2 December, 2023


Left Intervention: Why Only The Left Can Build A United Sri Lanka

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

[In honor of Fidel Castro -1st death anniversary Nov 25th]

“Nationalism is not our essential idea, although we do love our homeland dearly. We consider ourselves internationalists…”  ~ (Fidel Castro, Economy 98, July 3rd 1998 speech)

“…We’re not very nationalistic. We’re patriots but we’re not very nationalistic…”  ~ (Fidel Castro, Talks with US and French journalists, 1983, pp. 34-5)

“We internationalist revolutionaries always say…humanity comes before our country!” ~ (Fidel Castro Speaks, ed. James Petras p159)

By the Left, I mean primarily the JVP and FSP, and secondarily those left currents in the JO and in the Yahapalana government.

We need a Left alternative because there are certain challenges, some tasks, some projects, crucially important ones, that no one else can be expected to undertake, be they UNP, SLFP, JO, SLPP or TNA.  These are the tasks of social justice and national unification. Sri Lanka must become a country in which there is social justice and fair-play. It must also become a country in which a genuinely Sri Lankan identity is fostered and national reconciliation and integration takes place by purely voluntary means, from below. Only a Left alternative can do this because only the Left has those values.

There is a powerful external factor which can support a Lankan Left project. That is the increasing tendency towards the erosion of Western hegemony and the growth of global multi-polarity, which is due to the greater economic and strategic partnership of Russia and China; the world’s largest and most populous countries. Fidel, in his last writings in the series of newspaper columns entitled ‘The Battle of Ideas’, expressed great optimism about and counted heavily on the economic rise of China, the resistance shown by a rejuvenated Russia and the rapprochement between the two powers, to effect a trajectory shift in History.

No UNP government will stand for social justice, and even if Sajith Premadasa leads it, it may only ensure a measure of social welfare and equity. As for the SLFP, it will either imitate the UNP or the JO. Taken together or separately, the SLFP and the JO-SLPP see only the ‘national’ and not the ‘social’.

For the SLFP-JO-SLPP the ‘national’ is the social and is the sole dimension of the social. It’s all Jathika, or in its longer version, Rata-Jathiya-Aagama (country-nation-religion), and hardly Janatha/Mahajana (people/masses). The ‘national’ is defined in ethnic, ethnocentric or ethno-religious communitarian terms. Thus Southern populism is ethno-populism or ethno-religious populism.

With President Ranasinghe Premadasa long dead—something else we owe the Tigers and all those who supported and still fail to denounce them–only a Left formation will perceive things in terms of social justice, irrespective of, and cutting across, ethnicity and religion.

As for nation-building, it cannot be successfully undertaken by the UNP, because its multiculturalism, which is always a good thing, is undermined by its cosmopolitanism, minoritarianism, wartime history of appeasement of separatism and terrorism, and pro-Western imperialist stance. This whole package and profile generate a Southern backlash which makes it impossible to proceed with building a unified nation and a Sri Lankan identity.

The SLFP-JO-SLPP bloc is the flip side of that coin. It kowtows to a quasi-theocratic notion of the Sri Lankan state and polity. Its notion of multiculturalism is not one of a pluralist democracy and meritocracy, as it should be, but one of mono-cultural, mono-religious imposition on and dominance of the State, with the other ethnicities and cultures at the margins. Being Sinhala Buddhist matters more than being competent or even excelling at your job. Expertise and performance are secondary to who you are, what you are and where you come from. With this hegemonic, parochial, prejudiced mindset, a unified Sri Lankan nation cannot be built. President Premadasa was the last true multiculturalist in the political mainstream.

The Left can do the job, though, because wherever its members come from, they have transcended the parochial and espouse, however imperfectly and fitfully, a discourse and doctrine which are anti-racist, internationalist and universal.   

For the UNP, the upper classes, the elites, are the nation. For the nationalist opposition, the JO-SLPP, and even the SLFP, the State is the nation. They are both wrong, though the ‘statists’ are more right than the ‘elitists’, and the elitists themselves would have a point if they were not talking about the propertied elite, the bourgeoisie, but about an educated elite.

In the final analysis, there is no nation without the people. If you construct unity among and between the people of all ethnicities and religions, you can unite the nation by constructing a multiethnic national identity. National unity can never be built by a political formation which cares more about a small super-rich urban elite, foreign powers and foreign capitalists, and is socially insensitive to the masses. It can only be built by an organic formation, rooted in the people. It can only be built by the Left.

