22 May, 2024


Muslim Exodus: Hijra In Reverse

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

I am compelled to write or rather compose this piece (hardly anyone with a computer writes these days), in response to some comments and questions raised by Colombo Telegraph readers on my earlier note on, “Anti-Muslim Lobbies & Immigration Control in the West”, appeared on 27 August 2018. 

Why do Muslims migrate to the West instead of migrating to any one or more of the fifty-eight Muslim majority countries that are members of an impotent Organization of the Islamic Congress (OIC)? I tried to explain the answer to this question in an earlier composition to this journal on 12 September 2015 under the title “Muslim Migrants: A Blowback and Shame”. Let me elaborate on the issues I raised there. 

In the Islamic historical binary, Dharul Islam (popularly translated as the abode of peace) and Dharul Harb (also popularly known as the abode of war), Muslims are encouraged to migrate from the latter to the former, following the example of the Prophet of Islam, who in 622 migrated from Mecca, which at that time was threatening to kill him and his followers and nip Islam in the bud, to Medina, which welcomed the Prophet and his Meccan followers with open arms. This historic event known as the hijra (migration) also marked the beginning of year one in the Islamic calendar. Mecca, between 610, when Muhammad’s prophetic mission began, and 622, when he migrated, was indeed literally an abode of war. It became an abode of peace however, when it embraced Islam and surrendered to the Prophet in 630. 

Since then and when Muslims embarked on a mission of military conquests the term Dharul Islam actually came to denote all territories that fell under Muslim suzerainty, and Dharul Harb those under non-Muslim rule and yet to be conquered. Muslim historians and scholars also introduced later other intermediate categories such as, Dharul Sulh (abode of truce), Dahrul Amana (abode of safety) and Dharul Hudna (abode of calm). The Muslim community in Sri Lanka and similar communities living as minorities in other countries may fall under one or more of these subcategories. However, migration to Dharul Islam is a recommended option to these Muslims also. But will they ever take up this option given the shocking transformation of the historical abode of peace into the present abode of war? Just consider today’s theatres of war: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, Libya and Northern Nigeria. These were all part of the historical Dharul Islam turned into Dharul Harb. Will any Muslim in his/her right mind ever think of settling in this part of the world? What about the rest of the Abode of Islam, especially the capital rich Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia? If Muslim minorities living in other countries decide to migrate and settle there will these regimes embrace them in the name Islam and its universal umma? Don’t be fooled. Migrating to these destinations temporarily to earn a few dollars is one thing, but the moment these visitors decide to apply for citizenship they will be dispatched forthwith to where they came from, in the next available flight or boat or if unlucky, thrown into jail. Islam after the Prophet never united Muslims, instead, it divided them. History is the sole witness.

Yet, who can deny this historical fact that when Baghdad, Damascus, Cordoba, Istanbul, Tehran and Delhi outshone the rest of the world in wealth, knowledge and culture not only Muslims, even non-Muslims desired to migrate to those destinations and settle there? Christians and Jews, Zoroastrians and Buddhists happily dwelled in those centres. Who will deny the convivencia of Umayyads built in Spain? It is also an irrefutable fact, although Western historians belittle, that it was the wealth, might and glory of Dharul Islam and envy that it generated unleashed the imperial wars, which history witnessed since the 16th century and which under various covers continue to this day. It was these wars and their destructive consequences that converted the once Dharul Islam in to Dharul Harb and vice versa, and it is this interconversion that created the hijra reversal.  The hated West has now become the charming darling for Muslims.

There are two stages in this reverse migration: the first started with the flight of Muslim intellectuals and the second with the exodus of Muslim masses. In the first stage, the tyranny of religious orthodoxy in post-independent Muslim countries made life difficult to independent thinkers, intellectuals, academics and writers. Scientific intellectualism could not coexist with ossified theology. “Escape to the West” became the only option available to minds with creative doubt. Bassam Tibi, the Syrian born German Islamologist and author of more than thirty books and hundreds of peer reviewed articles, advises “intellectually significant Muslims … who hope to apply reason to Islamic reform … to do so in their Western exile, be it Paris or London or Washington”. Akbar S. Ahmed, professor of Islamic studies in the American University in Washington and Oxford University in England, lamented in one of his earlier publications the colossal brain drain from Muslim countries to benefit the West. Freedom to think, write and publish without fear is what these intellectuals want and that is not available in Muslim countries.  This is particularly the case in relation to Islamic and social studies. Orthodoxy has such a strangle hold over religious thought and influence over political power, it is impossible for rational thinkers to survive in its midst. While creative doubts that threaten the intellectual edifice of an obscurantist orthodoxy is condemned as heresy, and while such doubters are hunted down, harassed and even killed, as in the case of the Sudanese religious scholar Mahmud Taha, centuries old theological wisdom has led to intellectual stagnation and myopia within the traditional centres of Islam. This has made life for many independent thinkers and critical minds in the Muslim world extremely difficult and hence their exodus to the West. 

