25 June, 2022


Mahinda Chinthanaya And Geneva

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“…our troops went to the battlefield carrying a gun in one hand, the Human Rights Charter in the other, food for the innocent displaced on their shoulders and love for the children in their hearts.” – President Rajapaksa (2011 Victory Celebration Speech)

The Rajapaksas are right. On the global stage, Sri Lanka is receiving a degree of (negative) attention totally at variance with her far from significant position in the world.

What the Rajapaksas do not realise is that they sowed the seeds of this predicament when they renamed the Fourth Eelam War a ‘Humanitarian Operation’, insisted that victory was achieved sans a single civilian casualty and peddled this ‘model’ internationally as a worthy example.

MahindaGeneva is a result not of Western-envy or Diaspora-conspiracy. Geneva is a result of Mahinda Chinthanaya.

A fortnight after an obliging judiciary and a servile parliament passed the 18th Amendment, President Rajapaksa arrived in New York, with a 100+ delegation. He had triumphed over the Tiger; defeated the Fonseka-challenge and secured the future of his dynastic project.

The time had come to make his mark in the world.

True, he had broken the accountability promise made to the UN Secretary General and the devolution promises made to India. But he obviously did not regard these breaches of faith as serious impediments to his international ambitions. He was even unfazed by the meagre international attendance at his political debutant-ball (only leaders of Cyprus, Fiji and the Maldives came for his Waldorf Astoria reception)[i].

He had a silver-bullet against ‘terrorism’ to offer the world, a proposal so radically retrogressive that even the most unreconstructed neo-cons of the Bush-era may have hesitated to endorse it, in public.

President Rajapaksa used his 2010 UN address to showcase Colombo’s triumph over the LTTE and to propose a new general theory of anti-terrorism. He argued for giving sovereign states a carte blanche to deal with ‘terrorism’ by effecting sweeping changes in the international humanitarian laws. “…it is worth examining the capacity of current international humanitarian law to meet contemporary needs. It must be remembered that such law (sic) evolved essentially in responses to conflicts waged by the forces of legally constituted states and not terrorist groups. The asymmetrical nature of conflicts initiated by non-state actors gives rise to serious problems which need to be considered in earnest by the international community.”[ii]

The foundational premise of this international version of Mahinda Chinthanaya was statal-infallibility – that sovereign states could do no wrong in combating terrorism. It sought to negate much of the progress made in the sphere of human rights in the last few centuries. It proposed to do away with excess by normalising it.

The new ‘theory’ would have served the Rajapaksas in two ways. Firstly it would have enabled the post-facto legitimising of crimes and errors committed during the Fourth Eelam War. Secondly it would have given the Siblings the right to deal with any future challenges to their rule with total impunity.

Left to their own devices many a third world despot or a first world neo-con may have thought the model worthy of emulation.

And the world would have become a far more dangerous place for ordinary people.

The Rajapaksas had the foresight to realise that they needed a new global consensus which would enable rulers to violate the rights of their citizens with total impunity, under the overarching cover of ‘anti-terrorism’. They understood that such an anti-democratic and anti-humanitarian world was necessary for them to purse their dynastic agenda in total freedom.

What the Rajapaksas could not fathom was that if ever there was even an international moment in which such a retrogressive proposal would have found powerful endorsers, that moment died on the battlefields and the detention centres of Iraq. The world had seen the terrors of naked and unbridled anti-terrorism and had been appalled by its inhumanity. Western Crimes and excesses would continue, but as crimes and excesses; some would even be acknowledged and their perpetrators accorded a minute punishment.

But the Rajapaksas were too intoxicated by their own triumphs to comprehend this changed reality. Even as the UN moved at a snail’s pace towards setting up an accountability-mechanism, the Rajapaksas persisted in peddling their anti-terrorism model internationally. The Defence Ministry would continue to hold international seminars on ‘Defeating Terrorism, Sri Lankan Experience’. President Rajapaksa would continue to knock on even the tiniest trapdoor in Washington and London, seeking a way in.