What are the weaknesses of the Lankan Left, historically and contemporaneously, that prevent it from fulfilling its great potential?

The most basic error has been the wrong attitude and policy towards nationalism and the national heritage. A related error has been towards the nationalities question. Of course both errors have a common roots and foundation:

  1. The inability to grasp the dialectical relationship between the national and the international, and more practically, the complex relationship between patriotism, nationalism, chauvinism and internationalism.
  2. The inability to grasp the relationship between modernity and tradition.

The Left has swerved from ignoring the national heritage and traditions to embracing exactly the wrong ones and recoiling from them once again. Gunadasa Amarasekara and Nalin de Silva were quite wrong when they indicted the left for ignoring Anagarika Dharmapala when it should have fused with his contribution. These founders of Jathika Chinthana were half-right in their critical diagnosis of the left’s propensity for rootless cosmopolitanism but wrong in their prescription.

The heritage that the Left should have grasped was not that of, and the continuity that should have been established was not that with, Anagarika Dharmapala, nor with that of the Sinhala kings, but quite precisely with Puran Appu and the Rebellion of 1848. This would have been the equivalent of Fidel’s organic linking up with the memories and tradition of Marti, Maceo and Cespedes, the heroes of the idea and practice of national liberation and armed rebellion. 

The Left ignored that linkage and then, under Wijeweera, overemphasized the Sinhala monarchic-monastic martial heritage, and flipped away from it once again. Puran Appu, the rebel from a subaltern social stratum, and the rebellion of 1848 which was part of the year of worldwide rebellions and the Communist Manifesto, lie forgotten, even in Matale itself.

The other abiding error of the Lankan Left is the failure to adopt an open and consistent stance on the Nationalities Question. It might help if all tendencies of the Left reacquainted themselves with the baseline Leninist perspective.

Marx and Lenin were hostile to federalism, which they associated with the Anarchists. However, as the renowned historian George Thomson, Professor of Greek in the University of Birmingham and author of the well-known textbooks ‘Aeschylus and Athens’ and ‘Studies in Ancient Greek Society’, summed it up in ‘From Marx to Mao Tse Tung: A Study in Revolutionary Dialectics’ (London 1971):

Lenin put forward the principle of regional and local autonomy. True national equality, he argued, calls for “…wide regional autonomy and fully democratic self-government…” (Lenin, Collected Works Vol. 19. p 427). “In order to eliminate national oppression, it is very important to create autonomous areas, however small, with entirely homogeneous populations, towards which members of the respective nationalities scattered all over the country, or even all over the world, could gravitate, and with which they could enter into relations and free associations of every kind.” (Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 20, p50)’ quoted in George Thomson (1971), p 64.

The other error of the Left is the refusal to embrace the anti-fascist, anti-separatist heritage. No political formation can live outside history, with an ambiguity and ambivalence about a long war that defined the country’s contemporary history. Here too the Left has overcompensated by swinging from a basically correct anti-LTTE, anti-separatist stance that deviated to the Right by colluding with Sinhala chauvinist ideology (the late 1980s DJV, and the subsequent Jathika Chinthana influence), to an embarrassed silence about the LTTE and the war, limiting itself to the apparent causative factors, the conduct of successive bourgeois governments and/or the failure to solve the National Question.

The same goes for the struggle against imperialism and for national independence and sovereignty. Having indulged in a prolonged Sinhala nationalist deviation, the Left has swung to a ridiculous position of ignoring national independence, sovereignty and liberation.

Indeed today’s Left has either thrown the baby out with the bathwater, forgetting the national dimension while avoiding the nationalist, or retained the bathwater i.e. the nationalist, while throwing out the baby, i.e. the national, which in a pluralist society can only be multiethnic and multicultural not merely Sinhala Only..

The Left must never forget that throughout the world, it won the most respect and adherents, and grew fastest, because of its vanguard role against fascism, imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism, separatism and terrorism; and for democracy, national unification and national independence and sovereignty.

In Sri Lanka, the Left has forgotten that patriotism and internationalism are perfectly compatible and must necessarily be present in combination. It must remember that nationalism, even Sinhala Buddhist nationalism, has a progressive aspect and a reactionary one—and the progressive aspect must be utilized. It must also remember that in our country, patriotism cannot be Sinhala only! 

