27 June, 2022


‘Machang’, ‘Dasa Raja Dharma’ And The ‘Shape Niyaya’

By Charitha Ratwatte –

Charitha Ratwatte

A newspaper quoted the President, speaking at a function of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, as follows: “I want to say something about today’s situation as well since it was mentioned earlier. People may misunderstand, the Chairman of the National Savings Bank (Pradeep Kariyawasam, husband of the Chief Justice) was appointed by us. We appointed the Chief Justice. There were allegations against the Chairman (NSB) that they bought shares at a higher value. It was making headlines every day. I called P.B. Jayasundera (Treasury Secretary) and the relevant people. I told them we will get the money back and managed to shape the matter. That’s the way things are done for our people. So we managed to shape the matter.”

Strangely, things have now become dramatically and drastically ‘un-shaped’! Kariyawasam has been charged with causing loss to a State institution by the Commission for the Eradication of Bribery or Corruption. This is well within the role of a righteous State which is pursuing the norms of good governance and the Dasa Raja Dharma and is to be welcomed.

A process has also begun to impeach the Chief Justice. The latter process has become rather confused by allegations that the principles of natural justice have been grossly violated in the case of the Chief Justice and some constituent parties to the Government, even a former Prime Minister, advising caution and a rethink of the fundamental issues, advising that the Government takes a step back and reconsider the whole process.

These bodies may attract some attention from the powers that be, rather than the other civil society and international organisations and countries which have expressed negative opinions. These include the Maha Nayaka Theras and other religious leaders, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, the organisation representing the country’s Judges, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the Organisation of Professional Associations and many, many others. Further the confusion has been confounded by reports of a sort of plea bargain offered to the parties concerned by the powers that be!

‘Shape Niyaya’

It would be useful at this stage, to consider what exactly is meant by the word ‘shape’ in this context. The dictionary meaning is ‘to mould or make into a particular form; to give shape to, to figure; to devise; to assume a form or definite pattern, form figure, outline, pattern, mould, condition.’
This dictionary definition does not reflect adequately what was meant by saying that, in effect ‘things are shaped for our people’. There is a concept called ‘shape niyaya,’ which can accurately described as one known uniquely to the hybrid language that is described as ‘Singlish’ – a potent mixture of English, Sinhala and Tamil slang. One of the most popular Singlish slang is the word ‘Machang,’ now a name for a brand of liquor bars!

A ‘niyaya’ in Sinhala is a doctrine, policy or principle. ‘Shape Niyaya’ is a policy which involves taking the line of least resistance, and resolving a matter in dispute, without causing harm to any party involved in the transaction, though the law may be grossly violated, in the best interests of political expediency and survival, ignoring the prevailing lawful procedure or the best practice usually adopted in such a situation. In this case, the stated aim of ‘shaping’ the matters referred to, seem to have come unstuck, and a prosecution and an impeachment set in train. The ‘Shape Niyaya’ is a violation of the concept of equality before the law, which is one of the Fundamental Rights protected under our Constitution.

Former Chief Justice S. Sharvananda, in his masterly Commentary on Fundamental Rights in Sri Lanka says: “Equality before the law, including equal protection by the law, means the right to equal treatment of persons in similar circumstances, both in the privileges conferred and in the liabilities imposed by the law. There should be no discrimination between one person and another if as regards the subject matter of legislation or state action, their position is the same. Equal protection guarantees protection from both legislative and executive tyranny by way of discrimination. This guarantee of equality is directed against arbitrary discrimination. It aims at equal treatment of equals and the right to equal treatment in equal circumstances. The law forbids discrimination between persons who are substantially in similar circumstances or conditions.”

In the case we are considering a person who is accused of causing loss to the State must be prosecuted under the law, similar to all others who have similarly accused; there can be no question of ‘shaping’ anything and not prosecuting. Or even the Attorney General, later after a prosecution has been filed, entering a ‘Nolle Prosequi’ and saying that he does not intend to proceed with the prosecution on some frivolous grounds. Of course if there are serious grounds for not proceeding, it is different, but this must be established to the satisfaction of the Court.

