22 May, 2022


Let Us Together Build A Civilized Society

By Ranil Wickremesinghe

The majority of the people of this country have approved the continuance of good governance and consensual politics endorsed by the people through the silent revolution of 8th of January.

I offer my grateful thanks to all parties and individuals who worked untiringly during the election period to ensure victory for the people. We have been able to create a peaceful atmosphere needed for a free and fair election.

There should not be a division amongst people as winners and losers. We should get together as the sons and daughters of our motherland to the task of building a new political culture in this country. We have to unitedly work towards lifting the nation to a new height by facing challenges of the new era.

I invite all of you to join hands with us to face the challenges of our Mission.

Let us together build a civilized society, build a consensual government and create a new country with equal opportunities for everybody.


*Special Announcement Issued by the Leader of the United National Front Ranil Wickremesinghe

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  • 7

    Congrads Mr. Prime Minister .

    Please take the country forward as most of us have confidence in you to do so.

    Piece of Advice.

    Pleasedo not appoint any discarded old politicians to important jobs in the government as that would diminish your popularity and reduce votes. ( In the pas six months you have mad some bad appointments which nearly cost you dearly)

    Rajapksa’s as we see are a Cancer to the entire nation . Like treating a cancer the best way is Surgically Remove them from politics and give them next best option, JAIL i presume .

    Rest will leave the country in you good hands SIR.

    All the best

  • 1

    Batalanada Ranil wants to build a civilized society.

    Galleon Ravi took two Pathlaya members along with him to distribute How To Vote for the UNP cards.in Bloemendhal..

    Mahendran’s SIL is collecting 22.5 Million every month as commission for helping to finance Yahapalanya Mk 1….

    That will now continue for 60 Months at least . That is 22.5 Million times 60 in total..

    That is colossal even in LKRs.

  • 2

    Honourable Prime Minister may I first congratulate you. You had two great qualities MR.CLEAN and Mr.PATIENCE. I really admire your patience having cooled your heels all these years and now your day has come. Another good quality you possess is that you will give the best man the job irrespective of cast,creed,race or religion.
    The day of communal politics has been dumped into the dustbin of history Ranil, and you were the best suited to lead the country as I had always advocated before the elections through this column and the voters have endorsed my view point.
    I remember you at Royal about three years junior to me and I am sure what we learned at College of being united irrespective of race,religion,caste or creed will be your policy and you will now truly make Sri Lanka the “wonder of Asia”
    Well done and you can rest be assured the majority of the masses are with you and they look forward to your achievement.
    We all learnt at Royal of “books and men” as the College song says so I am confident that you will give priority to the professionals and men of dignity imbued with qualities which make men REAL MEN in your appointments.
    Once again as an old Royalisst we Royalists are proud of you.Well done!!

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    The fight against the manic ltte killed 27000 of Army personnel.Ranil, remember Batalanda? Please don’t kill 80,000 Sinhalese again, to protect your own interests……

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