The Left must return to its critique of the LTTE and Tamil secessionism, while combining it with a stand for equal rights, non–discrimination and autonomy/ limited self-government for the Tamil majority areas. It must also recall Lenin’s dictum that the army is the peasantry in uniform. There can be no worker-peasant alliance without the army.     

The final error which impedes the Lankan Left is that the vibrant Tamil Left dating from the 1940s through the 1980s (EPRLF, EROS, PLOT, NLFT, PLFT, EPDP) has virtually evaporated at least in their left identity. Instead of deepening and developing its over two-decades long critique of the LTTE, its fascist ideology, Tamil chauvinism and the Tamil bourgeois nationalist political tradition, what was left of the Tamil Left either fell silent or joined the para-LTTE, proto-secessionist, Diaspora-driven Tamil nationalist mainstream. Douglas remained an exception, but without an explicitly left identity.

Whatever one may say about the South, it is a fact that in this centenary year of the Russian Revolution, the liberal bourgeois February revolution was commemorated by Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and supportive civil society, while Lenin’s October Socialist Revolution was commemorated by the Communist party with President Sirisena as the key speaker; the JO with Chamal Rajapaksa, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and me as the main speakers; and the JVP with Anura Kumara Dissanayake as the main speaker.

By contrast, there was no report in any English language media, mainstream or social, of any commemoration of the centenary of the Russian revolution, in the majority Tamil speaking North or East– not even in the universities!

The first death anniversary of Fidel Castro was commemorated at Savsiripaya, Battaramulla, on November 22nd, and brought together left parties who are bitter rivals in national politics, ranging from the FSP through the JVP to the JO. One rather doubts anything of the sort happening in honor of Fidel in the North or East, though doubtless Prabhakaran and his fascist storm troopers will be commemorated on November 27th.

The difference in the political cultures of Northern and Southern Sri Lanka mirrors those of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. That being the case, it is difficult for the Sri Lankan Left to be truly Sri Lankan in its composition because the South lacks a Northern Left counterpart. Thus the Left can be Sri Lankan only in its political perspective and program.

Though bitterly divided politically and ideologically, the Lankan Left currents should explore the possibilities of converging, at least for united actions if not yet as a united front, around common values and the struggle against common foes. These are:

  1. Neoliberal globalization, rampant foreignization and privatization
  2. The scrapping or dilution of labour laws and land reform laws
  3. Imperialist hegemony, intervention, intrusion into and interference in national sovereignty and
  4. All forms of Racism, racial and social discrimination, chauvinism, xenophobia and extremism from any and all quarters (majoritarian and minoritarian; Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim; lay and religious). 

The positive values should be:

(A) The defence of democracy and national independence and sovereignty

(B) The defence of rights—worker, peasant, student—and social entitlements.

(C) The forging of solidarity between all communities and provinces of the island.

(D) National and social liberation.

(E) Internationalist solidarity

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Latest comments

  • 6

    So called BUDDHISTs – what have they done to CEYLON?

    • 3

      Murdered the country with the racism sword

    • 5

      “pluralist democracy and meritocracy, as it should be”

      Ha ha ha ha ……… is that why in this great meritorious democracy good ol’ Fidel couldn’t find a single other Cuban to pass over control to, other than his brother? ………….. To hell with democracy and to hell with meritocracy, to me it looks like a plain and simple hereditary-ocracy!

      Dayan buddy,

      Have you ever stepped into Cuba? Or is it all ……… just admiration from afar? ………… like my fanatical infatuation with good ol’ Mae West – strong women?

      I can arrange for you to go and spend the rest of your life there with the family. If Cuba is so much better why waste time in Lanka?
      As crazy as it may seem ……… I have my contacts in Cuba!

      All you buggers just talk, talk, talk ……… and talk ………. but I know the only Lankan who practiced what he believed and actually went and lived in Cuba! Came back with a Cuban wife. ………… a family of generational doctors and lawyers from Browns Hill – unlike the later interlopers and carpetbaggers; the low-life Rajapakse thieves, plunders and murders.) ……….. His father was a die-hard leftist, a genuine one, …..he could have sent the son to any country he wanted but practice what he believed (unlike you lap-of-luxury humbugs, didn’t preach at all.) To hell with just mouthing Castro ……….. that’s what’s called commitment! …………..

