22 May, 2022


Making Sense Of Bodu Bala Sena – Part 2

By Izeth Hussain

 Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

In my article of April 26 I wrote that that article was meant to be no more than notes towards making sense of the Bodu Bala Sena, a large and complex subject requiring in-depth treatment. In the present article I am continuing those notes because the BBS problem seems to have moved to the forefront of our political consciousness, replacing the position earlier held by what many Sri Lankans believed to be UNHRC diabolism. I believe that the reason why the BBS is moving to the forefront is that many Sri Lankans could be becoming aware of the possible sinister significance of the BBS’ external dimension.

The main reason why I have decided to continue these notes is the feedback I have had from a Sinhalese lady who spent decades in journalism, and though in retirement continues to have an informed interest in Sri Lankan politics. From what she wrote I gathered that she had been aware of the BBS’ Norwegian connection – to which I referred in my last article – but that had apparently been relegated to the background of her consciousness because she had come to assume that the main force behind the BBS was the Tamil diaspora. In other words, the main force behind the BBS consisted of those who are not reconciled to the unity of Sri Lanka. I am sure that that notion must be at least fairly widespread among the Sinhalese, but they dare not speak out. The BBS has blatant State backing and, far more important than that fact, it is above the rule of law. That certainly means that there are mighty forces behind the BBS, which makes it understandable that the mass of the Sinhalese dare not speak out even in favour of the unity of Sri Lanka if it means pointing the finger at the BBS. Sri Lankan politics of today are largely the politics of blue funk.

BBSIn my last article I gave the broad reasons why the anti-Muslim campaign of the BBS and other extremist groups can be seen as resounding advertisement for Eelam or a confederal political solution, which would come close to the setting up of a separate state: the Muslims have been an abjectly submissive minority, they have wholeheartedly backed the Sinhalese in every bit of egregious ethnolunacy against the Tamils, and they contributed significantly to the war on the Sinhalese side. If such a minority can be treated with such utter contempt by the extremist Sinhala Buddhists and the Government, can anyone in his right mind really believe that the racist Sinhalese power elite will ever give fair and equal treatment to the Tamils? That question leads ineluctably to the conclusion that the Tamils should be given Eelam or a confederal solution. That conclusion will be drawn, not by an insignificant person such as myself, but by the international community a component of which can deploy redoubtable destructive power against Sri Lanka.

The time has come for counter-action against the forces that are working, consciously or otherwise, for the disintegration of Sri Lanka. There are factors, apart from the ones mentioned in the preceding paragraph, which could lead to disintegration. It is many years since I first spoke at a meeting at the N.M.Perera Centre about the possible imposition of a Cyprus-style solution in Sri Lanka. I could see that my speech made no impact at all on the audience, who very probably thought that I was being highly fanciful. Later I wrote two articles on the subject, which apparently also made no impact at all. Subsequently, the late H.L.de Silva declared in an article that he had thought that my views were fanciful, but some statement by the Indian authorities made him change his mind. Probably most readers thought that he too was being fanciful. The situation has changed radically since then. The shadow BJP Foreign Minister declared in the course of his election campaign that Eelam is a distinct possibility, and there were very threatening noises from Tamil Nadu. Very probably the BJP Government will initially be moderate and responsible towards Sri Lanka, but we can’t be sure about what may happen later. Since then the specter of Ukraine is stalking the world, making us think of eerie parallels. The idea of a Cyprus-style solution is no longer fanciful.

I would give importance to Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s recent charge that there is a foreign conspiracy to alienate the Sinhalese and the Muslims so that the latter will turn to the Tamils and their fellow Muslims, with all of whom they share the commonality of being Tamil-speaking – a point to which our Tamils have given much importance over many decades. The idea of such a conspiracy may seem fanciful, but as I have shown above what seems fanciful today can turn out to be very realistic tomorrow. I don’t see any reason to preclude such a conspiracy. Anyway, I am deeply concerned about another possibility: there may be no conspiracy, but a July ’83 can take place against the Muslims.

