5 March, 2024


Live Telecast Of Kurunegala Rally Organised By SLFP Snubs

Live telecast of Kuranegala rally organised by SLFP Snubs, Wimal Weerawansa, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Udaya Gammanpila and Dinesh Gunawardena. They say that their intention is fielding former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Ministerial candidate at the upcoming general elections.

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    Wimal Modawansa, Baludeva, Balunesh and GonGampila,

    Can you teach the people something beyond deception. You are wasting their time. You are trying to make people with Common Sense, become Modayas? Why? They they will vote for you?

    Wimal Modawansa says, 2/2 =0,etc which makes Modayas more Modayas.

    Why not for a change teach them some math and better skills, so they can perform better in life?

    Here is a link for you All the 5.8 Million Modayas who were misled by Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa, Wimal Modawabnsa and others.


    One person said:

    Math lessons based on clear, simple insights.
    A frustrating class sent me looking for explanations that actually clicked. This site helps you grasp tough concepts, from exponents and imaginary numbers to the Fourier Transform.

    Wimal, please learn your math.Tech your Moda followers as well.

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      On a lighter Note… talking about Maths..

      ppl, try solving this problem… NO GOOGLING PLEASE !

      I HAVE RS 50/=

      20/= 30/=
      15/= 15/=
      9/= 6/=
      6/= 0/=
      —- —–
      50/= 51/=


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        Snowden Edward Asange


        Do the balance sheet.

        When you spend money, you are really exchanging money for something of equal value, say you buy Gold Dust. Remember, money is a medium of exchange.

        Initial Balance Sheet and Change as you buy

        Cash, Rs. Gold Dust, Value , Rs.

        Initial Rs. 50 0
        30 20
        15 15
        6 9
        0 6

        Total Assets 0 50


        For the Politicians, it comes from stealing or bribery . There is a Bribery Commission in there with 1,500 odd cases. They can give you many more examples. Ask any Mahinda Rajapaksa crony or shill.

        [Edited out]

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        Snowden Edward Asange

        “WHERE DID THE RS1/= COME FROM?” volating the First Law of Finance called bribery and corruption by the the Mahinda Rajapaksa Regime and its cronies.

        Is the Earth Egg Shaped or a Sphere?

        Did not Google, but used Common Sense, that was there before Google.

        Do it this way
        1-20 note Spends on First purchase
        1-15 Note Spends on second Purchase
        1-5 Note Spends on 3rd Purchase
        4-1 Note Spends on 3rd purchase
        1-5 Note Spends on 4th purchase
        1-1 Note Spends on 4th purchase

        Spend Cash Balance Assets Purchased

        0 50 0
        20 =50-20 =30 20
        15 =30-15 =15 15
        9 =15-9 =6 9
        6 =6-6 =0 6


        Total, End 0 50

        Spend Rs.50, Cash Balance Rs.50-50 =0

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        Welesuda= Duminda= Gota=Gamma=Vasu=Drummer=Dinesh

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      WTF is wrong with Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila attacking me every day on TV and in all such public meetings like Kurunegala, Ratnapura and Nugegoda. Getting scared?

      See 2 Hr. 30-32.

      These morons have forgotten that they became ministers and MEGA RICH because the Rajapakses (Including Mangala Samaraweera then Campaign Managaer of Mahinda Rajapakse) gave money to the LTTE in October 2005 to the LTTE via Emilkanthan and won the elections by a mere 181,000 Votes. It was Chandrika who set the whole stage for the Rajapakse clan by dissolving Parliament in 2004 because of her jealousy of Ranil and hatred towards the Tamils.

      She has forgotten her betrayals and deceit and WAR FOR PEACE campaign where tens of thousand innocent civilians and Sinhala Buddhist soldiers died. Later she got the Vathey from the Rajapakses..

      Now she is the so called Minister of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Sadly she does not understand the problem and reasons for conflict. Neither do the other Sinhala leaders.

      Weerawansa and Gamanpillay should focus on the poor voters than how and why they lost the elections, blaming the GNANAKONES for their pathetic loss. If they only did not attack the Muslims in Nugegoda, Aluthgama, and Beruwala they could have won the elections for the Rajapakses and kept robbing Sri Lanka and her people for another 6 years.. Shutb the fuck up Weerawansa and Gammanpillay you bloody CRY BABIES and STOP LYING. IDIOTS. Soon you buggers will not only be on the road but in Jail. Muslims gave Sirisena 600,000 votes and the Tamils 180,000 votes. Rajapakse could have easily won the Presidential elections despite the Tamils overwhelming vote if not for the Racist-Chauvinist attacks by the BBS and of course behind the scene.