      Well, was that a smart thang to do? Who knows? …….. He had his fleeting tryst with his beliefs ………….. now he is back and living in the lap of luxury with a beautiful wife. That’s Left-ism …….. in a nutshell

      Now, this, what I’m talking, is real-world ……………… not hocus pocus pie in the sky, for me to avoid and preach others to practice, ideology.

  • 8

    Dr. DJ: I have refrained myself commenting on your articles on various reasons among those, the main reason being your proven “Unreliability” of performing as a “Professional”. I remember your appearance on the stage at Nugegoda (The famaous Nugegoda Man” organized by Dinesh, Wimal, Vasu) and delivering a “written message” from ex President Mr. MR. However, on reading the title of this article; “Left Intervention: Why only The Left Can Bring United Sri Lanka”, I thought of inviting your attention to the article by another “Dr. Uditha Devapriya” titled “The New Left: A New Hope”?. Please read my comment (the very 1st comment) in which I stated “……..Common Sense Revolution of the People………….endowed with Intelligence over Academic Achievement of Glory…” In those last few word starting with “Intelligence Over Academic Achievements of Glory” I really meant to refer to “Professionals” of your calibre,. We have suffered and continue to suffer ENOUGH under those types of “Professionals” and it is time to REMOVE them too from this Common Sense Revolution and have a NEW BREED. You do not belong to and please do not attempt to encroach on that territory of that NEW BREED.

  • 5

    Dayan: “We need a left alternative because there are certain challenges, some tasks, some projects, crucially important ones, that no one else can be expected to undertake…”
    but he fail to mention even one of them. he fails to identify who this left is.
    but goes on about making a sambar article ….

    • 0

      It is easy tell all the politicians should wear the pants and shirts without pockets

  • 1

    According to your analysis, poor are treated god only after the Karl Marx, Lenin etc., etc., CUBA has a very health care program, probably because there doctors are not chasing money. On the other hand, US health care is excellent for rich. I said, that Sri lankan health care is pathetic. doctors strike while patients are dieing. HEalth minister and Ministers go overseas for health care sometimes even for suspected bacterial infection. did India or China ever have good monarchies who thought what did I do wrong because my subjects are not happy or not doing well ?. Please read about Chinese and Indian emperors and empires and kings, they all were not ruthless dictators as we had recently. because, you struggled with a Ph D to learn western political culture. Unfortunately,we could learn well about Fidel Castro because USA was very scared to him. You are proposing some losers for sri lanka and ideology that is proven not to work for anybody except for the leaders. why some JVPErs are living overseas. Why some JVPers are now good Capitalists (Yuangoda, Sunanda Deshapriya,)

  • 2

    Who is left in the left? Geriatric Vasu whose son lives and thrives in Capitalist Amerika? Or can’t win on my own Dinesh? or the always out of place Vickramabahu? who is your left? The JVP twice terrorist unrepentant Maoist living in la-la land? NAME 2 successful nations where the people and economy are thriving and booming that is under your Socialist ideology. NAME TWO.

    • 4

      Vaginal Prophet

      1. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea, the juche – oriented socialist state

      2. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    We all know what the so called left did for equality and communal harmony in all the so called Srimavo government in the 1960s and 1970s. Racist standardisation was introduced to stop Tamil from receiving a higher education. A member of the left party drafted a racist constitution that only gave the prime place to Sinhalese and Buddhism . They are as racist as the rest. Left or right. Just like many so called Sinhalese Catholic clergy were forcing and encouraging the poor Catholic Tamils living along the western coast(Negombo Chilaw and Puttalam) to study and assimilate as Sinhalese in the late 1950s and 1960s. Now only the Hindu Tamils living around Udappu and a few isolated Tamil Catholic villages in the Puttalam area have retained their Tamil identity. The rest have all become Sinhalese.

  • 3

    Dr D J

    I have lived too long not to be enamoured by this latest temptation. The first hand experiences of the seventies more than killed any appetite for leftist machinations. 1970 was a glorious opportunity to show us what might have been, instead we saw revenge, division of communities, and triumph of mediocrity over merit. Deserving young people deprived opportunity, working people getting up in the middle of the night to queue for bread, and on and on.

