30 June, 2022


Malik Samarawickrama Plays Dirty Games: Breaks Rules To Please Henchmen And New Found Friends

Cabinet Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawickrama, who is also a very close associate of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has been accused of playing dirty games in the Yahapalanaya government in his attempts to serve his very own personal agendas, by openly flaunting regulations and letting his henchmen run riot and call the shots.

Malik SamarawickramaAccording to highly placed sources, Samarawickrema has been pushing for the formation of the Agency for Development, which will take a direct hit on the Board of Investment, so he can run the show to his liking and will not stick to any regulations laid down in recent times by the Board of Investment which has been trying to enhance transparency in various investment related dealings.

“Samarawickrema has given powers to Mangala Yapa, an acquaintance of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to call the shots and even issue directives to ministry secretaries and officials, even though he does not hold any official position,” sources said. The Bill to enact the Agency for Development is yet to be tabled in Parliament.

“Yapa is using his powers given to him by Samarawickrema and giving orders to the Secretary of the Ministry and officials as well as to other agencies. Even Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is using both Malik and people like Yapa to get their dirty work done,” sources said.

Following the change of presidency in 2015 and with the Yahapalanaya coming to power, the chairman of the Board of Investment appointed subsequent to the administration change promoted the concept of transparent land policy.

“As per the land Policy of the BOI they called for bids on a two envelop basis. One on the price of the land and secondly on the project. As for the price BOI has published the lowest price in the gazette. As for the Horana zone there has to be a minimum payment of US $ 40,000/- per acre and an annual payment of US $ 3850/- per acre. However since the ascendancy of the new President, as bids are called from time to time with public notice investors have the opportunity to bid higher on a competitive basis. During the last three months BOI has called for bids for all the zone lands including Horana,” a highly placed source pointed out.

While this policy was in place, so called business tycoon Nandana Lokuwithana, and ‘front man’ of former president Mahinda Rajapaka, who owns the Dubai Marriot Hotel, Steel Corporation and the latest tyre factory for which the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone in Horana entered the picture.

“Any applicant who seek to get land from BOI must submit their application and be evaluated and submit the highest bid price over and above the minimum price of US$40,000 per acre in Horana Zone. But, for Lokuwithana this rule did not apply. He sought the support of Samarawickrema and sought to get the land at a special price. He wanted to get the land of 100 acres for 99 years. The BOI board had refused and turned Lokuwithana’s offer, however he insisted and went to Samarawickrema for redress, who then submitted a paper to the Cabinet Committee headed by Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe and got it approved,” the source said.

According to the valuation by the Chief Valuer the price per acre was US$ 11,000. Two companies had been given land, five acres and two acres at these rates and two other companies have submitted bids namely Singer Ltd., and D Samson Industries for 15 acres and 5 acres US$ 80,000/- and D Samson Industries at 40,000/- per acre respectively. Singer is seeking to produce refrigerators, washing machines and low cost furniture with an investment of Rs. 3,000 billion. Both these companies will also pay the annual facilitation charge of US $ 3850/- per acre. This facilitation charge is for the purpose of the water, electricity and the roads supplied and maintained by the BOI. Every enterprise located within the zone has to pay this fee to the BOI for the facilities they enjoy. This Company ‘Rigid Tyres’ is to be given land in extent of 100 acres at approximately US $ 11,500/- per acre instead of minimum US $40,000/- Lokuwithana was not content with the bargain he got from the Prime Minister and Samarawickrema and he wanted the annual facilitation fee of the BOI reduced from US$ 3850 per acre to US$ 1/- per acre. This proposition came to the Chairman BOI, who flatly refused.

“Then Lokuwithana went back to Samarawickrema and complained that the BOI Chairman Upul Jayasuriya was refusing to grant his request. Samarawickrema then submitted another paper to the Cabinet Committee, and got approval to reduce the annual per acre rate to one US dollar per acre. It is also proposed to carve out the 100 acres out of the Zone and separate it. This Company has also been given a further exception by granting them a 12 year tax holiday which no Company has been given after 27 April 2016 as per a decision of the Cabinet. The zone has been declared by President in a gazette. There is no provision to de zone this parcel of 100 acres. Therefore it would not appear to be ‘right’ to de zone it simply to accommodate one company, and the Government will not be able to justify it in the public domain,” sources said.