      Which party is Gammanpillay from? He was kicked out of JHU by Champika Ranawaka as he got caught “Back Stabbing” his leader. Champika also has his 2 relatives working illegally in the SL Embassy in Washington, and soon that Rajapakse racket will be exposed and they will be deported. lol.

      Where is Gota and Basil’s power now as they cannot even contest the elections as US citizens…… In US there is something like War Crimes and Tax Crimes…. Welcome to USA….

      Donald Gnanakone
      Tamils For Justice

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        Donald Gnanakone Tamils For Justice Founder,

        “If they only did not attack the Muslims in Nugegoda, Aluthgama, and Beruwala they could have won the elections for the Rajapakses and kept robbing Sri Lanka and her people for another 6 years..”

        Very True, and those Muslims who lost their lives, got injured, and who lost property are the Martyrs along with the thousands of others, 6, 217,162 Votes, in defeating the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa Despots.

        That is why, Amerisiri almost always refereed to Mootals, Modaysa and Fool s as those who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa, and as People With Common Sense those who voted for Mr. Mairipala Sirisena.

        The LTTE Diaspora and some of the Tamils who boycotted, also fall into the Mootal, Modaya and Fools category.

        Do not forget, the National IQ of Sri Lanka is around 79.

        The math is clear.
        Mr. Maitripala Sirisena 6, 217,162 Votes
        Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa 5,768,090 Votes
        Others 138,201 Votes
        Total Polled = 12, 123, 453 Votes

        Mr. Maitripala Sirisena Majority = 449,072

        Muslims = Approx 9.5% Votes = 1,151,728

        With 80/20 Breakdown, for Mr. Maitripala Sirisena, he got 921,138 Votes and Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, 230,345 Votes.

        Had this Muslim Vote be Split 50/50, Mr. Maitripala Srisena would have got 575,864 Votes =921,138-575,864 =345,274 Votes Less than he would have got, and Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, would have got 575,864- 230,345=345,518 votes.

        The The Results Would Have looked like,

        The math is clear.

        Mr. Maitripala Sirisena 6, 217,162 -345,274= 5,771,888 Votes
        Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa 5,768,090 + 345,518 = 6,113,608 Votes
        Others 138,201 Votes

        Majority for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa = 6,113,608 -5,771,888 =341,720.

        So, the Sinhala Buddhist Racism and Nationalism, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, BBS and Para-Sinhala Ravya, all most certainly helped Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat.

        Let all those Martyrs who lost their lives in this struggle rest in peace.

        SRI LANKA BERUWELA ALuthgama BBS Attack Minority M


        Bodu Bala Sena Aluthgama incident explained by Wimal Weerawansa.


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      Baludewa is a traitor.

      Wimal Buruwansa is a street man, who has no proper education.

      But Baludewas reactions are shameful NOT second to those of Dayan Jayathilaka. These men would never allow MY3 to do the job. So they must work on investigations genuinely and get thiese corrupted guys caught so that nation would be free from the bunch in lanken politics. All gods should help in the great event proving the bunch of these men s and their high abuses. Jayawewa.. jaya niyathai.

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    Islandwide begging in the name of SINHALA-BUDDHISM. What a sad situation the fools are experiencing.

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    K A Sumanasekere

    How long these Sinhala/Buddhist racists are going to hide behind LTTE, 30years of war, winning the war,………….. treachery?

    Did anyone see murder in Dinesh’s eyes and hatred in face?

    Does he want one man junta instead of committee representing the cross section of partys?

    Who was carrying his b***s? Was there a man with grey beard under those mikes?

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      Dear Native,

      Don’t get upset mate.

      The opening bit which payed respect to our fallen soldiers, brought tears to my eyes..

      And I am no soft C….

      Can CBK, RANIL, Mangalan and the other suckers betray the freedom those Soldiers won for the inhabitant population, And exploit the very freedom to their advantage by spitting crap?.

      And concoct lies to punish the people who gave leadership to the soldiers?.