In the same way, where a Chief Justice is accused of behaving in a manner which will justify impeachment and removal from office, things cannot be ‘shaped,’ lawful steps to impeach must be taken.

This has been attempted twice before in this country. The first time, the procedure dragged on until the Judge reached the age of retirement. In the second the Judge was saved by Parliament being prorogued. This third attempt has been prejudiced by allegations of fundamental violations of due process and boorish and un-parliamentary behaviour. So the proclaimed ‘shaping’ process described so eloquently to the Chartered Accountants – “the way things are done for our people” – has been sunk, with all hands on deck!

But there are suggestions that, a sort of lawful ‘shaping’ be done by proroguing Parliament and putting a stop to the presently-flawed process. There is a precedent for this. But the bottom line is that notwithstanding the proclamation of ‘shaping,’ the equal treatment required by the law of persons in similar circumstances has been adhered to, in the two situations, so far. There is also the news of some sort of plea bargaining going on.

Curse of our populist democracy

This concept of ‘shaping’ things for our people is the curse of our populist democracy. A multi party political system has resulted, in the political party, which rules, having to satisfy, people who supported them to get into power. This has resulted in some horrendously square pegs being appointed to round holes, solely on the merit of their political affiliation and not on any ability or suitability for the job.

The worthy who is the subject of the first part of the attempted ‘shaping’ referred to here was earlier running a State-owned insurance company, before being appointed as the non-executive chairman of the State savings bank, of which the Government guarantees the depositors’ money.
These are areas of specialised knowledge and expertise. The responsibility is onerous, so much so that the law requires that the financial regulator has to sign off – less said of that the better! A cavalier attitude, of ‘shaping’ – “that’s the way we do things for our people” – has resulted in ‘our people’ appointed to various posts running riot with public assets.

The reports of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) of Parliament are full of the various misdemeanours of these political appointees. Even now, when these Committees of Parliament are chaired by ‘our people,’ not Opposition Members of Parliament, as was the custom.

Time was when the full time professional executives of public institutions used to act as a limitation on attempted abuses by political appointees. But of late standards in the public service have dropped so low, that even this constraint sometimes does not apply. This is reflected, in the fact that in the NSB case, only the former ‘our person’ who was non-executive chairman is charged in the Magistrate’s Court, and not any of the executives of the NSB, who would have necessarily have to sign off on a transaction of that magnitude, the authority, approval and certification required by due process being complied with in any transaction.

The undeniable implication is that the politically-appointed non-executive chairman ‘our person’ ran the State financial savings institution, handling depositors’ money, as his personal pocket borough. As the saying goes in Singlish, “My car, my petrol!” The fact that at least one of the sellers in the impugned transaction is also supposed to be an ‘our person’ adds fuel to the fire!
Throughout the recent history of our land, if there was a State institution – financial, service, manufacturing, utility supplier, regulatory, sports controlling body or whatever – in which the PAC or COPE reports misdemeanours, you can be sure that it has been headed by one ‘our people,’ sans experience, sans suitability, sans qualification, sans knowledge, sans brains, sans ability, sans honesty, and secure in the knowledge that he is ‘our man,’ has impunity, and will be protected, whatever mischief he gets into, whatever the taxpayer’s losses. It seems that the equation collapses only when the protection quid pro quo is taken away, and ‘our man’s’ spouse is holding an office using which vengeance can be visited on those who call the political shots!


Lesson from this episode

If there is one lesson to be drawn from this whole sorry episode, it is that we cannot, in the interest of good governance, continue to allow this sad and sorry situation to continue. It has to be noted that there are institutional checks and balances in place, which plainly are not working.
There is a Parliamentary Committee on appointments to high offices, which meets and interviews nominees proposed by the government for high posts, such as secretaries to ministries, ambassadors and heads of statutory agencies. But rarely is it reported that this committee has found that any nominee is not suitable.

