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‘Maithri’ Manifesto And Quest For Justice

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

I was extremely pleased when Maithripala Sirisena, the common candidate of the opposition, emphasized the importance of adopting a Gandhian policy for Sri Lanka in his appearance at the ‘Satana’ program of the Sirasa TV on 22 November. It meant mainly non-violence with emphasis on moral power. He showed a tiny booklet to the audience written by the renowned writer, W. A. Abeysinghe, titled “Gandhi Example for Sri Lankan Politics,” written in Sinhala. For those who are not familiar with Abeysinghe, he is a popular writer and a literary figure whose many essays became interestingly published in a Tamil title, “Satyam Shivam, Sundaran” (Truth is Beautiful), edited by his daughter, Dipachandi Abeysinghe, in 2011.

Let me call Maithripala Sirisena, MS.

Opposition Declaration

In his concluding presentation, MS emphasized the importance of “media freedom for democracy” and vouched it would be re-established after a victory, of course among a gathering of many journalists and media personnel. Therefore, one may discount it as a media stunt. However, he also outlined the basic tenets of a program that the United Opposition Front might unleash in a few weeks’ time. That was impressive. His emphasis, as he said, was on “unity and harmony of ethnic and religious communities” on the one hand, and “alleviating the grievances of the low income earners” one the other.

Maithripala TempleThese twin approaches would be underlined by the “respect for and protection of all human and fundamental rights,” he said. How many political leaders actually speak about human rights in Sri Lanka? He belongs to this rare species. At least his public utterances were politically correct. He gave an emotional promise to “end the corrupt family rule, re-establish rule of law, reinstate democracy and change the existing political culture.” All these were in addition to the “abolition of the executive presidential system within 100 days,” which is the main platform of the opposition. Whether this is feasible or not is a debatable matter on which I would return some other time.

He agreed with the JVP leader, Anura Kumara Dissanayake, who was another panelist at the program, that “benevolent dictatorship (Sonduru Akgnadayakatwaya) is now turning or has turned into a malevolent one (Kuriru Akgnadayakatwaya).” The emphasis came from AKD.

It is in respect of “changing the political culture” that he referred to Mahatma Gandhi and his principles, and also referred to Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Dr. Martin Luther King of US and our own SWRD Bandaranaike. I would have preferred him also to mention SJV Chelvanayakam, along with Bandaranaike, who were the two main advocates of Gandhian principles in our country, whatever the deviations of their followers or themselves. He said “our policies will be based on these principles.”

He emphasized that “Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years, but after he came to power or office, he held the presidential position only for 4 years.” Alas, that is not the case in Sri Lanka.

A President for 100 Days!

There are those who have asked the question “Why should anyone vote for Maithripala if he is not going to be the president after a hundred days while Ranil is going to be the PM? I am quoting the question from Dayan Jayatilleka, not as a polemic against him, but as an example. Some others have asked the same question thereafter.

Obviously, this question is asked not because of any ignorance. Let me first ignore the clear personal antipathy against the person who is supposed to become the PM. Contrary to the indication in the question, there will be a strong UNP constituency who would vote for MS merely in order to appoint Ranil Wickremesinghe as the PM. That is one strength of this strategy. Leaving that aside, what is behind the question is a particular perception of politics. That is my main concern in this article. Let me reduce the question to the following: Why should anyone vote for Maithripala if he is not going to be the president after a hundred days?

The clear and simple answer is ‘to abolish the presidential system and bring good governance and caring administration in the country.’ It may be a puzzle for those who think politics and elections only in terms of power and position. However, the time has come to think politics and elections in terms of justice, fairness, righteousness, honesty and integrity. That is the cry of the moment.

When one traces the history of the present movement for the abolition of the presidential system, it started with the formation of the National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) initiated by Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero and others, particularly after the 18th Amendment. It was on the same premises and concerns that the movement for ‘Pivithuru Hetak’ (Clean Future) was formed by Ven. Athuraliye Rathana of the JHU. Both movements were moving away from ‘mere power politics’ towards the ‘establishment of Justice.’

Of course, the presidential system can be abolished through extra-electoral or extra-parliamentary means and one may think that is the logical procedure than contesting for the presidency and then leaving the position in 100 days’ time. But the results would be disastrous and worse than what we have at present.

Contesting the presidency to renounce the position in 100 days may appear contradictory to some. But it is the most dialectically logical and consistent proposition. As the popular proverb goes, ‘it is only through the mouth of the well that one can escape when one falls into it.’ There is no other way.

Philosophical Underpinnings

There is a philosophical underpinning to what is happening in Sri Lanka today, if I may become little abstract. Hitherto almost all societies considered politics as matters of power between various classes, ethnic or social groups, dynasties, individuals or ideologies. And as a result, questions of justice had to take a back seat. The newest theory is about clash of civilizations (based on religious beliefs). The consequence of power politics has been war, violence and destruction of life and property, with immense human suffering. This has been common to national as well as international politics, but Sri Lanka has been a classic example of this predicament in recent times.

Do we need to or can we go on the same lines in the future? Can’t we take a reverse turn and understand the common human peril and make a determination to stop the lunacy and take a more rational and a reasonable path?

What can we call the new way? I would call it the ‘quest for justice,’ while admitting its own limitations or misunderstandings. Justice to one can be an injustice to another in some circumstances. This is a contradiction that we have to resolve. When some call for justice they sometimes mean vengeance. This vindictive urge also should be neutralized. These are however some exceptions than the normal understanding. Normal understanding of ‘justice’ is good enough to make a departure from destructive power politics and to make politics reasonable, peaceful and more responsive to people’s needs and aspirations.

Permit me for a personal note. I have been advocating or holding the above ideas for some time and two landmarks can be mentioned. Once when the University of Colombo was engulfed in student violence between different political factions, the Centre for the Study of Human Rights (CSHR) issued an educational leaflet on my initiative requesting the students to change their minds about the ‘purpose of politics.’ Mistaken understanding of ‘politics as power’ was identified as the primary cause for student violence. That was somewhere in 1998. Later when a new Department of Political Science and Public Policy was established in 2001 at the University of Colombo, an emphasis in its mission statement was given to reconsider, in research and teaching, politics as a ‘struggle for justice’ and not as a ‘struggle for power.’ That mission however was not taken root.