I don’t think that our Government and the people as a whole, just like the peoples of the third world unlike the Westerners, really understand all that is entailed in racism. What is relevant to my present purpose is that it entails, among other things, a total annihilating hatred of the Other. The Sinhalese racist would believe that it is not only some Tamils who want Eelam but all of them without exception, some openly and the others secretly. The Tamil racist would believe that the Mahawamsa mentality, which precludes fair and equal treatment of the minorities, imbues every single Sinhalese without exception. And so on. It is an outlook that could lead to genocidal attacks on the minorities, because all their members, without exception, are regarded as guilty. Up to now the protracted anti-Muslim hate campaign of the BBS and other extremist groups has failed to ignite Sinhalese mass action against the Muslims. But it could happen due to an unforeseeable concatenation of circumstances. All human beings subjected to lethal attacks will either fight back or run. The Muslims can run, not to the Arab world or Indonesia, but only to the North East. That will have fateful consequences, including a coming together of Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking peoples. Conspiracies to promote that outcome – to which Minister Weerawamsa is pointing – cannot be ruled out.

It is time, surely, for counter-action against the forces that could lead to the disintegration of Sri Lanka. What should be done? I do not believe that the BBS and other extremist groups should be banned because that could well lead to an aggravation of the extremism. Rather, they should be countered within a democratic framework. In regard to the BBS, I believe that two-fold action is required. Firstly, there should be a thorough investigation of its foreign links. At this point I must make a crucial clarification. I don’t believe for an instant that the BBS leaders will lend themselves to an anti-national program. The point is that they could be used for such a program, without their being aware of it, by sinister foreign forces.

Secondly, the rule of law must be made to prevail over the BBS. Most countries produce their extremists – usually called “the lunatic fringe” – but a peculiarity of Sri Lankan politics is that the Buddhist extremists have been close to the center ever since 1956. The situation today is in reality worse: the State is seen as actually backing the BBS extremists. This situation surely needs correction, if only for the reason that UNHRC action is impending on the treatment of our Muslim and Christian minorities. The Government should therefore take immediate action to distance itself from the BBS. I believe that the best way of doing this would be, not through rhetorical duck-like quacking, but to assert the rule of law over the BBS monks. Since the Government could be wary about taking such action, I suggest that the President proceed to Kandy on a well-publicized visit to seek the guidance of the Mahanayakes on whether or not Buddhist monks should be subject to the rule of law. I cannot doubt the reply. My understanding of Buddhism is that it places the Dharma over the Gods, and from that central doctrinal fact some principles about the rule of law can be derived.

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    Izeth Hussain –

    Perhaps, BBS is the best Anti-dote for the Wahhabi excesses.

    The victims of Wahhabi are mainly other Muslims, Sufis, Shia, Ahamadeia and others.

    The victims of BBS are Muslims, Christian, Hindus and even The True Buddhists.

    They are birds of the same feather. Terrorists.

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    I am for every conceivable action against the anti-minority and anti-Buddhist BBS, the Ravayas and Senas that have sprung up overnight and have now taken over the streets. But with regard to checking the foreign connections of the BBS, the diaspora of the Tamils while there is some validity in this argument, there is little denying the fact there has been – for quite sometime – heavy funding of the Muslims too resulting in the proliferation of hundreds of brand new, expensive mosques. Who finances them and for what purpose will be an interesting study even for our own Terrorism expert Dr. Rohan Guneratne.

    I am yet to see Izeth Hussain courageously doing what an objective political analyst should do now that many of us know the Rajapakses are using the different communities to be at logger heads with each other so that they can continue to rule the roost. And that is to counsel the Rajapakses to honour their obligations by enabling the
    Northern Provincial Council to function. The entire world knows the necessary funding for this is being refused by the Rajapakses in Colombo. The threat of Basil Rajapakse made during the NPC election campaign has been kept to dry the Tamil areas if they vote for the TNA Various other saboteur moves are made regularly by the all-powerful Governor to symie the NPC. CM/NPC Wigneswaren and his colleagues are unable to do anything but simply look up and twiddle their thumbs waiting for divine intervention. Meanwhile, the extreme radicals in the North are impatient and are demanding results. They are targeting the moderate TNA for inaction. The brute force of the army and ammunitions may not be able to counter the mass dissatisfaction of the Tamil Nation of this island for all time.


