2 July, 2022


Massacre Of The Innocents: Whereto From Here

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Unmindful are the walking dead

The known way is an impasse.” ~ Heraclitus (The Fragments)

We have been here before. This blooded precipice is familiar, this looming abyss.

What is unfamiliar, what renders the Easter Sunday massacre most vile and truly nightmarish is the total absence of any knowable rationality. There is no context to this horror, no back-story; it cannot be framed, politically or historically. Other massacres were presaged; this one fell on an unsuspecting people, a killer-bolt on a clear Sunday morning. 

It is the most heinous and the most incomprehensible act of violence in our violence-ridden history.

Every massacre of innocents leaves behind a heap of questions. The larger why, the philosophical, existential why might be unanswerable, but the smaller whys almost always are. Whether it was Black July, the Anuradhapura massacre, or any of the civilian bloodletting that came afterwards, there was a discernible path to the outrage paved with a history of real or imagined wrongs. 

Not so this massacre of innocents.

That the massacre is the work of an Islamic terror group is now certain, a conclusion made inescapable by the involvement of several suicide bombers. The attacks on the hotels are barbaric, but part of a comprehensible, global pattern. You want to hurt an economy dependent on tourism; you attack places where tourists congregate, from beaches and ancient ruins to hotels. 

Not so the targeting of Catholic churches in Sri Lanka. That is where the utter incomprehension stems from. In Sri Lanka, there has been no history of violent animosity between Muslims and Christians/Catholics. Both communities have been targeted by Sinhala-Buddhists on multiple occasions. They were both victims of majoritarian violence, but never responded in kind. 

Had the suicide bombers targeted state institutions, places of entertainment, Buddhist temples or even Hindu kovils, it would have made sense in terms of vengeance for a real or imagined wrong. 

Why churches? Why only Catholic churches?

Churches have been targeted by Islamic terrorists elsewhere in the world, including Asia; the Surabaya bombings in Indonesia and the Jolo church attacks in the Philippines are cases in point. But every one of those attacks could be placed within a national politico-historical context. There is no such context here in Sri Lanka. Attacks by a lone gunman or a lone bomber might have been comprehensible, the work of a clinically deranged man. But an operation of this complexity and magnitude, involving the willing and knowing cooperation of hundreds of people, is unfathomable. 

The killers, the human bombs, are believed to be Lankan Muslim men. For any terror organisation, suicide killers would be a valuable possession, something you don’t expend in vain. A suicide killer must be trained and groomed right up to the moment of murder, handled with meticulous care, kept on the pre-prepared path, shielded from every human emotion. Why use such valuable and not easily replaceable weapons on targeting a community that had not done you or your local co-religionists any harm?

Were the churches targets of opportunity? In Sri Lanka, churches (along with mosques and kovils) are relatively unprotected and vulnerable. But so are many other institutions and structures, both secular and religious. Was it to gain maximum publicity – bombing churches on Easter Sunday? That would have been a credible explanation had the authors rushed to claim responsibility. But so far, no organisation has claimed responsibility, another unusual occurrence. Generally, after a successful operation, the claim to own it is a race. Terrorists love publicity. That is how they gain new recruits and new resources. 

So here we are, in a hell both familiar and unfamiliar. How not to plunge from this to a worse hell is the hardest challenge ahead, much harder than identifying, apprehending and punishing the guilty.

An Unforgivable Failure

There is one haunting truth about the Easter Sunday massacre – with a little more vigilance, it might have been prevented. 

A section of the security establishment seems to have known that an Islamic terror group was planning to target Catholic churches. According to reports, they even knew the names and other details of some of the attackers, possibly ten days ahead. The speed with which the first arrests were made gives credence to these reports. Such speed by our police can be explained only by prior-knowledge. Greater the speed, greater the prior-knowledge. And the speed was great, unprecedentedly so.

That begs two critical questions. 

Who knew? 

Why did those in the know do nothing with their knowledge?

If the known attackers had been arrested, the massacre wouldn’t have happened. And it could have been done under normal law. The Defence Secretary is lying if he claims that the information was vague and the absence of emergency regulations was a handicap. 

If the churches were informed about their peril, they could have taken some precautions. That certainly didn’t require emergency regulations. 

With either of those two measures, three hundred innocent lives could have been saved.

We, as a nation, need to know why those lives were wantonly sacrificed.

The SLPP had predictably accused the government of not supporting the intelligence agencies, of persecuting and discouraging them. That is incorrect. The intelligence agencies are not the victims of this story. They received the information, and opted not to do anything with it. That was a severe dereliction of duty.   

President Maithripala Sirisena must shoulder much of the blame. As the Minister of Defence, protecting the people was his responsibility. He failed abysmally. And he has not apologised for that failure. 

