7 June, 2023


MR’s Former Security Coordinator Ex-STF Commandant Arrested

Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has today arrested former Coordinating Secretary of Security Division of Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Special Task Force (STF) Commandant, DIG K. L. M. Sarathchandra on charges of misappropriating a STF vehicle. stf-commandant-dig-k-l-m-sarathchandra

He was remanded till December 6, by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya .

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    Hello IGP, FCID, CID, SIS and the whoever else – What in the world is this?? You seem to only be arresting people for vehicle misappropriation?? Have you forgotten the more serious crimes committed, like for example – Mervin Silva and Son??? The various murders of journalists and Citizens??? There is so much proof on all this… The Racial crap??? You let them walk and arrest people for vehicle usage???

    What about the hot murder at Wimal Buruwansas house and his passport scams???

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      You missing the point here.our country is in big mess.from temples to up in the sky of the planes.corruption everywhere start from CB.

      So they thought first start from vehicles.people complaining about permits being sold,traffic,accidents,too many on the roads,lot if vehicles are disappeared,police has to raids farms estates etc,they found one in batti don’t have clue how it’s got there,another vehicle being repainted after murder so on and on lists goes.

      All these big sharks are friends and family.sajin,cabral,soorawansa,kings family,tiran,…..these all in dollars.they found big banglow no one to claim ownership.lot of money found in the banks no one to claim…..but we Sri lankans money is nothing it’s comes and goes.

      Leave Mervin Paassikuda then the night club ….the crime being covered it up like old king did.

      Gota’s Buddhists army now against hard working Muslims community but these goons happy to send their mothers sisters daughters aunties to work in high risk dangerous environment lucky ones come back alive or in coffins or no trace at all.as long as dinnars comes they all fine.

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      Yahapalanaya have got their wires crossed big time!!

      DIG arrested for misusing a vehicle but the IGP and DIG at that time responsible for falsifying evidence relating to Thajudeen death is at home!!

      What has happened to our country!!!

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      These Investigations are being carried out in an effort to team building. Old Royal paid in hard currency and bought outright anybody they needed. About 70 MPs crossed the line from opposition. So they had a ladle carrying woman in every kitchen. She served the cream of every pie to them. This cream flowed down even to low class Tamil Pariah members of the Old Royals, Deva, Karuna, Pillaiyan….. Paying in that way is no longer possible in the New Royals. Even the High class Kandyan members are also paid with some kind of vouchers. This not attractive to everybody. The rest have to brought in with some kind of treats(threats). Fully investigating one will take off his/her enthusiasm to act for New Royals from him/her. So these are soft pushes to make them move forward. Remember, the current drama of investigation is not to reinstall old British style Law and Order in the country. If so, the starting point would have been the UNHRC’s September, 2015 resolution. This is only to enhance the New Royal Membership.

      I guarantee you, when these New Royals guys leaves in four years, Lankawe will not be anymore less miracle than when it was released by the old Royals two years ago.

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      ‘You seem to only be arresting people for vehicle misappropriation??’

      These entities at least have to pretend that they are doing something to justify their existence on the peoples dime.

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    We need to ask this particular PSD security corordinator, how come former President was able to abuse Helicopter to visit Lanza in the very moment, police was about to arrest the beach boy. Why former president abused state helicopters to mediate in that event, and who paid the bill ?

    If anything like the incident is the case with today s president ?
    We the public dont get to see anything how current Prez and PM use the helicopters for their travels.

    We get to see, how busy the current president has been. But never got to see, him going to get in to a helicopter – why ?

    BOth current leaders have made frequent foreign visits. I think both have used just charter flights to travel.

    Why Mr ATHIGARU abused SRILANKEN AIR CRAFTS that way ? Derana AND Hiru should bring good interviews with former Athigaru to explain them clearly.

    • 2

      Journalists have issues if they really want to bring the facts before the innocient people.

