18 April, 2024


Mahinda Lost Presidency Due To His Ego; Maithri Never Promised To Abolish Executive Presidency: Champika

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa lost the Presidential poll despite wielding unlimited powers and resources, due to his ego that rendered him unwilling to implement the kind of political reforms that were demanded by the masses.

Champika“Former President Rajapaksa spent Rs. 43,000 on every vote during the past election. Although his allies boast of the 5.7 million votes he received, each and every vote he obtained was won through heavy voter bribing. Now they blame that defeat on foreign spy services and conspiracies,” Minister Ranwaka said speaking at the JHU’s National Convention held this week.

In his speech, the Minister was also quite critical of the constitutional reforms, the 19th amendment and its contents.

“In President Sirisena’s manifesto, it has been very clearly stated that no tampering will be done on sections of the constitution that call for a referendum. Certain individuals are referring to a ‘schedule’ and various other documents but they are not what we approved. The manifesto is the ONLY document that received the unanimous consent of all the parties that were involved with the common opposition movement,” he said.

He said therefore those who formulated and presented the 100-day program should bear responsibility of implementing the necessary changes according to the schedule set in the program. “We are not answerable to that program – our only focus is on implementing the promises we made and doing justice to the mandate given by the people,” he said.

The Minister also noted that right from the commencement of President Sirisena’s election campaign, no promise was made to abolish the Executive Presidency as such an amendment would clearly require a referendum.

“The agreement was only to curtail certain arbitrary powers of the Executive Presidency and replace it with a system that is accountable to the parliament. . . It should also be noted that the constitutional reforms promised during President Sirisena’s campaign are not limited to curtailing executive powers of the presidency and establishment of independent commissions but also vitally includes constitutional reforms,” he said.

Minister Ranawaka said the JHU expressed their objection to the draft of the 19th amendment that was presented by the PM earlier this month as he demanded it to be gazetted on the very night it was presented before the cabinet.

“We set our eyes on the document only that very day. If that was allowed to be gazetted, it would have been a deadly blow to good governance since the document clearly required a careful study of its contents. Moreover, its content was in violation of the agreements made at the party leaders’ meeting in the days leading up to presenting the 19A draft,” he said adding it contained a ‘constitutional conspiracy’ to curtail some of the essential powers of the President required to ensure the stability of the country.

“According to the Constitution, the President is the leader of the state, the government, the Executives and the tri-forces. Unfortunately, today some of these legal experts who draft constitutional amendments haven’t been able to grasp the difference between the state and the government. These vital powers had been systematically scrapped and one section stated that the PM would be the leader of the government and the cabinet, which would then entitle him with the power to appoint governors,” he remarked while adding the mandate given by the masses to the President whom they elected into power, cannot be changed by a few figures who seek to implement constitutional amendments to suit their whims and fancies.

He said therefore they agreed for the following amendments to be made to the powers entitled to the Executive Presidency:

  • The President shall not hold an unlimited number of portfolios – the number of cabinet ministers should be limited to 30
  • The appointment of Ministers should be carried out by the President only upon consulting the PM
  • The President must seek advice when appointing Ministry Secretaries
  • In order to prevent interference’s with judicial autonomy, the power to make judicial appointments will be transferred to the judicial services commission
  • The President’s right to dissolve the parliament within a year of being elected should be scrapped
  • The President will be held accountable to the judiciary by allowing human rights cases to be filed against him/her
  • The President shall remain accountable to the parliament not simply with concern to finances but also other aspects
  • An individual already elected into presidency shall contest for a maximum of two terms
  • The President shall seek advice before granting Presidential pardon to criminals

However, he added that they stressed on the need for the section that declares the President as the leader of the state, the government, executives and the tri-forces to be continue as it is.

“But this section still remains unchanged. Although the initial sections of the 19A draft states the President is the leader, this fact is not corroborated in the latter sections of the draft. . . The PM is stated as the Leader of the government. This is a constitutional mockery. We don’t know whether this is a deliberate conspiracy or whether it’s a flaw that was overlooked due to the haste to gazette it but we would like to warn those trying to tamper with the mandate granted by the people – if any attempt it made to disrupt the implementation of the true mandate or tamper with it, we will take steps to ensure they do not remain in power!,” he added.

Watch the full speech;

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  • 14

    I thought you were a part of the current government. You helped to uproot last regime for your own benefits. Why are you against the current government now?

    • 19

      Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka

      RE: Mahinda Lost Presidency Due To His Ego; Maithri Never Promised To Abolish Executive Presidency: Champika

      You are Correct here.