That doesn’t mean the UNP can exculpate itself from all responsibility, all blame.  The ‘we were not told’ excuse cannot hold water since one of the letters warning about impending terror attacks seems to have been circulating in the social media for days. If Minister Harin Fernando’s father knew about the danger, then the Minister, his cabinet and non-cabinet colleagues and his prime minister cannot plead ignorance. 

The government’s failure to stop the massacre fits into a general pattern of indifference towards all forms of extremism. One week before the Easter Sunday massacre, on Palm Sunday, a Methodist church in Anuradhapura was attacked, reportedly by a Sinhala-Buddhist mob. The police refused either to apprehend the attackers or to protect the victims. The government didn’t condemn the attack, didn’t order the police to catch the culprits. All it did was to promise the church protection for Easter. The promise reportedly came from the Prime Minister. There was not a hum from the President. Political leaders on all sides of the divide, including the minister in charge of Christian Affairs, acted blind, deaf, and mute. 

Perhaps this blasé attitude of the political class percolated to the intelligence establishment. Perhaps those in the know thought that there was no need to act if the intended target was a church, or some other minority religious establishment. After all, thirteen months have passed since the anti-Muslim riots of Digana. Time enough for the main suspects to be tried in a court of law. Yet no one has been formally charged and every suspect is out on bail.

Had the government honoured its promise to end impunity and ensure justice, had it honoured the promise to combat extremism and promote moderation, the Easter Sunday massacre might have been avoided. This government did not promote extremism, like its predecessor. But it didn’t resist extremism either. It turned itself into a bystander. 

Three hundred innocent people paid for that cowardice, that indifference, with their lives.

The next vicious spiral

A new faultline has been created in Sri Lanka’s already seriously compromised societal fabric. A new enmity has been birthed. This is not the moment for anodyne slogans about unity and peace. The peril cannot be resisted, if its existence is unacknowledged.

Sri Lanka’s blood-soaked history provides us with ample warning of the dangers ahead.

Will the targeting of Catholics by Islamic terrorists create an endless blood feud between Lankan Catholics and Lankan Muslims? Will the wronged Catholics themselves do wrong by targeting innocent Muslims?

The fear that the Easter Sunday massacre will lead to a round of attacks on Muslim properties and religious establishments has so far not materialised. For this, the government, especially the UNP, deserves the credit. When the first attack on a mosque was reported, immediate action was taken, including the imposition of a curfew. That probably saved the country from another round of bloodletting. But the danger will not be over in a day, or even a year. Only constant vigilance can prevent another tragedy. 

Terrorists of all kinds have two targets – one the purported enemy; the other, one’s own community. The authors of the Easter Sunday’s massacre of innocents would have known that they were placing their own innocent coreligionists in peril. They would have known that retaliatory attacks could happen, if not in the immediate aftermath, then someday. 

And they wouldn’t have cared. That is a function of extremism. They not only hate their enemies. They don’t care about their own community. 

The cancer of extremism that is affecting Lankan religions must be combated, perhaps primarily from within. The first step is to start criticising one’s own extremists. It is only by taking an unequivocal stand against extremists of our own community do we earn the moral right to criticise extremists of other communities. 

Sinhalese and Tamils failed to take a stand against their own extremists; each community raged against the other’s tribalism while justifying one’s own. That failure caused both communities incalculable harm, and incalculable self-harm. Black July turned a marginal insurgency into a full scale war. The LTTE’s countless atrocities eventually contributed to its own shameful defeat.

When Sinhala-Buddhists attacked Muslims in Digana in the name of Buddhism, the absolute majority of Buddhist leaders remained mute. The Muslim leaders will hopefully set a different example, not just in the immediate aftermath, but continuously. The task would be long and hard. Though Lankan Muslims have been the victims of both Sinhala-Buddhist and LTTE violence, the atrocities committed by Muslims elsewhere in the world have rebounded on them unjustly, enveloping them in a miasma of fear and suspicion. Easter Sunday’s massacre will worsen their plight. There is a danger of Muslims being considered as enemies by all other communities. Extremists within the Sinhala-Buddhist fold will work towards such an outcome. One can almost hear the likes of Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara crowing. Forgotten will be the role played by anti-Muslim violence in fostering Muslim extremism. 

But that too would be in accordance with the intent of the attackers. As Moroccan editor Ahmed Benchemsi opined, “…..spreading hate is the terrorists’ job. Hating you is not enough; they also need you to hate them, so the struggle goes unchallenged” (Newsweek – 20.11.2008). Terrorists revel in hate, and they want that hate to be extended to their racial/religious community as well. They want their crime to become the crime of their entire community, falling even unto unborn children. When such hatred seeps into a national bloodstream, the terrorists achieve their final victory. That happened between Sinhalese and Tamils. It mustn’t happen between Lankan Catholics and Lankan Muslims.