    Why is leftist politics so depressing? The evidence is all around us.

    Having had the opportunity to see Cuba up close over many years, I am thankful we never quite got as bad. The simple overriding ‘let us all be beggars together’. Individual spirit broken. Central control of opportunity. Capable people destined to under achieve. Professionals surviving in reduced circumstances. Our party or no party!

    Gritty people surviving on forced pride, as most of the rest of world moves on.

    What a fate!

    • 2

      Old Spring Koha,fortified as ever with some excellent Lamprais from the Dutch Burgher Union at Thunmulla Junction!Each time I see him there I break into a quiet smile.

      • 1

        Burgher Witness

        And you happy that your lunch is ready and about to be hand delivered by whoever it is.

        If you are on the street corner every day with your begging bowl you need not to report it here.

      • 0

        Hello Burgher witness,
        How are your pals Elango /Menna Aththa/ radical ideas/ etc?
        Are the Jews in your head giving you a hard time?

  • 7

    On what basis are people like MR,Basil,Gota, Namal, Lalith Weeratunga, Gamini Senarath,Mahindananda, Sarana Gunawardena, Ratharan, Wimal Weerawansa etc etc and even Dayan J of the left?

    Is the instability of your career and the philistinism of your life the qualification to call yourself a leftist?

    Cut this hypocrisy.

  • 1

    What is that Dr DJ advocated of Fidel ‘s Castro Socialism having certain positive factors, but any one who wants to benefit from that Socialism by the lessons of past history that not hide from responsibility they impalement, or shut his to them.
    The so-called JVP and PSP both are by products of Anarchism an idea of Wjiweera and that political terrorism has done colossal damages to the left movement of the People of Sri Lankan are tremendous.
    No body has been not that properly analysis by any political party or person until about of JVP’s ?

    The DJ is journalist and political scientaincs that his political writing all in all are that self-deception of ‘Lefts wing of Castroism. JVP and PSA has change to new political tactics in inevitable last election 2015 January 8th support for UNP and MS -of SLFP -CBK. No matter how much they are mocked by so-called revolutionary with Socialism with no ides of revolution means.
    In deed JVP and PSP do not realized that in saying this they are deserting socialism and going over UNP to side of Imperialist bourgeois of UNP?
    JVP was most reactionary and counter -revolution out fit in since 1965?

  • 2

    The Sinhala intellectuals, from Jayampathy, Nagananda, through Lasksiri Fernando, Thero De Silva to Malinda, Jehan PhD are still somersaulting without rest from the time they got infected by the Yasmin Sooka Syndrome. Of cause it has lasted much longer than for anybody’s expectation. One may try to cite AP’s torture Chamber story as the element prolonging the flaring. But it is the nature of the Sinhala intellectuals, who when they put their hand on their enemy, they see the end of it, if it is only done by undercutting but not a brave fight. The History of Tamils who were in the thrones at the time when Europeans arrived and the Sinhala Adhigaries worked for them at the time tells the rest of that tale.

    The well demonstrating example is Thero and his Smart Patriotism. The Birth of the lefts in Lankawe was at up country, against the White masters on Indian Tamils. That was a true labor oriented foothold to establish Left policies. But Thero wants to hide the origin. He purposely is ignoring to assure the correct start, but finding fault on the Left for not following the Puran Appu.

    For the SLFP-JO-SLPP the ‘national’ is the social and is the sole dimension of the social. It’s all Jathika, or in its longer version, Rata-Jathiya-Aagama (country-nation-religion), and hardly Janatha/Mahajana (people/masses). The ‘national’ is defined in ethnic, ethnocentric or ethno-religious communitarian terms. Thus Southern populism is ethno-populism or ethno-religious populism.

    Here he is pretending as he is conceding of the fault happened. But why he conceded is becoming obvious when writes,:The heritage that the Left should have grasped was not that of, and the continuity that should have been established was not that with, Anagarika Dharmapala, nor with that of the Sinhala kings, but quite precisely with Puran Appu and the Rebellion of 1848.