If the government charge Rigid Tyres US$ 11,500/- as one time payment and US$ 1/- per acre as the annual payment, then the government is openly violating the land policy of the BOI creating an unequal playing field and also violating article 12(1) of the Constitution, which is the equality rule. “This can even end up with the government being sued by other companies who have paid higher rates, while one particular company (Lokuwithana’s) get special treatment,” the source added.

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  • 34

    He is the instigator of the Day light robbery of the Central bank during the 100 day govt. Ranil Rewarded him with a minister post in the yahapalana govt. He also paid lot of money to the american company. that was a very stupid approach.

    • 26

      Time to kick out the thieves of all kinds . We do not need them to rule our country.
      The country has realised , the masses have realised how the Politicians make themselves Rich using their Political status and pilfering state funds.
      No Politician from any camps should be spared , they all should be ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS ,


      One such crook has already expressed his wishes to leave politics saying it’s time for young quality future Politicians
      Of our country to take the Helm.
      Better to leave before getting kicked out.

      • 5

        Ranil and Malik are in the US pocket, with hundreds of right wing Millenium Challenge Corporation consultants circling around and Harvard’s Economic Hit Man – Ricado Hausmann providing idiotic economic “advice” to Ranil and Malik to liberalize and sign FTAs and sell off all the land and marine assets of Sri Lanka!

        This when the rest of world is turning its back on FTAs because of growing INCOME INEQUALITY and Violence. Development needs to be bottom up and build on assets of the country and ADD VALUE- not sell them off!
        Ranil and Malik in Davos were a disgrace with their presentation of hot air FTAs and talking about free trade agreements with India, SIngapore, Japan, when the world is rejecting FTA and knows that free trade agreement (like TPP which EU rejected and Trump has put in the dustbin), only benefits multinational corporations, while local people are impoverished and land and marine asessts of countries are degraded and sold off for a song in the name of development!

        Ranil and Malik have a retrograde development plan which will be an environment and security disaster for Lanka!
        Ranil and Malik should ask Havard economic hit man Hausmann and IMF to track down funds looted from Sri Lanka by corrupt politicians and their cronies and kept in off shore bank accounts in US and EU and Dubai and Singaproe, to pay off the massive national DEBT that is crashing the rupee, instead of loading VAT taxes onto poor people.

        Sri Lanka is being sold off to the China, US and India, without any clear plan of how People of Lanka will benefit from all this grandiose projects.

        Moves are being made to hand over land, marine and security surveying and information systems to the US, Trimble Co. in California while China takes over Hambantota.

    • 0

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  • 28

    This Malik Samarawickrama in the “Yahapalanaya” Government of the President Sirisena is equal to Sajin Vas Gunawardane of Mahinda Rajapakse regime. Before going into further deep down in the “Black Hole”, the President must order an immediate investigation by the Auditor General into the case of “Hiring” a “Lobbying Firm” in USA just prior to the election of a President of that country and losing Rs. 22.5 million . This “hiring” was done even without consulting the Foreign Affairs Ministry. We all know that there is already an investigation into a similar matter of Sajin Vass Gunawardane “hiring” such Lobbying Firms and also a case of Mr. Cabral, the previous Governor of Central Bank too accused of a similar case. With all that, this “Nominated” MP and who shows no care or respect for the peoples’ wishes and goes about in “Epicurean” style and with a “Kingship” attitude has been allowed all this while to behave in a dictatorial manner by the President and the Prime Minister. Mr. President, it is high time you take that “Madu Waligaya” and crack a whip hard enough to push these clowns and “Deal Makers” down the pedestal.

    • 6

      Dirty buggers play dirty games…. from school days he was a dirty game player. Should NEVER have been in this Govt.

  • 15

    Who is the De Facto owner of the Dubai Marriot Hotel?

