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LTTE Activities And My Mission With Italian Secret Police

By Hemantha Warnakulasuriya

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya

In Italy, like in other Western countries, the LTTE had established a very powerful network of agents and was carrying out a massive campaign of misinformation which helped them to collect funds. Their headquarters in Italy was situated on the island State of Sicily, in the southernmost part of Italy. The capital of that State was Palarmore. It was estimated that there was a Tamil population of more than 15,000 in Sicily. The LTTE worked hand in glove with the Sicilian Mafia. They were responsible for transporting drugs for the Mafia and were involved in money laundering operations. Information received revealed that the LTTE was very close to one of the biggest Mafia families in Sicily, known as the Greco family.

The LTTE chose Sicily for two reasons, firstly, their connection to the underworld and secondly, the ancient shipwreck laws which permitted a person rescued from a sinking ship to plead his cause and obtain a temporary resident permit. Many Tamils and Sinhalese, who came to Italy as economic refugees, were loaded on an old boat and taken near Sicily and the boat destroyed so that the people in the boat could swim or be rescued by the Coast Guard and brought under the ancient law as the old boat had been destroyed.

Enormous amounts were charged by the LTTE to arrange their papers. After the applications were processed, according to the connection they had in Italy, most of them were taken to Regio Emilia from the South to the North. From the time they land in Italy, they had to pay a huge ransom to the LTTE, who forced them to pay the money from their menial jobs they did as housemaids, caregivers and the men as laborers in plantations and factories. There was no reprieve for them from the LTTE. They were forced to participate in anti-government rallies and pay for the war effort in Sri Lanka. As I said, in my previous article, they were warned not to have any dealings with the Sri Lanka Embassy and not to interact with the Sinhalese.

One of the most important dates in the calendar of any foreign mission is the National Day of its country. Most missions, even those of countries with meagre resources, organise a grand National Day at a five star hotel. This is considered the barometer of the popularity of their mission and their country.

At most Sri Lankan Embassies, the Independence Day is a lacklustre event as they, due to financial and other constraints, hold the ceremony in the Embassy premises. In Rome, generally the 4th of February is the coldest day in the year and the Ceremony is held in the Embassy premises itself and the majority of participants are Sri Lankans in Rome.

The LTTE is also concerned with our National Day. Their main focus was to disrupt the National Day ceremony. One year, they attacked most of the Sri Lankan Embassies in Europe ad even destroyed the Embassy in Norway. It was customary for them to demonstrate a few yards away from the Embassy by hoisting black flags and having megaphones blaring, burning the Sri Lanka flag and hoisting the Tiger Flag to attract more media attention than the ongoing event in the Sri Lanka Embassy. I was determined to stop this LTTE scheme and prevent any demonstration being held anywhere near the Embassy.

The main propagandistic theme of the LTTE, which lured the governments of the West, was that they were striving to liberate their people from the tyranny of the Sinhala-Buddhist Army. They cleverly portrayed that the Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka were dominantly Catholics, and the Sri Lanka Sinhala-Buddhists were killing the Tamils. The Sinhala Buddhist government was not only engaged in a racial war but also a religious war. Most foreigners and even knowledgeable diplomatic officers believed the LTTE propaganda without questioning its veracity. Such was the hold the LTTE had on the West. Unlike the Sri Lankan missions abroad, the LTTE had unlimited amounts of money, which they lavishly used for bribery and corruption and even to intimidate and throw lavish parties for the media and buy them tickets to travel to Sri Lanka and write adverse reports about the country.