Sadly hate is easy to cultivate. It can flourish anywhere. All it needs is an inch, a second, a thought, a glance, one unguarded moment. And a destructive atom can always survive, waiting with endless patience until the next time.

So we stand on a familiar precipice, staring at a familiar abyss. This time, the task of guiding us away from it, towards the plains of moderation and stability belongs to Muslims and Catholics. This is their moment to be what Sinhalese and Tamils were not at comparable moments in their histories. This is their moment to place their humanity above every other consideration, in a way we, Sinhalese and Tamils, failed to. And it is for us, especially Sinhala-Buddhists, to prevent our own extremists from intervening to sow hate, to prevent healing, to peddle vengeance in the guise of justice.

As Aristotle said, “For the things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them… We become just by just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts…” (Necomachean Ethics). In this moment, grand gestures are necessary; but every little act of ordinary decency and kindness counts. If our leaders, elected and self-appointed, fail to stand against extremism, fail to build an alliance of moderates, perhaps we, the people, who are outraged by Easter Sunday’s massacre of innocents can. 

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  • 21

    This writer has a pathological, maniacal hatred of the Sinhalese. Just read her previous articles. She is a big proponent of the current government who miserably failed the country. If you asked her an hour before the massacre whether Moslems posed a threat to Lanka, she would have apoplectically attacked you with invectives. She is the true epitome of a traitor and a hater of the Sinhalese. So new readers please note this before you finish reading this article.

    I have been warning for over three years on CT about the danger of radical Jihadi, ISIS oriented Islam in Lanka. I have been attacked by everyone including Van Der Poorten, prolific writer of Dutch origin to CT, for sowing discord. I did everything I can to warn Lankans. Just read my contributions.

    Lankan should immediately ban all forms of Islamic terror breeding grounds. All Moslems should be in a database, their DNA collected and tracked, all Moslems should be photographed and face recognition technology should be imported from China and used extensively. All public display of Islamic garb, the horrible head to toe covering dress which gives them protection to carry out attacks pretending to be women, should be banned. Moslems businesses should be levied a tax in perpetuity so that the victims of the massacre can be compensated and the country can be rebuilt. Moslems families should not be allowed to have more than 1 child and if 2 they should be severely taxed to avoid the apocalypse of Moslem domination by sheer numbers by birth rates. Large open air camps should be opened where Moslems should be re-educated and detoxified and de-Islamized. If these and more stringent measures are not taken Lanka will pay the price again and again and Lanka will be eternally cursed with Islamic terror. And India too will eventually fall into the same trap and same predicament, when Lanka becomes a terrorist country like Iran. The choice is for the Sinhalese and Tamil people at the next election.

    • 2

      Wow, straight from the racist playbook.

      • 12

        Two prominent Muslim racist politicians tried to distract the truth. In an interview to Aljazeera Rishard Badurdeen blamed Tamils for disturbing peace on the tenth anniversary celebrations of war heroes. In an interview to Malaysian media, Hisbulla denied the involvement of the Muslim terror group. Except for a few Muslim politicians from UNP and SLFP, others are remaining silent. All these years when Islamic terror was being unleashed on Tamils, all governments turned a blind eye. Now that terror has come to affect Sinhalese. Present government must take drastic steps even arrest prominent Muslim politicians, businessmen and professionals to curb this nonsense. Towns like Katankudi and Eravur should be raided and anyone suspected of espousing hatred must be removed. If the present government tries to sweep things under the carpet in order to get Muslim votes, then you cannot prevent Sinhala people voting for Gota in large numbers.

      • 4

        Gavin, tell me ONE racist thing in what I wrote? Just name one.

        With wimps like you and retards who support terrorism Lanka will be a bloodbath like never before, unless a strong leader emerges and takes over the country and follow what I have said and more preventive measures. The biggest beneficiary of this will be the Moslems who are not radicalized, although that may now be a minority.

      • 2

        I suggest that a certain peddler of glyphosate from Canada, who pretends to be a Sudda called Jay Chambers, should have his DNA collected straight from his little p***k (if he has one).
        After that he should be sent to a camp to undergo colonic irrigation by the expert Gandasara .

