16 July, 2024


Left Parties Not To Vote For Impeachment

By Colombo Telegraph

The Executive Committee of the Samajawadi Janatha Peramuna (Socialist Alliance) which met at the Communist Party office on 01 January has decided that the Members of Parliament belonging to the Alliance should not take part in the vote on the impeachment of the Chief Justice.

Tissa, DEW and Vasu

Socialist Alliance sources told Colombo Telegraph that the Communist Party had taken a firm decision not to participate in the impeachment process and this was endorsed by the other parties at the Executive Committee. The constituent parties of the Socialist Alliance are the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, Communist Party of Sri Lanka, Democratic Left Front, Sri Lanka Mahajana Party and Deshavimukthi Janatha Peramuna.

A Communist Party activist told the Colombo Telegraph that the decision of the Supreme Court is a vindication of the position taken by the late Sarath Muttetuwegama, Communist Party MP for Kalawana. Muttettuwegama, along with Anura Bandaranaike and Dinesh Gunawardena, were members of the Select Committee appointed under Standing Order 78A to investigate into allegations made against Chief Justice Neville Samarakoon. The three Opposition MPs stated that the constitutionality of Standing Order 78A was in doubt and proposed that the President refer to question for determination by the Supreme Court. However, the majority of the Select Committee over-ruled them.

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    Will the rajapakse boot licker Tissa Witharana abide by this decision

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      Don’t be flabbergasted and accuse men of morality as boot licker. Energise yourself with a redbull and prepare for the next sting operation.

      I’ve heard you guys and all that ali, koti, rathu and NGOs and their paymasters have already started looking for a replacement to fulfil their egos for they know that the CJ will be fired in a few weeks time and she will vanishes in to thin air thereafter.

      May I suggest to you all that Mr.Pakia as the best option for the leadership for he can do ballroom dancing. I thought, he can teach it to desperadoes like you lot and keep them preoccupied till the cows come home.

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        All the four, not boot lickers they are ass lickers of MR other wise they will not survive in the cabinet/government, every body knows how these ass lickers acted at the 18th amendment.

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        Why would you use the word morality in the same sentence with Tissa Vitharana, Vasu, DEW or anyone who voted for the 18th Ammendment? Tissa Vitharana IS a bootlicker. Even HE knows it,why don’t you inform yourself too?

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      Simple reply to simple question: “NO!” Why? Because like all the rest of the “dead left” he is yet another corrupt bootlicker who’ll sing any song (that MaRa dictates) for his supper.

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    Why do the Socialist Alliance presuppose that there will be a debate on the PSC probe report? Following the SC ruling the report has become a dead letter! Do these parties know that the government is determined to go ahead with the impeachment to reduce the Constitution to a dead letter and plunge the country into a state of anarchy? If they know it is their duty to warn the people with whom the sovereignty lies about this frightening eventuality! Who believes that DEW, Tissa and Vasu will not vote for the impeachment if the government is so irresponsible as to go ahead with it defying the SC ruling! They once voted for the 18th Amendment. Once bitten, people are twice shy!

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    Comrade Tissa, DEW and Vasu,
    Fast is fast. We can’t take it back. This decision is very good and very progressive. Please pressur this government to change their direction

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    These three guys are clowns. They make comments with regards to the impeachment process and even support the President to throw out the CJ. But they do not want to vote. What does this say, they are cowards and opportunists. Who need them. What have they done for Sri Lanka. They should not be given any space in any of the media. They are spent force.

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      Park you are right.Wait for the vote! They will vote for the impeachment.They will be well paid

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      These opportunists have no mandate from people.If they oppose the impeachment they should vote against it.
      By the way, why not make CJ the head of the country and let the blood sucking lawyers rule the country!

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    I don’t believe that they will stick to this decision. If they could vote for the 18th amendment and later said that they made a mistake, what if they do the same thing and later apologise to the people. You save your Ministerial ranking and say sorry to the people later. That’s the practice the leftists have adopted lately.