An unverified anecdote from another scenario is useful to shed some light how useless such committees can be. It is said that there was a nomination made for an ambassador’s post, which the opposition members of the committee clearly expressed their reservations and indicated that they would question the nominee at the committee hearing on some serious allegations against him, on some of his acts while he held a public office from which he had retired prematurely.
The committee met a week before the sitting for which the nominee who the opposition representatives intended to challenge, to consider another nominee – say Mr. A. Let’s call the nominee who was to be challenged by the opposition as Mr. B. As Mr. A, a retired senior public servant, was not a controversial case, the opposition members of the committee did not attend the sitting at which Mr. A’s nomination was taken up. The government members of the committee, seeing an opportunity, after dealing with Mr. A’s case very expeditiously, telephoned Mr. B., summoned him to the committee meeting, and approved his nomination, taking advantage of the absence of the opposition members. This was done notwithstanding the fact that Mr. B’s nomination was not even on the agenda for that meeting of the committee!

When the committee met the following week, and the opposition members asked why Mr. B was not present, they were told that Mr. B had been approved last week, in their absence! This is the kind of puerile behaviour it is rumoured that people indulge in! With such a model, how can one stop unqualified, even criminal ‘our people’ being appointed to high posts?! Mr. B, it is said, duly took up his diplomatic post and later settled down in the country he was posted to as a migrant.

Remedying the situation

One way of remedying this situation would be to give the Committee which vets nominees for high posts some meaningful power and autonomy. There should be an independent secretariat to support the committee. The chair should be from the ‘real’ opposition.
Presently a paper notice is placed giving the names of the nominees, the posts and stating that the nomination will be considered on a given date, the public is invited to present their view on the nominees. This process can be strengthened. Officers from the Police Department, the Attorney General’s Department, the Auditor General’s Department, and the Commission for the Eradication of Bribery and Corruption should be attached to the committee’s secretariat so that complaints made by the public or concerns of Members of Parliament on the suitability of the nominee can be inquired into.

The sittings of the committee should be held in public. The model should be the committees of the American House of Representatives and the Senate which examines the suitability of nominees of the president for high posts. The sittings are televised. Some potential nominees withdraw themselves from possible nomination, where it is made clear by Congressman or Senators and that they would oppose their nomination.

This happened recently when the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, withdrew herself from possible nomination to succeed Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State, due to Congressmen and Senators making it clear that they had reservations on her behavior on the handling of the terrorist attack on the US Consulate at Benghazi Libya, where a serving US Ambassador was killed. This shows the transparency of the system. You simply don’t smuggle a nominee past the committee on a day when the opposition members are not present! It is the only way to ensure that the taxpaying voters are served by good women and men in public office.

Another possible safeguard may be to have a credentials committee of three senior public officers, say – the Secretary Finance, the Secretary to the President and the Secretary to the Prime Minister – who could forward to the Parliamentary Committee on Appointments to High Office a personal report on the suitability of the candidate, to give an alternative opinion to what the Secretariat to the Parliamentary Committee provides.

If, for example, to take an extreme hypothetical case, far from reality, if the prime minister of the day is able to convince the three senior public officers that his future fundamental human and matrimonial rights will be jeopardised if the spouse’s sister/brother is not appointed to some high post, the three officers, in their infinite wisdom, if they agree, may even on sympathetic grounds, report this to the Parliamentary Committee, who I hasten to add, will not be bound to go along with this recipe for marital bliss at the highest level, whatever the consequences to the national wellbeing!

Recipe for disaster

Absurd examples help to bring out the absolute absurdity. The present system we have in Sri Lanka, where public office is a reward for political loyalty, whatever the competence, stinks, and has been proved to be a recipe for disaster. On top of this, when the misdeeds of miscreants are ‘shaped up’ because the crook and others to the transaction are ‘our people,’ the nation is in real trouble, as we are in at present.