        • 0

          A.N. Other, I know you are a bit shaken because you know what I expostulate is the right way to annihilate the Moslems terror. You probably did not like to see the thought leadership to come from anyone on this forum to the level I have taken and it is troublesome for you because your buddies in ISIS have more projects that they want to conduct in Lanka. And I know, guys like you know about them, and you are not directly connected, but want to see the blood and gore and get the greatest satisfaction of seeing the will of Allah imposed on the Kafir Catholics, Hindus and Buddhists.
          I guess you want to get CT to eliminate everyone who has a voice so that your friends in ISIS can conduct the next heinous attack at will. And you know what, with some effort you may be able to succeed. Lankan politicians all seem to have a price, and they will allow black box import of explosives or whatever, as long as you pay them the right price. They will be happy to take their bribes preferably in a place like Dubai where things cannot be traced. You are probably on the winning side if CT does not publish contributions from people like me.
          All I ask of the reader is that be aware Lanka is a soft target, with retards as leaders, corruption at astounding levels, and docile, naïve, yes men running its bureaucracy. The only chance for Lanka is to have people like Gotabya, who is already labeled a warmonger, or whatever, and has a track record of ability to brutally and efficiently stamp out terror. Yes, there will be some collateral damages, some silly guy who publishes a venomous rag asking for unrealistic freedoms, and calls himself a journalist may suddenly disappear, and some mediocrities will fight for one journalist above the massacre of thousands of innocents by Jihadis.

          • 0

            Fake Jay
            Does writing such bloodthirsty rubbish give you the orgasm that you don’t get elsewhere? Do you spend time with corpses in the morgue?
            Your remarks on Gota have exposed your preferences . I don’t think you would support abductions if your own children were on the list. Or maybe you would, given your predilections.

            • 0

              The reader can see that you are an apologist for mass murderers and you revel in the utter destruction of the innocents in churches and hotels. My children will not pretend to be “journalists” and write rags full of filth. Stop you mumbo jumbo, you are hoping that some lily livered eunuchs will read your nonsense and shy away from reading my thoughts. I don.t think that is happening, judging by the likes I am getting. Only the worst scum among non-Moslems with ulterior motives and the usual closet Jihadis who want to pretend to be regular Moslems would find my thoughts offensive.
              Treachery and terror should be punished and if Gotbya can do it, then elect him and let him do it. Its up to the Lankan people. Any other man, with whatever the name, Gotaby, Rama, Ravana, what does it matter if the man can deliver.
              There is one thing I forgot to mention. That is that ALL financial transactions by Moslems should be studied every day the meta data should be carefully analyzed by a group of stealth experts. These massacres do not happen without financial support. Follow the money is a good old way of getting to the bottom of things.
              Lankan government must take over all property belonging to ALL the militant Moslems as they are identified. There should be severe penalties for even condoning radical Islam including being horse whipped as in the old days. In Germany you will be thrown in jail for Hitler salute and this is Lanka’s Hitler moment. Emergency measures should be strengthened and all radicals should be incarcerated in an island off the mainland with minimal facilities and treated as the scum of the earth that they are. Water boarding and all effective methods of extracting information should be used for rapid collection of intelligence.

    • 6

      Your warning was most probably ignored, because most rational and unbiased people are turned off by racist comments, and attacks on innocent people belonging to one religion. Your suggestions are so nazi like. What next, concentration camps? You will not be convincing decent people here, only those who share your racist tendencies.
      Your motives are very obvious here.

      • 4

        Either you give warnings in black and white or you stay away from it. I chose the former. No one listened, and many charged back with the lazy “racist” comment. 300 dead people and hundreds of people hurt and probably maimed and traumatized for life would have been saved if my warnings were heeded.

        If I, as a tourist, can see the coming massacres and carnage from Jihadis, most definitely the politicians saw that as well. But they don’t care, and secretly they use the intelligence, selectively to save themselves. I hear no politician is injured. Someone should take the government of Lanka to the Hague for crimes against its people for ignoring intelligence of imminent attacks.

        Saman says I am not convincing “decent” people. My friend the one I am not convincing are not decent people but docile, inept, lowbrow people with no will to live, no energy and who would not care even if their own mother is raped by Moslems or killed by them as long as they are safe. Sady Lanka has a lot of such people.

        • 0

          Fake chambers the fake tourist,
          By your logic, any community whose members commit terrorist acts should be locked up, re-educated, etc.
          Does that include Irish Catholics , Rwandan Catholics, Cambodian Buddhists, and not least, American pilots dropping atom bombs?
          Stuff it up your digestive tract. Diseased minds like yours ARE the cause of all our problems

          • 0

            Look, A. N. Other, I am not interested in Rwanda, Cambodia or elsewhere. You are a small little island of really no consequence beside tourism, tea, spices and smiling people. You will notice that those countries have settled their problems now. Focus on the problem at hand. Your problem is fanatical, bloodthirsty Moslems who are totally radicalized and cannot be changed. Only the most extreme measures can neutralize them. Do not expect to change their mind. Lanka should incarcerate, where necessary execute, and imprison them en masse. No other viable solution. And enforce strict birth control on their families and levy taxes and break the hegemony of Moslem commercial domination of Lankans. Allow entrpreneurs from Sinhalese and Tamil communities to take over the businesses. And ensure that the Devil at the front door is massacred before the Devil massacres you, and not write mumbo jumbo on the rats that infest the attic while the Devil is devouring the country and the people.