On the 15th of June 2006, the Kebithigollawa massacre took place. The gruesome photographs and video footage were mailed to us by the Foreign Ministry. I took them and the video and other media footage on the killing of Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle, where the severed head of the Minister was photographed. Those were pictures that would have aroused the emotions of even the most staid law enforcement officer. My first meeting with Dr. Antonio Borerelli, the Chief-of-Staff of the DIGOS (Secret Police) and Dr. Antonio Sbordone, Director of the Secret Police, was extremely fruitful in my mission to obtain the help of the Police to cripple the activities of the LTTE in Italy. I took with me the video clips and a power point presentation was made of the brutality of the LTTE in relation to the Kebithgollawa and other massacres. I knew that the Italians with their more than 3000 years of culture and civilization, which had been mainly instrumental in changing the entire West from a Feudal backward and barbaric society to its present civilized form and that rethinking and remaking of the Western culture and basic foundation of Civilization was laid by the Romans and the Italian women had a very important place in their qusai-matriarchal society. In their families the love they have towards their mother and the superior position the mother held in the family is remarkable, even for a person who came from a Sinhala-Buddhist background. The respect they have towards women is unbelievable and similarly, the protection of children and their rights was an inalienable right that is protected to the utmost.

Therefore, the Kebithigollawa massacre, with bodies of women and children mutilated by this horrendous act of terrorism, mellowed and melted the emotions of the most senior directors of the DIGOS. They told me that no liberation movement, with any norms, would kill women and children in this fashion. They agreed to appeal to their Government to establish a Special Unit at their Headquarters in Rome with three officers who would monitor the LTTE activities, not only in Italy but also in Europe.

*Hemantha Warnakulasuriya (President’s Counsel) was the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Italy

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    Jatika Katha by one and only truck mudalali.

    You must know when to call it a day. ;)

    The south is not the north- I mean Italy Mafioso is not France so it’s pointless

    Trying to bring the dead back to life- Je Ne Pas

    The French know better than the Mickey Spillane’s One Lonely Night.

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      I doubt if he needs to make up a story at this stage in his career. He is writing about his experiences. ‘Pambu’s activities in France are well documented. It is well know that the ‘Iyakkam’ did business with anyone who could further their cause. Mostly criminal networks. So did the IRA, so does Fatah and Hamas.

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        I know Hema more than your dream.
        Hey mate the Sinhala diaspora in Italy and Spain are very big. Sorry to say but most Tamils in both have been in and out of jail and become addicts- low life’s- enough said
        Give truth a chance you lose nothing.

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          I know Hema pretty well too. I used to join Morris Rajapakse and Lal Perera when they used to make fun of him insside the chambers. Can you remember any of the jokes?

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          sorry sorry, didn’t mean to engage with you. According to Mango your quite unwell. I wish you all the best in sorting out your issues.

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          This is old hat about LTTE terrorism! We must talk about State terrorism now in Sri Lanka.
          Today the only terrorism in town is STATE terrorism and the main terrorist is Gota the White van goon!
          The Chinese are helping him militarize the country to prevent his removal to the Hague for a War Crimes trail.
          The people should protest China which is trying to turn Lanka into Burma style military dictatorship.
          Gota the goon is wasting tax payers money that should be invested in health and education, on militarization to save his own skin!

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        Bedrock Barney: Quote:”According to Mango your quite unwell”.Can you remember any of the jokes?”

        Barney you are just another upstart behaving like and quoting another upstart; for one. I have observed him even before he passed out as a lawyer and I don’t need to discuss him or bring him down on this thread because I don’t wash dirty linen in public like you wannabe do with the many aliases nor do I have a bone to pick off him.

        You guys are pathetic and too poor for generations to have associated with me a boy of Cinnamon gardens long before him. Thank god I live in the west with 3 western nationalities because our enterprise is multinational for several decades and don’t need to think low of other human beings and be involved in the cast, religion race concoction.
        Keep on dreaming for you never reason with your twisted mind.
        Because you engaged like in your one night stands here don’t try me with your cocky pissu talk again please.I am a fully qualified industrial engineer who innovates (dont buy and sell) and not a Lotus eating parasite lawyer. Keep to the subject not what some breakaway ltte offshot from madakalpuva had to say.

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          How does a ‘educated cinammon gardens boy’, “living in the west with 3 nationalities(lol)’ not do something to improve his standard of English? Do you ever read what you write?

          Most who comment here are constructive, focusing on the article, on the vein of thought of the writer. Not you though.

          Shrill, incoherent and unaware of the concept of lucidity. That’s what you are. Targeting and I repeat, targeting people who’s opinions differ to yours. Reform yourself. When you present facts, the key thing to remember is context.