The world, including the Western world, was not unhappy to see the end of the LTTE. During the Third Peace Process, Vellupillai Pirapaharan had amply displayed his obduracy, inhumanity and maximalism, so that in 2009, no powerful nation made a serious effort to save him. Had the Rajapaksas, post-2009, abandoned the ‘Humanitarian Operation’ and ‘Zero-civilian casualties’ lies, called the war a war, admitted to some civilian deaths, apologised for selected cases of ‘excesses’, persecuted a few perpetrators (even half-heartedly), paid compensation to some victims and allowed the Tamils to mourn their dead, the world would have been happy to forget the Eelam War and move on.

But the Rajapaksas refused to compromise, either on the accountability front or the devolution front. They insisted on infallibility. They wanted the world to hail them as path-breakers and embrace their model.

A substantial part of the world has come to accept the Rajapaksas as path-breakers and model-makers – but paths which must be blocked and models which must be avoided.

Thus Geneva.

Marrying Kafka to Orwell

‘Humanitarian Operation with zero-civilian casualties’ is where Franz Kafka meets George Orwell.

This Rajapaksa invention is unique in the annals of human history. There were other ‘welfare villages’, including of British and American provenance; but ‘Humanitarian Operation with zero-civilian casualties’ belongs in the ‘Arbeit macht Frei’ tradition.

Wars have been called ‘just wars’, ‘wars for peace’ and ‘wars to end War’. Had the Rajapaksas called the war a ‘Humanitarian war’, it would have been an oxymoron but one within well established historical traditions.

Whitewashing one’s own side and blackening the enemy are standard war-time practices. Had the Rajapaksas excused or minimised their crimes and mistakes that too would not have caused much interest.

But the Rajapaksas took a radically new path. The term ‘war’ was dropped entirely; this critical absence was further augmented by the insistence on zero-civilian casualties, not as a desirable goal but as really existing, inherent and unchangeable reality.

These twin concepts are so outré that they exist beyond a line uncrossed by even the most insidious and lying propaganda machines the world has known. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech about soldiers going into battle with gun, human rights charter, food and love may have made even Herr Goebbels a trifle green-eyed.

Post Weliveriya, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, in his capacity as the Leader of the House, informed the parliament that the protestors “had attacked the army with petrol bombs and shot them”[iii]

Had the world accepted the Rajapaksa doctrine of anti-terrorism, the brutal attack on Weliveriya protestors would have been just and legal.

And Sunil Samaradeera of Wanathamulla would not have lived to tell the tale.

Geneva is a self-made conundrum for the Rajapaksas, and an essential shield for the rest of us.

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  • 15

    To see, everyone has a hidden agenda nurtured through bad upbringing and wrong teachings from childhood, look like.

    Sinhala monks pride themselves with a stupid saying that goes as: “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. This is a totally stupid saying. What about the WRONG KNOWLEDGE acquired? The knowledge Anagarika (Racist) gained from Blavatsky?

    The rest of the racists who went on looting, minority discrimination, killings, raping and continuous unleashing of state terror with the full backing of the MAHANAYAKE’S from 1956 – 2014,….the power behind all of these criminals is the WRONG KNOWLEDGE they have gained from tender young age up to their death.

    WRONG PHILOSOPHY is the culprit and it is their secret coding for mind control. “Gava Gathanaya, Hambaya, Demala, Koti, Sinhalayani Awadi waw….apey rata jathiya….these are the MIND CONTROL words they use for their propaganda work to make the innocent Sinhala people to sleep walk into their traps. Mahinda along with his brothers plus with the evil gangsters of JHU/BBS/SR/NMAT…etc., are using the mind control techinques to their best.

    The results are damning…the Sinhalas are being wrongly projected to the world as BARBARIANS by the actions of pseudo Sinhala Buddhist Heroes who propagated war/Death/Destruction.

    The name of DUTU GEMUNU is being used for years to mind control the masses into believing and do the bids of criminal rulers in the likes of Banda, JR, Premadasa & MR. Let them reap the benefits of their evil……

    • 1

      Darwins Theory,

      In addition to the data support Darwim found out during his lifetime, now DNA molecular switching data has confirmed Darwin’s Hypothesis, thankd to Molecular Biology.

      Anyway well stated.
      “To see, everyone has a hidden agenda nurtured through bad upbringing and wrong teachings from childhood, look like. “

      Here is data that supports the para-Sinhala lies and the Monk Mahanama Sinhala ‘Buddhist: lies, which the so-called Mahanayakas also believe is considered knowledge. Finally, the falsity and machinations of the Secretary Buddha Sasana Ministry has been exposed, and the truth has come to prevail with respect to attacks on other religions.