      And sell the country to Cameron , Harper and Kerry, and allow them to hurt the great Chinese people who have given us the courage and dignity and opportunity to walk with our heads high now, because of our Terrorist free mid income status?.

      Can’t wait for the next Rally…..

      Good luck to you and your Yahapalanaya.
      behind them turn this tide towards them?.

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        Please don’t be misguided by the rogues who are
        alive,and use even the soldiers for their benefit

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      Kala Vadda

      You asked a question “How long these Sinhala/Buddhist racists are going to hide behind LTTE, 30years of war, winning the war,………….. treachery?”

      The simple answer is as far as “Tamil Peelum racists like you exist, the Sinhalese forces are there to protect this motherland from blood suckers”. This might [Edited out]

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        Sinhala Banda

        I think you got the wrong end of the stick.

        As long as stupid Sinhala Bandas exist whipped up smart ass patriotism is the best place for crooks, war criminals, rapists, drug smugglers, tsunami horas, racists, bigots, dishonest analysts ………. to hide.

        • 3

          Dear Native,

          Good to know you are with Honest, Non Corrupt, Non Raping,Non Criminal,No Doping,Non Bigotted, Non Racist Mr Cleans like










          The Reverend

          Rajitha. Mahendran and so many “what’s his” names in the West…

          I am surprised you didn’t include Faggots and Terrorists in your list of bad Sinhala Buddhist

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        they are still celebrating the defeat of Hitler. they are still after so-called communist countries. They got rid of so many authoritarian leaders and established anarchy in those region.

        Why Sri lanka should not do that against LTTE ?

        Any way, Tamils are doing it since early 1900s.

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          Jim softy

          “They got rid of so many authoritarian leaders and established anarchy in those region.”

          Here they have got rid of the depots without a shot being fired. You should be celebrating the dawn of new era. Stop mourning for MR.

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      Native Vedda

      “How long these Sinhala/Buddhist racists are going to hide behind LTTE, 30years of war, winning the war,………….. treachery?”

      Medamulna Mahinda Rajapaksa and their cronies, wanted an enemy. Elara Dutugemunu was 2,200 years old, and had been milked to death for the past 22 centuries including in the Mahawansa. The Eurasian Imperialist who ruled for 500 years is given less prominence, because of frequent invasions from South India.

      So, the Medamulana MaRa wanted to call himself Raja Raja, Dutugemunu Raja and VP of LTTE, his buddy he gave money to, to be the modern Elara. He milked that from 2009 – 2015. but the Sinhala Modaya fraction was quickly dissipating. If there was a Dutugamunu, it should have been Gen, Sarath Fonseka.

      So, restoring Gen Fonseka, now Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka, is in the right direction, to bury Chatu Raja into history, and move on.

      The take home lesson is education the Modayas regarding Chatu Raja.

      Raja, Raja, Raja,

      Published on Nov 21, 2014


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    JAYA WEWA!!!!!

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    To judge from the images in the telecast there were about 5000 at the rally.

    If they go it alone (without accommodation within the SLFP) how many seats are the likely to win? I think zero on first-past-the-post and about 5 to 8 (entirely in the south and Ratnapura District) on proportional representation. If they are included within the SLFP list, they will do better.

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      Specsavers have a special now which is two for the price of one.

      Get a long and short separate and put it on the Health Benefit card…

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        30% of attendants are jobless,retired or got nothing to do in day time? They do not vote for any party anyway.So in real case scenario calculated supporters are 3500.Also some of them may have been given the usual package “Bath packet+ Rs 1000.00 + Gal Arrack 250ML.Some were even transported from other cities.Good luck Modawansa and Rathu Sahodarayas.

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    This estimated crowd of 5000 may not represent support for MaRa.This apparently, is the Swan Song of of MaRa.Interestingly,though not surprisingly VASU is also there.Therefore,rest assured,his hero MaRa is History.

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    Sri Lankans can take a lesson from the Brits looking at the latest election and their response to a racist brat and the importance of a free media.

    “In the footage, Blay is heard attacking Jayawardena’s heritage, saying: “His family have only been here since the 70s. You are not British enough to be in our parliament. I’ve got 400 years of ancestry where I live. He hasn’t got that.

    “I said to his dad about two months ago, ‘when did you come to Britain?’ He said, ‘in the 70s’. I said, ‘why did you come?’ He said, ‘things weren’t very good politically in Sri Lanka and I came here and I could train as an accountant’.