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    Notwithstanding whatever ‘support’ the BBS get from overseas, the true enduring drive comes from the rabid monks who for years have harboured the yearning for a truly Buddhist land. Sensing this, and mindful of this audience, Sarath Fonseka (our heroic war winning General, who went to prison as a reward for being peeved with his lord and master – bad career move General!) told the National Post of Canada that the minorities live in SL by kind courtesy of the Sinhala-Buddhists. The rabid, saffron robe clad thugs of the BBS have taken the upper hand in driving this message home. CYPRUS solution: Yes, for a few fleeting weeks in the late eighties this was a much considered option. Not anymore. It would be suicide to even try it! POGROM: this is a serious and ever present probability and the slightest slip could lead to a horrendous reprise of Black July. However, the repercussions of such an event could be catastrophic and the danger of an all-enveloping conflagration in several of our cities, very real. CONSPIRACY theories: Minister Weerawansa will of course have his own theory and so will every other minister and his peon. Take your pick. LAW and ORDER: Any fanciful notion that even at this late stage the government can invoke law and order to reign in the rabid monks who are running riot is just that, a fanciful notion. Mr Hussain is letting his extensive and impressive diplomatic experiences get in the way he judges the current relationship between our politicians and our Buddhist monks – pious or feral. In a land where seventy percent go weak at the knees at the sight of anything in a saffron robe, and where all the evidence shows that the forces of law and order are no exception to such a tradition, no public official worth his pension (and pirith noola) is going to write the first charge sheet. WHAT NOT TO DO: If as Mr Hussain suggests ‘that the President proceed to Kandy on a well-publicized visit to seek the guidance of the Mahanayakes on whether or not Buddhist monks should be subject to the rule of law’ – strewth, the plot has been lost. If they had done this in 1959, Somarama and Buddharakhita would never have been charged. I would suggest ‘that the President proceeds to Kandy on a well-publicized visit to TELL the Mahanayakes that errant Buddhist monks are NOT above laws of this land and will be prosecuted for incitement, and other transgressions’. Then again, the Venerable Mahanayakes will have a good laugh with ‘what laws?’; and MR will turn to Gotcha and say ‘here’s another fine mess you’ve got me into’. Come back Oliver, all is forgiven!

  • 2


    Another tedious commentary! You have not added anything new.

    On the one hand you assert that BBS has government backing, and in the next breathe you are asking the government to distance itself from BBS and apply the Rule of Law…. and run to the Maligawa in Kandy for guidance!

    By trying to pour water on the government duck’s back you are indeed getting too fanciful in your dotage!

    Available evidence appears to indicate an international nexus with BBS. The point is that in the BBS wagon there are several players with different and disparate agendas.

    Thus the different BBS dramas unfolding on different occasions.

    The only point of interest you make is that at some point some idiot may react stupidly and spark off another July ’83 for the Muslims.

    However, my view is that MR is too smart to allow that to happen. He will merely let the tensions go thus far and no more. This would create not only fear and despondency among the Muslims, but also evoke a sense of dependency on MR for protection.

    His intention is clearly to keep the Muslims on a leash and to pose off as their only Protector with the intention of enhancing the UFPA Muslim vote-bank.

    All the BBS posturing is therefore part of the local political agenda. And no more.

    The government is not unaware that if the Muslim world reacts against it the economic repercussions would be simply disastrous for Sri Lanka.

    Your predictions relating to the bogey of Indian intervention, Cyprus-style solution and the Ukraine syndrome may sound like good dramatic writing, but are absolutely irrelevant at this time.

    What the Muslims really need to do is more assiduously continue cultivating and improving the good relationships they already have with the majority Sinhalese population. This would undoubtedly provide the sympathy, support and protection they need at this hour.