    • 4

      Tisaranee Gunasekara

      RE: Massacre Of The Innocents: Whereto From Here?

      Thanks for your article. Sleep again? Lethargy? Idiocy?

      The warnings were there, but lethargy prevailed.

      From March 2014, Muslims were appealing to Save Muslims from Tauheed Jamath.
      Calls ignored by the Authorities. See link below.


      On April 4, 2019 Tauheed Terrorist warnings given. Authorities and President and Police ignore.

      April 21, 2019, Tauheed Jamat Jihadis attack, 310 killed 500 injured.

      A land like no other, where lethargy and incompetence prevail, and the innocent die, on behalf of the Devil, who follows Satan, per Hadith of Najd, followed by the Wahhabi-Salafies and their clones such as ISIS etc.


      According to two narrations in Sahih Bukhari, Muhammad asks Allah to bless the areas of Bilad al-Sham (Syria) and Yemen. When his companions said “Our Najd as well,” he replied: “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head (e.g. horns) of Satan.” In a similar narration, Muhammad again asked Allah to bless the areas Medina, Mecca, Sham, and Yemen and, when asked specifically to bless Najd, repeated similar comments about there being earthquakes, trials, tribulations, and the horns of Satan.

      “O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Shaam. O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Messenger of Allaah, and our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “There (in Najd) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from there appears the Horn of Satan.

    • 4

      Jay Chambers, did you realize that you are just hurting yourself & naturally turning a nutcase day after day trying to spite racist venom on others that is as good as a dog barking at the moon? Go, learn to blog and find an anti-Muslim boss who will pay your coffees, at least.

      • 3

        Let me turn whatever I want, Mr. GHK, just look at the number of likes my comments are getting. I am talking sense to a lot of people and if I can make at least a few people see the danger of fanatical Islam then my efforts would not have been in vain.

        And I appreciate your suggestions but I am happy with my current blogging realm.

    • 5

      Having unsavoury frienship to show the world that we have many friends are similar to sleeping with dogs with fleas and ones wakes up with fleas is the situation SL in at present.
      Open passage to all dogs from the so called Srilanka’s friendly nations.
      My elders told me not to have bad friends and not to bring bad friends home.
      Now SL is a country to enter freely by all the Foreign Crooks, Murderers, Terrorists and Ex Prisoners from all those friendly nations.
      See what we have gained ?? Wealth of sophistication in weaponry, drug smuggling , bombing and many more.
      Wait for it…
      This is what we gain when we Elect Modayas to Rule the country.
      Import world class Bombers , Smugglers and Crooks. Free passage to all SL by all .

    • 0

      This writer is a sinhalese hater from the very beginning. Hate towards buddhism and sinhalese is the LCM of all her articles. Trying to drag sinhalese into something they have no connection.

    • 0

      Media terrorists once again trying to save her master ranil by blaming singalese fir everything.

  • 11

    Where to from here?
    This question has been asked many times in the last 71 years.
    Can the country go any further backwards?
    yes the politicians are capable of taking the country further backwards from here!

  • 15

    The Beast of the Middle East being hunted out, has found a ‘lair’ in Sri Lanka.
    High time to eradicate it.
    The President and PM must unite and do the job.
    But, both want to be the next President.
    Unless they unite, the beast will strike again.

    • 8

      Recently the human rights commission held that the human rights of Muslim women has been violated when they were not permitted to wear abhaya to a Hindu school. The worst form of human rights violation is taking ones life in a cruel manner. Therefore it is the Muslims who had violated the human rights of more than 300 people. There is news that the land in Palamunai where test bombing took place on 16th of April belongs to Hisbullah the Islamic racist. It is also said that the father of the two terrorist suicide bombers is a close friend of Rishard Badiudeen, another Islamic racist. Why is the government not arresting them and only going behind minions. It is time that we show these Muslim racists where to get off.

  • 9

    A large scale massacre on a holy day of celebrations by a home grown terror group, unheard until now, was shocking, & indeed, a very sad reminder of the bad old days when the general perception has been that such days were gone. Innocent civilians, worshippers & tourists in this case, have lost their lives just so that some fanatics (or some underhand force) could make a political or religious statement, which is utterly deplorable. Those responsible should be brought to justice but there is no way to compensate a life lost in such a senseless manner.
    Since the massacre occurred on an international holy day & the deaths included several foreigners, there have been huge international publicity, with the UK pledging assistance to SL in any form of assistance. However, no terror group has so far taken responsibility, which is surprising as it would be assumed that international publicity would have been the objective of such an attack from an unheard group, introducing themselves to the terror club. Then there is the question that in spite of intel of an imminent plot, no action had been taken, not even a warning to the public to be vigilant. The President, as the head of the security forces, should take full responsibility, & along with the Minister of Defence, should have, first of all, apologized for the failing, & then, resign forthwith. The only form of acknowledgement for the failure & an apology seem to come from Rajitha Senaratne but I have yet to hear from the President, the PM & the Minister of Defense. If they have at least apologised for their failure (not statements of apprehending the culprits), it was not broadcasted in international media.