          How about a little class? huh?? Fully qualified MORON is more like it.

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          Bedrock the Bummer:Quote “How about a little class? huh?? Fully qualified MORON is more like it.” Unquote

          English is not the only language. Next I speak to my PC and let it upload. Generally folk who have nothing constructive to say discuss the grammar. It happens very often on Yahoo with Americans themselves on a very fast moving thread at times 20k within the day.
          You sound more of an offshot from the gutters biscuit buffoon so go sit on a box of razor blades puta madre.

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          WuliMORON English isn’t the only language. We all know that. This medium for this forum is English. Stick to the topic. It offshoot not offshot. Offshot is what you do with your Mamma. Get it Yokel!

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          BedrockBummer:Quote” Offshot is what you do with your Mamma. Get it Yokel!” Unquote
          As always it’s while I handle my work awaiting process response time on 8 screens that I do this poor man you.
          My input happens to be pure logic and numerical though I read and write several European languages. I speak to my 3D BOX. With eight DisplayPort sorry you need $50k for it-it’s my Porsche.Dual Intel® Xeon™ E5-2690 Series with eight cores per processor (16 in all); DDR3 1600 MHz 256 GB memory Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 multi-display Octal graphics card 2 GB of memory.
          So I dont put my fingers to correct anything like grammer but just upload- sorry, when a kid I saw star wars and thought I like that “computer do this do that etc from capt kirk.Good luck press officer the troll and I meant offshot because that is court language when you are born due to a one night stand. Ask hema and he should know. I know him and his wife or I would screw you poor sod who just belches and farts.Now go wash your socks pervert.

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          Wulibaby! angry again? Don’t ‘put your fingers’ to correct anything. Might be painful. ‘Use your finger’. That might help. When you were a kid and you saw Star Wars with Capt Kirk in it? Lol!!!! Then the alarm clock went off right.
          So you stole car and a computer, still you couldn’t steal a brain or an appointment with a shrink. It would be so much easier to respond if we knew what you blabbering about? Seriously? you gave the specs for your computer? Godayata Magic no?

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          WANTED: English Tuition for WuliMORON. Having only one head to communicate with 8 screens has rendered Wuli unable to communicate with humans. Currently reduced to uncontrolled outbursts of a mixture of C++ and English. Has difficulty processing information and presenting said information in lucid manner. To help save WULI from himself, please contribute to Wuli wenuwen Api fund!

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          Bedrock the Bummer:Quote “How about a little class? huh?? Fully qualified MORON is more like it.” Unquote
          Ha ha ha
          I give a toss what you animals with the begging bowl think. you got to lick our ASS every time all the time. yellow robed terrorist.Offshot I think its your mum.sinhalaya modaya kavun kana yodaya. amude is your national dress- period

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        BedrockBummer:Quote”Offshot is what you do with your Mamma. Get it Yokel!Unquote
        What does DPL stand for in Sinhala for Barney?

        Computer tells me! It’s definitely Deepan Pukka Lokkata – rajapakistan. ;)

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      Rajapaksa regime talks up terrorism in order to militarize Sri Lanka because they fear and want to prevent REGIME CHANGE. This is the bottom line.
      There is ABSOLUTELY NO LTTE terror threat in Lanka at this time and they are asking tourists to go there, but they need to justify the militarization which is to keep the murderous Rajapakse brothers by cultivating a culture of fear and intimidation and violence.
      The culture of violence and harrassment of those who question it is used against the south now and most recently the CJ and prisoners at Welikada..

    • 0

      Another bootlicker of this corrupt regime indulging in some self advertising. Man, get a life.

  • 0

    Hemantha is a criminal lawyer defending murderers, rapist, rogues/thieves, and other criminals. He LIES for his living and is doing the same job in this ridiculous articles..

    There is NO truth in his wild accusations against the Tamils who have in limited numbers arrived in Italy for the past 30 years running from the STATE TERRORIST. But there are more Sinhalese asylum seekers in Italy than any other country and General Fonseka had the biggest number of supporters in Southern Italy.