I was not completely going against Lasswell’s characterization of politics, “Who Gets What, When and How?” but rather expanding on it. At the same time, I was not completely denying or rejecting the power aspect of politics. If I were to recognize power as an important dynamic, I would rather go along with Max Webber who characterized “power as the chance of a man or a number of men to realize their will in a communal action,” adding that ‘for a justiciable object,’ also revising the terms ‘man and men’ also to mean ‘woman and women.’


There is no need to idealize the opposition movement unnecessarily. However, there is a clear urge within the Sri Lankan society today to seek justice and ‘to renounce those who abuse power for the sake of power or for the sake of money.’ There is no wonder that this movement for justice has crystalized as a movement seeking the abolition of the executive presidential system. Due credit should be given to Kumar David who advocated the single purpose issue in conjunction. There can be a little exaggeration to picture the EP system as the sole reason for all the ills in society or polity. That is how the social movements, however, emerge. The slogan is also not far away from the truth. It is symbolic and depending on the further developments of the movement, it would lead to further reforms and change in society and polity. It is an opening of an opportunity. At least that is how the intellectuals or the social activists should perceive and support the movement.      

What is the object of Mahinda Rajapaksa seeking a Third Term as the Executive President of Sri Lanka? Is it personal, family, party or country? Why couldn’t he handover the baton to another person within his party or even within his own family? Why is the family (or the acolytes) hiding behind him without allowing a democratic succession within the party and country? What is there to hide and safeguard? These are some of the questions that the people should ask before voting for MR or MS at the presidential election.

There is no doubt that the opposition movement itself contains certain ‘dynastic’ elements. No movement is pure. However, that is not the main character of the movement. It is abundantly democratic and progressive. Ranil Wickremesinghe as a key player has, so far, managed these diverse elements quite skillfully. The dynastic elements or other ailments are within manageable limits. The opposition movement itself is not one but several. That is the beauty of the movement; its democratic plurality. One section undoubtedly can ‘check and balance’ the other if there are extremes. There are ‘abolitionists’ and there are ‘reformists.’ There are ‘partisans’ and there are ‘bipartisans.’ The issues should be resolved pragmatically or practically.

There are those who considered the movement for the abolition of the EP system as ‘elitist and urban.’ Now the ‘Messiah’ of the movement has emerged quite unexpectedly from the rural milieu. He has a fitting name as the leader of the movement, ‘Maithri’ (meaning loving or compassionate one). He does have pliable charisma compared to increasing arrogance of MR. I would love to see both contenders debating on TV. Then people could make up their minds.

There is one significant statement that MS made in respect of power. He unequivocally asserted that the ‘power of the people is more powerful than the power of the state.’ This Marxian axiom might reverberate in the people’s movement leading to the elections in the coming future. There cannot be any doubt about that. He also made a clear request (or is it a message?) from the armed forces and the police ‘to ensure free and fair election.’ In turn he assured ‘to safeguard and protect all those professional soldiers and duty minded officers.’ Kumar David has already suggested to have Sarath Fonseka as a shadow defense minister. There is a need to counter any attempt to mobilize the armed forces against the democracy movement before or after the election.

There is obviously no need to support the opposition movement uncritically. Blind faith is not warranted. However, the notion of ‘critical support’ should be nuanced with ‘support first, criticism second.’ The need is not of sequential order but of priority. The criticisms should be constructive.

Let me make two brief suggestions in conclusion.

First is to resurrect the traditions of Bandaranaike, Chelvanayakam, Dudley Senanayake and MHM Ashraff in the emerging democracy movement to emphasize non-violence, fair play and cooperation between communities and political parties. NMSJ or its equivalent should emerge in the North and the East.

Second is to promote women participation in the emerging democracy movement in a forceful manner. The appearance of one or two faces on stage is not enough. Women may have a decisive role in unravelling the dictatorial quagmire link to the EP system. Their voices should be heard and acted upon.

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  • 7

    Good one Prof!

    The quest for justice must begin with ENDING IMPUNITY of CORRUPT POLITICIANS in the Stinking Diyawenna Parliament in the Miracle of Modyas.

    The Quest for justice must put and end to the CROSS OVER POLITICAL CULTURE where corrupt politicians from the opposition and govt. switch sides for money and more perks.

    Politicians are the most corrupt individuals in the country and the corruption has trickled down to every corner with Jarapassa family being the most vile. The corrupt politicians need to be held accountable and this includes the joint opposition as well. Right now we have a choice between more or a little less corruption. Sirisena’s brother stole lands from the Parakrama Samudra Reservation in Pollonaruwa and Sirisena did not pass the National Drugs Policy Bill when Minister of Health. He has passed the buck to MR rather than take responsibility.

    What Sri Lanka needs is a clean break from all these dirty politicians!

    • 5

      There is a lot of hot air about pluralism but we see the same old corrupt politicians contesting each other and running for power and wealth!

      Youth and women should be the vote based targeted to get rid of Jarapassa and bring in CHANGE. For the joint opposition to be GENUINELY plural and democratic there need to be many, many more young faces – particularly young WOMEN who have been completely ignored and left out by the political mandarins..

    • 7

      “I was extremely pleased when Maithripala Sirisena, the common candidate of the opposition, emphasized the importance of adopting a Gandhian policy for Sri Lanka…”

      What a nutty professor! When was Gandhi a politician or an effective independence fighter?

      The “Half-Naked Fakir” in the murdurous thief Churchill’s own words was embraced later by the colonisers because he enabled them to escape without returning the Indian loot or paying for it. Gandhi saw Subhas Chandra Bose, the real independent fighter out of the Congress because Bose was too much of a threat to the thieving British.

      The colonised minds like that of L. Fernando have swallowed this ‘gundu’ wholesale and are now promoting Gandhi to a country still facing the threat of terrorism. If we were “Gandhian” in 2009 we would not have a Sri Lanka today.

      These views show that grand sounding titles can’t hide lack of intelligence!

      • 6


        Please tell us how Subhas Chandra Bose did achieve independence for India?

        Did he win the war in Burma if so tell us about the human cost of that great victory?