The second stage of migration includes that of ordinary Muslims. To them, life in their countries has become so miserable, fearful, bloody and chaotic, they have no alternative but to escape to a greener pasture. Where can they go? Other Muslim nations, including the affluent ones among them, is no attraction because, as pointed out earlier those countries are ethnocentric, sectarian, oppressive and tyrannous. The West is therefore preferred not simply because it is peaceful, wealthy and democratic but more importantly because it is also responsible for creating the prevailing chaos in the heart of the Muslim world.                     

The meddling in Muslim Middle East in particular by Western powers goes right back to the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and creation of artificial nation states with little consideration to the sensitivities and loyalties of different religious, ethnic and tribal groups populated in that region. The need for markets and resources and desire for world dominance were and are the driving spirits behind Western involvement in the world of Islam. To achieve these objectives, kings and sultans, muftis and imams were picked from minority segments and installed as heads of states to rule over the majority. Rulers changed sometimes naturally through attrition but often forcibly and with blessing from imperial masters through assassinations and coups. Even when elections were held to display some semblance of democracy they were usually rigged right under the very nose of observes sent by the West. The centre of the Muslim world thus became a world of autocrats, dictators and tyrants. Innocent mases paid the price for a merciless local regime and rapacious foreign powers. The West actually converted majority of Muslim countries into “shit holes”, as Trump would describe.

While the mullahs made Islam unliveable to intellectuals and thinkers, the tyrants and their Western masters made the country unliveable to ordinary masses. When the US and its allies destroyed Vietnam they had to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees. We see a repetition of this tragic drama in the Muslim world now. With US shutting its doors Europe has become the preferred destination. In a sense, history is on the side of Muslims. It was with Europe that the world of Islam became familiar via political, commercial and civilizational contacts even before the commencement of the crusades. It was through Muslims that Europe rediscovered its antiquity. It was from Europe that colonization of Islamdom started and it was to Europe that local elite and bourgeoisie went in search of riches and recognition after decolonization. What was once a voluntary trickle has now become a flood. To the West it is a blowback and to Muslims it is shame.

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  • 13

    Once agian so beautiful peace of creative and thought provoking piece of writing ..
    It is all about how Muslim world become a joke today in the hands of both Muslim idiots politicians and western crooks….
    There is no doubt ; Muslim world is rich with their intellectual heritage and contribution.
    Thousands of Muslim academics and intellectuals live both in Muslim land and outside the Muslim land ..
    For all those who live in Muslim land they do not have freedom to think; write and express.
    Creativity is suppressed;;….
    For those who live in west; they can not help the Muslim intellectuals in Muslim land for many reason and limitation.
    Now; for the time being best solution to the problem of Muslim world is to leave to the fate of destination..
    Tyranny has its own limitation and limited ..
    How many years pharoah lived?
    How many years all tyrants lived ?
    How many years Hitler lived?
    So we do not need to bother too much ..
    All what we could do is wait for divine intervention soon or later.

    • 19

      A Sri Lankan Muslim relative of Faizer Mustapha has been arrested in Australia for planning to cause acts of terrorism. This is only tip of iceberg as there may be several such people brainwashed to commit atrocities against non-Muslims. In this scenario, it is not surprising that an allegation has been made against Muslim politicians in Sri Lanka about possessing weapons. It is sad that government is sweeping this matter under the carpet despite call for investigation has come from well meaning people. It is well known that Muslim racists like Hisbullah and Rishard Badurdeen are receiving money from Muslim countries to carry out Islamisation by settling Muslims in areas where they never lived before. There is also accusation against these two to have committed punishable crimes.

      • 10

        Do not try to catch fish in troubled water..
        It has been well established that it was a fake news .
        Australian court did not find any evidence .
        Who on earth would write a diary in this modern tech world .
        Smart phones; laptops and iPad ..
        All are used to write notes ..
        No one use diary today except old people ..
        It looks that this was made up…
        What a student with out connection with ME could do it ..
        All.fake news ..
        Do not use this to spread hatred

      • 15

        Arrest these islamic terrorists and castrate them. Rishard Badurdeen is a dangerous scoundrel his activities must be investigated by the Criminal investigation department asap.

