23 May, 2022


MEA Explained Rajapaksa Regime’s Involvement With Mobs Disrupting Peaceful Meetings: Lawyers’ Collective

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) statement on the disruption of the gathering of families whose loved ones had disappeared during the war, has cleared any doubts concerning the government’s involvement with the mob that intimidated the aggrieved families, legal practitioners have said in a statement.

G.L. Peiris - Minister of External Affairs

G.L. Peiris – Minister of External Affairs

In a joint statement issued by the Lawyers Collective – Lal Wijenayake, JC Weliamuna and Chandrapala Kumarage, it has been pointed out the MEA’s take on hastily recognizing the mob that has identified themselves as the ‘Dead and Missing Persons’ Parents’ Front’ – an organization that was unheard of until the incident earlier this week, has made it evident that the intimidation carried out by this group was done under the influence of the Rajapaksa-regime.

The statement has heavily criticized the factual errors contained in the MEA statement, particularly their attempt to imply that the tense situation at the meeting held at the Center for Society and Religion located within the premises of a Catholic Church, was a result of two groups in an argument.

“The MEA falsely states the mob sought access to the meeting to express their grievances and it was that argument that led to the tensions when it was clear to all concerned that tensions arose due to the illegal invasion of private property and a private meeting, by the mob,” the statement notes.

While requesting the public to not be mislead by the inaccurate content of the MEA statement, the legal practitioners have pointed out that it is interesting as to how the MEA has avoided offering any explanations on why the law enforcement authorities failed to implemented the law against violators of criminal law or why they refused to provide protection to the intimidated victims while demanding a cancellation of the meeting.

“The statement is a continuation of whitewashing of the disruption of peaceful meetings in the country in violation of freedom of association,” the Lawyers Collective has remarked.

Further rejecting and criticizing the MEA statement, the legal practitioners have added that it is not the diplomatic community as the MEA alleges that has resulted in perpetuating mistrust among communities in Sri Lanka but the intolerance of dissent and cultivation of extremism on the part of the government.

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    Does Sri Lanka have have a government, and state machinery that ensures law, order, peace and democratic values?

    Or is under the whims and fancies of a mob with a family at the helm?

    Justice minister says that there is no justice to all, minister for reconciliation says there is no such thing, and similar negative utterances are made by several other ministers.

    Do these ministers have any integrity to hang on after uttering such things?

    What can you expect from a junta with such people?

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    G.L. Peiris – Minister of External Affairs

    RE; The Land of Sinhala “Buddhist” Liars

    “The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) statement on the disruption of the gathering of families whose loved ones had disappeared during the war, has cleared any doubts concerning the government’s involvement with the mob that intimidated the aggrieved families, legal practitioners have said in a statement.”

    G.L. Peiris, don’t have any shame? Why lie” Did Buddha Teach you that?

    Is that a Sinhala Buddhist Innovation of the MaRa Regime in combination with BBS. Your Foreign representatives lie. you President lies and most of the minister lie. You Shills lie, and get the knickers and panties pulled down. You lying makes you naked.

    You are Shame to Buddhism, Shame to Sri Lanka. Please get back to where you originated, southern India where your ancestors came by I legal Boats.

    Shame, Shame and Sinhala Buddhists of MaRa regime have no Shame.

    Why? Sinhala “Buddhist” Racism and Chauvinism that has nothing to do with Buddhas Teachings-Dhamma.

    The Vedda Tribe


    Al-Maʿarri “The inhabitants of the earth are of two sorts: those with brains, but no religion, and those with religion, but no brains.”[16]

    Re Buddhism – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsgcP65dDOg

  • 9

    How does this guy G L P of the M/Ext. affairs live with himself or even
    look at himself in the mirror!!??

    • 4

      Careful Avis: the bugger is so ugly, he will surely suffer a coronary if he was ever to look at himself in the mirror.

      • 0

        He become a Koi Carp look alike. Smutts are the gangs of the Rajapksa gangland. When Russia enters into Armageddon with US & its cronies for Israel…Mahinda’ s double game will end.

        Let’s keep our fingers crossed. He will lose with his pro-Zionist stance taken against the Palestinians. His prejudice speaks louder than his muggy smile he sports.

        Let’s pray for Mahinda’s downfall Long with the Zionists in the west.

  • 5

    This is not the first time that MEA has misrepresented and had falsified to misled its citizens and in turn the International community. Professor of law/or is he Professor of lies? A shameful character who had failed to uphold his own integrity and dignity. Repeats his master’s voice like a parrot. He is willing to dance to any tune played by his master and his brothers. He is a puppet.

  • 1

    BBS is ruling Sri Lanka not by PA

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    State actors using “their” mobs to break up legitimate meetings in tottering societies is nothing new. It happened under Hitler in Germany. It happened under the “Mad” Mullahs of Iran during and after Ali Khomeini. We saw it in action in Burma in the early 1990/2000 at the height of the popularity of Aung Sun Su Kyii and later in Post-Suharto in Indonesia. What is necessary for such ugly extra-legal social upheavals is a weak socio-politic fabric and weak economies. That is exactly the stage where Sri Lanka finds itself in. In all these societies one notices the armed forces are not far away. What the Rajapakses do not realise is they are playing with fire. In their case, they are now far too deeply involved with China and Pakistan against India. They cannot untangle themselves now. That is a dangerous configuration. It is like Premadasa, who thought much of his political cunning, trying to get the better of the smaller numbered
    but cleverer Tigers – who had a 10-year blueprint to get rid of the
    Kehelwatte Chandiya.


  • 4

    The Grand Liar Peris, to whom self respect and dignity means nothing, but will relish the Slipper Soup of MR any time. Another A.J. Ranasinghe. Why was this bugger born at all to insult his Peers and the entire Sri Lankan Nation? An absolute Liar without shame.

    • 3

      Gamini: your question “””Why was this bugger born at all to insult his Peers and the entire Sri Lankan Nation?””” has brought back memories to me of long gone days, after a hard match, enjoying a pint…or five, we would sing

      Why was he born so beautiful?
      Why was he born at all?
      He’s no firkin use to anyone.
      He’s no firkin use at all.
      He may be a joy to his mother
      But he’s a pain in the asshole to us all.

      Not that. I am reliably advised that when our GL was born, he was so ugly, the midwife smacked his mother. Poor woman.

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