Watching a nominee of the President of the United States of America, literally ‘getting the works’ (Singlish again) from the Senate Judiciary Committee, is a treat for anyone who prays for a robust, transparent democratic system of governance.

The nominees, earlier opinions, views expressed in articles and speeches, the fact that an immigrant maid working for the nominee was an illegal immigrant, who did not have a social security benefits, are all ‘grist for the mill’! One can appreciate the yearning of those misgoverned by so called dynasties, for this type of democratic, transparent good governance, with adherence to the Dasa Raja Dharma.

Until that day dawns, we are condemned to suffer the ‘shape niyaya’ culture and having to tolerate the ‘shaping up’ of the misdemeanours of ‘our people’ who, as the rather crude but erudite and pithy, Singlish saying goes:, “do not have a qualification to even scratch their collective backsides with,” misbehaving in high posts in Government and getting away with the equivalent of criminal blue murder, in broad daylight! What a tragedy!

Readers would have read about the horrific gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old girl in a moving bus in Delhi. Politicians across the spectrum in India have condemned the incident and promised quick justice. Public outrage has spurred a tsunami of demonstrations. Imagine what the reaction would be if Sonia Gandhi now declares that the murder and rape gang leader Ram Singh, is “‘our man,’ so I am going to ‘shape it up’”. Can you even imagine such a thing happening? Can you imagine the consequences?

Would it be similar to the murder of British National Khuram Sheikh and assault of his fiancé Russian National Viktoria Aleksondrova, on Christmas Eve 2011 at a tourist hotel in Tangalle? Will Ram Singh be also out on bail presiding over a local government authority in one year’s time? That would be a horrendous shame on India.

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    This statement has wider legal implications when it reaches the Appeal Courts.
    Any comments on this statement and its legal ramifications. Will the Layers quote this in their submissions to courts.

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      Time has come to challenge the “shape” culture which is another name for corruption enabled by the double dictators of Lanka – Mahinda Rajapassa and Ranil Wickramasinghe who support each other and have collaborated to create the bloody awful mess in governance we see today, also by claiming that a parliament pf morons, criminals, clown, goons and fools is supreme and other such rubbish..

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    Sorry about my spelling. sent again.
    This statement of President has wider legal implications when the case reaches the Appeal Courts.
    Any comments on this statement? It has wider legal ramifications. Will the Defence Lawyers quote this in their submissions to courts.

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    This is the essence of what is troubling the nation delivered from the horses mouth. The Ape Miniha syndrome AKA the Raja Paksha. Implying that they are eligible for special treatment whereas the common dregs of society, the Janathawa, do not qualify for shit. This is not simply boorish behaviour but criminality in civilized garb.

    After all it is these Janthawa vote for and pocket out the money to feed the elite circle of Raja Paksha and Ape Minissu. However they lack the inherent qualifications to be included in the elite circle viz. they need to be corrupt, they need to be minus a conscience, they must not be intelligent enough to pose a threat to the Raja Powla etc. They are the ones who need to be taxed, milked and mortgaged to the IMF to sustain the Raja Powla and Ape Minissu.

    Then there are the people who are not Ape Minissu nor are they the Janathawa. These are the ones who oppose and dissent. These are the Raja Drohi types. These are the people who are shot dead in broad daylight; court martialed, hounded, jailed and stripped of civic rights and honours; impeached, ridiculed and hounded out of office. Their chief attribute is that they are educated enough to question the doings of the Raja Powla and Ape Minissu. So they need to be rehabilitated, discarded, cornered, banished or failing all these terminated.

    • 0

      That is a masterly summation of the Sri Lankan reality and what needs to be done about it!

