26 June, 2022


‘Millennium City Betrayal’ – A Political Spin: Sarath Fonseka

MP Sarath Fonseka says cries of betrayal over the ‘Millennium City’ incident is a politically motivated spin.


Dropping a bombshell before testimony of ex-DIG Nalaka de Silva began, Fonseka said some have confused the ‘Millennium City’ incident just like the phrase ‘Eyes Only’ rose to controversy following the inaugural PSC session last week.

“I was the Northern Commander when Millenium City happened. It is true they were an intelligence unit but there was a misinformation campaign claiming they were part of a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Unit,”he says.

Fonseka did not mince his words as he continued, “The office in charge of this unit was a Sergeant. With a waistline of about 41 inches, he could barely climb two flights of stairs…Even I had doubts about what the team was doing there with a haul of weapons”

Millennium City incident was revived by Opposition members over the past few days including Wimal Weerawansa and Mahinda Rajapaksa to express concerns over the live telecast of the testimonies by intelligence officers before the PSC.

Fonseka went on to state the way some groups are fussing about the phrase ‘Eyes Only’ mentioned by National Intelligence Chief Sisira Mendis last week, is similar to ‘Banda going to town’ noting their confusion is due to never having heard those phrase before although they are openly used in military settings.

“It is not an intelligence term… Few have even understood it to mean ‘Ice only no soda’,” he said in his statement, aiming blows at Opposition MPs who criticised the PSC for failing to understand the ‘gravity of security details’ mentioned during testimonies.

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  • 28

    That shows the intelligence of MR the wartime President and WW the war time Minister, ha.

    • 20

      The spin lasted so long b’cos there was no good clarification until Gen SF spoke up.

    • 1

      Ad. WW war time minister? Big Joke. He was the coolie at Temple Trees

  • 5

    What would Ponseka know about Intelligence…
    How can an Office has a waistline ?????

    BTW Wonder what happened to Dr Ranil’s other Police Boy Udugampola?…

    • 22

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “BTW Wonder what happened to Dr Ranil’s other Police Boy Udugampola?”

      DIG Premadasa Udugampola passed away in the first week of January 2019.

      Why was he not investigated, charged, found guilty and throw in prison for the rest of his life under Human Rights champion, Geneva returned, …… Mahinda Rajapaksa’s reign?

      Was he reprieved from prison for a fee?

      • 5

        Dear Native,

        Your Man,Dr Ranil bought the whole JVP Cabal for only LKR 25 Lakhs while Dr Ranil’s UNP boys were collecting LKR 340 Lakhs each,.
        By selling their Yahapalana Car Permits to mainly Muslim Merchants..

        Assath Sally apparently had one , a Merc 350 parked in his old garage in Colombo until last week…

        JVP is a stinking lot. Arren’t they,
        Wonder how much they got for the this Free Kick to Dr Ranil in the form of the current NCM , which is allowing Dr Ranil and his Crooked mates to destroy what ever left in the Intelligence.
        As well as finish off of his Old mate Game Sira. who helped Dr Ranil to win what he couldn’r for twenty years.
        And also to help the UNP buddies to White Wash not only Bathudeen but and even Zaharans and Ibrahims, portraying them as a bunch of Bad Boys who didn’t listen to the 9 Muslim Ministers who have been protecting Dr Ranil since 2015. .

        Your War Hero is in his Element quizzing Nalaka whom to me looks like that Matara boy Mangala.

        Wonder why your Gun Lawyer Abraham who saved Dr Ranil in October didn’t get a Gig in this PSC.

        Did Dr Ranil make it strictly Members Only…

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        Did he?
        I am sure those thousands of relatives of those poor rural Sinhala Buddhist Youth who got sharpened 2H Graphite pushed into their Ear Drums from Pencils in Udugampola’s top Draw, may now reconcile thinking that at least the Nature has done justice which the JVP didn’t do for them..

        BTW where is his Bro Kulasiri who is Dr Ranil’s mate?..

        • 2

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          I was told the 1971 armed insurrection was a Karava uprising. I also know the 1987/1991 armed insurrection was a Sinhala/Buddhist Dalit vendetta against Govia (going back to hundreds of years). That was how it was presented to me then (caste conflict) with some supporting evidence. Have you ever felt JVP was right to fight against the Govi/Radala establishment/gang? However the Govi felt the Karava lot has been occupying disproportionate places in the government, state institutions, …………. and wielding undue influence. I have no way of finding out the right proportion and their current position, above all I was/am not interested in your caste/religious politics .

          Why are sanghas remain closed shop, not open to all non govi castes?
          What are you doing about it?
          I have had a few occasion to meet Sinhala/Buddhist equivalent of archbishops, my Elder whom I accompanied would not allow me to utter a single word, other than Ayubowan and Bohoma Isthuthi. He was bit worried he felt I might ask rational question at inappropriate time.

          I never had had the opportunity to ask the Protestant Sinhala/Buddhists Archbishops why it was important for them to stick to caste hierarchy.

          Can you enlighten us on this question?
          While answering could you avoid crab walk sideways.

