25 July, 2024


MS & RW Have A Secret Agreement With TNA To Release Tamil Political Prisoners: Weerawansa

UPFA MP Wimal Weerawansa today severely criticized a government decision to release a group of Tamil political prisoners, who recently engaged in a five day fast.

WimalCalling the prisoners as former LTTE cadres detained on Terrorism charges, Weerawansa today said he had reliable information that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had come to an agreement with the TNA and several other Tamil politicians to grant a general amnesty to the prisoners.

Weerawansa said that this agreement included some ex-LTTE cadres becoming witnesses for the state in trials which will be carried out against the military officers at the proposed Hybrid Court.

“This is a slur on our security forces who sacrificed their life and limb to save the country from the clutches of terrorism” he said

Weerawansa challenged the President and the Prime Minister to reveal how the government was going to release prisoners with serious criminal charges against them, without any judicial process.

The UPFA MP questioned whether the government was prepared to release other prisoners as well if they engage in a hunger strike.

Meanwhile the hunger strike commenced by the prisoners on Monday was called off on Saturday following an assurance by President Sirisena that the prisoners grievances will be met before November 07.

During a recent Cabinet meeting the President had tasked Minister Mano Ganesan, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and Law and Order Minister Tilak Marapana to meet the Attorney General and discuss the issue and submit a report to him.

Meanwhile the TNA today warned that the party will stage a fast along with the prisoners if President Sirisena makes a u-turn on his assurance to the Tamil political prisoners.

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    Funny this man hates Tamils and like many so called Sinhalese Buddhist racists and extremists has a recent immigrant Indian Tamil origin. His community is descended from the Tamil Pariahs ( Drum beaters) the Sinhalese Bera ( Drum) is the Tamil Parai or Para melam and this man is still beating the ancestral Bera or Para melam against his Tamil relatives

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    Pikaiwanssa and his clan should know there time is nearing .it is tick tock .how much fraud and they deceived people.
    Old maharaja poor bloke never thought of his time ,Gota the ripper thought he was the God of the planet.they will have to answer to almighty ,he may visit , what he thought he would get forgiveness .but the curse what he did will be never erased.good luck

    Devoted srilankan

  • 1

    I have a pre-monition that one day Wimal will be the president of Sri lanka.

  • 2

    So the [Edited out] idiot is pulling secret agreements out of his rear end how funny. His claims are only worth a laugh nothing more.

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    Weerasangili Pannikkiyalage Wimalasena alis Wimal Weerawansa alis Booruwansa obviously is suffering from Inferiority Complex because of his birth. Here is the story. According to legend, Kannangara Muththa, the founding father of the Kannangara Clan, had come and settled down in Loolbadduwa,a village in Pasdun Korale, West, Kalutara district, with his retinue of workers, the drummers or Berawayas, pot makers or Badahelas, tool makers or Kammalkarayas, the fishermen or Karawas and the laundrymen or Radawas. He got his helpers or awathevakarayas to settle in the adjoining villages. The Drummers, Pot makers,Tool makers, Fishermen and Laundrymen were made to settle down in Berawagoda, Badalduwa, Kammalduwa, Badugoda and Halwala respectively. These villages do still exist but the descendants of all those who were made to settle in the villages are no more. The drummers, the laundrymen and the toolmakers were there till about the end of 1970s. Dr. C W W Kannangara, the father of free education was one of the most distinguished descendants of Kannangara Muththa.Weerawansa’s father Podineris, a the veteran devil dancer of Berawagoda fame in the early fifties,had the fortune of becoming a school dancing teacher, after the advent of S W R D Bandaranayake as Prime Minister in 1956. He got an appointment to a school in Kalutara.In his early days to school Podineris was travelling to Kalutara from Berawagoda. He could not wear shoes and get into the bus from the village.Therefore, he chose to wear the shoes at Aluthgama after carrying them in a bag. He did the same thing on his return journey. Podineris after a few years chose to reside in Kalutara. Podineris’s brother, that is Weerawansa’s uncle was Daaniel. Daaniel used to play asking hitting with the Appuhamys or the Govi caste people in the banks of Bentota River which was flowing close by. One day he and his appuhamys got caught to the Police. They were taken to rural courts. All except Daaniel pleaded guilty and fined.When asked why he not plead guilty by the judge, Daaniel said “Nadukara Hamuduruwane,Berawa api appuhamilath ekka eka pedure wadiwela buruwa gahanne nehe”. [My Lord, we of the Berawa caste do not play asking-hitting with appuhamys seated on the same mat] The judge ask the others whether it is so. They replied in the affirmative as probably they will have to answer the seniors of the village on their return. Daaniel was acquitted. Weerawansa’s genes fit more with his uncle than the father.

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      ” Weerawansa’s genes fit more with his uncle than the father.”

      What has his gene got to do with his caste?

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    Native Vedda
    I said from the very beginning how they came to settle down in Berawagoda a hamlet close to Loolbadduwa. Weerawansa had an axe to grind. Kannangaras though were not repressive demanded respect from the retinue that Kannangara Muththa brought with him. I could well remember all Weerawansa’s clan showing their respect to their masters taking off the towel they wore on their shoulder and getting to a side when met on the road. Daaniel was a different character and with the advent of socialism and C W W K’s free education they came to the limelight. Today there isn’t a person of the Berawa caste in Berawagoda.Weerawansa joined the JVP out of hatred towards the people of high castes.

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