      For Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa, it was about his EGO and the Family Welfare and Dictatorship. The Country and the People paid a Price.

      Bow some of his Shills and cronies, and in a logjam and trying to figure our what to do. The only thing they know is to bring Mahinda Rajapaksa back, and the only thing Mahinda Knows is to get his EGO back. What a sad state of affairs.

      So, Expose, Expose and Expose the Mahinda Corruption and Ego.

      The Ego Project and Economic Disasters the poor Taxpayer need to pay for years to come.

      1. Mattala Airport and environmental and habitat disaster for birds.

      2. Cricket stadium

      3. CHOGM

      4. Hambantota Harbour

      5. Mihin air

      6. Mismanagement at Air lanka

      7. Hambantota Harbour

      8. Colombo Port City

      9. The Corruption in other projects.

      10. other we do not know about yet.

      Expose, expose and expose.

      Do you love the country more than you “Love” Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies?

      • 16

        Amarasiri; This is what the Buddha had to say about ‘EGO’, something ‘Sinhala Buddhists’ seem to ignore or forget:-

        “The Evil done by the Selfish, crushes them, as a Diamond breaks the hardest Gem.
        As a Vine overpowers a Tree, Evil overpowers the Evil-doer,
        Trapping Him in a situation, only His Enemies wish Him to be in”!

        Dhammapada Verses 161 & 162
        The Buddha

        • 4


          “Amarasiri; This is what the Buddha had to say about ‘EGO’, something ‘Sinhala Buddhists’ seem to ignore or forget:-:”

          “Dhammapada Verses 161 & 162 The Buddha ”

          Sinhala Buddhism is Not Buddhism. Mahinda Rajapaksa follows Mara-ism,(which The Buddha warned against) or Medamulana MaRa-ism.

          See more Dhammapada Verses in the link below.


      • 8

        This list is incomplete – why does no one ask for the Declaration of Asssets form he is supposed tio have given in a sealed envelope to EC at the last PE
        Nomination – this should be interesting in view of the 02 Bil. USD rumoured to
        be in his name in Dubai???
        He had his chance in Nugegoda and Kandy – will he dare do it in the next? No –
        never. He thinks that 5.7 Mil. are his Voters – this figure includes all that
        he “purchased” and his henchmen, who are no more.

      • 2

        This is a classic case of the pink elephant..it is easy to claim that it exists in the jungle by one and all, bringing it out to the parade, now that is a totally different challenge.
        There’s manufactured reality on Facebook, and then there’s reality, two very different beasts!
        And, ego is not an attribute punishable by law, although it can be voted out by the people.

    • 6


      “I thought you were a part of the current government.”

      Nopes, he has never been part of anything except he is working very hard to place Hela people at the top of hierarchy of civilisation.

      I suspect Babylonians are the descendant of Hela people (Simhala)though Champika hasn’t confirmed this as the claim would be laughed off by anti Sinhala/Buddhists now. He is working on this.

      Here is the proof:

      Babylonians called sun “Avur” + Sinhala “idda” (“standing upright” or “fixing upright”)

      = “Avur+idda = avurudda

      Please note he will claim this in Paris when he visits France next time.

  • 3

    I have not done any formal studies in the related subject area.What i personally feel is the portfolios of the nature a clear decision or prompt action is more relevant than lenghy discussion such subject areas shoould come under President.may be security, dister management, Provincial councils may be subjects reated to minority groups.I am not sure wheher Finance should be look after by a Minister and final authority comes under the President would work better. I happened to think that way since there may be instances a prompt decision is vital,I feel issues regading Heakth ,Eduction policies should be widely dicussed and comes under PM.I feel it is important to have a Head of State so that important desicions are taken without undue delay.There are many imporant subject areas where collective decision play an important role.President may get desicions on the advice of PM but some times single responsibility is imporant.I wrote my idea to grab any imporant point,

  • 16

    MR unseated. Please give MS the powers to clean up our corrupt country. Even it means keeping the presidential powers intact for the next 5-years. Presidency could be abolished when MS steps down, but he needs its powers to implement hwat he promised. Don’t give the current Presidential powers to a Prime Minister. That’s what MR is waiting ofr. The Devil to be reborn again as Devil Squared. Back to Pre-Buddha days at Mahiyangana.

    • 3

      Truth hurts!