    There is not even an Iota of evidence that LTTE as an organization was involved in drugs. If so KP must have been involved, and why not charge him or extract the information. Hemantha, The LYING criminal attorney can file his complaints with full details what he has collected for 3-4 years in Italy, against the LTTE Tamils, with the CID and the Attorney Generals dept. which can be then vetted by any attorney in SL as well as the journalist..

    Why did Hemantha wait until end of 2012 to publish this rubbish, when the LTTE died in May 2009..

    The Paris incident might fuel GOSL claims that LTTE is alive and well in Europe. But that guy was in jail for 3 years and got out of jail recently, when he was murdered for whatever reason by some rival groups or GOSL connected agents. That needs to be investigated by the French Police.

    Meanwhile, out of 1 Million diaspora Tamils, 1 Tamil has got murdered in 4 years… GOSL is trying to make a mountain of a mole hill, when over half a million are homeless, and 1 million Tamil refugees are suffering in Sri Lanka thanks to the Rajapakses, and their LIES..

    Absolute Rubbish from Hemantha, I repeat.. What a disgrace.. He wants to be in the news and in the good books of the Rajapakses….

    • 0

      “1 million Tamil refugees are suffering in Sri Lanka thanks to the Rajapakses,”
      so u take no responsibility as a diaspora tamil? The LTTE is not responsible for tamils suffereing? And the ones who funded the war in the diaspora are not responsible?

    • 0

      Dear Donald,
      You’re seriously claiming that “There is not even an Iota of evidence that LTTE as an organization was involved in drugs.” Ha ha ha.. This proves that you’re a 100% genuine, real Sri Lankan, down to your toenails, because you’re such an incorrigible liar. :) :)

      Iota ONE from the USA
      “Rudra [LTTE operative] was coming to the end of a five-year prison term imposed for storing two kilograms of heroin in a suitcase at his home on Staten Island as part of a drug-smuggling operation organized by the Tamil Tigers to raise money.”

      Iota TWOEven the Canadians managed to convict an LTTE operator of drug smuggling!
      “While in Canada, Pushpanathan was convicted of conspiracy to traffic heroine along with five other Tamils and served over two years in a federal penitentiary.”

      Pushpanathan was excluded from refugee protection on the basis of his involvement in crimes against humanity and terrorist activities associated with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.


      I’ve said it before. Stop wasting your time in the US. The Sri Lankan parliament and people need a man of your talents. The country awaits your triumphant return.

    • 0

      Donald:Quote”Absolute Rubbish from Hemantha, I repeat.. What a disgrace.. He wants to be in the news and in the good books of the Rajapakses….” Unquote You are right once again. So you see my statement to call it a day because he has got it all Lovely chalet at Kynsey Road kids married etc. It’s better for him to be like Emperor Asoka and stop! Rajapakistan does not want him anymore and thats the style of the tyrant and this guy wants to be greater than him in organising hunting humans for the sake of a new position which he just wont get.

      It was very ludicrous for him to have set a figure of 15,000 Tamils. The Tamils used Italy as a transit point to either get over to northern Europe or Canada where their relatives lived and during that long sojourn some fell into taking drugs etc because of the long waits and ended up in jail and addicted.
      There have been a large number of North Indian and Pakistani criminals masquerading as Tamils from Sri Lanka and applied for political asylum in Spain and Italy saying that the LTTE destroyed their family and that they spoke only English- neither Spain nor Italy have had intense cultural links with Sri Lanka to have understood and believed the acting. So very many of them have received political asylum and may be running with a UN passport still and involving in the poppy trade. Some have gone to jail and come out.
      The Sinhala Diaspora along with the Muslims in Italy and Spain are mainly housemaids and houseboys who applied for residency first and nationality later the reason being their applications for asylum would not be accepted and in any case Spain preferred to award asylum to the South Americans because of cultural links and it’s been the same with Italy. As usual the Muslims have been involved in the drugs and been to jail subsequently with the experience become millioner’s.
      Especially UK and Germany, have been pumping billions to Italy and Spain to stop the trafficking of drugs and refugees but the two Italy and Spain have been pocketing the money to the anger of the northern Europeans- Head of Guardia civil was sentenced when Jose Maria Aznar P.P (right wing) came to power.