        How did the white Aryans and Yellow Dai Nippon Teikoku view this little man from Jewel in the Crown?

        “These views show that grand sounding titles can’t hide lack of intelligence!”

        Surely you should have thought about your own intelligence before you started typing.

        • 9

          Your perverted history makes you a disgrace to our noble ancestors, the Veddahs. Stop using the Veddah name and disgracing them.

          As to Chandra Bose, if not for his valour in going to Europe and getting the release of Indian “war prisoners” held by Hitler, (while fighting for the thief Churchill), and forming the Indian National Army that took possession of Singapore (with the Japanese), the British parasites will still be sucking our blood.

          How is that for intelligence, European Veddah?

          • 7


            You haven’t read my comment nor have you answered my questions.

            Would you give it a try again?

            I just want to remind you Indian history is not written by Mahanama, Champika, Irrathinavalli, Nalin de Silva,…… Please leave history writing to Indians.

          • 4


            Kiya batth hai?/ (whats up)

            Bangala Bose hid in the andaman islands like your so called freedom fighters who hid in south india and helped the japanese bomb colombo-
            So what nobelity are you trying to spell out??

            Thailand the island has never been conquered by foreign forces gave free access to the fascist japenese to slaughter your new found lover buddhist burmese. Thailand,s history is one of military junta rule and thatte motte pedophile rule even today.You heard of Ossie Corea and the temple.

            Stop hatching eggs and come out with clean answers- the anglo saxons never said `half naked fakir` in their language with which you are mastrubating but simply `naked fakir` its clear in pandit nehru’s writings.

            Roosevelt and Churchill weren’t Yakko thieves(as there were stronger africans to steal and you were carted into the island by the ruthless slave masters the portugese and that is where your sihala language commenced- Burva/Buro spanish) and clearly not a peace time ruler therefore the mess we are in. Nehru clearly wanted the island of dark skinned yakkos and this what is going on

            • 1

              It is naked Fakir or half-naked fakir ?

              ” GANDHI: If I had been still alive at the time of your death, Sir Winston, I should have found it difficult to say very much that was favourable in your behalf. I hope you will at least appreciate the frankness of this confession.

              CHURCHILL: Not only its frankness, Mr. Gandhi, but its justice. After all, I had no kind words to offer in your behalf upon your death.

              GANDHI: Nor indeed during my life. I fear I never struck you as being much better than, as you put it, “a half-naked fakir.”

              CHURCHILL: That, sir, is a misquotation. What I really said was rather more severe. I called you a “seditious fakir.”

              GANDHI: Well, I do not take it unkindly that you should have called me either “half-naked” or “seditious.” For, indeed, both were true of me: I was a revolutionary in a loincloth and am not insulted to have you say so. But that you should call me a “fakir”-a monk. I know what insult you intended by this. You intended to deny me the honour of sharing your own calling-that of a statesman.

              CHURCHILL: Exactly so. Though why you should feel insulted by this I’m sure I don’t understand. It was just as much a statement of fact as that you were “seditious.” A monk, a mystic, a visionary-you might have been any of these. But a statesman-never!

              GANDHI: I hope you will explain this to me, Sir Winston. A statesman is one who leads people, is he not? You must admit that many people followed where I led-in fact, many more, I think, than ever followed’ you.

              • 0

                Alen Axelrod wrote two interesting books….
                *) Winston Churchill, CEO.
                *) Gandhi, CEO,
                –). With subheading … 14 Principles to Guide & inspire Modern Leaders.. Very interesting books…
                If Vanda type “frog in a well” go to a modern management training in the West, she will hear how the West is still learning & applying Gandhi leadership qualities, techniques to lead people in the present day…

                • 1

                  Got interested in the quoted author’s name “Axelrod”.

                  The last Axelrod, later revealed as a CIA spy went by the name “Trotsky”. More recently, his grandson David Axelrod infiltrated the White House and had to leave due to security concerns.

                  Wasn’t aware of Alen Axelrod. Sounds an interesting source to learn Indian history from!

                  For bankrupt ex-colonials these things don’t matter obviously.

          • 0


            I curse you. May this earth turn into a hell for you until your dying days, for the lies you speak of Ghandhi, the most humane of human beings. I curse you. I curse you.

            • 1

              What a desperate little piece of skhit!
              Is that all you can do?

              Get a life you bankrupt, land thief.

      • 2


        Has Douglas got the Eiffel Syndrome that he is unable to tuck his lungi into a dhoti- either way go move your poop like unicef told the hindians.

        lungi hatao pungi bajao-Shivaji’s Army the only martial race of hindia and not even the turbans- go fetvch indian Archives or london Treaties

        • 5

          Hei Javi, Are you totally nuts?

          What the fook are you doing writing rubbish like this?

          CT readers deserve better.

          Chandra Bose did chase the British blood suckers out. Is that why you are angry?

          Other Boses are being borne now. Watch out.

          • 1

            `Hei Javi, Are you totally nuts?`

            Therefore I got all the squirrels!

            ¬Chandra Bose did chase the British blood suckers out¬

            No one chased the Brits away its only seeming to modayas.

            the brits had a different style that even the powerful VOC which beat them first time at China learnt that its impossible to chase but to negotiate even today its Anglo Dutch like Shell/BP and much more – go fetch yakko.

            `Other Boses are being borne now. Watch out.`

            GOB- they have to come our way to pray. Even more Hindia has no hardware to talk of and I am closer to them than you can dream of-

            If you have no imagination therefore any knowledge you possess stays stagnant with in your putrid environment.

            please dont come out with your arty farty ethics and morals

          • 1

            GandaWeera/bedrock bar..

            CT readers deserve better.

            Come clean legal parasite.

          • 3


            “Chandra Bose did chase the British blood suckers out.”

            So did Anagarika Dharmapala (Homeless one) only after buying protestant Buddhism from Yankee Henry Steel Olcott.

      • 4

        Excellent response from Vanda. LF lives in cookoo land. The Brits gave the mantle to Ghandi/Nehru for fear of Bose taking over. Brits had a taste of their own medicine from Japs, most of their troops deserting the army and were not prepared to face Bose and his men. Nehru made a mess of India, so did his daughter and her dumb son. Modi has to pick up the pieces whilst LF waits for his horse to cross the line to butter his bread.