    • 7

      This is the most corrupt government since independence.
      1. Pm appointing his friend, a foreign citizen, friend of LTTE financier, Rajaratnam, who was jailed in USA for illegal money transactions. The family owned company which has assets of only Rs 300 million bid for five billion rupees of bonds with the prime minister still defending the deal.
      2. Relatives of president , prime minister and fin ace minister already- within 2 months of government cpming to power- being appointed to key government / government controlled positions
      3.Arbitrary transfer of teachers and government officers with no political allegiance to relocate, in their place, supporters and relatives of present government.
      4.Government members naming and shaming public officials, without even an official charge sheet and who are powerless to plead innocence.
      5 Carrying out trials through the slavish media.
      6. PM threatening the media with drastic consequences if the press failed to approve his stance.
      7. propagating blatant lies; Clear example is Wele Sudda, who was already arrested in Pakistan at the instance of the previous government and was awaiting deportation when this government came to power; the government aided by corrupt,slavish media using this incident to discredit the former government.

      Only the rump of Sri lankans who, for some reason, hate their own people, can still defend this government.
      (Mangala Samaraweera is one of them.)

    • 4

      Exactly my thoughts.. MR is waiting to have the last laugh coz in SL there are more than 5 Million people who still think he should be the head of state. He had two 5 year terms and it was pure rape of the country and plundering its national wealth which rightly belongs to its citizens.

      Wonder why our people who is said to have a HIGH Literacy rate doesn’t get it !!!

      Once bitten twice shy, goes an old saying…but Most SL’s seem to be like sheep, who BLINDLY follow the leader…

      • 7

        Snowden Edward Assange:-

        The unfortunate situation is that the ‘…more than 5 Million people who still think MR should be the Head of State…’, were born less than 35 years ago.

        They do not remember Sri Lanka like us Older people, of a time when people of varying Ethnicities were not suspicious of, and killing each other, because they were perceived as being different.

        Maithripala is heading in the right direction. He should be allowed and given time, to Heal the Wounds, and create a Unified Nation again.

        • 1

          To all those people who have given the ‘Thumbs Down’ to my comment,

          Don’t you want a United Sri Lanka, without barriers of Race, Religion and Caste?

  • 11

    Minister Ranawaka is voicing basically what the JHU wants out of the Common Candidate who is now elected President. What about others? They too had different perceptions as to how the Presidency should be. In fact the JHU joined the band wagon much later in the day. We all know the evils of the so called Executive Presidency, in short the ability act on whims and fancies in the event the President has a Parliamentary majority and that is why I call it the “Executioneering Presidency”.

    If the President is from a political party and if his party controls the majority of the parliament then still the Prime Minister is just a whipping boy or a peon even under the 19th Amendment. He may not do in the style of “Jarapassa” but he can get what he wants done. If it is a coalition government perhaps the President may not be able to directly control such minister but can “frustrate” the Minister if he is not pliable. However, the 19A will provide adequate protection to the PM in the event the PM is from a different party than the President, like CBK being President and RW being Prime Minister. Had 19A being in force at that time, CBK would not have been able to send RW packing home just after 1 year and taking away some portfolios as she did just a few months before that.

    Can I ask a very hypothetical question from Ranil? Assuming that he has the personal charisma will he want to contest as President with 19A? The answer is yes because he can do whatever he wants to provided he has the majority of the Parliament.


    The fact remains that this thorny issue cannot be resolved that easily by simply amending the Constitution because the way the sovereignty of the people is exercised is described in Article 4 of the Constitution. In turn article 4 cannot be amended in a way which amounts to a diminution of the sovereignty which is article 3 and is one of those “entrenched” clauses implying that it requires a referendum.

    19A can be meaningful if the President cannot be a member of a political party but directly elected by the people like what is explicitly stated in the Constitution of Singapore. His set of duties should be such that he is directly in charge of matters that party politics should not involve. If there is a political input to the matter, then he should consult the Prime Minister, Minister or the Cabinet as the case may be. But is this model practical under the present setup? If we so deem that the President should be directly elected by the people but without party politics then the stability of President Sirisena is at stake. Is it fair to do that?

    It is up to President Sirisena and he alone to sacrifice his political stability for the good of the country and if he does that he will be remembered in history as a hero.

  • 11

    Mr Ranawaka,
    You spearheaded the campaign villifying the previous govenment before the election and you promised to expose corrupt activities of the previous government. You and your’parthers in crime’ have yet failed to expose any corrupt dealings.
    I challenge you organise a JHU public meeting assembling 100 loyal supporters.
    To me, you are most heinous traitor of the Hela Divayina, worse than the Sinhala Tigers living in Colombo.

    • 1

      Come back to earth

  • 13

    Not so much ego, but greedy, he wanted to build a empire for his family.