  • 22

    So the story unfolds ..The BOI Chairman quite rightly refuses to grant the request of Lokuwithana who goes back to the Minister Samarawickrema ..Ah well he can get round the problem .He goes to the Cabinet sub Committee (unknown to us ?) so they approve the request of the rent at US one dollar an acre annual rent for the project .How cool is that?The Zone has been declared by his Excellencies gazette ..a one of 100 acres regardless of consulting the local residents ina high populated region of Horana ..Horana that produced patriotic people like Prof Mallalasekera .and many more academics that did not seek to be among the Nova rich flaunting wealth and exploiting the resources ..We do not knwo the environmental impact of a tyre factory and the demand it would make on the resources ..We have the rubber is that all .We do not know the loss in the revenue by this 12 year tax holiday when most of the old crocks who are leading us are too old to care ..ah well The Minister looks sincere may be the white garb creates that image in this picture but then looks are deceptive says the time tested adage .Once some action is taken no looking back .that is what happened at Hambantota .

  • 22

    There is a youtube clip which explains the Central Bank scam. Malik Samrawickrama had been the pawn for Ranil wickramsinghe’s game. Ranil wickramsinghe plays all those game but Malik Samarawickram is the person who is presented to the stage. Ranil wickramsinghe is the major thief. It looks even FCID is a political tool and it does not prosecute anyone because Ranil Wickramsinghe has done the greatest theft he can do. Probably, Money saved from Central Bank robbery is capable of economically sabotaging Sri lanka. If people talk openly, Ranil Wickramsinghe has more plans such as Megapolis, Super ministry, privatizing the state banks by handing over most of their businesses to private companies etc., are a long list.

    So, take it Malik Samrawickram is only puppet playing Ranil wickrmasinghe’s game.

    I think, Ranil wickramsinghe leaves all the theives alone and in turn previous govt if they come back leaves Ranil wickramsinghe alone.

  • 13

    I think Ranil Wickra singhe is doing George Sorros agenda. HE is destroying all the state institutions primarily financial and he thinks he wwould make it.

    At the begining of the presidenttial election, UNP did not have money. Ranil Wickramsinghe gave cabinet minister positions to provincial govt ministers because they spent money for the election. It is not the same with UNP now. UNP is very rich with the stolen money. UNP gets hugh financial donations when the elections come.

    If other things Ranil, CBK, Mangala doing are to progress, Sri lanka will be a different country completely. Probably, Ranil run the country for Tamils.

    I don’t think Maithripala Sirisena has any idea about it. It looks Maithripala Sirisena talks in a different pitch.

  • 17

    PURE Corruption AT IT’S BEST, This deal has even put Mr, Basil to shame in terms of corruption. They should not be able to get away with this

  • 15

    Who put these people in this places? They were not part of the Jan 8th Movement!!

  • 13

    No words to express my disgust !!!

    • 5

      HP – at least blast and lash all the idiots, who were key board heroes and commented on CT to bring in Yahapalanaya – Knowing the caliber and history of these clowns , we from the beginning (2015) understood this country will be worse off if it goes to these clowns – But many never want to understand this truth and blindly jump into the MR hating band wagon – Now what ??

  • 13

    They call him Batalanad’s Bagman for no reason..

    Samare drank bubbly with Batalanada’s mate Singapore Mahendran, after Mahendran’SIL scored in the very first tranche of Yahapalana Bonds.

    Batalanada Ranil and his Elite , Anglican , Vellala and Surendran Faction will soon be the proud owners of their own TV Station.

    Just from the first commission cheque perhaps, because LKR 5 Billion every Six Months is no play dough.

  • 7

    Marangoni says they didn’t even promise a Cross Ply Tyre Plant like the one in Kelaniya.

    But Lokuvithane got the land for LKR 100 an acre.

    Sumane was right on the money…Thanks CT.Keep up the Good Work…

  • 14

    Inner circles are callimg Malik “PODI BASIL”.

    • 0

      One difference – Malik likes rear door entires

  • 18

    His face speaks volumes for his character. You want to puke! The first thing this backdoor entrant who has no popular legitimacy did was to buy duty free luxury Benz. When the elections come around, it will be upright and honest people like Eran and Harsha who will suffer while this corrupt circle will be too old to care. Time to kick out the PM and his catamite sangamaya!