        • 2

          Modi has to pick up the pieces whilst LF waits for his horse to cross the line to butter his bread.¬

          Modi Moot Marna (Going for urination-marathi) Auto Urine Therapy(Moraji) ka Beta he.!

          lalu balu, Chocolate Hostage!

          What a Phew.!

      • 1


        Phew! Wash your ass for oozing patriotism is leaking down your legs! See to it you don’t walk fast tossing up the gate valve!

      • 1

        Re: “If we were “Gandhian” in 2009 we would not have a Sri Lanka today”

        If the Sinhalese and their politicians did not behave like common criminals in the period from 1950, we could have prevented a lot of blood shed!!(it is too much to ask the sinhalese to be even a fraction of a Gandhi!!)

        We need not have faced the 2009 genocide and Sri Lanka need not have become famous for murder, rape, arson, abductions, extra judicial killings, drug trafficking etc. Even after 2009, Tamil, Muslim bashing is continuing unabated!!

    • 4

      “First is to resurrect the traditions of Bandaranaike, Chelvanayakam, Dudley Senanayake and MHM Ashraff…”

      Yes Professor, we should resurrect the Sanga, Veda, Guru, Govi, Kamkaru policy of 1956 and also the land reform policies of the late great Mrs Bandaranayake. Ranil is an ideal match for this because he is also a crypto-Christian like Banda himself.

      We can easily combine this S-V-G-G-K policy with Chelva’s 50-50 demand and Dudley’s cronie capitalism that enabled his brother Robert to make billions with rubber export monopoly.

      We can all live happily ever after… mm mm. Can’t wait.

    • 1

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando

      “It meant mainly non-violence with emphasis on moral power. He showed a tiny booklet to the audience written by the renowned writer, W. A. Abeysinghe, titled “Gandhi Example for Sri Lankan Politics,” written in Sinhala. For those who are not familiar with Abeysinghe, he is a popular writer and a literary figure whose many essays became interestingly published in a Tamil title, “Satyam Shivam, Sundaran” (Truth is Beautiful), edited by his daughter, Dipachandi Abeysinghe, in 2011.”


      This contest is between the Enlightened Buddha, Gandhi Dhamma Vs, the Despotic Medamulana MaRa, Mara Evil.

      People need to be informed. How? Multiple Channels.

      Laksiri, what are you waiting for? You can Call it Common Sense or Choice Dictatorship Vs,, Democracy ot whatever the Common People will understand..

      Can you write the short Common sense pamphlet, and distribute as well>

      The choice is yours…Just talk will not get there.. Talk to JVP they are doing more taking to the populace..Need to be in Sinhala, Tamil and English in the same pamphlet so that the Sinhala and Tamil students can improve their English as well

      The word needs to get out to the people, fast and quick. It needs to be in simple vernacular language so that people will understand..That is what Thomas Paine did for the Americans..


      The Life of Thomas Paine, Author of Common Sense, Rights of Man, Age of Reason, With Critical and Explanatory Observations of His Writings

      You can get a Free Copy Pdf of the Common sense by Rhomas Paine here..



    • 1

      Laksiri Fernando –

      See what AKD was saying in 2010.

      The common Sense Pamphlet mush have been printed in 2010, the Sri Lanka Version.

      Anyway, better late than never.

      Video: Anura predicted cross over by Maithri’s & Rajitha in 2010


      SUNDAY, 30 NOVEMBER 2014 19:3

      The Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka, in a statement in Parliament on 08.09.2010, had predicted that Ministers Maithripala Sirisena and Rajitha Senaratna would leave the government.

      The JVP Leader has made this prediction participating in the debate to abolish the 17th amendment and adopt the 18th amendment.

    • 1

      It all boils down to the C’mb Stock Exchange that is pegged to the China Stock Exchange (or something). Pandemonium at the stock market in event of change of Gosl might make that Lankan Wall-Street crash so much, that it will become like Libya (without even an invasion).

      Therefore, how will Maithri compromise the removal of EP (and given into the hands of E-PM for Ranil), with the C’mb Stock Market cum China stock Market?

      Removal of Rajapakse-EP will mean that all deals and tight trade and financial alliance with China will become mooted. So what’s going to happen? Will it be, “OK China, we’ll have this small one, and India, the bigger one, and US…….ok we’ll try and peg with your’ll?” (and all that will most probably come with intense US rules governing devolution)

      OK… if Ranil wins courtesy Maithripala, after a long hard debacle, will it be as Vishubanda feared , i.e to do with Vellhalas, Sinhalese Vellhalas, Anglicans, and so on…..as it always has been ever since colonization. + fredalism also (have these guys spoken about country territorial integrity yet – other than “Oh……,everybody is equal and all is going to be good and fair and holy”?)

      Let’s hope that if Rajapakse wins, US-China come to a trade and financial understanding. Then the Rajapakse vision would have truly won.

      But if there is some greater knowledge that this is not to be so, hope that Ranil/ Maithri will carry on the good works with China, but spread the wealth of China (provided the US-China pact is flourishing or even neutral) more democratically between non-familial middlemen of parliament.

      • 2

        Hello hello, so you had your ata prikana sessions.

        Constipated?? Badagini katteya- stop moving hands and feet there are well over 600k women in the medieval middle east h.m’s sex on demand slaves- dont you have shame trying to shape when women and girls are being banned from by india and pakistan but bangala and buruvas- that is paasa in the real corruption he has murdered more sihala.

        When a monster bites the rattons there wont be cats paws in the city and nation.

        fatso passa is not peace time but an island wide criminal along with family and associates.neither churchill or roosevelt stalin was a peace time invader.

        what is your product just of bit $60billion.Amazon runs more of a budjet than that and more than HSBC. STFUp.~8~

    • 1

      Hello Prof. Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

      Can you guys round up the writers and Just Do It. I mean complete the Common Sense Pamphlet 2014.

      Amarasiri’s satisfaction is Medamulana Maras demise.

