28 May, 2022


Sajith’s Laughter And Tears

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Meanwhile in a parallel universe

To be frank I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I could laugh for many reasons.  I could cry too.  Let me explain why. 

Recently some of my colleagues in the United National Party visited Hambantota.  Now President Rajapaksa, his brothers, sons and other relatives act as though Hambantota belongs to them.  Sure, they’ve been there for generations. I am a relative newcomer.  But then again, it’s my ‘home base’ now and the people have thought fit to elect me to represent them.  I have a claim.  Since I have a claim, I have a say.  I have a right to a tear. Or a smile.

The gentlemen from the UNP didn’t come anywhere near during the Southern Provincial Council election.  They hadn’t scheduled a courtesy call either.  That’s bad.  Made me want to cry.

Sajith and RanilMaybe that’s because I have not been kind to them.  They probably know that I invited people kicked out of the party to speak at my rallies.  The invitees blasted the party leaders, including the Leadership Council.  The good MPs who visited Hambantota would not have been pleased.  Still, they had to come to MY backyard.  That made me smile.

They were attacked and some of them manhandled by some local thugs led by the Mayor of Hambantota Eraj Fernando.  That made me sad.  Made me want to cry.  On the other hand, I know as almost everyone knows that there’s no love lost between that set of gentlemen and myself.  They don’t exactly love me and I don’t love them either.  I am an electorate man and some of them are national-list men.  I am a people’s person and some of them are release-writers.  I talk, I walk.  Now they know what real politics is like. Now they know what kind of challenges the rank and file of the party, the men and women on the ground, have to face when taking on the regime.  I couldn’t stop the smirk, sorry.  Still, there’s a tear that swells to ear and that swelling wipes off smirk. I am sad they had to face a barrage of rotten eggs and tomatoes. It makes me cry to think they had to see a man brandishing a pistol running at them.

I have other reasons to be sad too.  The media made me sad. Some media institutions tried to implicate me in the attack. I am not an attacking person.  I won’t attack anyone. I didn’t bring thugs to Sirikotha.  I prefer to put in a word here and there, look the other way, and when it gets so hot that I might get burnt, I appeal for calm.  I am sad that it was suggested that I sent thugs to ‘receive’ my UNP colleagues.

It made me laugh too.  I mean, who would swallow that kind of lie?  No one believed it.  As anyone would have expected, there was stuff caught on camera. It was clear who was armed and who was throwing the punches. Sajith Premadasa was nowhere near.

All this made me sad. Some of it made me laugh.  The saddest thing for me, however, is the fact that the UPFA thugs have not seen me as a big enough reason to worry about to attack me.  They have ample opportunity because I spend a lot of time in Hambantota.  They’ve never bothered me. I’ve not been attacked.  I feel bad.  I wish I caught a rotten egg on my face once in a while.  That would mean that someone takes me seriously, someone considered me a threat.   I am livid that these thugs consider the visiting MPs to constitute threat.  I am even more angry that they have not even tossed a pebble in my direction.  AM I NOT A THREAT?  AM I NOT A CHALLENGE?  WHY IS NO ONE TAKING ANY NOTICE OF ME? WHY, WHY, WHY?

I can’t take it. I can’t go on.  I need tissues.  A boxful of them.

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    Take some comfort and read the comments here on CT on your postings. They are equal to throwing rotten eggs at you.
    When you read them don’t use boxes of tissues to wipe your tears away. Let your tears drop on your computer key board and damage it. So that you can’t use it again

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      Probably, He may get a core i8 in Gotabage’s Hamper giveaways.

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    Malinda Senaviratna deserves the Ramon Magsaysay for his services to the longest and the oldest political party and its elite supporters in Srilanka….

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    Can the Christian Faction lead by the current leader Ranil, ever win Govt, for their English speaking middle and upper class mates?..

    Sajith on the other hand has some connection with the rural poor Sinhala Buddhists.,

    But the English speaking Middle and Upper class members hate him as much as they hate Rajapaksa for the reason that both are Sarong Jonnys to them.

    Karu Jayasooriya, the so called leader who is supposed to represent the Sinhala Buddhist interests has become so impotent that he publicly appeals to the UN to intervene in Srilanka and change Regime for them.

    Does the UN which is now totally in the hands of Ms Pillai and her Western backers as far as the Srilankan Affairs are concerned want this Regime change to look after the poor rural masses who in fact make over 70 percent of the population and bring them prosperity?..

    Is Karu Jayasooriya that dumb to try and sell this line to the great majority of the inhabitant population?..

    Given these massive internal conflicts and in fighting, is it a surprise that the UNP MPs face the ire of the people where ever and when ever they venture to score political points…

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    It’oould be meaningful if you rephrase your sentences:

    “Sure, they’ve been there for generations. I am a relative newcomer.”

    “Surely, they’ve been there for generations and I am a newcomer relative of them.”

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    Do you have any b@lls to write about MaRa and Hambanthota attack, instead of writing an article dragging Sajith into this incidence.?

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    Yes Malinda,

    You need some tissues and a brain transplant.

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      Kiri Yaka

      “You need some tissues and a brain transplant.”

      I don’t understand what you meant.

      Are you suggesting Malinda needs to replace tissues in his brain?

      Please clarify.

      • 0

        Ok Vedda, Let me clarify.

        I never indicated that Malinda’s brain is composed of brain tissues. based on what he writes it appears to be be made of tissues – the kind that is used for unholy purposes in the West , given his animosity towards the West.

        So my suggestion is simple; to replace those soiled tissues with homosapien brain tissues.

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    answer: because of his foul tongue, nasty attitude, unjustified arrogance, disloyalty, laziness and general lack of achievements or credibility . list is long – his father by contrast was a hard working practical person with genuine feeling for the common man.

    hence all the efforts of his hurrah boys such as Dayan J, Shiral laktilaka, CA Chandraperuma or even poor Malinda (driven by Nation owner Alles )are unlikely to succeed in giving him a makeover.

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