  • 18

    Call somebody worthy to be called a PRESIDENT a PRESIDENT, not some moron who gave instructions from overseas tell the ministers not to participate in Security Council meetings.

  • 10

    The usual chest beating of the media terrorist Tisaranee Gunasekara; Tisaranee Gunasekara is blaming the political terrorists and the religious terrorists sans Ranil, the mastermind of the Trio who plans and executed many of these. The Media terrorist says if Chandrika bombs Navali Church it is war for peace but if Zahran Hasim bombs Batticaloa Church then its terrorism for war? What duplicity!

    Will Tisaranee Gunasekara ask as the M/S Navipillai said to remove the statute of the number one terrorist Don Stephen, who conducted 1915’s riots, from Freedom Square or if Rapist army bulldozes the Maveerar sleeping places, it is enough for her? If she still has her revenge on Leader Pirapaharan she can call Navipillai as a terrorist to ask to remove Stephen’s stature.

  • 15

    Warning .
    Beaware of Jamat E Islam it’s a very violent ideology and extremely backward , the problem is not even Muslims are aware of how many pseudo Muslim groups have been established .
    It’s all to do with money and the idea is to keep the poor below poverty level to suck their blood and suppress the intellect in fear of them exposing these .

    You want to eliminate The terror , people like the DS should stop talking cock what democracy , ?When did Sri Lanka ever have democracy .?

    First the IGP and the defence Secretary must resign with dignity .
    And then These Islamic Schools should fearlessly be banned along with their dresses , if not we are going to regret it.
    Approve only
    Shafi and Hanafi

    Jaffari /Borahs/Ismaili and Ahmedya.
    Ban the rest .
    Ban all abayas and nikabs
    And hijabs
    Revert to traditional Sri Lanka Islamic Attires and traditions that were there before 1977.
    Period .
    Do what is right and not politically right ..
    Don’t please politicians for votes .

  • 20

    Let’s look at all the Nations that sent us condolences and offers of support.

    US and India were some of the first with Pres. Donald Trump even calling the SL president.
    Pakistan although the perpetrators were Muslim still offered their condolences.
    Canada, China, Japan, the EU, Malaysia offered their condolences. Some countries like France, Australia and Israel lighted symbolic monuments with Sri Lankan flags.

    But what about the Arab scoundrels? Where’s the condemnation from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar etc?

    • 6

      Saudi Arabia has already poisoned the well here. As for Israel, I would not be fooled by their show of concern. They are behind the trolls and hate comments, all around the world. The despicable Hasbara.
      Saudi and Israel are two peas in a pod.

    • 6


      “Where’s the condemnation from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar etc?”

      Why should they condemn these acts of terrorism?
      How do you know for certain they didn’t?
      Remember these acts are carried out by Sri Lankans (whatever that maybe). Therefore the Sri Lankies should not only apologise for these terrorist acts on civilians but also compensate adequately for the victims.

      What were the guardians of this island doing while those terrorists were carrying out their acts even though they had access to specific intelligence from Hindians?
      Why don’t we subcontract the island’s security to Hindians?

      • 1

        You want compensation? The only compensation you will get is in your behind.

        The way you have been trashing this country your compensation claim is only second to these God damn ISIS rif rafs asking for compensation.

        The only compensation you will get is the one I’ll give on your rear end.

        • 1


          I am sorry I didn’t know you love bu**ering.
          It’s alright, carry on bu**ering as long as you could find pets, animals, beast, … careful the practice of bestiality is banned in many countries including this island.

  • 5

    AS I said, earlier, there is a hidden hand behind all these. It is not the FEw rag tag terrorists who are from the middle east or those who look for NAsirishthan.(where did thisaranee get that name. Who discussed it).
    If politicians are accused, it is RANIL who comes first. When Mawanella Buddha statue was attacked, Ranil said he had advised the law enforcement find all the information and prosecute the culprits to the mzaximum. Instead, we here, one of those culprits were released and he involved in this. Besides, one culprit is a Defeated UNP candidate. Suicide bombers are Asath Sally and Mugibar Rahamans’ people (Thry were earlier accused of having connections to ISIS or group emerged from ISIS, NST or something). Anyway, Ranil was caught in the game and he allowed to jail Army Intelligence people who carried out govt orders. So, they Debilitated and demoralized Army Intelligence. How come when USA and INADIa informed on April 4th even the names of those Suicide bombers, How come outsiders know better than Srilankan intelligence. Why the govt does not say what did the IGP talked in front of PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE to say why he was delaying the arresting iof Suicide bombers.
    I say suicide bombers instructed by some one saying “your names had been gone to the govt, so blow up now and it was timed to the foreign trip of the PResident. I don’t think this death of a few 100 matters to them. they may have thought bigger things (Chamthum harajika gods).

