24 February, 2024


LFD Urges IGP To Hold An Inquiry Into Talawakelle Youth’s Death

A group of legal practitioners has called upon the IGP to launch a high-level inquiry in the death of the youth who was in custody of the Talawakelle Police in order to determine the truth and assure the people that inhuman and undemocratic acts will not continue under the new regime.

IGP PoliceLawyers for Democracy (LFD) issuing a statement on the death of the youth, while expressing their grave concern have pointed out that the explanation given by the Police concerning how the death occurred is suspicious due to several improbabilities.

“This explanation resembles the ones given by the Police for the past three years, concerning sudden deaths of individuals who were in Police custody,” LFD Convener Lal Wijenayake states.

He has pointed out further that it’s regrettable that the Police have failed to appreciate the verdict of the people at the last Presidential elections where they rejected the human rights violations committed by the Rajapaksa regime.

Identified as Marimuttu Manoj, the youth was in custody of the Talwakelle Police as a suspect when his death occurred. The explanation given by the Police concerning the death is that he fell into a tank and drowned to death, in his attempt to escape while he was being transferred in a Police jeep.

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    Very Good Move. During the previous regime we witnessed a mentally unstable man chased into the sea and beaten to death with a 5 foot pole by a Policeman in the city of Colombo Bambalapitiya. Then the policeman who beat him to death were not taken to task. The police have not right to sentence people to death.

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    Not only an Iquiry be held in respect of all such deaths during MRs
    rule, at least one proven as homocide, must begiven deterent punishment as a forerunner to new standard of Police behaviour, under good governance.

    Over to the Minister concerned.

  • 4

    Police, pl act fast before people loosing the faith on SL Police

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    Very good and essential move. The police has to be brought under the rule of law before we can expect the police to enforce the rule of law.

    A thorough investigation is required.

    Where was the Jeep, where was the tank, where was the suspect being taken?

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    Yes Lary the IGP should investigate how a mentally disturbed man was made to drown in Bambalapitia.
    The policeman responsible for beating to death is probably in service now.

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    Impunity of politicians and the police was a major problem during the terrible Rajapaksa regime. This incident appears to be the first death in police custody. If the new regime does not arrest this illegal and criminal act by the police it will lose credibility among the people. The police must be forced to act within the law and any trasgressors must be punished and sacked from the force.

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    First things first.

    IGP must investigate Upul Jayasuriya [Edited out] Tractor Corparation. How can a person with a[Edited out] head the BOI?
    Then the LFD request

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    I always maintained that Sri Lanka is a country of brutes, murderers and rapists. It is not a nation of Buddhists. Many a Sri Lankan is quick to show abhorrence at the beheadings occurring in some so called Islamic countries. Yet very little reaction to the brutality in our own backyard. And the Mahanayakayas are eating pin bath and dallying with the abittiyas and never open their mouths about police brutality going on around them.

    Why this inept and useless IGP, the lavishly mollycoddled man of the Rajapaksas is still allowed to work in this position is beyond comprehension.

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    POLICE DEATHS IN CUSTODY is Serious,no man in uniform or t-shirt has right to take away another life.They cannot walk on our streets.They belong in Jail.Fast.

    This is not MR era now.

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