      • 7

        Are you referring to the 25 year old young man Kamar Nizamdeen arrested in Sydney? If so, it is strongly suspected that he has been framed. If you want to know more, read yesterday’s Daily Mirror article captioned:
        “Friends and family claim Sydney ‘terror’ suspect was framed”

        The link to the article is:


    • 3

      Dr. Ameer Ali,

      RE: Muslim Exodus: Hijra In Reverse

      A thousand years ago it was reason in reverse due to revelation and Ulama hegemony, and the Islamic science in reverse, courtesy of the Ulama, but the West was in the dark ages and the Muslims stayed put.

      Read on Faith and Reason by Ibn Rushd/Averroes. and Ulama hegemony.

      Now the Muslims are in the dark ages and the Ulama Hegemony prevails and the Muslims are fleeing to the West where there is very little or no Ulama hegemony.

      Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power


      This is not a debate between some Muslim and Neil Tyson. But this video shows the thinking of some very well educated 21’st century Muslim (I don’t know he is ignorant, stupid or dishonest. But he is one for sure) and Neil Tyson speaking in a lecture about how Muslims intellectual power ruined by an ideology. ;;;;;; The result Reverse Hijra.

      • 0

        What ideaology you mean ?.Mr Amaeasiri..
        Islam do you mean?
        Do you mean Salafi ideaology?
        Do you mean sufi ?
        What do you mean..
        Quran is full of encouragement to seek knowledge and to ponder over the universe..nature and so on.?
        It would be fault of Muslims not that of Islam ?

        • 7

          Quran –
          “is full of encouragement” – Yes it encourages to kill non-believers and destroy their places of worship.
          “to seek knowledge” -Yes it imparts knowledge that the earth is flat”.
          It would be fault of Islam not that of Muslims.

          • 0


            Sri Lankan government. It is tasked with both internal and external intelligence-gathering …Any foul they would have need bright to notice 5 years back in front of the concerned department.

          • 0


            IN EGYPT the people was worshiping Pyramid A bronze statue of the cat goddess.( Non believers ) when on correction the fight Killing’

            Google below headign
            A bronze statue of the cat goddess.( Non believers )

        • 2


          “What ideaology you mean ?.Mr Amaeasiri..”

          The Hanbali, Ashari and Al-Ahazali Ideology, as interpreted by them.

          Before their interpretations, there was the Islamic Golden Age, with the translation movement, exchange of knowledge and wisdom, philosophy ( love of wisdom) , independent of from where it came from.

          After the Hanbali, Ashari and Al-Ghazali Ideology, as interpreted by them, with Revelation, literal interpretation above reason and demonstration, it was all downhill.

          Ibn Rushd, tried to correct the fallacies of Hanbali, Ashari and Al-Ghazali Ideology, which thy claimed to be Islam, but the Ulama got the rulers, Caliphs, to get all the philosophy books burnt, and Ibn Rushd/Averroes, punished. Rushd said that there is no conflict between religion and philosophy.

          Ibn Rushd in his darkest hour


          In all the struggles endured by free thinkers in which they were either killed or exiled, we find the same elements of decline no matter the time or place. This includes the time and place of the struggle of Abul Walid Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Rushd (1126 -1198), or Averroes in the Latinised form of his name.

      • 1

        All knowing Amarasiri aiya
        Can you kindly elaborate a bit on what is “Islamic science “? Does that explain as to how angles can go up while apples come down?


        • 3

          some malli/nangi,

          This was the science before the Ulama Hegemony of Revelation over Reason prevailed.

          Science in the medieval Islamic world was the science developed and practised during the Islamic Golden Age under the Umayyads of Córdoba, the Abbadids of Seville, the Samanids, the Ziyarids, the Buyids in Persia, the Abbasid Caliphate and beyond, spanning the period c. 800 to 1250. Islamic scientific achievements encompassed a wide range of subject areas, especially astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. Other subjects of scientific inquiry included alchemy and chemistry, botany, geography and cartography, ophthalmology, pharmacology, physics, and zoology.

