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‘Who Is To Know CJ Is Corrupt Till We Make The Appointment’ – Vitarana Goes Against The Left

By Colombo Telegraph

“I feel this lady is not fit to hold the office she is holding. Look at the charges against her. Is it alright to get that ‘Millennium transaction’ 1.6 million reduction in price? Then transfer a case that has been going for three years under a very able judge successfully which they only wanted number of people on the bench to be increased from three to five so that it will be strengthened? She takes it into her courts. This is very wrong. This may be genuine money she got from her sister. We are not bothered about that. But if she withdraws that amount of money from the bank account and has it as cash, she must include that in her declaration. But sadly it is not in her declaration.” says the Senior Minister Tissa Vitarana.


The Minister who is also the leader of the Lanka Samasamaja Party (LSSP) made above remarks when asked his views about the present developments with regard to the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice by Daily FT.

In an interview with Daily FT journalist Chamitha Kuruppu,  when asked ‘is it justifiable to come to such conclusion by looking into only one side of the case?’ Viatarana said; “How can you say it is one-sided? This is all documented. What she should have done was, if she had evidence, produce that evidence to refute it. She was given time to produce written evidence. She didn’t do that. Giving evidence, Shiranee Tilakawardena said that this case was taken off her without her consent. Where in the world is a judge who is peculiarly interested in a particular case going and taking it from another judge and putting it into her court? Is it fair to do that? Do you justify that? Look at the bank statements. The amounts there are withdrawn in middle of March and statement at the end of March is blank. And then in April that amount of money is put back in the bank. If even a Government official had acted in that manner, it would be taken against that person. Here we are having the Head of the Judiciary doing that. We raised this matter at the party leaders’ meeting with the President. We asked President Rajapaksa why he appointed Shirani Bandaranayake’s husband Pradeep Kariyawasam as the Chairman of the NSB. The President said he did it under her specific request. President Rajapaksa did not want to antagonise her and therefore had to accommodate her request. Where in the world does a judge go and make such requests? When judges retire they are not supposed to take any posts, otherwise they will be offered things while they are acting as judges so they will be biased in those cases in anticipation of some reward later. These are ethical standards a judge has to maintain. Here we are talking about the Head of the Supreme Court of our country.”

“Who is to know she is corrupt like this till we make the appointment? It is only when they get the power that they show their true colours.” he said.

We are not only having local reactionary forces led by the UNP and the JVP, but there are also American-led British and European forces, he further said.

Read the full interview here

Meanwhile the Executive Committee of the Samajawadi Janatha Peramuna (Socialist Alliance) including LSSP which met at the Communist Party office on 01 January has decided that the Members of Parliament belonging to the Alliance should not take part in the vote on the impeachment of the Chief Justice.

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    “I feel this lady is not fit to hold the office she is holding.”
    Who IS, in this country, my dear professor? The realm you persist in inhabiting to the end of your days, contributing to the great burden on the helpless people of this land, is packed with people few regard as “fit to hold office”. It must be very uncomfortable for you to have to sit and eat and talk with such people all these years. I admire your courage and thick skin. But have you not heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together”, or, “a man is judged by his friends”, etc? Despite keeping such company for so long have YOU managed to remain untainted? or do you take advantage of all the goodies on offer to our parliamentarians these days, and get as much running out of being a so-called people’s representative as you can? You may wear a simple white shirt (not so cheap to have freshly laundered these days those) and appear to have modest ways of life, but how much public money are you actually enjoying? At least the CJ was performing a valued,if to be criticised) function…You? What DO you do?!

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    Prof, Vitarane,

    Let’s have your explanation on how MR won the presidential election by bribing the LTTE in 2005! Then we can take on other bribe givers and takers.

    You are a disgrace to the original sri lankan leftists.

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    Politician Vitharane:
    You say, referring to CJ that: “Who is to know she is corrupt like this till we make the appointment? It is only when they get the power that they show their true colours.”
    Similarly no one knew your true colours until you were made a Minister. We got to know how cunning and hypocritical you are only after you became a Minister. Till then people had some respect that you are a person of substance and honesty. Thanks to MR for making you a Minister so that the whole country got to really understand who you are.
    This interview you gave (or ordered to give) is to save you great desire to keep the Ministerial position. But you have severely tarnished your image and now impossible to redeem it.

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    Whom you try to fool……Do you think that we, the educated, intelligent and who analyse on critical thinking and research before write….could be hoodwinked like those villege uneducated gon harak who only know about ploughing their land and have dozen children every 10 years, wearing amude and eating Mun kevum..

    You are badly mistaken like your Big Boss…..who try to play his Hamba puppet show, comedy central tricks,and double bribed tricks on us….Come on sir. Don’t think we are knode bendapu Cheena….ok.

    Please read this…what Google say about your friend Vasi Deva…

    Vasudeva calls for tax hikes
    Published : 12:01 am October 10, 2012 | 184 views | No comments so far | | E-mail to friend
    The Rajapaksa administration is presently struggling with no revenue says Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara, suggesting that the quickest way to find money is to impose more taxes.
    Nanayakkara emphasises that “those who can pay should be asked to pay more taxes”. The Minister also stresses on the importance of taxing black money in order to find immediate funds to ease the present financial crisis of the Government.
    Despite being known as a strong trade union activist, Nanayakkara asserts he is now compelled to play a more balanced role due to his responsibilities as a Cabinet Minister.
    Following are the excerpts from an interview:

    Q: People in this country are suffering enough; why are you suggesting more taxes?
    A: The taxes I suggested are on the big businessmen who are making bigger money.
    Q: But ultimately all such taxes will be transferred to the people?
    A: Ultimately anything will be transferred to the people. Ultimately the burden on the rich will be the burden on the poor. In any society there are two layers that exist; one under the other. Therefore, the operation of a tax will be of no lesser consequence, but will immediately give revenue to the Government. In immediate terms it would be pocketed out by the rich people. But in the long term all burdens will ultimately be on the people until and unless you start appropriating capital.
    Q: Do you think it is possible to implement your recommendations in order to find quick money to ease the Government’s revenue crisis?
    A: If I am the Government, I will implement each and every suggestion I made.
    Q: You are part of the Government.
    A: Yes I am part of the Government; therefore I urge they be implemented.


