27 May, 2022


Rajapaksa Concedes Defeat

Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa who led the United People’s Freedom Alliance campaign has conceded defeat although the final results of the parliamentary polls are yet to be announced.

MahindaAccording to unconfirmed reports the United National Party (UNP) is set to obtain 108 – 110 seats and the UPFA 90 – 93 seats in the 225 member legislature.

Rajapaksa had told foreign media that his party has lost in the parliamentary elections. However Rajapaksa had said that he would work as an opposition member of parliament.

Although the final result is yet to come according to election secretariat sources the UPFA has won eight districts out of the 22 and the UNP has won 11 districts. The remaining three districts have been won by the Tamil national Alliance (TNA).

Some final district results released so far;



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    No need to kick a fallen guy. Let him return after washing off his sins, as well as those sins of the thugs and thuggish politicians that he surrounded himself with. Most of them should spend some time as normal guests of the 5-Star Hotel at Welikada at the expense of public, until they return all the moneys that they have squirreled away in numerous foreign banks back to Public Treasury. Yes, her could still have a chance as a reformed criminal

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      Let him Return to Medamulana and enjoy his retirement with his shills and cronies…
      [Edited out]

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        What will Rajapakashe do next ?

        Work as a MP ?

        or getting ready to face the allegations being levelled against him ?

        What will be the fate of MR 30% percent and Duminda Silva and his ALLsaved skull ?

        If he would do so, MR would loose all the perks being enjoyed as former Prez. So I beleive, this bugger would say good bye to Parliament and start cleaning is overflowing toilet pits.

        I believe, man can never guess what people really think about him and his politics.

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          “What will Rajapakashe do next ? “

          Mahinda Rajapaksa is confused and he is being misled by his cronies and shills.

          He still thinks that he is Maha Rajaneni…

          He needs to face the reality of the situation..Earlier the better for him… Is he going to wait another 5 years, when he is 75 to take another stab at it.?…

        • 3

          “What will Rajapakashe do next ? “

          Well, did he not build an exclusively personal Meditation Center when he was in power using enormous funds swindled from the state ? Now that he got a thrashing at the polls, he wil take up to meditation and try to mend his broken heart and soul.

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      Not a year ago, I happeend to listen to Nethfm balumgala. There they interviewed MY3 and his future. That was very intersting. There I felt the person will oneday fight for justice of the people of this country. By Nov end, sacrificing his life, he joined the opposition as common candidate to defeat Rajapakshe who only thought that he and his men kithand kin would be the ones to rule this country. Even the dogs of Rajapakshes were given the place above the ordinary citizen of this country. He abused people funds as if he is created by god to do so. Alone the entourages made by him were so large as no other leaders did. Buruwanses was given all the surasepa being MR s right hand – since the former street monger would easily be happy to abuse the state assets though his political journey started being maxistic. Anyways, only social scum were the friends and close confidiants of Rajapaske clan.
      Very lately Sajeeva Senasinghe was revealing the manner how Basil once droped all filthy words against any rivals that would rise against Rajapakshe – that were simply like what all uncivilized people use. TOday, all of them are fallen much deeper by every means. They have to prove where they have kept all the fradulent funds beign grabed during the last few years. All powerful states will support Ranil in that regard. Srilanka FOR SURE will be a place to be called as of the civilized soon… that will be certain. Law and order will be part of the agenda of the new govt.. there i have no doubt.

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    Rajapaksa did not go down honrourably. He went down as a failed politician out of touch with modern world who used the Sinhala – Buddhist card to win the elections.

  • 9

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Thank God the rotter Rajapaksa lost.

    It is sad to see thousands of morons have voted for criminals including suspected murderers back in to parliament on the UPFA ticket. Premalal, Muthuhettigama, Lohan Ratwatte, Johnston Fernando are some of the criminals back popularly elected by brainless morons in to parliament.

    Hope these criminals are watched carefully by the government and the police and dealt with harshly by the laws of the land.

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    Thanks Sam.
    Can Sam or someone please tell me where to find a list of all the 196 MPs and their corresponding electorates?

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    Just look at that picture. Does he not look like a damn idiot? Surely, he will now go down in history as SriLankas most hated, most reviled ‘leader”.

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