          Medieval Islamic science had practical purposes as well as the goal of understanding. For example, astronomy was useful for determining the Qibla, the direction in which to pray, botany had practical application in agriculture, as in the works of Ibn Bassal and Ibn al-‘Awwam, and geography enabled Abu Zayd al-Balkhi to make accurate maps. Islamic mathematicians such as al-Khwarizmi, Avicenna and Jamshīd al-Kāshī developed methods in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Islamic doctors described diseases like smallpox and measles and challenged classical Greek medical theory. Al-Biruni, Avicenna and others described the preparation of hundreds of drugs made from medicinal plants and chemical compounds. Islamic physicists studied optics and mechanics (as well as astronomy) and criticised Aristotle’s view of motion.

          The significance of medieval Islamic science has been debated by historians. The traditionalist view holds that it lacked innovation, and was mainly important for handing on ancient knowledge to medieval Europe. The revisionist view holds that it constituted a scientific revolution. Whatever the case, science flourished across a wide area around the Mediterranean and further afield, for several centuries, in a wide range of institutions.


          • 1

            Amarasiri aiya
            It all disappeared when those countries became increasingly Islamic I had opined. Wrong? It looks like Allah did not interfere much in human affairs those days.


            • 1


              I had opined. Wrong? It looks like Allah did not interfere much in human affairs those days

              Before only Saudi was a Muslim countries now the are about 53 countries this due to concept of accepting there is only one god universally prophet Muhammad did not to come to deny other previous prophet he came to complete

              Muslim religious beliefs hold that he is the Seal of the prophets

            • 1

              soma malli/nangi

              “It all disappeared when those countries became increasingly Islamic I had opined. Wrong?”

              Your opinion was Wrong. It was the Ulama hegemony, not Islam, that was the problem, as interpreted by the Ulama. Same story with Europe, it was the Catholic Church, and with the age of reason, they gained enlightenment. Had the Ulama not prevailed, the Islamic countries would have reached the Age of reason and enlightenment 500 years before the Europeans. The sad part is that the bulk of the Muslim populace have no clue as to what happened, and keep gobbling up all what the Ulama say.

              Actually those countries that became Islamic within the 400 years of Islam flourished and progressed, because reason and philosophy( love of wisdom) thrived and the Theologians, the Ulama, were not powerful and were not able to exert their hegemony and control of the rulers(Caliphs).

              Then around 1,100 the Ulama, excreted their Revelation is above reason Theology, and the rulers, due to political reasons allowed that, and it was downhill from there, gradually.

        • 0


          Its like plane it can go up birds go up kites go up

  • 7

    ‘ creation of artificial nation states with little consideration to the sensitivities and loyalties of different religious, ethnic and tribal groups populated in that region’
    Thats what the British did in Sri Lanka also. I am not advocating the creation of Eelam today, but keep in mind that the north and east of Sri Lanka was a Tamil kingdom. And two other Sinhala kingdoms in the rest of the Island. The British created Sri Lanka (Ceylon) as one island nation and handed power to a bunch of racist govigama upper caste Sinhalese. Most Sinhala nationalists will avoid mentioning this uncomfortable fact, and when you bring it up, will talk about Chola invasions in ancient times.

    • 7

      Yes, the north and east were Tamil kingdoms when the British arrived. But why do you select that particular date when the British arrived? Is it not because that date is suitable to the Tamil agenda? Is not any other date just as valid? How about 1505 when the first Portuguese arrived or 1796 or any other particular date? You should address this uncomfortable fact. Go ahead gentlemen, calling me a Sinhala Buddhist racist with a Mahavamsa mindset won’t change the facts of history.

  • 0

    Political expediency appears to have created a monster that will engulf us sooner rather than later .

  • 10

    What we are seeing is that 1slam is struggling to be relevant in the 21st century.
    Besides, never mind what’s happening with other Muslims around the world. Let’s be aware what cunning 4 million Muslims of Sri Lanka are up to.
    It’s said that there are 1000s of Muslims in Sri Lanka who have joined 1s1s. Recently Sri Lankan Muslim politician’s relative has been arrested in Australia on terrorism charges, but his associates in Sri Lanka haven’t been arrested and questioned yet, especially his mosque’s hate preachers, friends, family members, neighbours, etc, etc, etc. After all, always absolutely right Gnanasara thero is right all along.
    Kuragala, Dewanagala, 10000acre Muhudu maha viharaya, 15000acre Digavapiya, Wilpattuwa are yet to saved from Muslim invaders who have obtained there Sri Lankan citizenship illegally.
    Halal fraud, Muslim IDP hoax, human smuggling, drug smuggling, insurance frauds, producing fraudulent birth certificates and fraudulent land deeds for illegally smuggled Muslims are few of the activities these cunning Muslims are up to.