    Simultaneously, every effort should be made by the Muslims to continuously engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue both with the President and his brother(who is being touted as the chief patron of BBS)with a view to removing the perceived threat to Muslims from BBS.

    Izzeth, rather than posturing and lecturing on international politics and theology, please wake up and give your fellow Muslims some practical advice on how to deal with this so-called BBS crisis.

    Throwing brickbats at the government does not help your cause.

    • 0

      MNZ – what’s troubling you? Why your hatred and venom? Out of the 29 responses to my article so far, yours stands out for hatred and venom. That does not characterize the other responses, not even when they register strong dissent as in the case of Banda.
      Up to now most of the responses showing hatred and venom have been from what look like expatriate Tamils.I hope to analyze that in an article.But you seem to be a Muslim. An M could stand for Mohammed and Z could stand for Zarook, Zakariya, Zawahir, Zahir, Zuhair etc.You seem to exemplify the hatred that many Muslims have towards their fellow Muslims. I have in mind an article analyzing Muslim divisiveness. So continue to provide me useful material by spewing forth your venom.
      I have no time to waste on your drivel. But I will give the reader just one example of your drivel. You write that on the one hand I assert that the Government is backing the BBS and in the next breath I ask the Government to distance itself from the BBS. But where is the contradiction in that? Is it not normal for people to point to wrong-doing and to ask for corrective action to be taken?

      • 0


        I have been out of touch with CT for some time and just saw your ranting, raving response!

        Where is the hate and venom in my contribution?

        Rather than screaming your head off in apparently uncontrolled pique regarding my criticisms, and implying “intra-Muslim conflict” to clarify my ethnic identity, you should have simply made a civil response to my observations.

        Sadly, I have not seen any.

        By the way MNZ stands for My Name is Zorro!! So much for your detective work!

        In any event does it matter who the messenger is? Isn’t the message more relevant?

        Old age and foreign service pedigree, in my humble view, does not make one infallible nor eligible to spew forth uncalled for vitriol in unintelligent rage.

        You will receive both bouquets and brickbats whenever you write.

        So grow up Izzeth, and take it like a man!

  • 2

    Definitely there are some Norweigian elements in hand with the BBS (though the BBS does not know this and are wielding fists at the poor Muslims)).

    However it could be a more elusive, though inevitable consequence to the current general economic make-up of Sri Lanka. For with all the ultra-capitalistic dealings (China and all) by Gosl for the better of the common-man, the common man has yet to see his lot being equitable with all the big-business wheeling and dealing, up-market department stores and grocery and chocolate stores, grand hotel functions, the threat of international casino ventures, and so on.

    Somewhere, the local man and Buddhist priest is scratching his head and wondering where they fit in with this “economic boom” of Lanka. They know and accept that the first step towards this boom is the politicians getting rich, but they wonder why the Muslims are getting this supposedly fair share over them (even more so than ever before).

    Certainly it is because the Muslims naturally have a greater skill in capitalistic ventures, ingrained in them by genetics and tradition. No amount of taxation, bureaucracy, political posturing, edifying of masses, will clinch the fair share for the common Sinhala man in the near future (in fact there is a grave possibility that it never will).

    Lanka should therefore incorporate an economic system more in line with her majority persons.

  • 1

    Izeth Hussain,

    It is time to name the wonder of Asia as Silly Lanka!

    No point in wasting time talking about Silly Lanka.

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    Izeth Hussain,

    In 1915 what external conspiracy was there during British rule for Sinhalese to attack and kill Muslims, and burn their mosques in the East?

    It is the inherent hatred of the Sinhalese inculcated by learning the infamous Mahavamsa stories in their childhood. Tamils don’t have any venomous book inciting hatred against others. I don’t know about Muslims having any such texts.

    Recently one of the Mahanayakes told the US ambassador in Colombo that people are spreading false information about Sri Lanka abroad, in reference to the UNHRC resolution. In other words he was disputing the war crimes and human rights abuses committed by Sri Lanka as untrue. He himself is soaked in Mahavamsa, and how can he guide Mahinda honestly?

