25 June, 2022


Legal Action Against Colombo Mayor Over Illegal Hoardings Of President

Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) said legal action will be filed against the Mayor of Colombo and the Colombo Municipal Commissioner by tomorrow against their failure to comply with the letter of demand sent by the organization concerning the illegal hoardings of President Rajapaksa that have been put up all over Colombo.

Upul Jayasuriya -BASL President

Upul Jayasuriya -BASL President

BASL officials said charges against the two officials will be filed under the Presidential elections act and property laws as the majority of the hoardings, cutouts and posters that have been put up bearing President Rajapaksa’s image are illegal since required permission has not been sought and neither have the relevant fees been paid.

The BASL said that over 1800 bearing the image of President Rajapaksa and details/images of development projects launched during his tenure have been put up within the city limits of Colombo and is in direct violation of the by-laws published in the Gazette Notification issued in 1989 and Advertising Guidelines of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) that were introduced in 2006.

Moreover, these illegal hoardings have also been put up within the premises of state institutions including Ministries, state departments and other state-managed establishments.

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    Why remove, lets burn it on the 9th !

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      This will automatically be removed by the Maithri Govt under violation of Election Laws.

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      Upul Jayasuriya -BASL President

      RE: Legal Action Against Colombo Mayor Over Illegal Hoardings Of President

      Issue a statement,saying that the cutouts are ILLEGAL and ASK the people to deface them. Ask Peoples help.

      1, Fill Balloons with Black anor Red Paint and ask the people, We tjhe Peiople, to throw at the cutouts and deface them

      2. Then the People will understand how dirty the MaRa an their cronies are.

      3. ask them to depose the Maras aka maras.

      Cut-out duty for Army

      With the beginning of the presidential election Army soldiers in Colombo have been deployed to protect cut-outs of the presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa say report

      They have been instructed to arrange their patrols to cover where Mr. Rajapaksa’s cutouts have been put up. They have also been ordered to take to camps all cut-outs that have been defaced, damaged, disfigured or broken down before early morning.

      A private company has been assigned to replace the cut-outs removed by Army personnel say reports.


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      People would be happy to see them burning life for all abuses that MR and the clans made sofar. I am against burning efigies but pro burning them row to see their fall. So furious being unable to see how much funds have been abused by MR and thugs for their dansal events

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    If you do the math you will see that the corrupt Willy Gamage is on the Mobitel board plus is the chief organizer for Colombo for MR .

    One other lady director , Anoma Lafir who is a coordinating secretary to the president is also on the board of directors of Mobitel.. I don’t want to go into SLT.

    The total advertising budget for Mobitel is around 2 billion SLR , where the bulk goes to Dilip owned Derana and Namal owned CSN….

    Can you guess how much money is taken out for election expenditure.

    Gamini senrath, first cousin Shasika senarath works as a manager and Dalas Alahaperuma’s brother is supposed work as GM Customer service, but gets the Salary and never reports to work…..

    This is wonderful Sri Lanaka.

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    The Colombo Mayor who is from the UNP should be taken to task. We do not know his intentions for his future political career.

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    If BASL could actually go to Courts on Cut-outs – the visible sign of
    the KING as unlawful, how about considering the non-declaration of
    assets – in all three terms – which has more effective Vote garnering
    thoughts behind this patriotic leader. 10 Judges jointly may rule
    in favour of their King, but the voters will be more interested in the
    RAJAPAKSE ASSETS, than cut-outs that may provide material for fireworks on 9th Jany. night?. One example:- [Edited out]

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