  • 2

    yes the land deal is questionable, but is that all we know? No of jobs created, foreign investment brought in, indirect services, logivity of the project etc, we need a huge flagship foreign investment that the Govt can showcase when promoting more investment so if this is it, then let’s give some rigleroom, but let’s question what checks and balances are in place that investors don’t exploit the concessions.
    Yes the investor is supposed to be MR’s money launderer, but when the chips are down or you need to kick start things then the old adage is true යකාගෙ පහනෙන් එලිය බලනව and Malik is the guy to get things moving, albeit ver unorthodox.

  • 6

    Samarawickrama is a crook. Must be investigated and arrested for this crooked deal with a crooked businessman. We have had enough with RW’s mates abusing their position to rob the people again. Giving Land to Loku huku at Rs 100 per acre smacks of a gigantic deal of secret commissions and going back to exactly what the rajapakses did. Would like to see the Auditor General and the Attorney General investigating these spivs. Time for Samara and crowd to be remanded like all the other Rajapakse acolytes who are now being investigated. Will Samara have the guts and decency to tell us what his qualifications are that he holds such responsible posts. Hats off to the BOI Chairman who is doing a splendid job. If he is removed, the whole country must come out in demonstrations to kick this hybrid corruption infested yahapananya government out.

    • 2

      Virgo Fernando
      Please do not white wash the crooks of the century , certainly the ones you’re worshipping for their return.
      Once a crook they remain crooks.
      Those who try to get on the band wagon here to accuse Malik and not the crooks of the century is wrong.

      Ask your conscience firstly before DIVERTING OR MISINFORMING THE FACTS.
      That’s called Patriotism and love of your country and for the sake of the future of our country.
      Then certainly if you have benefitted from the “Loot ” of the century we know where your loyalty be!!

      CT commentators are NO FOOLS.

  • 5

    Malik is a [Edited out]. No question.! But still working to beat MR. Solution is strong media (Better now than b4) and a
    strong opposition, to take up and push for punishment. Otherwise both parties have been robbing the poor mans money for past 60 years.

  • 4

    Malik the Rat Face and Ranil the devious manipulator are one pod in a pea. Like the Central Bank Bond Issue and the sale of Seylan Bank Shares, what they are concerned is only the fat commissions. This is what happens when boys from the
    same club and school mates run a government.

    It is a tragic irony that Sirisena is taking a lot of time to realize things. He should have acted a long time ago. Alas, he is becoming a Eunuch every day. There is no hope for Sri Lanka. They said Rajapaksa family robbed the country. Who is doing it now?

  • 4

    They are all politicians who are carved to ruin the country. BOI Chairman who is a disciple of Lalith Athulathmudali is also a politician one time. In 1994 he contested Ratmalana seat. Scored more than Sunethra Rupasinghe nee Jayasinghe and Nevard cabbral who was last in the list. Being a politician BOI chairman appears to have stood up for justice. Being a ardent critic of MR, we are happy to observe that still there are some honest people around.

    President must take serious note of this incident and sack Malik Samarawickrama who appears to have deprived people of the benefit of receiving large sums of monies from such projects, and appoint BOI chairman in his place as the Minister in charge.

  • 3

    Those who sing hosanas to Chairman of BOI – ahoy; isn’t he the one who gave approval to Selvanayagam’s crooked Volkswagan factory; sorry gargae, that will fix only 500 cars a year. Crooked Selvanayagam got a prime 500 acre coconut estate in Kurunegala, basically for nothing. Surely, the BOI Chairman must have received a huge kickback from the crook Selvanayagam.

    Yes, all are crooks (including Arjun Mahendran) because the leader Ali Baba Ranil plays the game so well

  • 2

    Gamini Pinnaduwa has identified the right name. He is
    Rat Face alright.

    Rat Face helped Sajin Vass Gunawardena to obtain STF security.
    Gunawardena ran around with Police commando bodyguards
    until President Sirisena cancelled it.