    The majority of the Sinhala Buddhist clergy, who came up from the given-up children, subjected to abuses by the older bhikkus in turn propagated hatred against “others”

    Only impartial international effort can rectify Sri Lankan mis-rule.

    • 0

      Without taking nonsense read what M. Vythilingam wrote referring to ‘The Life of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan, vol.2 (1910-1930), 1977, chapters 10 (Riots-1915, pp.229-250),’ about Sinhala-Muslim riots of 1915.

      “…The riots sprang from the religious fanaticism of a small section of the Muslims known as the Hambayas, who insisted that all non-Muslim religious processions should proceed in silence when they passed their mosques. The Hambayas were Mohammedan immigrants from the East Coast of South India and then numbered nearly thirty three thousand. They formed an exclusive community and did not at that time intermarry with other Mohammedans in the island.

      The time for the celebration of the great Buddhist festival – the anniversary of the birthday of Buddha – fell on the 28th of May, 1915. With much trepidation of heart, those who had hitherto conducted the carol procession in Kandy applied to the Government Agent, Central Province, for the usual licence, but the Hambayas of Kandy, who owned the mosque at Castle Hill Street, objected to its issue. The elected members of the Municipal Council unanimously recommended the issue of the licence. The Government Agent, having ascertained from the trustees of the Castle Hill street mosque that the hour for closing it on Friday, the 28th May, was twelve midnight, issued the licence subject to the condition that the procession should not enter Castle Hill Street before midnight.

      He, however, neglected to take the precaution, suggested by the District Judge of Kandy in the Walahagoda Devale case, of having the aggressive Hambayas bound over to keep the peace. He also failed, as the head of the police in the Central Province, to have a sufficient number of properly armed police officers and constables in the streets of Kandy, so as to prevent any sudden outbreak of riot.

      It was about 1 am, when the first carol procession with a band of musicians in a decorated cart turned from King Street into Castle Hill Street. The Sinhalese crowd were amazed to see the Hambayas’ mosque open and lit up, and a crowd of Mohammedans, including Afghans, standing on either side of the street. Inspector Cooray, observing from the junction of King Street the defiant attitude of the Mohammedans, desired the carol party not to go forward, but to pass into a cross street so as to avoid the mosque altogether. The conductors of the procession obediently turned the carol cart into the street indicated. Just then the Hambayas and the Afghans clapped hands, jeered and boohed, which was more than the Sinhalese could bear. They halted indecisively, looking towards the mosque, when a still larger crowd, headed by another party of carol-singers in a second cart, came and entered Castle Hill Street. The first party then followed the second party.

      As they advanced, a number of stones and empty bottles fell on the people, hurled from the upper storeys of two boutiques near the mosque and from the platform of the mosque. The Sinhalese crowd were infuriated. They rushed forward, picked up the stones lying on the street, pelted them at the boutiques and the mosque, chased the Mohammedans, who fled into the mosque, pulled down its iron bars and smashed its glass panes, broke into the adjoining boutiques and flung into the streets the boxes of grain and groceries.

      During all this disturbance, there were no more than one Inspector and six constables, who, of course, could not control the crowd. Mr.Cooray sent for help from the Police Station, and a squad of police who arrived seized about twenty-five men on charges of riot and house-breaking. The surging crowd passed into other streets about 2 pm and disappeared with their battered cars. Thus ended the national Wesak festival of the Buddhists in 1915, undertaken in all piety and reverence to celebrate the birthday of the great peace-maker, named Goutama Buddha….

      To outline the true dimensions of the disturbances in Kandy town, the first riot occurred between 1 and 2 on the morning of the 29th May 1915, in consequence of the intolerance and aggression of the Hambayas and Afghan Mohammedans assembled in and about the mosque in Castle Hill Street. No lives were lost, nor any serious bodily injury inflicted. Some boutiques were damaged and their contents turned out, which were mostly made a bonfire of in the streets, and the glass shutters of the mosque and some iron bars were also damaged.