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    Prof. Tissa Vitharana,Dew Gunasekera and Vasudeva Nanayakkara:

    Whom you all try to fool……Do you think that we, the educated, intelligent and who analyse on critical thinking and research before write….could be hoodwinked like those villege uneducated gon harak who only know about ploughing their land and have dozen children every 10 years, wearing amude and eating Mun kevum..

    You are badly mistaken like your Big Boss…..who try to play his Hamba puppet show, comedy central tricks,and double bribed tricks on us….Come on sir. Don’t think we are knode bendapu Cheena….ok.

    Please read this…what Google say about your friend Vasi Deva…

    Vasudeva calls for tax hikes
    Published : 12:01 am October 10, 2012 | 184 views | No comments so far | | E-mail to friend
    The Rajapaksa administration is presently struggling with no revenue says Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara, suggesting that the quickest way to find money is to impose more taxes.
    Nanayakkara emphasises that “those who can pay should be asked to pay more taxes”. The Minister also stresses on the importance of taxing black money in order to find immediate funds to ease the present financial crisis of the Government.
    Despite being known as a strong trade union activist, Nanayakkara asserts he is now compelled to play a more balanced role due to his responsibilities as a Cabinet Minister.
    Following are the excerpts from an interview:

    Q: People in this country are suffering enough; why are you suggesting more taxes?
    A: The taxes I suggested are on the big businessmen who are making bigger money.
    Q: But ultimately all such taxes will be transferred to the people?
    A: Ultimately anything will be transferred to the people. Ultimately the burden on the rich will be the burden on the poor. In any society there are two layers that exist; one under the other. Therefore, the operation of a tax will be of no lesser consequence, but will immediately give revenue to the Government. In immediate terms it would be pocketed out by the rich people. But in the long term all burdens will ultimately be on the people until and unless you start appropriating capital.
    Q: Do you think it is possible to implement your recommendations in order to find quick money to ease the Government’s revenue crisis?
    A: If I am the Government, I will implement each and every suggestion I made.
    Q: You are part of the Government.
    A: Yes I am part of the Government; therefore I urge they be implemented.


    Also please go to ASK.COM and type VASU DEVA NANAYAKKARA

    Vasudeva Nanayakkara undressed himself: prevents UNDP funds for Judges Annual Conference 2012

    This is the Sri Lanka’s most leftist Language minister Vasi Drva (Sri Lanka’s Fidel Castro) said when interviewed….while his four children studied in the most expensive Universities in USA.

    Also if you could answer these questions will be great…..

    1) Who gave Prabhakaran Rs: 600 million to stop 2005 NE voting…

    2)Who bribed over 100 opposition MP’s to cross Govt. side.

    3)Who promissed UN that they will not kill any tamil civilians when cross into Govt., side but killed over 100,000 helpless tamil civilians in nanhikandal………..

    4)Who chased UN from conflict areas…….and then killed innocent tamil civilians….and now trying to hide from UN……….

    5)Who promissed world community that they will implement 13+ after war but fooled them………upto now.

    6)Keep postphoning LLRC without giving any concession to tamil war refugees………and now harassing them daily.

    7)who murdered Lasantha Wickrematunge, Pradeep Ekneligoda and all other reporters , journalists and HR activists and white van abductions.

    8)Who helped Duminda to kill Baratha Lakshaman for Kolonnawa drug business………..and helped him to run away to Singapore.

    9)Who is behind the drug Business Mafia…………in Sri Lanka

    10) Who put his arms round the shoulders on ex.CJ Sarath N.Silva (when SS was not in good terms with MR) in the funeral home and published in the

    11) Who went first to hospital to see Dr.Jayalath Jayawerdena UNP MP ….and published in the papers….

    12) Who put arms around UNP Kandana MP(John Amaratunge) at speakers house and published in the papers.

    13)Who sent Gen.SF to prison after using him to win the war……

    14) Who forced Namal Rajapakse to sit for Law exam in and Air condition room with a lap top computer on side……and forced the paper corrector to give him 98 marks….highest ever in Sri Lanka history……

    15)Who duped all the Buddhist Preletes giving them super luxury cars, land, pansalas, huge Danas, air tickets to get them to his side……..and cars and laptops to reporters, journalists and actors and artists………

    Mr. Vitharana….and CT please answer to the above questions…….I have million more that I could write …..but do not have time..