      As you added above, it is the right of the people to get ot know who paid the bills on that MR s visit to Lanza s house.

      And what close connection he had with Lanza – was that homosexual contacts ? Or what … why cant the press bring more inforamtion on that.

      Why Hiru and Derana HAVE NO balls to bring the ground realities of the incident.

      Why people s funds should have been abused that way for the kind of HELICOPTER travels of former president – who abused the nation like a SEX abused play boy.

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    What is the total cost involving this crime? One Million? Ten Million? 100 Million?
    People who swindled the country in billions & murdered people are roaming around free because of “connection”
    Please try to do something useful.
    At least this man would have done something to protect Lankans from the claws of the dreaded LTTE.

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      Raizuh Langai

      “At least this man would have done something to protect Lankans from the claws of the dreaded LTTE.”

      That was his job and that was why he was paid for. It does not absolve one from abuse of power.

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        in a country where the PM who robbed the countrys central bank and did everything to protect his cronies, and this guy is categorizing misusing a vehicle as abusing his power … lol

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          Why don’t you advise all political parties to expunge all laws relating to Crime and punishment?

          Why waste time taking the crooks to courts and let them go free with impunity?

          Are you being tempted with what is on offer or available in our political culture? Join any party, and jump ships when the going get tough, then jump ships again when the going get tough, ……

          You know how to live your life to the full. I envy you.

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      Gets your facts right he was a clown the west India US decided to finish them off but he was happened to be there that’s all

      He can claim the credit but it’s all in village level

      Build an airport no planes these one only Buddhists

      Contradict one says came from had sex with lion the orther part says came from brother and sister ..it’s good they haven’t raped their mother

      What a disgrace for Buddha why teeth would have get hold of that dingle and worship

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        LOL butt hurt Kugan..MR eliminated LTTE facing threats from west especially US and UK, MR succeeded in entangling Norway the trouble makers in a diplomatic coup and again manage india..

        This is a big achievement, managing the trouble makers in the world and MR did it. :)

        • 4

          sach the stupid II

          “MR succeeded in entangling Norway the trouble makers in a diplomatic coup and again manage india..”

          Hindia ordered what MR should do to get rid of LTTE and got him defeated in the presidential race in a palace coup.

          It is too difficult for you to grasp. Go fetch Nusisance’s spittoon.

        • 3

          How could anyone manufacture a dumb arse like this fellow Sach? It is an absolute marvel that two humans can copulate and produce the stupidest mutt there is. What were they competing for? The noble prize for the manufacturing of the dumbest mutt?

    • 5

      The FCID has many Files to handle and ones which can be easily closed with little to
      investitigate will go to Courts first. The question is not based on monetary value
      but illegality that is easily alleged. There is no point in holding this DIGs Files
      until the BIG ones are concluded – is there?

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    RE: MR’s Former Security Coordinator Ex-STF Commandant Arrested

    1. “Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has today arrested former Coordinating Secretary of Security Division of Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Special Task Force (STF) Commandant, DIG K. L. M. Sarathchandra on charges of misappropriating a STF vehicle. stf-commandant-dig-k-l-m-sarathchandra”

    What is the big deal? It was borrowed for a hinting trip, to hunt some two-legged, not in the tribe and not yet domesticated by my boss Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    2. “He was remanded till December 6, by the Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya “

    Is that a Vacation for him? Why he could not find a hotel room? This seems to be part of the Yahapalanaya vacation packages.

    Will the President, Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Mala-Perathaya,( of these hunted two leggeds) interfere and cut short the vacation?

    After All the independent commissions and the judiciary are pseudo-independent, thanks to the Mala-Perethaya Yaha Palanaya.

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    Arrest them for extrajudicial killings.

    The Special Task Force has been accused of various human rights abuses including extrajudicial killings and involvement in the disappearance of individuals.