      The second riot took place between 8 and 10 pm on the same day (29th May) provoked directly by the failure of the police to arrest the murderer of an innocent Sinhalese youth, whom a Hambaya brought down with a bullet from a revolver fired from the upper storey of his master’s shop. No other persons were killed. Some shops and boutiques were damaged, and their contents thrown into the streets to be burnt.

      The third disturbance occurred between 3 and 4 pm on the following day (30th May). It was not a riot, but a street fight between three Mohammedans and a few Sinhalese. These events, standing out linked together in the minds of the Buddhists, have operated as causes for the attack on the Mohammedans in various parts of the island during the one week that began on the 29th May and ended on the 5th June 1915….

      At the time of the outbreak of the riots, Ramanathan was recouping his health at Sivan Adi, his holiday-home at Kodaikanal, South India. He was completely in the dark about happenings in the island until his Sinhalese friends wrote to him apprising him of the situation and requesting him to hurry back to Colombo. On arriving he found conditions utterly appalling….Ramanathan addressed an appeal to the Governor to grant him an interview and was astonished to receive the reply pleading inability owing to pressure of engagements and requesting a written statement….”

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    CT is purely anti sinhalese buddhist and they keep on promoting rubbish articles.
    CT – another NGO taken oaths to tarnish SL

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    Mr Hussain says, “they [Muslims} have wholeheartedly backed the Sinhalese in every bit of egregious ethnolunacy against the Tamils.”

    In August 1990, LTTE massacred over 147 Muslim men and boys in a mosque in Kattankudy while prostrating in Isha prayers. Before that in July they murdered four Muslims at a mosque in the Batticaloa and 10 worshipers in Sammanthurai. Then in October 1990, LTTE kicked the entire Muslims population out of Jaffna in just two hours. And they were allowed to take only the clothes and 50 rupees cash. We were told over 72,000 people in 14,400 families have been subsequently evicted from LTTE areas and their houses were looted. If that was the predicament Muslims faced at the time, pray tell us Mr Hussain what choice Muslims had other than to side with Sinhalas?

    I think not all but very many Muslims sided with Sinhalas for their own good and not for the country. After all very many Sinhalas and Tamils know Muslim lying to non-Muslims is permitted under taqiyya and kitman.

    ‘A total annihilating hatred of the others’ is found in the Koran. The Koran which Muslims believe is the word of Allah clearly degrades non-Muslims [non-believers of Allah] as animals. Koran has given clear orders for Muslims how to tax, subjugate, harass and kill non-Muslims. No other scripture that I know of orders its adherents to carry out killings of others for not being followers. Like all ‘good’ Muslims, Hussain also overlooks hundreds of such Koran verses but chose to ride a piggy back on ‘racist Tamil belief’ to denote a ‘Mahawamsa mentality’: “The Tamil racist would believe that the Mahawamsa mentality, which precludes fair and equal treatment of the minorities.” wrote Husain without exploring why Sinhalas suspect most Tamils being separatists.

    It is absurd for Mr. Hussain even to suggest BBS campaign would lead to genocidal attacks on the minorities or Minister Weerawansa to visualize BBS is involved in conspiracies to drive Muslims to the ‘North East’. Not a single man is killed as a result of BBS, RB or SR activities. All they do is highlight what other failed to see.

    It is no secret for Sinhala Buddhists any longer that ACJU is infested with Wahhabis and Salafis thugs. One can foretell the coming up Muslim extremism from Wahhabi and Salafi thugs done to MSM Abdullah (RAH) with the backing of ACJU. Wahhabi and Salafi thugs destroyed Sufi mosques, burned houses of Abdullah’s followers and killed three Sufi Muslims. They even attacked police when they tried to retrain them.

    BBS is extremely concerned about Muslim acts. So, they’re telling Sinhalas to open their eyes and learn what’s happening around them. In that they have pointed out how Muslims were scheming to promote Hallal hegemony on non-Muslims. Ten year earlier, Ven Soma pointed out that if Muslim breeding and Sinhala childlessness continued at present rate, Sinhalas will be a minority in Sri Lanka in forty years. We can see the truth of that prophecy from the last census. So, there is valid reason for concern of the Buddhists, Hindus and Christians in this country. As usual Muslim see their point of view only. BBS is making them see the point of view of Sinhala Buddhists.