    So don’t fool CJ or Mr. Kariyawasam or us and the public readers and the CT readers to believe you or your Big Boss. MARA…..the Pi…su Hu……..ha…………ok.

    Also please show this to President and tell him to answer these questions.

    We people want the truth…..not the Jokes by Jokers.

    Hope you will answer to the above questions.

    We will teach the unforgetable lesson in life to the ones who sc…ew us and the country.

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    If Cheif Justice is innocent and not corrupted
    So please keep her on the same position.


    What about her husband Pradeep Kariyawasam?

    Can Cheif Justice stay her post if her husban has case?

    Give me the answer?

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      Of couse we have no problem with CJ or her Husband. Infact she is the only person who does not allow Alibaba to rob us. The only problem we have is the Big Alibaba with his Gang of family and Parliament thieves robbing the country upto the bone……..and now trying to take over our last remaining breath of SC, CJ and the Judiciary.

      Yes pretty soon go to CHINA MUSEUM to see our lost ancient Swords, Rings, money and Nai Bastamas…lost from our museum.

      Wait until Alibaba steal your b…….s…..

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        Yes go and vote for Ranil the Don Juvan and you will be certain to see a paradise without any corruption. All our stolen treasure will be returned from Portugal, UK and Holland.This man wanted to celebrate Portuguese invasion of Sri Lanka!What did Yanki Dickie achieve for Sri Lanka after licking western/American boots?

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          Are you writing while awake or in your dreams…….Who taught you to write in English….other than Yanki Dickie…..

          Don’t you know without Yanki Dickie Sri Lanka would have still ruled by Indian Kings and you could have been his Wandi Battaya…..

          let’s be honest when you write….. Can you tell who build all these in Sri Lanka….. The tar roads, hospitals, schools, parliament, electricity,Gas, pipe water, cars, busses, trains, police, army, navy, Air force, harbours, airports, your wisky, gin,brandy,Elephant house, lever brothers, gas company, ceylon oxygen, walkers and sons, vitols, TEA, Rubber, Coconut plantations,and your suit, shirt and tie, all sports etc..etc….and……..without them you would still be wearing Amude, holding a polkatu lamp, going in Gon Karatte, eating bulath hape……..Do you agree….And all of these were given to us FREE without a cent been charged from us…..and without borrowing a singlr penny from outside….when they gave us Independence.

          Now see what our Maharajanos the famous Thun Hela Maha Sinhalayas did to our country after independence………Those Cro….s
          nothing but ruined the country……exporting our women to Middle East who are getting slammed and murdered by those Arabs on daily basis…..and now our Foreign Exchange earner. 70% of the population is Malnourished, with stagnant economy, education, health, employment problems………and now the Govt. even cannot build a two mile road without Borrowing from outside.

          Is this what you call by saying Licking…..Licking what…..the western Aid, loans, importing from pin to push bicycle, exports etc…etc…

          Yes…Yankie Dickie told if the bottles are not getting broken…..he will build the roof of Elephant House in GOLD……..but what our Maha Sinhalaya did to Elephant house….the TEA rubber and coconut estates……please go and see.

          Maha Kalu Sinhalaya has a very big Swolen Head…..but Nothing Inside……….. Beware.

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            No one taught me to write English. I learned myself.(Still learning!)In fact Mrs B’s government destroyed English education of my generation.
            It appears that you think Sri Lanka were doing great under British. The condition of Ceylon under British is well described in the book ‘Famines Fevers and Fear’ by Dr Ananda Meegama.How 80% of the population suffered under British rule.
            One good thing British gave us was their administration.Nothing was not given to us FREE!.In fact they sucked everything from us.In order to have their control over the colonies they build roads etc.They never intended to leave the colonies.

            They destroyed the best irrigation system in the world.For instance,in 1900, of the one thousand two hundred village tanks in the Nuwarakalaviya district (now Anuradhapura), only one tank was functioning.please do not give us lessons on how great were British.Of course since independence our rulers destroyed our country but we now at least have some dignity.
            I very well remember the so called freedom we had under Yankie Dickie and tyrant Premadasa.