  • 0

    LTTE violence was unacceptable. But what about the structural violence of the last 64+ yrs continuing unabated up to today. LLRC was told that Tamils are in prison without charges for up to 15/20 yrs right now.
    What about so many massacres by state armed forces? Welikade 1983? Bindunuwewa 2000? What about the racial riots?
    What about the last 41 months?

    What about the refusal of President Rajapakse to publish the 15 reports in:

    What about the refusal of the Presdent to investigate murders – Judge Udalagama offered to continue the investigations but why was his Commission aborted when the LTTE was wiped out? His Commission finished six of the chosen 16 cases out of hundreds of murders that took place at that time? The leader of a country refusing to investigate murders is less murderous than the LTTE?????

    Refusing to let aid agents reach the IDPs in the Menik Farm camps and now in the cleared jungles where they are dumped? Not letting the IDPs return to their original coastal villages but selling them off to tourist businesses or settling Sinhala fishermen from the South? ICRC has been ordered out of the East and the North when there was a need for them?
    NOT holding the NP elections while the military rules the North?

    PLEASE look into these:


  • 0

    While the Tamils have not been served justice by the Sri Lankan Judiciary for 5/6 decades, Sri Lankan Ambassador gets Italian Intelligence to get at LTTE? Sri Lankan embassies have the ”sovereignty” to reach the international community and the Ambassadors lie to the guests or intergovernmental organisations or Sri Lankan Ministers lie at the UN:


    The whole story would have been totally different had Sri Lanka been a landmass attached to the landmass of one or more countries. Tamils would have moved out of Sri Lanka enmasse over land borders in 50s/60s – water border and SriLankan Navy wouldn’t have been in the way.

  • 0

    Bullshit.Rubbish. Presidents counsel.My foot

  • 0

    Yes, this is the windbag who first opposed Sarath Silva and then after he was put in a tight corner when he abused a lady lawyer in filth, came crying to Silva who saved him! After that, this Hemantha was a ardent supporter of Silva!

    Does he think that everyone in SL are idiots not to know this?

    Now he supports MR and writes rubbish about his days as an ‘Ambassador’

    Oh to what depths Sri Lanka has fallen! If Kadirgamar and Kanekeratne were around, to see the depth of these ‘ambassadors’ now.

  • 0

    Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Italy.

    Your article is well written with your experience in Italy.

    We appreciate your tireless job in Italy.

    At the same time we have few questions to you.

    (1) Today, especially in November 2012, what made you to write this article? Why not before?

    Does this is to justify the killing of Nadarajah Mathinthiran alias Parithi, which was carried out by the Sri Lanka’s military intelligence in Paris.

    (2) You very well highlighted the Tamil population (15,000) in Italy.

    Do you know the Sinhalese population in Italy?

    If not it is nearly 100,000. why?

    Here you are talking about only LTTE activities in Italy, but not about the JVP activities. JVP activities is more powerful than the LTTE in Italy. The JVP activities are in the Capital Rome itself.

    (3) If it was said by the propagandists that, Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka were dominantly Catholics, was this accepted by the Italians?

    Do you know that Vatican which is for Catholics is in Rome in Italy? Being a President Council, you should not make any such technical mistakes.

    Of course the war in Sri Lanka was a racial one. There is no doubt about it.

    There are thousands prove to it. Racist policies of the Sri Lankan government, especially President Rajapaksa and his gang still continues.

    (4) You say ONE YEAR, LTTE attacked most of the Sri Lankan Embassies in Europe! If this not an exaggeration, can you be specific of the year and month? Otherwise, your article will prove that it was written to justify the killing of Nadarajah Mathinthiran alias Parithi in Paris.

    FYI – the Military officials in the Sri Lankan embassy in Paris destroyed the Sri Lankan Flag outside the embassy in September 2007, and made a complaint to the French police saying that LTTE destroyed the Sri Lankan Flag at their embassy.