  • 3

    Question Ranil’s Behaviour and what he has done. Prove Ranil did not know anything or he did not do his job properly because of politics. He did not want to make his Muslims subordinates upset. I Think TRUMP would say ” We did many tasks. this was the most unsuccessful because it was caught with bloody hands of ours”.Because of these that MADUSH bringing POwerful and sophisticated Sniper Rifles I suppose into the country or plans, I think was not without any planning.(Chatumharajika gods residing in JAmbudweepa).. I am not kidding.

  • 4

    If Ranil addresses the Digana violence properly, At that time, Ranil was the head of the Police., this would not have happened. Ranil said tht he instructd to the LAw enforcement to prosecute the MAwanella or Kegalla buddha statue attackers to the fullest of the law. Did that happen. Even when IGP informed Politicians continuously why PM di dnot take actions. Is it because of Muslim politicians in UNP..

  • 2

    I am wondering whether JVP was thinking this kind of atmosphere was good for a Another revolution. Muslim are stupid because of their theology which ia arabic Desert living and not the Mohommadean religion which preaches about supreme love. I know those who dead believe they were killed by a supreme human power because regional concerns. RANIL SAYS ” I DID NOT TELL THE LAw enforcement. Other than I did not do anything (God Ganesh).

  • 2

    Tisaranee – do you have any information on how the preparation is going on for the May 18th War Heroes day ?

    Will the “Hero” President…. Preside over, what is now an irrelevant celebration in the wake of the Easter Sunday tragedy?

    Isn’t it high time the Sinhala Politicians ditch the war heroes day and instead have an annual reconciliation day?

  • 3

    when the massacre against the muslims in New Zealand Christ Church was reported in the media ‘some titles just said – Muslims massacred in Christ Church .

    For the simple and ignorant muslims, it was not known that ” Christ Church” was the name of a place and not Christ church all over the world

  • 2

    This article is about the International community writing books about Asia’s ” Military buddhism and Terrorist monks”. fortunately, Ven. ghanasara stayed in the Jail and when Azath Sally, Penthouse Ravi and Mano Ganeshan came to the hospital asking their support to Releae the bhikku, he scolded them and chased out. It looks Sinhala buddhists run even the ISIS Lunatics in Srilanka. what a grand theory. Eveidence is all in front of the eyes.

  • 1

    Tisaranee Gunasekara wonders “Massacre Of The Innocents: Whereto From Here”
    Further victims till civil war situation eventuates.

  • 7

    Dear Administrator,

    At a time like this when people are emotionally charged up, I strongly suggest you do not allow so-called Muslim scholars from white washing this massacre and making non-Muslim Sri Lankans even more angry.

    I understand during peacetime you did not allow Sinhalese to voice their objections against minorities in the interest of peace apart from following your forum’s guidelines.

    Similarly, for humanities sake, I suggest you do not allow the Muslims to use this as a platform to whitewash their warriors, to divert the topic to the massacre in New Zealand and to create a fake sense of unity amongst Muslims and others.

  • 3

    ” Where to from here”

    Simple ! if Sri Lankans want to progress from here they need to bend down pull up their socks and tie their laces. They need to get on to the streets and demand that the entire government made up of Eunuchs, Morons, Poofters, Robbers, Buffoons, Arseholes, Sadists, Conmen, etc resign fort with if not the whole stinking bunch will be forcibly kicked out with out fanfare.
    Then Sri Lankans need to ask themselves what do they need in life ????????????
    Do they need another Arsehole in power who has no balls or do they need a strongman with balls to take them down the path of discipline, progress and prosperity.
    The medicine may be bitter but the cure is guaranteed.
    The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka and universally needs to get its act together in the same manner.
    This tragedy is a warning to the Catholic Church that Christ is getting fed up of the antics of the clergy with the so called sexual allegations and corruption rampant in the universal church and therefore he is in the process of withdrawing his protection given to his Holy Church which is no more the Holy Church it was decades ago. There is good clergy in the Church and bad clergy but the bad outnumber the good.
    The clergy forget that they are the apostles of Jesus Christ and shepherds of the flock and if one lamb strays away that they have to leave the others in safe hands and go looking for the one that strayed away.

    Those who are responsible for this tragedy don’t know with whom and what they are messing with.
    God’s court of Judgement & Justice is one court where there are no appeals and defence lawyers to speak up for the accused. When Judgement is pronounced and Justice handed out there is no mercy, no turning back.
    ” Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Those who practice it have good understanding.”