            I am shocked to see your ignorance in stating ‘And all of these were given to us FREE without a cent been charged from us…..and without borrowing a single penny from outside….when they gave us Independence.’
            Please do not insult our ancestors who fought for our independence.
            J.B Muller in his dissertation states ‘a General Order issued in 1818 during the British Colonial Rule in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) to put down the rebellion in Uva-Vellassa as follows: ‘Kill every man, woman and child including the babes suckling at their mother’s breast. Destroy all dwelling houses. Burn all crops. Cut down all fruit trees. Slaughter all cattle; take what meat is necessary to feed the troops and burn the rest. Destroy all reservoirs, canals and channels. Poison the wells. Lay waste utterly the countryside denying any relief whatsoever to the rebels.’
            This is what they took from us just to mention one incident!!!

            Please think again before commenting!!

            • 0


              I just read some parts of the your book…”Fam..fev..fear” I think you read a wrong book.
              This book describe the type of fever and communal diseases during the British colonial era. This book is good for general practitioners or a family medicine physicians to understand what type of diseases we had during 1850’s upto 1950….and nothing else.
              Mind you if not for British how could sri Lanka have treated,,,,typhoid, malaria, leprocy,polio etc…where many peoply would have died unnoticed. Just imagine if the British were still ruling SL today and the number of Malaria patients dying in SL now what an upsurg and protest could have made by our public….simply because they rule…..But now since we rule, nobody blame anybody. Only the dead peoples families suffer…..Even in India there are not many people die of Malaria as Sri Lanka…..do you agree….Moreover most of the Foreign doctors and Nurses and sisters were sent away by SWRD Bandaranaike due to political reasons…..You know that SWRD studied in England….but scrapped English education once he came to power.

              That’s why I say what our Gon Ha..k did after independence.

              Please look into following:
              1) Yes British could have served 20%….but they treated and educated and served them well….and without that 20% ruling our country…..it has gone to dogs now.

              Also British controlled, served and administered other over 125 countries during this time….in 1850’s.

              2)Look at our history and see what type of murderous and inhuman sentenses and death penalties our kings gave whoever opposes him. Talk to Kelani Mervin Silva…he knows best.

              3) What happened to all the British TEA,RUBBER and coconut Plantations, those factories and Bunglows? Go and see yourself…

              Do You know how British brought Tram cars, Trolly busses(I don’t know if you remember…but I have travelled in them….and Double decker busses, cars, motor bikes, push bikes) all brought all the way from UK….from far as 1850’s onwards…..from their STEAM BOATS….all the way from England…..and also they were not only transporting to Sri Lanka …..but also served over 125 countries under their rule…including Australia, India, Africa, US, Canada etc…

              But do you know the only ship we had (A used ship donated by Japan) got held up in South Africa last year due to not paying the Crew and not maintaining the ship properly.

              I think I don’t have to write any more….to waste my time than to say good luck eating ROTTEN POTATOE PATTIES, ALABOLA AND CUTLETS………

              Good luck.

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              I forgot to answer your last question,

              Yes you wrote in 1818 British Uva Vellassa battle……but can it ever compared to the over 100,000 innocent, unarmed, suffered without food, medicine and water and shelter…. tamil refugees killed in Cold Blooded by Sri Lankan Sinhala Armed forces…..and kept over 300,000 tamil refugees in tinshacks surrounded by barbed wire with Sri Lankan armed forces geared upto the teeth guarding 24/ 365 days with no access to outsiders in the year 2009 2010 2011……..I don’t know if you saw them…..but I saw…..so you can’t say I am writing bullshit. Also the genocide is still continuing in the North……Please compare both incidents.

          • 0

            I agree that our rulers since independence destroyed this country.This was due to selfish, opportunistic political games played by Greens and Blues. However no one can deny the root causes of most of our problems were created by the British as they did in almost every colony they ruled.Do you think that we would not have western medicine and other things like cars, trains and ships etc if British did not concur us? Look at China. British went there and gave them opium to destroy them (opium war).They never ruled China except Hong Kong.But China is a superpower now.
            Sri Lanka had a Great civilization (Anuradhapura/ Polonnaruwa era) but unfortunately it never flourished due to various reasons.(a topic for a different discussion)
            Remember Britain is now a different country. Do not compare the current British politics to the time when they ruled the colonies.Their policies have changed as they had to show a better face to the world.Still they are the biggest hippocrats in the world!