  • 1

    It is true Thero does not like Left associating them with Upcountry Tamils, who are treated as Indian collies by Thero Class Sinhala Intellectuals and latter deported to India partnering with the Bourgeois elites like DS. Then until recently, like other country Lefts, Lankawe Lefts were not interested in religion, unlike bogus Shanmugathasan and his Muruga Bakdhi to create unrest in North to get his dole from Sirimavo. Bala Thambu, Karali, Valakambahu or even VP never showed interest in religions. But Karali is a well-respected Tamil intellectual. Thero is not mentioning any of their right attitudes, but even completely forgetting his college Shanmugathasan’s religious fights. But he only prescribing to Vasu and DEW that they can stay out of Anagarika. The interesting part is he is recommending following only Puran Appu, not the kings. For Thero, the Kings are only Vickrama Rajasinghan, Alahagone’s decedents, Ariya Charkavarthi’s of North, who remained in power in the time of Western written history, not in the lies of the Mahavamsa or Jaffnahistory.com only. His sneaky mind is telling that when European came & wrote history, it was only Tamil kings were in power, so when Mahavamsa claiming the Tamils names as Sinhala Kings, its only fraud. So he is falling back gasping it was only Tamils remained in power throughout the most of the Lankawe history. This is the distaste he having in recommending Vasu to be like a King, but wants to be a road warier-like Duminda Premachandra class road warriors or Puran Appu, …. It is natural for Thero to tell Lefts not to follow them. There were Tamil, other than Don Juan a decent of Alahakoon, who married a Portuguese white woman and be fooled to steal his kingdom, they fought and died for their Kingdoms.

  • 1

    Against Sankiliyan Christians has accusation (Though that time even England prosecuted Catholics worse than Sankiliyan was in Jaffna), and Buddhist have accusation on Rajasingan as he had prosecuted them. Even after any tough vetting on Tamil Kings, Kayilai Vanniyan stayed away from any fraudulent accusations, but Sinhalese worked with Whites and killed him. Thero is not ready to tell to the Lefts that Vanniyan would be a real representation of Fidel. But Thero is calling Puran Appu. Because Puran Appu is the one invented that Kandy Kingdom was Sinhalese Kingdom and because Whites have been bringing Upcountry Tamils to develop the mountains,( seeing worthless ness of Sinhala Labor,) he wanted the Sinhala hegemony reinstalled there. Thero wants the lefts to understand Puran Appu, because Thero is one of the few who understand, Puran Appu’s fighting with Whites were not about taking back the Kandyan Kingdom, which they lost to Tamils and then to whites, but fighting with new arrivals, the Tamils and sending them back to India. This has not been possible to them until they were able to partner with Bourgeois the DS group. That is where Thero becomes correct that Lefts should not haven the supporters of Indian Tamil coolies, but the expellers of them. That is the reason Thero sees the Castro in Puran Appu. Puran Appu was named as Traitor by Whites. But in practical, Left did not follow Anagarika or Puran Appu but they followed evevry foot step Ehelepola and Phimathalawa, the genuine traitors, when they turned their hats and started to work with Sirimavo to destroy Tamils completely, not just the up country Tamils.

  • 1

    the left had its chance and blew it by joining sirimavo
    socialism the world over is dead as a dodo and will never rise again even in srilanka
    judging by the votes they get so banish the thought

  • 1

    Readers may wonder how “Why only the left can bring a united SL” and “Bring back Gota” are compatible.
    Dayan wrote this article to say at some stage “I said so”.
    Dayan quoted Fidel because he does not understand them.

  • 1

    Its not left or right that matters, but the caliber of the politicians who we elect that matter.
    We do not have a system where the most suitable person could be selected by us, but a system where the ruling elite put forward their choice of the best bootlickers for us to elect. This could be changed to the Canton system which is prevalent in Switzerland but so sorry to say that the local acolytes of the International Evil Axis will not hear of it.

  • 2

    We don’t need Left or right or left and right, we need humanity, honesty and rule of law. If you talk about Buddhism who are you? If you talk about Sinhala who are you? What should be the official language? Is it Sinhala? Is it Tamil? Is it Arab? Is it English?

  • 0

    Prediction for Local Government polls. UNP first, JO second, Sirisena group last. Kudu Duminda has low IQ and is a waste of oxygen to be Gen.Secy of SLFP just because he is from NCP and kissed up to Sirisena. He is there because his father Berty lal fell out with MR and was removed and punished for being a CBK loyalist. MR learnt a lesson when he lost in 2015 because of that too. But now Duminda is as corrupt as others. Ask Sabitha how she gets millions in rent.

  • 0

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