          • 1

            Dear Native,

            Are you an Anglican, Catholic , Dolar Church, Hindu or a Muslim. because no Sinhala Buddhist would say Aybowan and Isthuthi to even a normal Sangha let alone a Mahasanga.. .

            I don’t know whether Anura Kumara is Karawe or Durawe.
            All I know is he has been licking Dr Ranil from top to bottom .

            Old JVP Wije would have fought against the Radala, Govi establishment
            But Anura and his buddy Lal Kantha and the rest are definitely not fighting . them..
            JVP dudes are now even doing their Landry to white Wash Dr Ranil and even Bathudeen.

            All I know is Malwattu and Asgiri Bosses do not even touch Samaneras unless they are from Radala Upper Govi Castes.

            You have no hope of getting ordained there although you are a dedicated licker of Dr Ranil and his Crooked UNP Govigamyas..

            But you are most welcome to our other Nikayas in the South who do not worry about caste and class.

            But they wouldn’t let your mate Samre in , becausee Samre thinks he is a Radala. Govigama, Anglican who is too good to be a Sinhala Buddhist.. .

            • 1

              KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

              “Are you an Anglican, Catholic , Dolar Church, Hindu or a Muslim.”

              I don’t mind (actually I don’t give a damn) any religion whether Buddhism, Sinhala/Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Zen, Communism, Marxism, Maoism, Atheism, Agnosticism……………………… as long as you don’t shove it in my throat or a**e.

              “I don’t know whether Anura Kumara is Karawe or Durawe.
              All I know is he has been licking Dr Ranil from top to bottom .”

              However, wasn’t Mahinda licking Rohana earlier and Somawansa until he kicked him out of the coalition of the war mongering public racists?

              “All I know is Malwattu and Asgiri Bosses do not even touch Samaneras unless they are from Radala Upper Govi Castes.”

              Are you saying the Malawattus and Assgirias are practising Phedos (pedophilia) with caste attitude?
              Gosh too bad.

              • 1

                KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

                If you are given a choice which caste would you prefer to be born?
                Vellala, Vellala Christian, Brahmin, Tamil Saivaite, Tamil Vellala Saivaite, Tamil Saivaite fascists, …………… Hindian Hindutva, ….. Aryan Sinhala/Buddhist fascist? ……

    • 6

      Well, he knows better than GoRa!

    • 8

      KAS , KAS,Amanaskkara.
      What about your Malaccan Mentors, Jarapassa Clan and even you big Professor, know about Intelligence.They and Their thieves know how to ransack people’s money and get Digree certificates bogesly
      Do the Dady lowyer, Mongolen Lowyer, Navy Admiral, Rocket Mann , Hothambaya uncle, all are Intelligence FAKEERS.
      If they Did not get our educated , forces boys into the fighting to throw bloody LT T E out, That thieves of your Jarapassa clan is A VERY BIG ZERO.

    • 12

      K.A. Sumaney
      Would offer to send you an English grammar and syntax primer except that your level of education would not make it possible for you to read it.

      • 10

        You are an incorrigible optimist.
        Do you think that even if you tutored him to achieve linguistic excellence, what he says would make any sense?

      • 4

        Dear Mr Poorten ,

        What is Syntax Primer .Is it like Robbialac All in Primer?.
        Anyway “Don’t worry about it mate” as my Greek relos would say…

        I only write when I am not reading Nasdaq, S&P 500 and ASX 200.

        Even that bit of writing is to tell our patriots who can read English, what you lot lead by Dr Ranil and his Crooked Team are doing to them and their 2500 year old Nation, as I can see the Writing on the Wall.

        BTW, Were you a visiting Professor of English at the Scarborough Campus?..

    • 2

      Sumanaya you are one interesting chap.

  • 4

    It’s “for your eyes only” that has been shortened to “eyes only”. In Sri Lanka where we experience a severe dearth of English knowledge, even the officials to whom this sensitive marking was intended would not have realized its import. It is likely that some of them may have surreptitiously tried to smell the documents. Adding the first two words ‘for your’ would facilitate its intended meaning and prevent junior officers mishandling documents.

    • 1

      Mate, U R a genius.

      So it is like EOFY sales in Toronto..Or is it London?…

      I really, seriously thought Ponny was talking about ICE…

  • 3

    MP Sarath Fonseka’s statement is most reprehensible.
    His then CinC President Chandrika Kumaratunga appointed a commission headed by D. Jayawickrema, a retired Judge of the Court of Appeal to inquire into and report on the raid. The report, released in December 2003, labelled SP Kulasiri Udugampola’s (leader of the raiding party) action “illegal and immoral”. He was demoted to the rank of ASP. In March 2005, ASP Udugampola was indicted and arrested.
    The only plausible explanation is, Fonseka is suffering from early stages of dimentia.

    • 2

      You have been very kind to Ponseka,
      I thought his Dementia set in after after Mr Pira passed away in Nanthikdal,

  • 1

    If they can’t understand simple English how can the military read Indian intelligence tips

    • 0

      they’ll forward it

  • 1

    SF is reminding everyone, who cares to listen, that he is around.
    He is reassuring himself that he is a Field Marshal.

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