            Bottom line is we became a failed stated due to post independence politics.

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    You all have done ENOUGH DAMAGE on the issue. Ultimately you all are trying for a show off. People are educated enough. You all boost the referendum from the beginning to save your place in the cabinet and got the good name from the Govt. How long are you going to fool the nation when are you running on tyre-less cracked rim? Mainly Vasi Deva.

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    You idiots do not know what is dictatorship is??

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    Left parties will for sure vote for the impeachment of the CJ. There is no way they will not. If they do they will have to quit the government. I do not think any of these left parties can survive on their own so they need the SLFP to survive and therefore if anyone thinks they will not vote it is only imaginary…..just wait and see….

    CJ should go. She is corrupt as much as MR and his goons. If she had any dignity she should have either resigned when her husband was appointed to political discretionary positions OR asked her husband to not to take the position when MR appointed him. It’s a whole another story whether MR should have appointed her husband but she as the Chief Justice should have taken that stand at that time and not after her husband was sacked for financial misappropriation. Of course he is not guilty until proven but he has a pretty good track record of being a racketeer

    I do not agree with the procedure adopted to impeach the CJ but she has to go either now or later under a different proper procedure.

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    entrust people,they joined the Goverment to get financial gain ,since 1956 and every time when important matter come they walk way due to do not have bad born to take responsibilities for any national interesting matter.same situation is coming when it comes to PSC for finding solution to north eat people,these old communist people are the real liability to the country and major Constance for future.This is the time ,you need to consider in future these kind of people to be ministers.if we can have cabinet without these donkeys much better.

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    Major Trostkist political parties of LSSP,SLCP, Vasu Deva,Wickramabahu and Sritunge, David Kumar all are rotten eggs of original left POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL PARTIES. THEY have lost the roots of working masses represtanation.Now their voice are personal- news and views. Public ever-never trust old-left.Old Left politicians are renegades and long-before they have been betray SRI LANKAN masses.

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    Is this protest by the spent force strong enough to arouse herd instinct in others who had signed the impeachment motion without reading it?

    Give them all a copy of the SC judgement (1987/) that no party constitution can override the freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution of the country.

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    Most people who they don’t know what is the left position. They say so many hints without knowings facts. Socialist Alliance has not suggested this impeachment. It is creation about misconduct of CJ. However there has some laps in the constitution that rashly prepared by JR. JR has abolished the constitutional court which function on the 1972 constitution and he gave to power judiciary to give explanation about the constitution. Now our supreme court mislead the constitution and it was given mis interpenetration about the parliament.

    This is the crisis about JR constitution. It has to change. We are so sorry no one speak about that only blaming to Left leaders. it is wrong.

    We know that after ending of the war there has a problem about who would lead the country. Army Genral thought he could lead, then University lecturers came front to change the political leadership then lawyers and Judges came front to change the ruling leader. You better see still workers and peasantry not come to the road. They are the people who appoint the government and this President. Then people have to chance if the current president is not capable to do his duty then people have to chance to select a new leader. It has to come font on election processes.

    Blaming to left leaders it will show the foolishness of that persons. They don’t no what will happen in the country. We have to go through election processes to know who will have the mandate to rule the country. If president block the elections and other democratic function that it would be some street struggle to protect the democracy. Most knowing that left would get leader ship in that time as past.



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    To the so called left-leaders,

    You are propping up a government which goes against basic left policies. And you have so far bent over backwards to accommodate their unjust whims and fancies with idiotic reasoning. Many of us voted for you, trusted you over the years, and looked up to you as men of principles.

    Not anymore. You have shamelessly gone against every principle we thought you stood for, and have betrayed your leaders who sacrificed for the country, and the voters who kept faith with you.

    If you will not stand up for the right even this time and vote against this impeachment motion, then do us all a favour and resign – and let your Lord and Master appoint his stooges in your place.

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