  • 3

    Delete the official recognizance given to Islamism by our constitution same as other religions. That may be the only way possible to control extremism. as it is an one of official religion extremists can organize whatever they want in outside or inside of mosques with the help of clergies. law enforcement authorities can not interfere. If it is not an officially recognized one law enforcement authorities can keep eye on them. That is the disabilities police & security forces having in controlling Islamic extremism here in Lanka I suppose

  • 1


    • 1

      Did you see the crowd which gathered to Town Hall During Coup..?

  • 8

    Isn’t there a way to link this with Rajapaksas anyhow? Organisational expertise must have come from Gota and funding from Basil, something like that.
    For about five hours after the initial explosion Tamil racist donkeys and Anti Rajapaksa heynas on CT had an ecstatic time. Outside the family members of the victims they are the saddest lot today.


    • 3

      Soma – you seems to be one of the happy lot

  • 2

    is Sri Lanka reclaiming land from sea …because they have run out of cemetery for burial …for now and in the future.. is the government acting on intelligence ?

  • 3

    I agree 100% with Native Veda .

    The rich Sri Lankan Muslims must pay compensation to the Victims
    Why should the state pay ?
    And how dare they squander state funds that can be used to fund the poor , the sick in cancer hospital etc and farmers struggling and pay for murder planned and committed by Local terororist Muslims?
    This is a joke when Buddhist extremists attacks innocents
    Muslims the state pays and when Muslim terrorists mercilessly kills innocent and the only peaceful religious community, the state pays .
    Is this your walawe grand farther’s illgotten wealth from the British to dish out. ?

    People should protest and stop this and demand the The rich Muslims
    To.pay .
    What logic is this ?

    Don’t touch a cent this is public money .

    • 1


      “I agree 100% with Native Veda .
      The rich Sri Lankan Muslims must pay compensation to the Victims”

      I didn’t say “The rich Sri Lankan Muslims must pay compensation to the Victims”.

      Does it mean the rich Sinhalese should have paid compensation to people who were affected in riots, war, and other racially and politically motivated incidents small or large starting from 1956 to 2018?

      What I meant was the state takes responsibility to compensate victims because its agencies were caught napping even though the Hindians had passed on specific intelligence well in advance.

    • 0

      “The rich Sri Lankan Muslims must pay compensation to the Victims”
      two of the suicide bombers are rich Muslim kids.
      The entire rich family blew themselves up …..
      older parents are missing

  • 1

    All quran recitals on internet is blocked

  • 1

    Mike shut up , we know who you are ,you are a foreign pig robbing our country

    • 1

      Citizen Lanka & Native Lankan

      Make up your mind whether you want to be Citizen Lanka or Native Lankan.
      You don’t have the right to call you native in any case.

  • 2

    They didn’t just attack Catholic churches. Zion Church in Batticaloa was Protestant. I see it keeps popping up in the news that they attacked three Catholic Churches. I don’t know if it really makes a big difference in the long run but its an incorrect statement to say all three were Catholic.

  • 1

    During the four decades of LTTE terrorism, Colombians were the people who suffered a lot. After LTTE was defeated by Rajapakse regime Colombians got peace and freedom to live without fear. But these ungrateful Colombians listening to all the cock and bull stories fabricated by the spin doctor Awamangalam went for a change and brought ‘Yahapalana’ Government. National security was not a priority of the Unpatriotic National Party who played a dominant role in ‘Yahapalana’ Government. As a consequence of the soft attitude taken by the Government towards Muslim extremists, probably for their political survival, Colombians will have to go through all the hazels they went through before 2009. ‘Kohomada Wenasa Sepada’?

  • 0

    Whatever the cons and pros, yet the Christians too have to bear in mind their antics of converting helpless people into Christianity by offering bribes. It is not religion but expansionism of religious ideology. Let the people to decide what religion they want to opt. In India too it is a big problem and Hindus are up against them. Christians and Muslims have done immense damage to natives of India and SL by attacking and destorying Buddhist and Hindu places of worship and it is still going on in the East of SL after handing over total power to Muslims there. But India they are very alert and the very reason why Hindu fanaticism in the name of Hindutva and Modi are becoming a problem to all fair thinking people of India. But it is the same in SL and India where Buddhist and Hindus felt threat to their religion, faith, tradition etc by these invading religions that were heavily funded by rich nations. In the name of Allah or Jesus dont exploit the vulnerable and convert them by tempting them with goodies and waht do you achieve? Whatever religion, who cares and after all all these religions are propagating hatred, violence and destruction. Cant we be more usinted as human being without these killing religions that do not any good to humanity.

  • 0

    The terror warning from India was ignored as it was mainly targeted on Tamils.

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