      I am quite convinced, just like Thomas Paine was in 1776, the Common Sense Pamphlet need to be concise less than 47 pages, in simple language the masses can read and easily understand. Something like “Gam Peraliya”. Another version is Gone with the Wind.
      You can get a Free Copy Pdf of the Common sense by Thomas Paine here.. http://www.forgottenbooks.com/search?q=Common+Sense+Thomas+Paine&t=books


      Now to Common sense Pamphlet. Amarasiri is Pushing the Sri Lankan version of the CS Pamphlet for Altruistic reasons. Amarasiri’s only satisfaction is the defeat of MaRa , the Despotic Medamulana MaRa Dynasty, and there is no financial gain, other than he “Good Works” and “ Pin” in afterlife, if there is any as such.

      So Amarasiri is with the Common Opposition in this endeavor. The Common Opposition should embrace Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, agnostics, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, and others EXCEPT the MaRa, their Shills and their cronies , BBS and Rapists and few undesirables
      However, Amarasiri has limited time. This is What Amarasiri can do. This post to the Common Opposition and well wishes, and ask them to Complete it.
      There will be 8 Chapters. Why, January 8,? It is the Triple Point. The Day SWRD Bandaranaika was born, the Day Lasantha Wickramatunga was killed and the Presidential Election.

      Common Sense Pamphlet

      Sri Lanka 2014
      Rata Peraliya – Family Dictatorship Vs. Democracy.
      Anonymous Author(s)

      Chapter 1: Introduction Common Sense Sri Lanka 2014 – Author 1

      As long and violent abuse of power , and as the President of Sri Lanka has undertaken in his own right , to support the parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have undoubted privilege to suppress and abuse the citizens rights given by the constitution.
      The cause of Sri Lanka is in a great measure the cause of all Sri Lankans.

      Who the Authors of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the public, as the object of Attention is the Mahinda Rajapaksa Family Dictatorship Doctrine and Proposed dynasty Itself.

      This Pamphlet has 8 Chapters by different authors. Use Common sense and make the choice between Family Dictatorship and democracy in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

      Chapter 2: Of the origin and Design of the The Democratic Socialist Republic o of Sri Lanka in general, with remarks on the Constitution. Author 2

      Chapter 3: Of Monarchy, Dictatorship and Hereditary Succession. Author 3

      Chapter 4: Thoughts on the Present state of Sri Lanka Affairs 2014. Author 4

      Chapter 5: Of the present ability of Sri Lanka 2014 with some miscellaneous Reflections since Independence . Author 5
      Chapter 6: Rights of the Citizens of Sri Lanka. Author 6

      Chapter 7: Dangers of Dictatorship Sri Lank 2014. Author 7

      Chapter 8: Bribery, Corruption, Nepotism and Crime Sri Lanka 2010-2014. Author 8

      • 2

        Hi Amarasiri,

        No doubt that your suggestion for a common sense pamphlet of Thom Paine type is valuable. Even here you have some good ideas about its possible contents. But I am not sure whether I am the right person to do so. I also know that you have suggested this idea to several other people and not only to me. You also have to realize that writing is not a mechanical exercise. It cannot come from external but from internal. Your too much insistence is also not very ‘democratic,’ if I may say. I have at least taken your advice to write ‘common sense’ and write in the most possible simple language I believe. I cannot unfortunately do anything more than that at this stage.


        • 0

          Dr. Laksiri Fernando,

          Thank you for your suggestion.

          We all are busy, have our own lives and responsibilities, but doing this for altruistic reasons. I agree it has to come from within.

          You are better at identifying an Author or Authors who can get this project done and distributed by print, and electronic media well before Jan 8, 2015.

          I am of opinion that a better informed populace will get rid of MaRa from Medamulana. This could mean anywhere from 10,000 votes 1,000,000 votes against MaRa from Medamulana.

          Amarasiri is just one guy try to leverage his ideas in order to retire mMRa from Medamulana.

          Are there any other takers?

        • 0

          Dr. Laksiri Fernando

          Do you know anybody from JVP who cab take on the Task? Please pass on the information. Time is of essence.

          Video: Large crowds to ‘Defeat despotic regime’
          MONDAY, 01 DECEMBER 2014 23:03


          The first of a series of rallies the JVP has organized under the theme ‘Defeat despotic regime! Rally for Democracy!!’ was held at Nugegoda today (1st) with the participation of a large crowd.

          JVP leaders including Member of its Political Bureau K.D. Lal Kantha, its General Secretary Tilvin Silva and its Leader Anura Dissanayaka addressed the rally.

          The JVP stated that rallies under the theme to defeat despotic regime under Mahinda Rajapaksa would be held in all principal towns. The party also has organized campaigns of leaflet distributions, posters and house to house campaigns.

  • 7

    Professor, GOOD GOVERNANCE and CLEAN government is necessary for “unity and harmony of ethnic and religious communities” on the one hand, and “alleviating the grievances of the low income earners” is to be achieved.

    Sri Lanka needs a bill to Prevent Hate Speech AND another bill for the Right to Information.
    The politicians have always been the villains of the peace since Independence – promoting religious and ethnic hatred to win votes from Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim Modays! This is what Jarapassa is doing with BBS.
    This culture if promoting HATE SPEECH to win elections must end. So too the IMPUNITY of the corrupt politician. The cross over culture in the Parliament which has resulted in Politicians crossing over to the highest bidder has enabled the WHOLE PARLIAMENT – both opposition and Govt. MPs to become a privileged CASTE with all luxuries and perks as they loot the people.
    This culture of political corruption must end. Crossing from one party to another must be Banned and if they do so they must lose the seat.

  • 4

    “Second is to promote women participation”…I suggest Rosy Senanayake…
    In the past I have heard about Rosy as usual women become politician because of her fame and beauty. while in SL, I heard her talking in TV, once with Mrs. Ashraff too. I saw her as an intelligent and smart women.. Mrs Ashraff is in similar calibre but I don’t know any other female politician…
    I also noted when Marvyn Silva as a judge said he like Paba’s UKKU BONNA… All male audience and the male who led the programme were laughing loudly… It was obvious Rosy was irritated and angry about that silly and insulting joke, but she expressed her irritation in controlled but very powerful fashion.. Anybody remember her response..
    But in SL, quality has no value..

    • 2

      ¬but she expressed her irritation in controlled but very powerful fashion.. ¬

      therefore her sibling found a nich at the Commonwealth meet.