    • 0


      Thank you for this account of what happened in what is called the
      “Sinhala-Muslim riots of 1915” This virtual official account removes many misconceptions and different interpretations from interested quarters that have been floating since.


    • 2


      I have been reading comments posted by a variety of people including

      The Good, The Bad and now The Ugly.

      • 0

        Your good is my baddi, your ugly is my best. Jungle boys cannot have any commonalty with cultured.

        • 3


          “Jungle boys cannot have any commonalty with cultured.”

          Of course jungle boys cannot share any of your high culture,

          Casino Voodoo economics,
          Child prostitutions,
          A accepted culture of rape within the immediate family and outside,
          Mass killings,
          White vanning,
          Sinhala/Buddhist parochial destructive nationalism,
          Destruction of environment,
          Denial of democratic rights to the ordinary people,
          Promoting greed driven lifestyle,
          Allowing criminals continue to enjoy impunity
          Allowing war criminals continue to enjoy not only impunity but perks as well.
          Bribing terrorists to win elections
          Vote rigging
          Land grabbing
          Raging 24/07/52
          Sending their women folks to Medieval Kingdoms to toil and die while brave men stay at home and talk big about themselves.

          Cameron, Navipillai, and others came told you off and went back while men displaying bravado.

          Mostly suffering from selective amnesia.

          another million wrong things that you believe to be part of your high culture which we don’t want to be part of.

          You keep your culture to yourself.

          Unlike you we want to be part of the human race, with dignity intact, resources being shared, no hatred towards anyone, ……..

          You may not be aware of this however it is better late than never, please spend some time reading, learning and contemplating the path set out below by Buddha, the awakened one, might not work for you still you could try:

          The Eight Fold Path:

          I. Right Understanding:

          II. Right Thought:

          III. Right Speech:

          IV. Right Action:

          V. Right Livelihood:

          VI. Right Effort:

          VII. Right Concentration:

          VIII. Right Mindfulness.

          • 0

            “The Eight-Fold path”, the Sinhala Redneck Bunass may be mistaken for a paper-boat.

            • 2


              “The Eight-Fold path”, the Sinhala Redneck Bunass may be mistaken for a paper-boat.

              Sinhala Redneck Bunass learn the art of origami.

        • 0

          Bun da, what culture do you Stinkholes carry in your DNA?

          • 2


            “Bun da, what culture do you Stinkholes carry in your DNA?”

            I have no idea about the connection between his culture and DNA.

            Banda carries properties of Demela genetics in his DNA, mostly void of any intelligent gene.

      • 0

        Posted merely for a Fistful of Dollars.

        • 2


          “Posted merely for a Fistful of Dollars.”

          Why not For A Few Dollars More?

          Got to be careful, people may chose to “Hang ‘Em High”.

  • 0

    dear Izzeth
    Let us hope that your distant dreams will not come true. The entirety of the Tamil Diaporas cannot be painted or tarnished with the same brush as your lady friend is wont to do. The BBS used a section of the Diaporas for their own ends when they were abroad perhaps to enjoy non halal meat. take it easy. Bensen

  • 0

    Sri Lanka, ‘paradise on earth’, it’s not. “Get your paradise after death” seems to be the ruling psyche with murder and mayhem unleashed from all sides; from violent and corrupt politicians, castrated police, a henchman judiciary, arrack sodden family murders and incest, dengue mosquitoes, leptospirosis rats, adulterated food, polluted air, landslides, droughts, floods, white vans, railway accidents, lunatic three-wheelers, madcap bus drivers, striking nurses and doctors, thug priests from hell, and even people with ‘toy’ pistols swaggering around in broad daylight. You name it we have it all, carefully nurtured after independence. Yet we are saturated with places of worship (10,000 temples, 5,000 kovils, 2,500 churches and 2,500 mosques (source: Religious Affairs Ministry). Even with millions visiting these ‘earth-stations’ to the gods and beseeching their respective gods for relief, we have only gone from bad to worse since independence. All the Gods have failed us. Who can bring hope to a fractured land where new fault lines are being created regularly by the religionists and their puppet masters, i.e. the ‘hand of man’, acting with without divine prompting?