    • 4

      Aia . and here Ranawaka is trying to ride into power with his 3 lahk Voters!

      • 3


        “Aia . and here Ranawaka is trying to ride into power with his 3 lahk Voters!”

        So you have at least 300,000 very very very very stupid people.

  • 2

    whenever important decisions are made all those who go together to oust rajapakshe should be consulted first before final decision is made.If not that will be the beginning of the end of that coalition and the rajapakshes will be gleefully waiting for that to happen.

    here Ranawaka is complaining that a draft constitution is given and on the same day ranil is trying to gazette it.So is ranil doing what the rajapakshes want by trying to break up the coalition that brought them down.Is he a mole working for them?

    The draft constitution should have been first approved by the national advisory council that constitutes leaders who opposed rajapakshes such as ranawaka,anura kumara,sambanthan,hakim etc.Otherwise what is the point of having that body in the first place.The day this coalition cracks up the door will be opened for the rajapakshes to come in.

  • 11

    The bane of this government, is the number of persons who are promoting their own interests above those of this country. Instead of discussing issues amongst themselves, they are going public, contradicting each other and confusing the people. Ego seems to be at play in the ugly spectacle that is unfolding. Instead of one master egoist, we have many mini-egotists now, who are collectively capable of inflicting a mortal blow to the vision that brought them together. Everyone is an ‘ I’ specialist! This chaos has permitted the BBS to lend it’s obnoxious voice to pollute the atmosphere further!

    It is time President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremasinghe impose discipline among the diverse elements, with diverse political goals who came together to defeat MR and formed this government. Everyone seems to intent on scoring their own goals, instead of playing their roles in the positions assigned. This is not democracy or good governance! It is increasingly becoming the out of tune, discordant and jarring praying by a pack of donkeys!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 6


    You are of the same political class of Wimal who was lucky get a free ticket in the Yahapalanya government only because the SLFP, UNP and Northern voters got you there. Don’t try to be power hungry because with your own admission you are a party of only 200,000 strong. So shut up!!!

  • 2

    JRJ is on record saying that the proportional representation system was introduced because the UNP received the highest number of votes in all previous elections. He assumed that with the Presidential system and PR UNP could govern SL for ever. However it boomeranged on them and they were in the opposition for past twenty years.

    Now Ranil Wickramasinghe thinks that the easiest way to come to power is to be an Executive Prime Minister and he is now trying to amend the constitution to achieve this purpose. However if they proceed on these lines, this may also can boomerang on the UNP and probably end up making Mahinda Rajapaksa the next Prime Minister. Higher the power allocated to the position of the PM, higher the chances MR will contest as the next PM candidate.


  • 8

    We as voters expect President MS to keep to his promise to do away with the executive presidency but now Parties like JHU is trying to put spoke between the wheels. Parties like JHU have no proper base and wants to hang on to executive presidency for their survival. President MS was elected with mainly the support of UNPers, JvP, all Tamil parties, Majority of Muslims and JHU. But the contribution by way of votes by JHU would have been very small and they should not be allowed to boss around.

  • 5

    MR & co did not come to power with a gift from God he was elected by the stupid short sighted Sinhala Buddhists to wipe out Tamils. People brought an oonaan which was on the fence into their dress. He showed his usual habit. Now the present Government could not stop port city which is very damaging project to Srilanka (no more Sinhala Buddhist country or Sinhala-Tamil country but Sinhala-Tamil -Chinese-Paki -Indian country )or allow to continue. This is called irreversible damage. To stop this kind of damage our professionals should have prepared feasibility study and analysed the long term effect. If our professionals can work very well in the west why they can not in Srilanka, so we have a Modia system which is not allowing any professionals to work properly. Our professionals are wasting time in punishing kids who scribble in sihiriya stone which we all have to explain to them or encourage them. You know how western kids damage things at supermarkets or toy shops in front of their parents and the shop owner ignore that – because kids will behave like that and we should not suppress them or their brine. How we can produce good intelligent future generation with this stupid politician thugs- great country , great people and our 3rd world mentality. I remember a story, I beggar told to his father that he had a dream of picking a pound from the street, the father hit him and told, even in a dream you did not pick a million, you and your beggar mentality.

  • 7

    Champika wants Presidential powers to remain. He thinks
    one day he will become President. His ego is much much
    bigger than Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is nothing less than
    a hypocrite in white garb.

  • 8

    Champika is a President in waiting.

    He doesnot want powers to be curbed.

    Selfish guy to the core.

    • 6

      Jagath and Benjamin, I am glad to note that people realize the real reason JHU/Champika want that EP retained !