      Down under keep learning it is a process and don’t stop the music.

  • 0

    ‘but I don’t know any other female politician… ‘

    Have you not heard of Mangala and Ranil?

    • 7


      “Have you not heard of Mangala and Ranil?”

      Have you seen them in nude? If so what were you doing with them in the first place?

      Did you ever try to grope them?

  • 3

    Very good observations. The real challenge lies in our own hearts. As long as we are full of greed, hatred, and delusion, we will be driven by fear, illusive prospects, short-cuts to benefits through political connections, and tendency to use ethnic and religious identity to claim undue advantages by marginalising others. Greed, hatred, and delusion are very good magicians as Buddha said. They are very well tuned to place very creative excuses at the tip of our tongues, like “I killed that man, but it is in the name of my country”, “I destroyed that man’s business property, but that is in the name of protecting Buddha Sasana in my country from Muslims”, “I sell drugs, but what about thousands of my colleagues getting patronage from the top?”, “I earned a big commission from that government deal, but what about my hard work? I was helping the country”, etc. So it is our own greed, hatred, and delusion, that provide the chance for politicians to manipulate us using various dirty methods.

    That is where the honesty of the presidency plays an important role. The president can stop favoring his aides for later retrieval of those files as president Rajapaksa confessed. But, the only long term solution is to work hard to offer ourselves as trustworthy and honest individuals to the society, so that external conditions set by politicians cannot catch us that easily. These days I see a lot of politicians and followers with “mal watti” in their hands. If they truly mean that gesture, all what Buddha said was to take look inside, and take individual responsibility for what makes us so vulnerable.

    • 1

      `and take individual responsibility for what makes us so vulnerable.`

      It’s past the bana period and folk are in the badagini mode and dodgey burgers are about to come out of the freezer there and in the financial market of EU effecting the world.
      Have you seen an orange saree wearing baldie seated under a tree as Gautama started??
      No they are used to duty free and everything they receive in this fashion reaches the common market. Did you not listen to DJ ‘s statement at paris when he was leaving, This is true at all embassies and all WB/ADB projects.
      Lets have some so imaginative solutions like if My3ee wins how would he get the seat of power??
      Literature is 2D and can be easily interpreted for CJ to let Passa continue for the rest of the term.
      Then yakko land comes to bloom once again- run robin run.

    • 1

      The majority of Sri Lankans practice a corrupted version of Buddhism; not the Buddhism preached by Lord Buddha. They are idol worshippers. Their president carries a golden something in his hand for protection. He has another gold something hanging from his neck to his buriya. Who knows what is inserted into his rectum for protection?

      The majority urgently need an education. They should either practice Lord Buddha’s Buddhism, or they should practice a monotheistic religion – Christianity Islam etc. Some Hindu brothers will not agree, but the genuine Hinduism is monotheistic in theory.

      So long as the President worships creations of the Creator, like trees, the sun moon, yellow robes, holy snakes, dead people and their remains, and other humans, the citizens think the way forward is to worship the President. That is the root cause which entitles the President to think he can do no wrong. Hence the corruption started in 1948 and has assumed giant proportions, during which period the ruling politicians were free to do whatever they wanted to enrich themselves.

      Sri Lanka has a long way to go before there can be civilized politics. First the People have to wake up.

    • 0

      The time difference and other matters prevented me from responding to Krishantha before. His valid observations are appreciated, some even going beyond what I have said. It is important to uncover the fundamentals.

      I do agree that “greed, hatred and delusion,” as the Buddha said, are the reasons for discrimination, conflict and violence in society both at the personal and socio-political level. While we motivate (or compel) individuals, including the ‘mal watti’ politicians (!) to look inside into themselves, there is also a need to reform the socio-political institutions that perpetuate “greed, hatred and delusion” at a macro level. Reforming of what we usually call ‘democracy and governance’ are some ways of addressing the issues at the collective level.

  • 1

    If Sira stops his Brother’s illicit mining of Mahaweli Ganga and release the stock of hoarded rice by his second brother and issue it to the Dalits for the New Year free of charge, it can be at least one good deed for his 100 day Presidency..

  • 1

    Lack of education of Rajapakses was the main theme of attack by authors and subscribers to Colombo Telegraph not so long ago. Is that change now?

    Can the same people tell us the educational qualification of MY3? What kind of governance one can expect from a minister who couldn’t push an act through parliament to display the cartoon he wanted in 90% of a cigarette packet cover. Yet My3 was capable and powerful enough to cover up the murderous attack on DIG’s son and his wife by his son and his gang. Google and read it.

    • 5


      “Lack of education of Rajapakses was the main theme of attack by authors and subscribers to Colombo Telegraph not so long ago.”

      Education has nothing to do with wisdom, compassion and doing the right thing.

      It is about stupidity of the people who vote for the most unwise, racist, corrupt and war criminal leaders that you should be concerned about. On the other hand you are one of the stupid voters.

    • 2


      MY3? What the hell? You have long lost your 3 and must be eternally thankful to that dog who plucked it! That dog liberated you to spread under any bush.

  • 1

    By Laksiri Fernando -`I was extremely pleased when Maithripala Sirisena, the common candidate of the opposition, emphasized the importance of adopting a Gandhian policy`

    Modi the man who left his wife finally closed that case (highlighted even by australian press too) by terminating the services of Andhra SP for ex PM’s their wives and his.

    Modi is primarily RSS and the centre point of theirs even today is Nagpur in memory of Gotse the priest who shot the naked fakir Om Tat Sat.Nagpur is the winter capital of maharashtra and summer its bombay.

    As soon as he won he was quick to unveil a gigantic statue of V Patel (who became the deputy PM of independent India)

    Message arrived from the Desi north americans who funded and promoted his rise that Gandhi is the only man known there so typically the ones who stole the sheep (down under) listened to the ones who ate the sheep (yankee do)

    The same Gujarati folk down under in no time brought in a gigantic statue of Gandhi for Modi to unveil and this has angered very many a Desi in Hindia
    At campuses of Hindia students and staff have scant respect for gandhi the pedophile who let 1.5 million die in wain- we are human not god we have not seen.

