23 July, 2024


Easter Sunday Attacks: Wimal Dubs Live Telecast Of P’ment Select Committee Meeting – ‘Millennium City Betrayal – Part Two’

An irked Wimal Weerawansa vehemently criticised Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and the government at a presser today, for failing to understand the risk the country’s intelligence apparatus was placed upon, due to live telecast of Parliamentary Select Committee probe into Easter Attacks, yesterday.

Wimal Weerawansa

Calling the live telecast, the “Millennium City betrayal – part II’, he said it shows the lack of sense of the current government regarding security affairs. He added that not only did the proceedings shed light on the lackadaisical attitude with which the government had treated matters pertaining to national security , but the decision to publicize hearings despite possibility of highly sensitive information leaking, goes to show the level the government lacks sense, on defense related matters.

“At this level not just ISIS attacks, hereon I won’t be surprised even if we fell prey to alien attacks!,” he exclaimed.

Weerawansa said the decision made by SLPP and UPFA MPs to refrain from representing the party at the Committee was due to early understanding that the exercise was held with the sole aim of distracting from the no confidence motion brought against Minister Rishard Bathiudeen, as well as for the government to wash the blood off their hands.

“Their aim seems to be to blame the military and intelligence officers. But it is clear as day that the warnings were issued and it was the government that decided to turn a blind eye and display ignorance,” he added.

He said while they fully endorse fixing any issues that may need resolving within the defense and intelligence networks, the solution however is not to ‘stage reality shows using intelligence officers’.

“The Speaker should decide whether this is was a wise move, to live telecast the proceedings, if he has even an iota of a brain,” Weerawansa added.

The irked nationalist also accused the government of turning committee proceedings into a two-bit political circus, staged over the dead bodies of those who died from Easter attacks.

He called upon the public servants summoned before the Committee to turn down summons, unless a promise is made to turn off live telecast. “There is nothing the government can do, if you don’t turn up. So unless they call off the live telecast, don’t go,” he added.

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  • 2

    SLPP and UPFA MPs to refrain from representing the party at the Committee was due to early understanding that the exercise was held with the sole aim of distracting from the no confidence motion brought against Minister Rishard Bathiudeen///

    He supporting Rishard Bathiudeen at his back of the mind he can ask many question regarding the subject f dialogue to conducted on several levels & face to face so that any fowl play in the inquiry he can point out
    To be away from this committee he can speak anything during the meeting,

    • 5

      Wimal Weerawansa should be a man and organize a protest outside the US and Saudi embassy, as they are responsible for the Easter Sunday violence, instead of grandstanding about women; s fallopian tubes, and this Parliament of corrupt clowns Select Committee which is another distraction and circus meant to distract everyone from who is behind the Easter carnage.
      US diplomats with bomb materials were discovered at Jaic Hilton by Police sniffer dogs. Why does not Wimal wee talk about this and the leaked Saudi letter 5 days before the attack on

      • 5

        Dodo, I can tell you that the al ahad newspaper is the original source of this Saudi connection news. In fact almanar mentions it. Al ahad is based in Iraq and is funded by Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, a Shia paramilitary group funded by Iran. Obviously they have no love for Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Islam, so their claims are highly suspect.

    • 5

      WW should put his money where his mouth is — protest outside the US embassy, the biggest Rogue State in the world and arms manufacturer and seller of death and destruction that is behind the Easter violence, or shut up and get out!

      • 2

        WImal W,

        Sri Lanka has become a theater in the West’s global containment war against China, to prevent China prevailing in Asia. The players are USA, Israel, Saudi Arabi and India.

        Creating chaos in Sri Lanka helps their cause, and they can impose their agenda, get a foothold and establish military bases and keep out China both militarily and economically.

        Would the low mean IQ 79, Sri Lankans, both Para-Sinhala and Para-Muslims understand this?

        Have you heard about the Great Satan and Minor Satans? Hadith of Najd?

  • 9

    HOw can an idiot like him who had 2 identity cards and 2 passports can even have the guts to make any public statement, leave alone regarding this inquiry. Why is the court keep on postponing the case against him and his wife?

  • 2

    This is not the first time the slave government betrayed the country. They have been doing this since 2015.
    Of all the people, the same evil Parliamentarians, who had the prior knowledge of bomb attacks but purposely concealed it from the public, have no right to conduct a probe on Easter Sunday carnage.
    Not only the live telecast, even the sessions of Select-Committee-For-What should also be halted forthwith, as people are not interested.
    If anybody to hang for the crime, it should be the President and the Prime Minister.
    However, the Chief of National Intelligence, who did not step down soon after the Muslim terrorist bloodthirsty rage, can do so now.

    • 1

      I insist the current Chief of National Intelligence should resign.
      Look at how he talked?
      He doesn’t know his responsibilities.
      As an intelligence officer, he should have point blank refused to give evidence before this Select-Committee-For-What.
      Of all the people, the Chief of National Intelligence should know that anyone is allowed to reserve his right to not to answer certain questions. He is not under obligation to divulge every detail. He is not suitable to be in the intelligence field yet alone be the Chief!!!!!!!!

      • 3

        Champa, you insist? The Chief of National Intelligence must be very frightened of you by now!

        • 0

          Yeah, he should, after all he made himself a clown.

  • 8

    We hear you Wimal. Your plea “Help….help” is loud and clear.
    Where the hell are you?

  • 7

    This is a another IDIOT.
    No any numeracy or literacy achievement.
    But unfortunately Party Leader.
    and also a Former Minister and sat in a inquiry panel to impeach Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.

    Identity and Passport HORA
    Lankawata Deyyangema Pihitai

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    Agree with Wimal. I am also watching these telecasts to pick stuff. I have not doubt ISIS member specialists are also listening to them and watching. Of course based on accusations noted in the no confidence motions they seem also to have direct channels inside this govt. Add two together they can construct a pretty good picture about SL security vulnerabilities. The partisan a**holes in these forums are blinded by their animosity towards the nationalists.

  • 4

    Two passports and a Rs 7,500 haircut (2004 price) is all it takes to keep this ugly bastard in power.

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