    Rat Face hired a US public relations company, like the many
    by Sajin Vass Gunawardena. Now the deal has been cancelled
    after millions have been paid to them.Who benefited?

    Rat Face has given the cheapest concessions to the Miragoni
    tyre factory in Horana. FCID is investigating Lokuliyana, the
    prime mover, for this project. They want to find out whether
    Lokuliyana, owner of Marriot in Dubai, is fronting Mahinda
    Rajapaksa’s money.

    Rat Face moved heaven and heart to start the car factor in
    Kuliyapitiya and called it Volkswagen. It has now misfired.

    Rat Face has become good friend and “associate” with Bandu
    Wickrema, the former chairman of Ports Authority. Did he not
    work on Hambantota Port deal with his help.

    Who said US $ 100 million changed hands from China. Who got it
    and what was the complaint to Bribery Commission. The charge, even
    said by Mahinda Rajapaksa, is that Rat Face took it.

  • 0

    The way these “Land Deals” are made in the guise of establishing “Industrial Projects” and inviting “Partnership” ventures, it can be very well surmised that there is a “Behind the Scene” programme in giving the “PROMISED” pathway to make those “BLACK” robbed wealth to “WHITE”. All those who have come forward to undertake these “Projects” and given unthinkable concessions are either subjects of investigations or questioned characters during the last two elections. The way this “Inner Circle” mobilized by the PM works, I do not think that the President will have any chance of regaining the trust and confidence of the people. We see him (President) STRUGGLING to bring some order; but the obstacles that he has to surmount have grown beyond his capability and capacity. Unfortunately, from the PEOPLES’ point of view, he, the President is also a part of the problem.

  • 0

    It looks to me as if the entire crowd who gets into do politics these days are crooks. I think the fingers in your hand is more than enough to count, if there are any honest politicians in Sri Lanka.

  • 1

    Ranil’s image of Mr. Clean was demolished by Mahendran. Malik is doing the final rites for that image. Ranil has proved that he is also an ordinary politician. People expected great things from him.

  • 2

    Mrs. De Fonseka,

    You seem to have got all your facts wrong only for the purpose of insulting people. As for the Kuliyapitiya plant it was the government who acquired the land. It certainly was not 500 acres but only 25 acres. This land was held by public trustee. The land in question was originally owned by my great grand father and was donated to the public trustee to use the income for the Kuliyapitiya base hospital. Public trustee had a watcher who always claimed that there wasn’t even 1000 nuts plucked every two months which was not even sufficient to pay the watchers salary.

    The land was later taken over from the public trustee and the new owners have paid her department Rs. 78 Million on the basis of the government valuation. Public Trustee can now allocate the income from the sales by ways of interest if he deposits the money in a proper interest bearing bank deposit nearly 9 Million rupees for a year. These monies can be used for the benefit of so many poor patients who come to the Kuliyapitiya hospital for treatment.

    That’s not all. This project will generate direct and indirect employment, transfer technology and training for the youth in the area. As for the people of the area they don’t care whether they make Volkswagen, Mercedes or Maruti. They are thankful to the government for permitting an investment in the automobile sector.

    Pl. refrain from insulting people on a political agenda to fulfill your sedistic desiress.


    At least The grand Old man who donated the land to the Public Trustee can now rest in peace.

    • 0

      You are not the grandson of the owner but Chairman of BOI himself. My only error is to say it is 500 acres. Rest of my comments are correct and I standby

  • 0

    Ask the army – land, usually other peoples’ land, can be taken over just by erecting “boundary” fences with a notice that it now belongs to the army.
    Homes are included too.

  • 0

    Here we go again:
    “According to the 2016 annual Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which ranks countries according to the perceived level of public sector corruption, Sri Lanka has ranked 95th among 176 countries, dropping down the rank by 10 slots when compared to 2014.
    Why did we make this colossal mistake on Jan 08, 2015, and repeated it at the parliamentary election? I think we all made the same mistake like the proverbial village family that killed the golden-egg laying hen.
    We should have been more patient with the Rajapaksas!

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