    Not “Satyam Shivam, Sundaran” – Piyar ka sangam that ticks in the minds of hindians

    In the west we see so may inter race marriage divorcing not because love has gone stale or wild but it is the folk surrounding the couple that create discontent. Check it out there too. so we say a bit of knowledge is good for nothing and go into reference libraries then travel too see and touch the reality.

    Try love in Tokyo which was running parallel at that time when socialist NM constructed his Peaking Wall- lassenai.

    Good luck your socialist man is finally contesting but when will he get that seat of power when 2 years is still at hand and his puppet CJ watching it all unfold.

  • 0

    I am not sure how many readers of the Colombo Telegraph understand the deep disappointment and sadness of the members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and all those who understand and respect the ideology, political programs and policy positions that it has espoused.

    Many had deep misgivings as to the suitability of Mahinda Rajapaksa as a leader when the question of the misappropriation of tsunami aid came to light. However following the end of the war many of these misgivings were forgotten and drowned by the hope that the Sinhala Buddhist people at last had a king-like ruler blessed with a vigorous lineage whose dynasty it was hoped would rule with justice and wisdom.

    It did not take very long for these hopes to be dashed which happened as soon as the way the election commissioner was treated before all the world no sooner were presidential elections held and the by playing accomplice to this murder of democracy India our closest neighbor has set herself up for a dose of the same that she is just beginning to feel.
    The hoped for righteous, just and wise king has turned into something far less appealing and the hopes for a golden age of Sinhala Buddhist rule have been dashed. This fact has taken almost a decade to sink in and overcome hopes that the man may change and become the sage that all had hoped he would be.

    Now there is no room for doubt. The king has declared that should he lose the election he will once again “turn defeat into victory” just as he did with the help of India at his very first presidential election. The financial affairs and conduct of this monarch confirm the misgivings that arose when the tsunami fraud came to light and these misgivings now extend to the question of what happened to the massive amounts of gold that had been stolen from the Tamil people by the LTTE and the mysterious manner in which attempts were made to move illegal ivory from certain African nations into global black markets through Sri Lanka apparently in return for golden favors granted by these nations to the king. These are now matters of common knowledge amongst children and will form parts of folklore that embellish the history of Sri Lanka’s attempted 21st century royal dynasty.

    The SLFP is a party in mourning not only because of this ugly financial conduct but also because the concentration of power in one family has prevented other noble families within the party from using political power to improve the lives of the Sinhala Buddhist people who voted them to power. These people have been languishing in neglect for close to a decade and their sorrow and disappointment knows no bounds.

    It is this boundless sadness and disappointment that has led the General Secretary of the SLFP himself to come forward with the fullest support of his party to come forward as an alternative SLFP candidate and put right the wrongs that all the world can see. The SLFP has always been a magnanimous and dignified party and its leadership has never hesitated to correct its mistakes. IT is natural therefore that it has invited all right thinking persons from all political persuasions and parties to support it in its task of cleansing the islands polity of the sickness that has arisen and restore the liberal democratic traditions of tolerance, non violence and broad inclusiveness while standing firmly in defense of national sovereignty that it and the peoples right to advance their political aspirations through democratic means that this party has always espoused and advanced.

    This is not a triumphal or vindictive or vengeful movement. It is a movement based on contrition and the disappointment and sadness generated by dashed hopes and a deep sense of responsibility that what has been allowed to go wrong due to high but misplaced hopes must now be put right and the nations made whole and healthy once more.

    May the noble party of the people succeed in this task and let us all – regardless of our political persuasions and political affiliations – wholeheartedly support the SLFP in this righteous and profoundly Buddhist agenda. May we succeed and may we go on to build a nation where all beings may be happy and live in peace and may the tree of righteousness be planted on this island this Uduvap Poya day

  • 1

    What is important is a change. Whether it is good or bad the conuntry need change in order to put a stop the continued rule of one system that leads to a dictatorship. The current regime assumes that they are more powerful than the people. The country need to stop Mahinda becoming more powerful than ever before and the nation may never recover from dictatorship to democracy for several decades if people allow Mahinda Rajapakse to continue. We all know the theory of diminishing marginal returns. Mahinda came to power with so many promises and assuarances but no one now dare to ask about why he failed to implement those promises. Many people think it is Mahinda who won the war. It is true that war was won during his period but it is not Mahinda’s strategy that alone contributed to the fall of LTTE. LTTE lost its war because the whole world thought LTTE went over the limit and LTTE’s armed power should be stopped. Mahinda’s contribution to the victory may be less than 5% but Mahinda’s contribution towards the destruction of the nation’s good governance is more than 95%. The nation lost its credibility rule of law, freedom of justice and the criminals and corruptors become part of governance. I don’t know whether Maithri Srisena can bring back all those losses to the good governance but he can definitely put a stop that loss of good governance become 100% loss.

  • 0

    “The time has come to think politics and elections in terms of justice, fairness, righteousness, honesty and integrity. That is the cry of the moment.”

    At last somebody has got it right in Srilanka.

    Lets hope we can keep this momentum going even after the elections and in all spheres of life in Srilanka.

    Sarvae Jana Sukhino bhavantu.

    • 3


      Shanthi Shanthi Shanti

      (peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss)

      Banda, mechanic, Ram, sach, Nuisance, Vanda, Thonda

      restless souls

      to you as well

      Shanthi Shanthi Shanti

  • 0

    Are these o called kick as political gurus getting dudded by the ageing fox Ranil..

    Here is what JHU Abithaya Champika said in his press interview..

    “How can Ranil become the PM let alone the Exec, when the the great majority of MPs in Parliament are SLFP.”

    Unless the original UNP. TNA, Diaspora Alliance has plans to up the bidding over LKR 500 Million which was mentioned as the price Rajapaksa offered.

    May be the SLFP rebel faction leader MS CBK , loves the cousin Ranil so much that she will issue a directive from Srikotha to her loyal ex servants to cast their votes to make the UNP leader the PM…

  • 0

    Real political and policy of Democracy CHANGES of elites must change their mindset FIRST. Until change policies of mind set of elites there will be no forward progress random established MS alliances to achieve democracy will be impossible. Sadly to say MS is has no track records of Politics of Elitism; and his political contribution to DEMOCRACY were that very poor performance since 40 odd years of SLFP political carrier. We have to think twice his replacement for MR ruling alliances more than very serious issues.