      “A great victory defeating all the lies and deceit.”

      Deja Vu… have seen it before.

      Yes, this is a exposure of a lie. You need to look at one of the BIGGEST SINHALA BUDDIST lies. The Monk Mahanama Imaginations of Mahawansa. Given below is a summary of the real facts.

      Remember Somarama who killed SWRD. They were ALL Sinhala Mahanama “Buddhist” Racists . “Buddhist” because they are NOT Buddhist. They are racists. So we had a situation where the Paradeshis. the Para-Sinhala killing Para-Tamil based on Mahanama racism. That is NOT True Buddhism.

      This is what the True Natives, Native Veddas have to say about the Para- Sinhala and other Paras-, the Paradeshis or foreigners.

      1. All the above descriptions support the Sinhala and Tamil as Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil, like Para-deshi, Foreigners, as far a the Native Veddah are concerned, who walked at least 16,000 years ago when Lanka and India were connected by a land bridge as the sea levels were low. So, the Sinhala and Tamil Nationalism need to be identified as, Racism, Para-Sinhala Nationalism and Para-Tamil Nationalism. Monk Mahanama imaginations of Mahawansa need to be exposed and discarded.

      Why? Non- Confirmation bias of Mahawansa. Did Dr. Para-nawithana, the noted Sri Lankan Archaeologist believe the Imaginations of monk Mahanama of 5th Century such as:

      a) Grandfather of Para-Vijaya was a lion? Any DNA data in support of this imagination?

      b) Buddha visited Lanka three-times in 500 BC? any support for the Imagination.

      c) During one visit, Buddha left his giant footprint on top of Mount Samanala Kanda, “Adams Peak”. Did he fly by the Dandu Monera Yanthraya, Giant Bird, and parachute?

      d) The Veddah are the offspring of Para-Vijaya and Kuveni. Is there any DNA data to support this? No. Another Monk Mahanama Imagination. Sri Lanka’s indigenous inhabitants, the Veddas — or Wanniya-laeto (‘forest-dwellers’) as they call themselves — preserve a direct line of descent from the island’s original Neolithic community dating from at least 16,000 BC and probably far earlier according to current scientific opinion.1 Even today, the surviving Wanniya-laeto community retains much of its own distinctive cyclic worldview, prehistoric cultural memory, and time-tested knowledge of their semi-evergreen dry monsoon forest habitat that has enabled their ancestor-revering culture to meet the diverse challenges to their collective identity and survival. Further reference: Here some credible data and reference of the genetic Admixture. The Native Veddah were the original inhabitants of the land, well before the foreigners, the parades-his, came from South India.


      The Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations – [Reproduced here on a special request made by our LNP friend MURU, this article (web site) was first found by our friend MAGHA.] Friday, 15 June 2007 – 11:25 AM SL Time Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations Human Biology, by Kshatriya, Gautam Kumar Genetic Admixture. Table 9 presents the estimated values of admixture for the two hybrid populations (the Sinhalese and the Tamils) based on 13 polymorphic loci, fitting a trihybrid model using the ancestral frequencies shown in Table 10. .

      • 7

        Tisaranee, Darwin’s Theory and Amarasiri are 3 dinosaurs of colonial mentality: The western white imperialists are enlightened and as such they are the natural born rulers of the world, and we primitives should not upset them by making our own decisions. “Negative attention on global stage” – my foot!

        Nikkang souththu ventaeppa, Isay!

        • 1

          via the computer!!!

        • 0

          Darwin’s theory of evolution is still taught in schools and Universities, because it is accepted by the scientific establishment as the best explanation for how life came to be.

          Western Whites allow Sinhalese to emigrate to their countries, build Buddhsit temples if they so choose and maintain all aspects of Sinhala culture is they so choose. Meanwhile Sinhala establishment in SL is intolerant of non Sinhala Buddhists.

          In many ways the average Westerner is far more enlightened than MiddleEastern, South Asian and Far Eastern peoples , who are obessed with tribalism, racism, casteism, sectarianism and misogyny.

        • 0

          Yo Kutti Machan…

          Your statement:
          1. “..Tisaranee, Darwin’s Theory and Amarasiri are 3 dinosaurs of colonial mentality: The western white imperialists are enlightened and as such they are the natural born rulers of the world, and we primitives should not upset them by making our own decisions…”

          Tell me, what you implying? We don’t get it.