    According to a United Nations commissioned study conducted in 1997, the STF was the arresting agency in 5% of the 1219 reported cases of disappearances in the Batticaloa district in North Eastern Province between 1988 and 1996.[25]
    Additionally, after a visit to Sri Lanka from 24 August to 5 September in the same year, UN Special Rapporteur Bacre Waly Ndiaye reported the existence of allegations that individuals had died “while in the custody of the Special Task Force of Sri Lanka in Colombo”.[26]
    At least two incidents of extrajudicial killings involving members of the STF have also been noted by the Sri Lankan government or outside observers. Following the newest round of fighting between the government and the LTTE starting in April 1994, the mutilated bodies of between 21 and 31 Tamil males were discovered in rivers and lakes near Colombo.
    On August 17, 10 STF officers (and 15 others) were charged with committing the murders, which allegedly took place at the STF headquarters in Colombo. In addition, at least 17 extrajudicial killings were carried out by Sri Lankan security forces (including the STF) in Eastern Province in retaliation for LTTE attacks. Human rights monitors “determined” the deceased to be “civilians”, but security forces maintained that they were LTTE members.[27][28]

    • 17

      Why to arrrest them only, while leaving the sharks to travel free also to China ?

      • 8

        My3 / Ranil have not given permission to arrest any one that matters. Like every other government before this government it is buying time until the people give-up in exhaustion.

        Its only waste of time and money.

        • 4

          Yes, if Green light with full support was given, things would have been clear by this day.

          It is no easy for both to react so bold.

          We need leaders of current Philipinian PM or Prez who recently even had balls to attack prez Obama. Not to the exaggerating manner, but spade to be called as spade – to call press conferences to discuss all the burning issues, which were the top of the agenda, at the time, My3 AND Ranil were campaigning for the support – in driving away all the devious forces that had risen to neck by end of 2014. All these top of agendas have been erased out or buried fully under the carpet. I think that Asath Sali is right asking where have the both been to this day. Why they stay mum not allowing or giving fullest and wholehearted powers to the respective bodies in terms of taking the highest punishments against the high profile culprits.
          Now that man Basil the most abusive among all the bunch is asking for 3-months leave to go to the US. ….
          Doctors in srilanka may know the guy is not seriously concerned patient, but he can well use lanken resources in terms of continuiance of the medical check ups.
          Each time, court arrests were annoucned the man was direcly admitted to PRISON hospitals some times no valid health concerns – latter is public secret.
          Nobody in powerful authortieis would not raise to go against such abuses being repeated. What a lanka… we dont see tangible changes being made by current DUo TOO::

          That is the saddest reality Basta

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      “Arrest them for extrajudicial killings.”

      And then release them as per orders of the “President” who deceived 6.2 million voters, and who had earned the “Honorary” Titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona and Mala-Oerathaya?

      This is the 2,500 Civilization of the Paradeshis, Paras, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho. Remember, as per the Chrunicles, a lot of kings were killed by their relatives and associates as well.

      Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


  • 10

    What nonsense is this?
    Visit leading schools in Colombo and you will see the number of Government vehicles that are being driven to drop children of various big wigs of Yahapalanaya.

    Is this not abuse?

    This is not a case abuse of government vehicle but a selected witch hunt of personell suspected of being close to the past regime.
    This is a hidden agenda at work.

    Another clear instance of police being used to carryout a hidden political witch hunt.

    • 2

      Thondamannay, you hit the nail on the Head. Just imagine the money they will be spending for a paltry Rs.146, 000/-. This is nothing but a witch hunt.All the top politicians from both sides who have committed and are committing big time fraud at the expense of the tax payers are living luxury lives.Is this a joke or what?

  • 1

    Politicians are folling voters.

    So, only thing Mahinda Rajapakse govt had done was president had leased vehicles to everybody.

