25 May, 2022


LfD Condemns Police Action To Prevent Weliweriya Demonstration

‘Lawyers for Democracy’ unreservedly condemns the action taken by the Police to prevent the demonstration organized by the residents of Ratupaswala as a blatant violation of the fundamental right of the expression enshrined in the constitution.  The residence were protesting against the pollution of drinking water in the area due to a discharge of waste matter from a factory and which fact has been scientifically verified.  This demonstration in fact was to demand the fundamental right to life itself.

Inspector General of Police

Issuing a statement Lal Wijenayake, the Convener of the Lawyers for Democracy says; “The attempt to justify the ban on this demonstration by citing the earlier incident where demonstrators were attached by the Army makes the situation more serious as it is an attempt to justify the unruly behavior of the Army in violation of the fundamental right of the people to demonstrate and express their views on a matter that affects their right to life.

Lawyers for Democracy views this as another attempt in the ongoing process to deprive the citizens of the enjoyment of the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution in order to move towards an authoritarian regime.We call upon all those who stand for the protection of fundamental rights, rule of law and democracy to rise against these moves.”

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    What else can you expect in a corrupt lawless Banana Republic with Jungle Law that serve and protect only Criminals.

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      Black coats of LfD are con master and sharks. Most of them even charge their fee for the days that they know very well that the judge or the magistrate will be away and hearing will be postponed.

      These parasites thrive on the misery of the mass. They do not like peace for they live on commotions and resulting mayhem.

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        Banda, do not talk like a bull, if you have any reservations on what the Lawyers for Democracy says, please state that do not use use you lack of education in this forum.Are you a tool sucker?

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    Life in Bananna Lanka, a 3rd world dictatorship.

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    You should behead all the people cause trouble to the country the way the top military general said in Vanni

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    Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burgers & others who live in Sri Lanka, should now realize the huge, tragic and shameful blunders they made during the past 30 years: not questioning reports about murders, rape, abductions and other HR violations by the Sri Lankan government and its army, navy, air force and police.

    The SL media did not cover many of the HR reports by int’l orgs. Independent and highly regarded, int’l HR orgs, such as Amnesty International, HRW, ICG etc, have documented HR violations by BOTH the LTTE and SL military.

    Today, Gota’s paid internet propaganda writers, are posting their lies even in the Colombo Telegraph comments sections!

    [1] Sri Lanka is ranked #4 in the world, by CPJ


    [2] Sri Lankan men and rape: What the Sri Lankan media missed
    •bySoleil Noir
    •- on09/26/2013


    [3] S Lanka troops ‘abused Haitians’

    S Lanka troops ‘abused Haitians’

    Sri Lankan authorities were involved in the investigation

    The UN is sending home more than 100 of the 950 Sri Lankan peacekeepers in Haiti, accusing them of sexual abuse, including with underage girls.


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    “We call upon all those who stand for the protection of fundamental rights, rule of law and democracy to rise against these moves.”

    What a laugh.

    Those who rise keep disappearing, and being killed without impunity. So much so, all are on the knees now. They have neither courage nor strength to rise up.

    Viva, Saddharmadveepa Chakravarti, and his concept of human rights.

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    The Police and the 3 armed forces are entities maintained with tax-payer money and in a democracy, it is their bounden duty to always act within the law of the land.

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    Questions for lawyers for democracy.

    1) have you read the section 139 of the penal code.

    2)article 15 of constitution the limitation of fundamental rights

    3)why don’t they petition the supreme court if they do not agree with magistrate or appeal against the decision in the court of appeal.?

    4)The correct procedure if the factory is polluting the ground water (which many experts say they are not).is to petition the courts for a injunction. not to use force to block the entrance to the factory by force.do they agree?

    5) do they believe in the rule of law or mob rule?

    6)do they know that the self same ” innocent” people attacked a temple and priest beat him up and smashed his cars and damaged the temple simply because they taught he was having a ceremony to invoke blessing on the temple ?.he in fact sacrificed a fowl to invoke blessings on himself.

    Anura Mendis

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