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    Charitha, please join the LANKA SPRING – the People’s March on 10th January to save democracy in Lanka! Please ask you family and friends and networks to join too. COLOMBO TELEGRAPH PLEASE GIVE WIDE PUBLICITY TO THIS CALL TO ARMS AGAINST DICTATORSHIP, below:-
    The Lawyers Collective has requested all those who value and uphold democracy to join hands to demonstrate, even at the eleventh hour, to take all peaceful steps to stop the unlawful impeachment against the Chief Justice.
    We remind all Sri Lankans that this is the first time ever that a Supreme Court decision is deliberately violated by the Executive and Parliament, indicating the level to which democracy has deteriorated in our country.
    We invite individuals, political parties, trade unions and civil society to join us for the People’s March on 10th January at 10 am commencing from the Superior Courts Complex. Your participation will make the national and international community realise that the public do not approve the government’s decision to ignore the Supreme Court judgement.

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    “That’s the way things are done for our people.



  • 0

    Spot on on the Shape Culture!
    Good ideas, and suggestions, but the rot starts at the top. Take Basil the uneducated LA petrol pump syblling of Mahinda Rajapassa who has not got a basic degree and knows nothing about sustainable human development or Economics, who is shaping the economy so the that Rajapassa Family can loot the Lankan people and strip public institutions of their assets, land grab etc;
    The Rajapakse shape culture is secured by militarization to ensure regime impunity, it is hence that the JUDICIARY is the ONLY and LAST defense against the Rajapassa dictatorship..

  • 0

    These are all fine words, on our computer screens, from Mr. R, and no one can find fault with them. He, however, had been an “insider” and been privy to lot more “shaping” and covering up, from about ’77, including one key event in which about 4 yrs or so before being allowed to go scot-free from some post tsunami “helping….” the same person (in then parliamentary opposition) was prevented from being arrested on charges related to a murder by the then PM (for political reasons), to whom Mr. R happened to have been in his inner circle.

    This is not to say, pointing out mega mistakes by this regime shouldn’t be done.

    As far as I remember, “principle is better then preaching” was among the quotations on the Reid Avenue College Assembly Hall.

  • 0

    The “Mr B” in above narrative is Jaliya Wickremasooriys, our ambassador to USA.
    His appointment via the ‘back door maneuver’ described above was headlined as a “diplomatic disaster” by a sunday paper which now ‘shapes’ news for the MR regime.
    He pays enormous sums to write up ‘reports’ to private firms as he cannot do the job.
    Does the ‘Committee on High Posts” exist?

    • 0

      I think Mr. B’s name starts with B, but he is not domiciled in the country where he went as High Commissioner. He does not do such “Baala veda” (බාල වැඩ)and therefore he stays in CBO! I think I am right Mr. Ratwatte?

  • 0

    sorry about some corrections….

    (for political reasons) and Mr. R happened to have been in this PM’s inner circle.

    This is not to say, pointing out mega mistakes by this regime shouldn’t be done.

    As far as I remember, “principle is better then precept” was among the quotations on the Reid Avenue College Assembly Hall.

  • 0

    Charitha, thank you for your relentless efforts in highlighting gross misdemeanours of these Corrupt individuals in society, posing as Honest Intelligent and Cultured, when in fact they are the Scum in society. It is not that they do not understand the Gentlemenly manner how you all conducted yourself when in power without abusing the Constitution for your advantage. It is for that reason alone that today you can stand up clean and call a spade a spade. The sad part is there is a section who are blind and unable to see reality, hence the whole society suffers.

  • 0

    H.E.is doing things/shaping matters in a democratic way for the world
    to see and as always, all his subjects (appe minusu) are fools,
    including the I/C – who dare not make any utterances. All are internal
    matters as far as H.E. is concerned.
    The basis for total “democratic-dictatorship” is the goal. H.E. does it
    one step better than V.P. so much so R.W. is lost for speech.
    Having killed 40,000 +/- of its citizens in 4 months, the opportunity to control the whole Island with iron fists will never be missed, come 10th
    or 11th Jany.!!