    • 5

      Witch Hunt should start from the Minister of Justice for Inciting Racism.
      Because of him there had been tension brewing up between Muslims/Buddhists, Muslims / Tamils .
      He had created the scenario!! he need to be sacked from his post by the President unless this man is shackled along with the government and the Joint OPPOSITION Jokers!!!
      He’s Bad News for the Government from Day One, the Yahapalanaya chose him as the Minister.
      Questions were asked then of this appointment , the same now !
      A Reshuffle is the Answer , He cannot be the cause for stirring Racial tension.
      Allow him to go and support JJO his past masters and family openly , where he will feel homely.
      He’s not fit to be a Minister for all Srilankans. Not like this.

      Sack! Sack! sack!.

      • 1

        Man failure lies not on Minister of Justice.

        Those SLTJ is believed to have created by MR regime. BBS is proved to have worked with Gotabaya:

        Rajaakshes can win- elections thorugh muslim voters, if they would create a world where people are compelled to believe that there do exist tensions between muslims and buddhist extremists. latter is being neglected by Unp and My3 is the message that Rajaapskhes are making every effort to paint.

        When it goes with lanken politics, MR kind politians are no clean at all. They just abuse anyone and everyone to create new form of devisions. For them, no matter what long term outcome would be the case.
        If they are very clean – they could join hand with the current men, since his terms were gone. Now the current men should continue.
        So long paradigm shift woudl be the case with MR thinking, nothing will work for the benefit of masses.

    • 0

      Brain Softly
      Did you mean to say that Politicians are F AILING Voters???
      That certainly includes your Paymaster the Fallen from grace Mad Man from the Deep South.
      ANEY POW!!

    • 2

      He leased the vehicle to BBS terrorists. Its all in the Youtube, as you said

  • 2

    Batalanada Ranil tol a Vehicd the UNP Police to go hard on Extremists.

    Pujitha was so quick to to get a big one in the bag.

    Is Misappropriation of a car an Extremist act to get 3 weeks Remand?.

    What about selling a free Car Permit for LKR 34 Million to a Muslim, and tax the PAYE to cough out that etxra to balance the books?.

    May be selling Car Permits is a Yahapalana Competency under Batalanada Ranil & Bodhi Sira Economics.

  • 1

    What is this? A bloody joke. How many MP’s have sold their vehicle permits which is illegal? Why not act against them. This is pure political revenge, what else.

  • 0

    I share the general opinion expressed by the commetators, namely, is the only dirty linen found of the guy was abuse of a vehicle? It is common sense what STF was upto. Why not rake up the evidence for those? Is it only this vehicle abuse after nearly two years after the overthrow of a despot? We seem to be taken for a ride.

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    This is sheer political vengeance. officers of previous regime who do not corporate with present regime to defame political leadership of previous regime including family members with fabricated lies are being harassed.

  • 0

    The biggest corruption during Rajapakshe regime looks to be VEHICLE MISUSE.

    This officer’s cost of misuse is Rs. 146,000.
    This sum appears to be very much more than the Bond Scam.

    Why don’t the SIU keep watch near Royal College gates to keep a track on misuse of government vehicles each day?

    Sri Lanka got either 20m walking dead or suckers.

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    People in uniform must set an example to others and they seem to misuse their positions in the island, should be punished severely.

  • 0

    At the same time, the much more serious investigation of the deaths of two Jaffna university students is to be carried out by a “commission”, it is reported.
    Why cannot the five policemen involved, be prosecuted in a court of law? Have they quietly been released from remand jail?

    The report of the “commission” which investigated the murder of 27 Welikada prisoners, long ago, has been “shelved” as it finds the STF and police guilty.

    The “administration of justice” varies according to each government/ and political party in power, and according to the perpetrators of each crime, in this so-called “Dharmadwipa”.

    And, each successive head of state goes to the UN General Assembly, and talks about ‘justice’ and the ‘rule of law’, each year – while UN Rapporteurs have visited, investigated, and reported the true state of affairs – available on the UN website, for all member states to read and be aware of.

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