there that he is another Chola King) when he bargained with a kite for equal weight of meat for to let go a parrot which it wanted to eat. Then he looked at his ministers to provide the kite the meat he promised. Those Dr.Whos explained, in any case, they need to kill another life to get that meat, so the king should just throw the parrot though the window, then the kite will catch it and eat. Further they advised king the low life Tamil parrot can not be cared and the great race, the lion’s decedents, the marginalized majority has to be cared even at any injustice theories. If this Dr.Who has learned any border-less kindly deeds at the UN, in the nights, when his dope goes over and above his nose, he would not write his cooked up inhuman theories.

    Here is something interesting.. Umaru Pulavar making a man even out of Mohamed! This song had be memorized as per the Tamil Malar’s recommendation so my teacher used to turn the kids ears and make them to memorize. http://www.projectmadurai.org/pm_etexts/utf8/pmuni0175.html
    It is the 819th song on this page. The story the Pulavar was telling is how a deer requested Mohamed to stand as the pledge until it go and feeds it calf with the milk that was overflowing in the udder while the calf was dying without food, and come and surrender to its captors as their food.

    These are just one or two examples of animal stories Tamil kids study for language and literature. Unfortunate the bestiality sex, the naughty woman who secretly left the palace, ran out of the Kingdom, had with the wild lion and the brutal child born out of this inhuman act how patriotically killed his father to reclaim his kingdom was the story Dhayan the Dr.Who studied from his forefathers. Anything Dhayan learned are Dutu Gemunu through Kashyapa.to .Ehelepola stories. Then what else he can propose as his philosophy?

    Let’s drop out these animal stories and come to some real history. Then, in Tamil, the Meypporul Kanda Nayanar’s story comes. Nayanar was a King. His greedy opponent, Muththinaathan, many times tried to capture the Nayanar’s kingdom and failed. Because the King always worships the Shiva devotees, he went to the place as a Shiva devotee. The guards asked permission from king to turn away this suspicious fellow. King told them not to return any devotees. When he stabbed the king while he was worshiping the intruder, King was worried about his safety from the guards who had already suspected him, the king ordered his private bodyguards to take him out of the boarder of the Kingdom.

    Somebody, about two or three months ago posted in CT a song from a Canga poet, Kaniyan Poonkunranaar. Man, this guy had a such a broad ideas even 2,000 years ago. Our dog, in the modern days, still liking its water even in the ocean called UN. He bringing here the Victorian era’s British uneducated soldiers radical behaviors. This is what happens when you convert a Christian to a Buddhist for reap opportunities. The Britain is no longer for English Whites. The white boys who fight against the lunatic barbarians, ISIS are not doing that for to save their boarder, but is includes saving the burned Jordanian pilot too. This is not fake war for peace or Dhayans’s dupe, the Humanitarian rescue mission, to kills 150,000 children ans women. There is no patriotism, just a civilized behavior.

    Our Dr.Who should stopped bestiality stories and start to read song like these which has been going beysnd UN on those days, if he want to understand the meaning of the mordern UN. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaniyan_Pungundranar

  • 5

    A true patriot is someone who cares about all his co-patriots. Thus he would support investigations of allegations of crimes (genocide/war crimes etc.) against any and ALL of his compatriots.

    Thus if the desire for justice is authentic, then all perpertrators of violence against civilians should be investigated – SLA, LTTE, PLOTE/EROS/EDPD etc., IPKF, UNP, SLFP, TNA etc. For all these groups have participated directly in funding, training and legitimizing the massacres of innocents on the Island in the 20th century.

    • 20

      sinhalese buddhist

      “A true patriot is someone who cares about all his co-patriots.”

      They are known as Free Masons, a secret society with despotic intents, ultimate aim is to world domination, ….. one-eyed symbol on their flags All Seeing Eye, secrecy means no accountability and transparency, controversies abound, ……………

      You can have your own patriots don’t shoved in our throats.

      • 5

        This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

      • 3

        You uneducated Veda. You are mistaking a parrot for a patriot here.

        A parrot is bird that can repeat something you say without understanding it. Dayan is one. He is able to parrot “nationalism” “patriotism” and other big words that are far too much for a communal cesspit stirrer to understand.

        So don’t confuse parrot with patriotism. Native Vedha go get a PhD. If Dayan can you can too.

        • 18

          Jaguar Tiger Tam`ill` Swimeee-on,

          you are doing the porkistan healing dance PhD for polly
          with your Bulls Arse Ba and More Arse MA??

        • 17


          “So don’t confuse parrot with patriotism. Native Vedha go get a PhD.”

          So you want to turn me into another pseudo patriot void of any intellectual honesty and become a public racist.

          Thanks but no thanks. Leave me alone for I want to remain a free spirited liberal and a pain in the neck of all bigots.

          By the way are you planning to become a PhD holder? You are free to do whatever you want to do however please refrain from churning out recycled age old racism into repackaged and re-branded patriotism.

          Patriotism stinks particularly when it is promoted by a war monger Doctor who was in bed with a separatist EPRLF, oh only few years ago.

          Did you mean Doctor of Philosophy or Dr Josef Mengele?

          • 3

            take no offense Native Vedha.

            I just confered a PHd on you. if a public racist like DJ can have one. All parrots and Pattriots can have one.

            • 8


              “I just confered a PHd on you.”

              Man this is the final insult.

              Haven’t you learned anything from Dayan’s PhD? You should confer one on you and then claim to be the only war mongering patriotic political analyst in this island.

              And don’t say anything about your past association with EPRLF the red socialist separatists.

            • 8

              nomiS sour puss,


  • 6

    On reading some of the comments, I noticed that there is a concerted effort by some Eelam sympathizers to distort or dilute the importance of Patriotic people in society. So, let me break it down in very unsofisticated language for their benefit. First of all, a patriot is a patriot for life. There is nothing that could be said or done in their lifetime which will change their feelings towards their country.Secondly, if these Eelam termites think that there is fresh hope for them to pursue their Eelam project with a change of government, then they are sadly mistaken. I urge them to not embark on any further misadventures because we stand ready to speak to them in the language that they understand very well. I think their ‘Sun God’ will vouch for how well we can speak their language. Please pursue reconciliation and peaceful co-existence within Sri Lanka.
    Thank you.

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