    • 0

      The word Paradise is derived from the word Paradesi. Paradesi is derived from the Paraspara Para Sinhalese out of the Para Tamils. Both these stocks may live their lives in denial till the end of times.


      True freedom requires the rule of law and justice, and a judicial system in which the rights of some are not secured by the denial of rights to others. – Jonathan Sacks

      Refusal to believe until proof is given is a rational position; denial of all outside of our own limited experience is absurd. – Annie Besant

      Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. – Melody Beattie

      Doubt, indulged and cherished, is in danger of becoming denial; but if honest, and bent on thorough investigation, it may soon lead to full establishment of the truth. – Ambrose Bierce

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    There are Jihad groups in eastern SL and in Colombo according to latest RAW reports.

    The Chenai train bomber is a Srilankan Muslim.

    Govt has to look into them and get rid of them before BBS.

    Last Friday one Johandist came to fight with me near the Wellawatte mosque. People over powered him.

    • 2


      “Last Friday one Johandist came to fight with me near the Wellawatte mosque. People over powered him.”

      Out of all those Demelas who call Wellawatte their second homeland why would Jihadists single out you for a fight?

      Who did overpower the Jihadists, Muslims?

      Did you mistake the saffron clad thugs for Jihadists?

      Did you read any tattoo on their foreheads announcing “we are the Jihadists, we are out to get Tamodaya”?

      I know you are telling the truth but not many in this forum won’t believe you.

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    “All the Gods have failed us. “

    kevin,did the gods fail in europe when they created the world wars one and two with over 50 million dead and countless maimed for life.Today the once aggressive europeans who did not let anyone in the world in peace had to fight among themselves and learn a lesson and now are the most peace loving people in the world and even forming the EU among bitter enemies that slaughtered each other.Did god fail germany when you look at germany now?Did god fail japan when you look at japan now,a peace loving and prosperous nation on which at one time god had to even land atomic bombs to curb that animal like behaviour.

    Similarly for srilanka,god knows we are incorrigible idiots and will give us lesson after lesson until we reform.

    One day srilanka will be a great country like japan and germany.

    Until then we have to grit and bear it.

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    “Muslims have been an abjectly submissive majority ” not recently ! They flout all the laws of the Country in their towns and provinces , ranging from riding motorbikes without helmets to closing their businesses on Fridays.

    The ultra conservative dress of the women and the beards and other appendages of the men are also endemic to the present generation. Maybe your generation were submissive or I would say knew how to blend without being “in your face” but the present lot seem to have lost the plot.

    I will never condone the BBS however this has been brewing for some time and since your own (Muslim elders) seem to have done nothing this situation has arisen.

    • 0


      “Muslims have been an abjectly submissive majority ” not recently ! They flout all the laws of the Country in their towns and provinces , ranging from riding motorbikes without helmets to closing their businesses on Fridays”.

      Neither of your accusations ever hurt anybody or the country’s economy but their own coffers and lately your burning ass.

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    This is in response to Nettabomman’s comment of May 3, 2014 at 5:12 am where he claims “Who finances them and for what purpose will be an interesting study even for our own Terrorism expert Dr. Rohan Guneratne (correct spelling Gunaratna)”.
    Dr. Rohan Gunaratna is a highly discredited tool of the Western Government’s media whose use by date ended sometime back.
    For your information; it is public knowledge that he retracted some of the credentials that are found in many his books after being exposed as a LIAR Following an investigation by The Sunday Age newspaper of Melbourne, Australia.
    He also claimed that Al-Qaeda commander Hambali had regularly visited Australia and this claim was later refuted by Australian authorities as lacking in evidence.
    Know your facts before writing to such forum or risk being exposed like Rohan Gunaratna (whose Doctorate is also obtained through dubious means).

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