          2. “Negative attention on global stage” – my foot! – Just tell me what you’re trying to say….why do you end it with “MY FOOT”?

          I think your foot is infected. Most probably it must be an ATHLETE’S FOOT.

          You need to educate yourself about what’s going on in the world which is known only to a very few knowledgeable people….try this:



    • 2

      Hi Friends, this is one of good speeches I heard about the current situation.


      If you listen to this, you will get it why the opposition is seen not strong enough today.

      He explains clearly how the current bunch govern the country.

      • 3

        Sirimal, are you referring to the same guy who was at mad monk Pitiduwe Siridhamma’s debauchery along with Deshamanya Kudu Duminda?

        • 2

          Yes, I know I lost myself seeing that pic.
          But what matters is what Wijedasa explained it clearly enough how the rulers ´s tactics worsening the day today life of everyone.

          I totally agree with you, that I am appalled seeing that pic in which Duminda – alleged key murderer of Baratha killing. May be they will bring an explaination to their participation in that b´day party.. atleast I hope to read that on CT platform

  • 7

    Wasn’t David Milliband who was sweating furiously in our tropical heat in Medumulala waiting to airlift Prabakaran and Pottu Amman to join the Diaspora not a Minster from a powerful Nation?

    Who is Ms T trying to kid?.

    Coming hot on heels of the sad loss of hundreds of lives in the MH 370 crash,Ms T’s attempts to defend the current defenders of the Terrorists under the pretext of HR is unbelievable?.

    Just imagine what would be the situation today if our brave soldiers didn’t finish off this barbaric Terrorist outfit which blew up the whole Airlabka fleet killing many innocent Japanse travellers?.

    How many Terrorist attacks our inhabitants would have faced in the last four years?.

    Would these HR protectors have held annual Geneva conferences to take Prabakaran to the Hague with a Pillai dossier on at least Kathankaddy and Maha Bodhi?.

    Colombo Elite, Intelligentsia, and the Vellalas who are in bed with the Diaspora and their Western buddies may have selective amnesia, but the great majority of the inhabitant population won’t allow foreigners to meddle in their affairs anymore.

    That is if Rajapksas are around and give the inhabitants the leadership.

    Ms T probably haven’t seen ex senior Diplomat Ms Kanunanayakam’s clear explanation of the reasons for the US resolution in Geneva.

    Ms T’s lot can’t call her Sinhala buddhist extremist.. Can they?..

    • 9

      How nice to see the ‘Mala-perethaya is decaying, decomposing, rotting.
      Opposition cant do the job but the KARMA can.
      Gothakarumaya will soon rot further than this.

    • 3

      Its not Chintanaya, Its Hinsanaya.
      JVP must make an apology publicly for bringing this Gorilla to power.
      JVP is conveniently overlooking that fact while blaming CBK.
      This Malabariya cannot even address a person properly without his ugly grin.
      SLFP & JVP both responsible for Sri Lanka’s downfall.

    • 0

      Muammar Gadaafi had ‘supporters’. Saddam Hussein had supporters. Adolf Hitler had supporters. Prabaharan had supporters. Some paid their lives, some committed suicide, some ‘disappered’ with shame. Sumanasekeras of this world will find another loser to continue their work. A dunk beetle would have a n=better life than these punters.

  • 6

    Rajapakse graduated from a murder accused in his youth with bribes, to a mass-murder accused and genocidaire of Tamils today with evidence he destroyed.

    Where is the evidence of war crimes his opponents are clamoring for? If they have they should give it to his justice system.

    He will wriggle out of Geneva if he uses the well honed Mahinda chinthanaya: truly a genius he is!

  • 9

    Yes, you are absolutely right. The post-war evolution of this country, leading to the present circumstances, have no doubt made Geneva an essential shield for all citizens, who are victims and potential victims of a pernicious political system seeking to entrench itself in perpetuity.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

    • 5


      A rather delayed enlightenment – huh?

      Glad you have seen the light finally – while we forgive, we won’t forget that you relentlessy carried torch in the last four years to this same “pernicious political system seeking to entrench itself in perpetuity,” all the time lambasting the Diaspora for seeking exposure to these attriocities and decay in democracy. Do you really think “Geneva” will be in the scene if not for the Diaspora?