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    As stated by Don Stanley ,this is the first time that a Supreme Court
    Decision is deliberately violated by the Executive and Parliament.
    The rot in the Executive is Mahinda,[a lawyer who does not respect the Law]and rot in Parliament is Chamal [a policeman?]who thinks he knows the Law !
    Both “uneducated and uncultered “are destroying our democracy.Basil the uneducated petrol pump attendant is busy targeting the wealth of our country while Gota [equally of a similar status]stands with his goons to finish off any opposition to the enrichment and protection of a family rule.
    This is the mega plan of the power hungry Rajapasses “now playing”and the purported “war victory”claimed by them in “Gota’s war” and attempted robbery of Tsunami Funds in “Helping Hambantota ” to make Sri Lanka their kingdom. Its a tragedy that a brood of misguided politicians who comprise the ” 2/3″ are helping them.
    The Judiciary is our last defense and only salvation.
    Patriots of Sr Lanka must join the People’s march,and also help in any international action which will take away the impunity under which the Rajapasses and their cohorts operate, to save our country and our future.

  • 0

    When Scooter Libby, additional secretary to then Vice President Dick Cheney was charged and convicted of gross misdemeanors and corruption by the US Supreme Court, the then President George Dubya Bush, invoking his executive powers pardoned Libby. Hence he escaped jail and any pecuniary indictments aginst him. Loyalty to the neo-conservative US administration at the time was regarded as adequate grounds for the above decision…

    • 0

      Lasantha Pethiyagoda:
      What you are suggesting is that Sri Lanka adopt the “Dubya Bush mode of governance,” right?
      In lieu of Iraq and Afghanistan, whom do we invade and slaughter? The Muslims and Tamils (again) perhaps?
      Come off it, man. Stop justifying the monumental corruption of the Rajapassas!

    • 0

      Lasantha P – what is the point you are attempting to make? Is it to justify MR’s ‘shape things for his friends’ philosophy based on Bush’s decision to pardon Libby? Are you condoning MR’s behaviour? Did you watch the video footage of his address to the Chartered Accountants? Was that how you think Presidents should speak or behave?

  • 0

    Chari, another meaning to the word “Shape Karanawa” is to “Cover-up.” It also gives the meaning “Protect.”
    Thanks for your fine analysis.

  • 0

    Dear Charitha

    While appreciating your thoughts on the cancer we have, could you please enlighten me you held quite a lot positions in previous governments.
    Did you have to fill an application form?
    Were you short listed from a list of suitable candidates?

    I am not trying to kill the messenger here.
    It is true that suitable positons should be given to suitable persons, But even that should follow the standard interviews where candidates are evaluated against one another on merit basis.

    If we clean up the process, We have a extremely long way to go.

    • 0

      The question for the Charitha Ratwattes and all those beneficiaries of the (interchangeable) UNP and MARA regimes is, what did YOU do when you had the levers of power in your hands and what do you intend DOING now when the country is in dire peril?

      • 0

        What happened in the past is not that relevant. If we continue what was happening in the past we never move a step forward. Look at the future. How should we want it to go? I want rule of law for this country. I want to see the best people get the most critical jobs. What ever the government in power and whoever who is going to come to power we need to ask all of them to follow those good governance principal. That is how we should approach to solve what country is now confronting. It is pity that always past is brought forward to defend what is happening now. We will never get out of the rut if we continue to do so.

  • 0

    This sort of casual attitude of president result in casual result to the country. This was only one incident and how many of them wiped without leaking to public. Some people call him as a King.. Yes absolutely correct!

  • 0

    This PEOPLES’ MARCH please tell us more about it ? What is going to happen that is different from all the protest marches that have been held in the past ?

    You march until you are hit by water cannons and then you run !

    Have a concrete plan to continue this protest until the Government is forced to take some remidial action.

    (1) Follow it up with a civil disobedience campaign.

    (2) Don’t pay rates and taxes .