    “So he’s come here and ponced off us hasn’t he, like all the east Europeans are? That’s what is happening. Continually.

    “His name’s Jayawardena and I’m told that name is a Tamil name. Well the Tamils were Indians which went to Sri Lanka to take it over and they got their asses kicked. So, he comes here, ponces off us and then his son’s in our political system.””

    • 0

      400 years is that all? He must be a descendent of some French Hugenot bastard. Ranil will be calling on all hot blooded Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Romans, Celts, Scots, Picts, Vandals, Goths, Visigoths and Pakistanis to deport the bugger to Calais.

  • 14

    Weerawansa?? Why is he screaming?

    • 2

      trying to score brownie points so that when MR seeing the footage would consider weeraya a faithful doggie that respects a pack of lemon puff and a glass of water….or else he would of died of starvation… now dying of haluzination

    • 0

      What else he knows ?????.

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    Third grade Prof Peiris also seen on the stage.
    If he goes to Ambalangoda, the organizers of puppet shows will keep him there forever.

  • 9


    “Weerawansa?? Why is he screaming?”

    What else did you expect from him?

    Perhaps a presentation on Higgs Boson theory of Gods Particle?

  • 3

    What a Beauty !!!!!

    • 1

      Beauty is skin deep…but ur Fugly…

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    The meeting is Great victory of regain Sri lanka. We want independent sovereignty and Unitary state the an Island of Sri lanka.

    We an opposed Christian dominated of Imperial US and UK to
    re-colonization by Western and Tamil diaspora back by TNA, UNP-Ranil.W.. CBK and Puppet regime of MS.

    We Sri Lankan want Country independence from US UK and Indian,
    that Nation want foreign dominations from liberation and People want Democratic base reformed sustainability development in Politically Economically and Socially.

    MR is one and only hope for our Nation. His leadership in unique ,
    MS is more or less puppet of Indian-Raw and USA & UK.
    MS has betray ours Demcratic values.

    • 1

      “We an opposed Christian dominated of Imperial US and UK to
      re-colonization by Western and Tamil diaspora back by TNA, UNP-Ranil.W.. CBK and Puppet regime of MS.

      We Sri Lankan want Country independence from US UK and Indian,
      that Nation want foreign dominations from liberation and People want Democratic base reformed sustainability development in Politically Economically and Socially”

      independent Sri Lanka from foreign dominations? what a bullshit you are talking Milton; by the way isnt it a typical non-srilankan Surname? sounds european to me? May be a burger, who is still hating his ancestors who did this contamination to their pure sinhalese racial blood?
      Why are we not allowed to invite Dalai Lama to Sri Lanka? because we / MaRa have sold our independence to China alredy and they dont like it the high priest Dalai Lama visiting the most buddhist nation.

    • 1

      Milton well said . I salute you for your wisdom .

      • 3


        “Milton well said . I salute you for your wisdom .”

        Bull s**t.

        This is a globalised world.

        Learn what globalisation entails for countries connected by trade.

      • 1

        Sorijini ,the present world order is harmony and we had it among communities.Politicos destroyed it. Look at Singapore. So get this sick imagination out of your head.Respect each other and work hard.We would not have any problems .No Tamil wants a war again. I am a Sinhalese anyway.

  • 2

    May be last regime rapassas didntknow thier MAth. Adding and substraction. Thats why trillions are unaccountable. All the rogues and thieves want us o forget about it. Yeah they want to continue robbing and they want impunity to rob murder rape. That won’thappen.There are intelligent law abiding Sri Lankans.

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    To all those praising the people who spoke on that stage:

    You are a disgrace to humanity. You are regressive, backward,racist,and screaming against the democratic rights of the citizens, against the pursuit of justice against corrupt elements.
    What do you stand for? Does Sri Lanka have to be governed by MR and his cronies, as if it were their birthright? Reminds me of the Nazi party and Hitler speaking on stage. Disgusting. We won’t let you hijack the future of good Sri Lankans…

  • 2

    Looking at several Kurunagala rally footage, I found this one on a small Banner..

    ” Ponna Palanaya Paradawamu”.

    I thought it is a Corker….

  • 2

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH? If these IDIOTS held these type of Rallys during MR’s rein half of these MP’s would have ended up in WHITE VANS. MISSING IN ACTION.

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