      You owe a huge apology – and you know to whom. Any chance you would remember what you said about the easiest “three words”?

      • 0

        I will say the same things I have said before, if the circumstances prevailing at that time repeat. What I am referring to is pertinent to the circumstances now.


        • 1


          You are saying this after the fact – very much after, as you yourself wrote “even the worst of the idiots realized,” I am guessing matching with the time of your enlightenment.

          You think the “pernicious political system’s seeking to entrench itself perpetually” was not the objective from day-one?! You were gullible then – but you arrogantly thought you were the wise-one (on account of that specialty you assumed you developed at the balu-school in Pera) – but now you are enlightened about your stupidity and grateful to those who helped bring Geneva to intervene.

          So, even if you misjudged the circumstances that prevailed then and so made erroneous conclusions that made you flag-wave for the regime while, in utter stupidity, lambasting the Diaspora, now that you realize it was the Diaspora’s pursuance of the matter that has brought Geneva back into the picture to your seeming great relief, can you explain why you do not owe a huge apology to the Diaspora that you relentlessly lambasted till now.

          Remember it was you who just a couple of weeks ago in this column opted to pontificate on the healing power of the “three simple words” – but it seems you think it is all good medicine for the others, but not for yourself? This only goes to prove my point that you talk through your hat: you are far too presumptuous about your wisdom – and you yourself don’t believe in what you write! So, stop wasting your time writing things “just for show,” things which you yourself don’t believe in.

  • 6

    A poor actor, his family and a gullible population which elects it’s own destruction is the triple blessing vested with democracy.

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history. Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty. When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.” — John Adams (1797-1801) Second President of the United States and Patriot

  • 12

    I totally agree with the writer and the balme for Geneva fully lies with President Rajapaksa and his Foreign Policies and appointment of relations, frineds and cronies as High Commissioners and Ambassadors.
    The name given to this war was erreneous and when we were awre that killing as a colatteral damage due to such a war is inevitable, Sri Lanka should have avoided all these problems. As the writer says 30 year war with the most rurhless Terrorist group LTTE was not a Humanitarian Excercise. It is true while eradicating LTTE Terror group we svaed 350,000 civilians kept as human shields. Sri Lanka government never question anyone accusing the GoSL for killing 40,000 civilians “How these civilinas enetered the War Zone’ If we asked this question then the accusers should have come up with the answers and that answer may be LTTE took the 350,000 people with thyem to a very small area to save their lives. When a Army is trying to gight a Terror group embedded with civilinas, colateral damage is unavoidable and it is a miracle that the Army killed only 40,000 civilina and not the entire 350,000 civilians.
    Sri Lankan governmenr never argued the case but try to teach the world how to fight a Terror war with a Army full of non-combatants as the real soldiers and officers were sacked from the Army.
    May be the Mahinda Chinchanaya or Gota’s war which is responsible for all these problems Mahinda Rajapaksa is now trying to throw over the poor Sri lankans heads.

  • 3

    We talk as if the all these tricks and maneuvers tried out by MR is somehow his own making. But I have a nagging feeling that neither he nor the bumbling fools in this close circle are that capable of designing such devious strategies. There are too many hallmarks of “American strategy book” in the hands of under-paid armatures like Bell Pottinger and Thompson Advisory Group in these silly plans. It’s like Sri Lanka is the frog in the hands of some armature “biologist” with a mail-order degree in hand wanting to try out those experiments he’d been reading about in his text books. I’m convinced these are not coming from Rajapaksas because if they were as capable and shrewd as they are cracked up to be then such brainless mistakes would not have been made at the home-front by that same group.
    “Had the Rajapaksas, post-2009, abandoned the ‘Humanitarian Operation’ and ‘Zero-civilian casualties’ lies, called the war a war, admitted to some civilian deaths, apologized for selected cases of ‘excesses’, persecuted a few perpetrators (even half-heartedly), paid compensation to some victims and allowed the Tamils to mourn their dead, the world would have been happy to forget the Eelam War and move on” is exactly right and that is what I’ve understood all along too. I’d only add that “some solution” to the Ethnic problem would also have been needed to complete the list.
    While the Rajapaksas go “ga ga” every time they see a white men in suites offering them strategies the apologists at the other end keep blaming the “West” for all ill to befall the country. This somehow works but I feel like the circus audience waiting to see the moment the tiger turn on its trainer.