    (3) Boycott all Petroleom corporation sheds until they are bankrupt.

    (4) Find alternate ways of powering your households and dont pay electricity bills.

    (5) Ditto for water.

    Surely if a large percentage of the populace does some of these things the Government which is cash strapped will be brought to its’ knees ?

    • 0

      Hey Don Q – good question and sound advice. Guess all that tilting at windmills taught you a lesson or two, huh?! Let’s hope there will be more to it than just the march.

    • 0

      6)Also work with diaspora community to protest in those countries where Sri Lankan Embasies are situated.

      7) Work with foreign governments on Trave Ban to all our Govt. Ministers and Dept. Heads.

      8) Work on to Stop 2013 CHOGM in Sri Lanka.

      9) Work on for a Parippu Drop to President’s house.

      10) Sabotage Tourism industry.

      11) Daily strikes and work stoppages.

      12) Disrupt Public and Rail transport.

      13) Sudden fires

      14) Sathyagrahas with death threats

      15)Trade …..Import and export boycott.

      16) Propose Sri9 Lanka Govt. as UN , CW and Asian Pariah state.

      17)Protest for salary Hikes….and human rights.

      18) Contact with Arab Spring…..

      19) Penetrate insider Intelligence.

      20) Call for International Intervention…..

      21) Intervention from Divine Almighty….

    • 0

      As Don Quixote says, some concrete measures are necessary to get any response from this thick skinned and thick headed regime. But the March is important. Let it be the beginning of a campaign of civil disobedience. The organisers should give serious thought to the idea.

  • 0

    May be the Sinhala expression ‘shape’ is deriving from safe;to make it safe or play safe.
    Still your argument is valid.

  • 0

    The NSB which was an unheard of Bank in the 1990s was advanced to a 5 star Bank mainly due to the untiring efforts of it’s past president late Cyril Herath.Mr.Narangoda and another gentleman whose name I have forgotten.The combined effort of these three gentleman saw the magnificent development of the NSB.The sole credit for appointing late Cyril Herath who had an impeccable reputation for honesty while being in the Police should go to President Kumarathunga.Like wise she appointed Prof Harendra Silva to the National Child Protection Authority and built it up to international standards.She believed in professionals to perform a good job.Soon after MR came to power the chair of NSB went to a defeated candidate of the SLFP who was an owner of a bakery.The chair of NCPA went to another defeated candidate who new next to nothing of running the organisation.

  • 0


    We hear Shirani does not belong to your family clan of Bandaranayake’s. Will you write something different tomorrow if that is the case?

    Truly, we have had enough of Ratwattes, Bandaranyakas and other feudal family groups. Lets give some others a go. OK?

  • 0

    One wonders if the same niyaya was adopted in the disposal of Tsunami funds or was it the CJ at the time who practiced this niyaya as he not very long ago implied such connotations in a speech he made at a political meeting?

  • 0

    Idiot Islanders For DemoCrazy Anarchy!

    We at IIFDA hope to, “Wipe out Corruption in Government by wiping out Government!”
    We will, “Give Government back to the People and make everyone his/her own lawmaker!”


    1. Don’t vote on Election Day!

    2. Don’t support any political parties!

    3. Don’t obey the laws of the land!

    4. Don’t inform authorities about potential seaside bummers who target parleymutts!

    5. Don’t inform authorities about roadside bums targeted at parleymutts!

    6. Don’t watch government TV or read government newspapers!

    7. Don’t even join this organisation!

    We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the proposition that “Government Stinks!” and the people who vote for these parleymutts stink even more!

    Maaa throoooo boooo miya ta Jaya waaaay waaaa! ;)

  • 0

    Excellent Chari, though this will not be heard by those who should hear!

  • 0

    CHARITHA means character which he justly and inherently posses and has been displayed very eloquently and vibrantly in his visionary discourse. congratulations.

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    Please verifying my information about my account.Yahoo.com and Google information it’s been years that my server has been lost

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