    Do you know the outcome of this complaint?

    It was proved by the French police that, it was the work of somebody within the embassy. The French police had found the truth via CCTV camera working down the same road.

    (5) Sorry one more point.

    Is it true that, you were very close to Sonia Gandhi’s relations in Italy? We have seen Rajapaksa frequently visiting Italy. Later we came to know that Rajapaksa visited Sonia Gandhi’s relations several time, to influence Sonia Gandhi through her family relative. This is to gain the support of Sonia Gandhi, for Rajapaksa’s war against the LTTE?

    Is it true you paid and spent huge amount of money and diamonds, to Sonia Gandhis’s relations in Italy? This is the reasons, you say in your article that, Sri Lankan Independence Day is a lacklustre event as they, due to financial and other constraints!! You were Ambassador who dealth with billions is a secret.

    Your article is a good effort to tarnish the name of the LTTE. It is so obvious that it was written on a request, either by President Rajapaksa or his brother Gotabaya. Good choic but, badly presented.

    We know that they are in a desperate situation, especially presently in France.

    Being a President Council, do you believe that writing about LTTE is going to help you all, justifying the assassination carried out by the Sri Lankan military intelligence in Paris? You should have been more cleaver.

    Don’t worry French Police working on this matter.Wait for few more days.

  • 0

    Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Italy, President(ial) council, Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, now it is your turn.

    You have come out strongly about the LTTE and the Tamil propagandists, especially Italy, if you are honest to your heart, do answer those questions.

    If Rajapaksas fails to pay you, we will do?

    Do you know the latest about the investigation in Paris.

    As Dilan said, wait for few more hours, days but not years like your dictotorial government and security forces in Sri Lanka.

    Be prepared to hear what the French police is going to disclose.

    You can’t bribe the police like you have bribed Sonia Gandhi’s relatives in Italy.

  • 0

    Its shame on you President’s Council

    In which Law school you studied that because LTTE has done all these, they can ben killed in Paris by the SL intelligence service?

    How you manage to become the President’s council?

    Your writing so transparent that you were trying justified the killing what took place in Paris.

    Did Dayan Jayatilake asked you to write this.

    It may work in SL but not in western countries.

    If possible prepare yourself to come to France to defend you clients.

  • 0

    Mhhhh….. I’m puzzled:

    ‘’The speech delivered by Mr. George R. Willy P.C., at the reception hosted by the Sri Lankans in Houston, to welcome President Mahinda Rajapaksa, comes closest to one who believes the ultimate ‘Nirvana’, for the long suffering people in Sri Lanka, of whatever ethnicity they belong to, are mainly and solely dependent upon national reconciliation. …. The thunderous applause that reverberated across the length and breadth of the hall continued nonstop and would have been heard in the high heavens. It would have rudely awakened the mocking birds sleeping in their nests. The words were loud and clear’’ – Hemantha Warnakulasuriya, Recalling the Speech made in Houston by George Willy before President Rajapaksa, 16 July 2012, [Edited out]

  • 0

    Hemantha Warnakulasuriya,

    why don’t you consult a good specialist at IDH, Angodai hospital.

    • 0

      Rajapakses are too powerful for anybody to resist.

      Hemantha has let the cat out of the bag:

      Look at what he wrote 2 days before the Paris assassination and 5 days after the assassination.

      The investigation into the assassination should cosider this too – would be helpful in the investigation – someone should notify the investigators.

  • 0

    mmmmhh…. …….

    “I Silently Ponder in my Prayers Whether We Have Cheated Them (Tamils) Again? 6 November 2012, ://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/12168

    • 0

      The greatest Ceylonese Leader was Sir Ponambalam Ramanathan, 25 June 2012, ://dbsjeyaraj.com/dbsj/archives/7472

      Certainly the Rajapakses would have set about working out how to ”convert” Hemantha.

  • 0

    The difference between Dr? Mervin Silva and you is: he is uneducated
    whereas you have some education.
    I pity you!

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