    Also please go to ASK.COM and type VASU DEVA NANAYAKKARA

    Vasudeva Nanayakkara undressed himself: prevents UNDP funds for Judges Annual Conference 2012

    This is the Sri Lanka’s most leftist Language minister Vasi Drva (Sri Lanka’s Fidel Castro) said when interviewed….while his four children studied in the most expensive Universities in USA.

    Also if you could answer these questions will be great…..

    1) Who gave Prabhakaran Rs: 600 million to stop 2005 NE voting…

    2)Who bribed over 100 opposition MP’s to cross Govt. side.

    3)Who promissed UN that they will not kill any tamil civilians when cross into Govt., side but killed over 100,000 helpless tamil civilians in nanhikandal………..

    4)Who chased UN from conflict areas…….and then killed innocent tamil civilians….and now trying to hide from UN……….

    5)Who promissed world community that they will implement 13+ after war but fooled them………upto now.

    6)Keep postphoning LLRC without giving any concession to tamil war refugees………and now harassing them daily.

    7)who murdered Lasantha Wickrematunge, Pradeep Ekneligoda and all other reporters , journalists and HR activists and white van abductions.

    8)Who helped Duminda to kill Baratha Lakshaman for Kolonnawa drug business………..and helped him to run away to Singapore.

    9)Who is behind the drug Business Mafia…………in Sri Lanka

    10) Who put his arms round the shoulders on ex.CJ Sarath N.Silva (when SS was not in good terms with MR) in the funeral home and published in the

    11) Who went first to hospital to see Dr.Jayalath Jayawerdena UNP MP ….and published in the papers….

    12) Who put arms around UNP Kandana MP(John Amaratunge) at speakers house and published in the papers.

    13)Who sent Gen.SF to prison after using him to win the war……

    14) Who forced Namal Rajapakse to sit for Law exam in and Air condition room with a lap top computer on side……and forced the paper corrector to give him 98 marks….highest ever in Sri Lanka history……

    15)Who duped all the Buddhist Preletes giving them super luxury cars, land, pansalas, huge Danas, air tickets to get them to his side……..and cars and laptops to reporters, journalists and actors and artists………

    Mr. Vitharana….and CT please answer to the above questions…….I have million more that I could write …..but do not have time..

    So don’t fool CJ or Mr. Kariyawasam or us and the public readers and the CT readers to believe you or your Big Boss. MARA…..the Pi…su Hu……..ha…………ok.

    Also please show this to President and tell him to answer these questions.

    We people want the truth…..not the Jokes by Jokers.

    Hope you will answer to the above questions.

    We will teach the unforgetable lesson in life to the ones who sc…ew us and the country.

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      Great questions. Prof. Vitarane, will you be man enough to answer?

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      appreciate most and tell them to give simple answers.

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    ‘Who Is To Know CJ Is Corrupt Till We Make The Appointment’ – Vitarana

    Response: Pseudo lefty Ignorance and Fraud go hand in hand.

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    It`s a Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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    Most of the comments above favouring CJ and alledging the procedure adopted for the impeachment seems to be statements by the blind who commented about the elephent. the reality is that she has mis behaved got a bribe of 1.6M got the Seylinco case to save Janaka ratnayake against whom Justice Shirani Thilakawardena had complained to CID for his fraudulent acts.
    All these pundits who spread the hetred better know that Mahinda Rajapaksh so far had not taken any decision that would jeapordice the democracy and the peoples rights. This impeachment would certainly establish the independance of the judiciary as the Judges of Superior Courts will be extra carefule in their actvities. As we all know in America a judge was impeached as his wife had a dinner with a party of a case which was being heard by the purticular judge. So as a developing country we need good well behaved judges.

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      If you guys see it in that way- and current CJ should be removed accordingly,

      Very similar charges on the Incumbent president should be investigated and impeach him too.

      He has abused people^s assets violating all kinds of laws sofar. So he should be the first to be removed if the nation should finally feel that the country ^s rule of law is in function.

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    Someone above said This Doctor is a slow learner. I wonder what he feels he has achieved in his parliamentary years. True he attempted to formulate some strategy to help resolve the ethnic problem, but he didnt have the necessary passion or determination to see it implemented in anyway. And, precisely what did he achieve in all those years at the MRI? Did he even publish a SINGLE paper in an important journal? Did he come up with any path-breaking discoveries or advice or processes? Wasn’t he supposed to be THE guy on the mosquito? What advances on THAT front? And when did he become a professor? That title, which, true often hides the absence of a doctorate, which he seems to have, can only be obtained after considerable service and achievment (including publications) in a UNIVERSITY. When did Prof V join teh academic staff of one, and for how long was he there? Was he made a full professor? And if so did he hold that title long enough to qualify him to go on using it even after retirement? Is he actually an EMERITUS PROFFESor of what?

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      People would loose their respect seeing the Vitana and his ilk of so called educated ones react currently. Actually they should be the ones who have to save the nation, instead hanging on with the bunch of thieves and their activities can destroy everything paying the way for an anarchial state.

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    What’s his hair-do? Is this the provobial “konde bandhapu cheena?”

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