  • 4

    “…our troops went to the battlefield carrying a gun in one hand, the Human Rights Charter in the other, ….)//////////////////

    Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that the human rights charter was the Sinhala version written by Mahinda and Gota.

    • 1

      Your observation is excellent. This type of points are necessary for anyone who wishes to write the CORRECT & RIGHT thing about any issue. Thanks man….

  • 1

    What went wrong in the war-without-witnesses was the slip made by the
    Security Consultant of MoD – R. Guneratne on not banning Mobile Tp, Cameras and videoing. This slip made way for the Army, including the embedded Official Video cameraman to make some money when the demand
    for such stuff for Dollars opened a way for Ch.4 to take advantage in
    their legitimate trade. This turning point set the Diaspora on fire.
    They were compelled to pursue it in campaigns to satisfy their
    community. MRs anti-tamil response was adding fuel to fire. He had and
    has to defend the Forces if his Dynasty is to have a future.

  • 1

    Good new word coined….Hinsanaya ( and not Chintanaya ). Lovely words. I might use this in my future comments as a reference.

  • 0

    Now it is time you taboo the contents of “Why Nations Fail” in prpose a normative approach How Nations prosper. How attempt by US President Roosevelt to “pack the Court” (to remove the judges of the Supreme Court) was thwarted by the Members of both side of the Senate and later how it led to transfor the economy from good to better.

  • 4


    It is the pictures of MR that you produce I enjoy most. In this one it looks like MR is trying to tell his subjects that he has got a pain on his back side which is getting steadily worse.

    ****The time had come to make his mark in the world
    But he obviously did not regard these breaches of faith as serious impediments to his international ambitions.

    Have you gone out of you mind to suggest the above. How do you envisage MR achieving the above. What kind of mark do you think he can make. In my view he has already made his mark for all the wrong reasons.
    What International ambitions he has and are they proportionate to his size and status.
    1) Would it be to set an example for Good Governance . Respect for Human lives and value and he has miserably failed in those aspects.
    2) Would it be to offer expertise in combatting terrorism. How can he offer such help when he is a Terrorists presiding over state Terrorism which has blighted Tamils lives and some Sinhalese and Muslim lives.
    3) Would it be to supply intellectual experts but actions speak louder than words and just look at the performance of the so called experts he dispatched to the UN and they have all turned out to be laughing stocks. Professor Peiris was ignored, Dayan talks rubbish most of the Time . Kohona was lost for words. If this is the best Sri Lanka can offer how is MR going to achieve his worldly ambitions.

    But this is what he has achieved in the eyes of the World.

    1) He is a serial killer
    2) Liar
    3) Briber.

  • 1

    This is how Mahinda Chinthanaya in practice.
    This murderous doctrine has ruined the nation to this day.

    Elections monitoring bodies fault President

    0 March 11, 2014 1:35 am

    By Ruwan Laknath Jayakody

    Calling it an act unbefitting of a national and political leader, elections observers and monitoring bodies, People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL), Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) and Intellectuals for Human Rights Network for Election Monitoring (IHR NEM), have all condemned President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s involvement in the ‘live’ Janapathi Jana Hamuwa programme held last week.

    “As a President, he has the right to intervene in people’s issues. However, he is also the Leader of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), and therefore he shouldn’t use his position to get undue… ..advantage for his Party which is also contesting the elections. That is why we object. Even though we have staggered elections, we are not saying that development should come to a standstill. But nobody, including the Elections Commissioner, Mahinda Deshapriya, can control the President, the Secretaries and the Ministries, and therefore they must control themselves and not engage in such violations during times of elections,” the Executive Director, PAFFREL, Rohana Hettiarachchi said.

    Meanwhile, the Executive Director, CaFFE, Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon, said: “This is a straightforward act of election campaigning, although officially according to the law, it is not illegal. This propaganda act was done abusing state property with the radio broadcasting system, premises and equipment, are all government resources. This is a very indirect way of getting a clear advantage for the ruling Party.”
    IHR NEM Media Spokesman and Legal Adviser, Chaminda Gunasekera, went on to say, “The President’s intervention is unfair to other contesting parties, and is certainly favourable to the development of the UPFA.”

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