    Few day back or to be going an established New political alliances under the leadership of MS and their majority core leaders are accountability of that origin of corrupted politically and male-management of Democracy of Governances by UNP headed Republics since 1977.

    1 UNP was anti-Tamil political party since 1958 under JRJ-UNP.
    JRJ came to political power 1977 his party led ruling authority
    violently attacked Tamils in south and North 1977,1979 1981 & 1983.

    2 Political power of Democracy turn into GUN RULE Democracy,1978
    established Republic Constitutional by granting absolute Executive
    President power and change Elections system. People democracy is
    powerless and majority were voiceless by UNP JRJ politics.
    This system of Governance anti-democracy continued until 2005

    3 There is without doubt that UNP as national Party who must take
    political accountability and responsibility of 30 WAR against
    people of Sri lanka. The RULE OF GUN THAT REPLACE RULE OF LAW
    BY 17 YERAS OF UNP 1977 TO 1994.The was that was result of
    foreign funded politics of UNP and their vital interest.

    4 JHU is politically religion origin political party with narrow
    political manipulating out-fit, that ex-JVP mindset
    politicians. Class of politics are more less anti-people

    5 JVP that anti-Tamil and more or less that Rural poor and
    petty- bourgeois radical anarchist origin with Sinhalese
    roots. The that movement of JVP origin and development roots
    goes back to anti-socialist and Che Guvura petty and
    narrow social links. Its Practice under PND Wijeweera or
    Rohan or Attnayake by totally terrorism that denied people
    base politics of Democracy. JVP was that Gun Rule by replace
    votes of Democracy accepted since ruling classes by

    6 LTTE is/was Purely anti- Sinhalese people and Tamil communal
    and Chauvinist politics of North. Only way out is GUN
    BY HOOK OR CROOK. It has link with TNA political agenda
    to divided and split Sri Lankan people one Tamil state
    other for Non-Tamil governance in South. LTTE
    Political programmed extended to GRATER TAMIL REGIME IN
    SRI LANKA. World Tamil Congress and Global Tamil
    Forum is proposed Tamil State in World are outfit
    working on behalf achieve Tamil Regime split Indian
    Republic to separated to be established Tamil
    Eealm regime.

    Any holy alliances under MS of that cannot bring democracy and social justice People of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and other in OUR Island.

    The background of above political and class forces are more or less betray cause of social equality ,that shed a sad tears only blaming MR not being treated equally. If we not taken correct path we of all PEOPLE WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.


    • 1

      Siri yatware,

      `Real political and policy of Democracy CHANGES of elites must change their mindset FIRST.`

      sick,,ā dōu zǐ (chinese: foreigner)

      (hindi): kisi ka bap ka desh (island does not belong to anyones father) –
      (french) je ne pas!

      kotta yate ratte- land is submerged.

  • 2

    Sirisena Yatawara

    Couldn’t Gota hire someone who is capable of communicating effectively in this forum.

    Go back and let Gota know that he has to employ a competent comment writer.

  • 0

    Bandaranake Gandhi is the inventor of the Sinhala Only. He is the founder member of the communal troubles in Lanka. Very few Sri Lankan Gandhis might have had that kind of records. There is no need to plead excuse for politicians not being idealists. But calling the Sinhala Intellectual politicians as Gandhis is inexcusable crime against humanity even if an excuse pleaded. Because, Gandhi is an Idealist.

    It is amazing to see Prof.L. Gandhi becoming a dedicated servant of SLFP run-aways. This is the deceiving, convoluting, cheating …. conduct of Sinhala Intellectuals.

    Kallar, Kadampar Kanaththaoor akambadiyar mella mella vellader aakividdinam. (Sorry to use the proverb. But it is telling, who and who has become vellader little by little; in other words how peoples cheat little by little.) The same way all those who claimed that they are for SI CC now have become Vellader. There no longer something as abolishing the EP. It mella mella became turned into EPM, limited authority EP and now regular EP. That is the new banner of the CC’s. I don’t know what Maithiri will be doing before or on the dawn of the 100th day.

    The new regime is carrying every bit of the old dynastic system. The White rulers’ Soldier Albert Sirisena’s son is carrying the urge to rule, from his father. Ranil is dying to achieve for EP title even at the death bed. Because, the Lankan EP system is this monkey’s uncle’s personal property.

    Chandrika ate stomach-full at the SLFP camp and now standing first in line and stretching her hand long in the UNP tent too. All the guys who formed the old regime are now coming to the new camp and forming the new regime. (The candy distribution will be soon transferred to new camp).

    They started as regime change. Then it was EP abolition. Then SI CC. Now nobody knows where they are. The people are same old dynastic Sinhala intellectuals. The party that rules is the UNP and SLFP run-aways. The title is same old EP. I don’t know what is this new election noise is about?

  • 0

    I am respretantive of public not that any one else. I have every right contributed civil society further, that enlarge and ensure Democratization of Governances of State of SL and its system, will be fitted to aspiration People of Sri lanka.

    Not that, I do not want to be replace one set corrupted of political class by to another set bunch of politicians’ who had unaccountability to democracy as past come to power by hook or crook by incoming Presendintal elections 2015.

    I think this learned Professor has misused Marxism axiom that he has given different interpretation of Sri Lankan, which political class and parties of that their real past present and future!


    In fact we will find recommended politically, socially and democratic agenda for action plan that is based on our nationalizes ground realities and further analysis of MS Alliance politics of social equality and justice.

    I thought we should try to frame the debate by carefully study long-term democratic plan, that including entitlements of democratic reforms to Republic continuations and constituents, free education free health care and other social security on more sustainable paths.

    I had some doubt that MS alliances and its forces behind that anti- establishment & anti-national elements that unwisely for a plan flotation around in Public by MS alliances politics created destabilization of democracy, peace, stability and security won that after 2009 May.

    In my point of view needlessly alienating anti- Democratic coalitions led by MS alliance is the waste of time.

    Since that our Republic democracies can go along without MS newly born politics of democracy of jack of all political class that conflicts of interest is antagonist one led by unholy alliances will be undermine our system Democracy and Peace?

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