  • 3

    Champika is another big liar. President Maithripla promised us all that he will reduce the power of the President and will empower the cabinet and create a Presidency answerable to the Parliament. Similarly on numerous occasions Champika himself told us all Presidency in its present form will be abolished. Now he does not want it done. He has been a liar in the past and he is a liar now. I am sure that next thing he is going to pull out is the racism card and attack Tamils and Muslims, although before the election he was campaigning for wiping out racism in Sri Lanka.

    Politicians like Champika Ranawaka, Gamanpilla and Weerawansa are all cut from the same cloth.

    • 0

      Hey guys – Why you all do not read the article carefully ???

      I am not a fan of Champika – but what he says is correct – what he wants is to curtail the unnecessary powers of Executive President – because untrimmed EP powers in the hand of a rogue can be disastrous – this was clearly evident when MR was the EP – Others who hold these powers before him also misused them in their own way.

      However if the Executive Powers were completely removed and the PM is empowered in place and the Parliament also comes under the control of same party of PM – then we will have a “Kekille Government” – Instead of one fool wielding swards we will have many donkeys wielding swards and driving the country into another mad era

      I think the most suitable system would be to curtail the EP powers to make the holder feels that he is responsible for the people and Parliament and if he misuses it he has to face the consequences – However EP must be able to over rule any decision that would put the country’s territorial integrity and the sovereignty in danger. We must remember the racist tamils like Sivagilingum who was the promoter of Genocide Resolution of Wiggi the CM – are still very active and cunningly waiting

      In the present set up MS is a good person to hold EP because he does not seems to be a very ambitious guy – However Ranil can be the PM and leader of Parliament but certainly not with any kind of Executive powers – because he is a better version of Kekille King.

      It is healthy for the country to have somebody in the coalation to put brake on this Kekille King

  • 3

    I didn’t read this article or watch the video because I’d nort waste my time on lies of Pa.cha.R
    Mr.pacha we are still waiting for your revelations of mega deals.

  • 0

    All over sudden many thump downs ought to suspect that political manipulators are active again – is it for the next election – it is testing time for people’s brain again. Can not fool every one all the time. Elephant fetch lot of money even it is dead or live.

  • 0

    All Sinhalese [Edited out]

  • 1

    Lankan leaders, from the very inception, never brought any useful rules, regulations,constitutions or amendments which worked for the benefit of the nation. Instead, everything was brought in to mainly discriminate, side line and remove the already existed safeguards and provisions of the Tamils. These racist governments always took away everything one by one and made Tamils cry for justice and they could only curse the British for trusting the rabid racist Sinhala regimes.

    These narrow minded Sinhala politicians will never make anything good for the entire nation. The main reason is nothing but pure Racism.They now openly hate Tamils and all other non Buddhists and it’s a public secret.

    Champikas, Wewrawansas, Dinesh Gunawardanas,Cyril Mathews, KMP Rajarathnes Rajapkayas and every Tamil haters will never do anything but only take away even the little something Tamils had. It’s all gone now and more over now they want their life, land, culture, language and religion and destroy all completely. It’s an on going well planned process for years and no one is stopping it.

    They will kill, rape, bomb, shell with chemicals, white van people,torture but you should not speak up, complain, report or give evidence to the fake government organized eye wash commissions, go to UN, UNHRC but just shut up and confess you are an LTTE terrorist. Then only they will do the “need full” Every politician and the public is up against the NPC resolution of ‘Geno’. They are all surprised about this unbelievable,dastardly, unpatriotic, sinful act of these Tamils. Oh my heavens !
    These mavericks will never do anything good for anyone or the nation. The intelligent and able Lankans are kept out of politics or they are just not interested in the dirty business of lankan politics. These half baked guys amend, change constitutions and everthing get screwed up at the end. No one ever made a good amendment or change because they were never sincere or faithful to the country or the people who voted for them. They only had their own selfish interest and Champika is another person among our mostly dishonest political rascals.

  • 0


    The norm is to cut the coat according to the cloth.But the threesome mentioned by you want to cut the cloth according to the coat!

  • 1

    “An individual already elected into presidency shall contest for a maximum of two terms.”

  • 0

    what is he talking about MR having bought over votes when his present government did nothing but, by luring in all those slfp members…isn’t that buying over power? even worse than buying over votes!! ranawaka only knows how to dangle his tongue and work himself up to the top by fooling the utterly and absolutely gullible!! now these ranawaka fools have no leg to stand on!! i think he has expended his lexicon in trying to wriggle himself out of situations he himself has landed himself and his party in.

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