    • 5

      is there any why Buddhist’s and Hindus can create a fund ( organization ) that helps Muslims leave Sri Lanka. Pay them to go the Muslims nations instead of breeding like rats in this country.

  • 3

    ameer writes about real muslims , taught to kill and maim in order for others to believe.. really don’t know from where to laugh.. his argument is that the whole world belongs to some tribal belief and rest of the people should be killed or convert? wow..how intelligent is that..this is the very basic and fundamental of the their belief system, he also tries to brainwash us . what a joker.

  • 4

    The civilizational responsibility of unbelievers/non believers is to phase out Islam with least physical harm to the brainwashed. Muslim desire to live in non Muslim countries is implicit acknowledgement of relative inferiority there by accelerating the process.

  • 2

    Fact is that all this hoo-ha about Muslims moving to the West – basically Europe – is regarding the Refugees from the Western Created war zones like Iraq, Libya, Syria etc where Millions have been affected through death, injury and destruction with little or no basic necessities like food, shelter or medicine. It is not by choice that these unfortunate people are fleeing their countries but by force of dire circumstances and Necessity. Europe becomes their first choice as that is the closest to their besieged countries. If the West did not intervene and Mess up the region, would there have been any necessity for these people to flee their homes?

    The West sowed the wind and is reaping the whirlwind. So, stop blaming the Refugees now flooding Europe.

  • 6

    Educated Muslims go to western countries, especially to Canada, USA, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand because of the immigration procedure being easy. It is difficult or impossible to become a citizen in any Arab countries or in any Muslim Majority countries. Like the saying “to bite the hand that feeds” Many Muslims in living in the west fall victims to Islam fanatism or extremism and draw themselves a circle and live within.

    • 9

      Arab nations will very rarely offer citizenship to non Arab Muslims or even to Arabs belonging to a different nation, unless this person has something outstanding to contribute. They are racist to the core. So are the Turks, Kurds, Iranians, Pakistanis, Malays and other Muslims. It is only these South Indian origin, immigrant Dravidian Tamil Muslims , from Sri Lankan, who run behind the Arabs , other western Asian Muslim nations, Pakistan , Malaysia in the name of Islam and an imagined so called common Islam identity, that is only in their minds. However these people treat them with disdain. These Arabs and Muslim western Asian nations will use these Muslims from South Asia EG: Afghanistan, Pakistan. Sri Lanka as cannon fodder, for their cause but will always treat them with disdain. Even in the so called ISIS philosophy the Sunni Arab Male Muslim is at the apex and all others below them.

  • 1

    ….”The hated West has become the charming darling for Muslims”…..
    Among other reasons is the tolerance in Western countries to those innocent civilians escaping violent regimes like in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq etc., In addition to welcoming immigration rules benefitting those escaping is the fact that in the West there are the generous health systems – unthinkable in these barbarous countries.

    To suggest “it was through Muslims Europe discovered its antiquity” is outrageous
    and a blatant untruth. Islam is only around 1,400 years – far less than even the Roman civilisation. Most Muslim countries are still semi-medieval and treat their own citizens like slaves – as in the case of present day Syria.

    The behaviour of Muslim immigrants in Belgium, France, Germany, England, Australia – where they regularly detonate bombs and harm hundreds of innocent civilians in trains, buses, airports etc., the phrase “biting the hand that feeds you”
    is not entirely irrelevant. The world wonders if this is part of Islamic culture?

    In 1947 Jinnah’s Constitution in Pakistan guaranteed rights to those of other religions. There were many millions of Hindus and other minorities there then. This
    is an entrenched Clause. But then came army man Zia-ul-Haq. For his own political survival, he simply banished this constitutional provision. How reliable are civilised laws in Muslim societies?

    Why are only Muslims in such conflict in multi-religious societies all over the world? Is treachery and deception in their blood is the universal

    Reason as a basis of reform in Islamic countries you ask!!! Isn’t this a joke?


    • 5

      Are you aware that Jinna’s ancestors were Hindus and he was also born a Hindu, just like the ancestors of these Arab worshipping South Indian origin Sri Lankan Tamil Muslims. Jinna’s family belonged to the Gujarati Hindu Lohana caste that is strictly vegetarian. His grandfather Premji bhai Thakkar in order to support his family entered in to trading fish in the Gujarati coastal town of Veraval. His business, however, clashed with the (vegetarian) strong moral ethics of the Lohanas (A caste in Kathiyavadi – Gujarati) and as a result he was ostracised from the community. He made enough money in this trade and attempted to re join the community. He also discontinued the fish business. The Lohana leaders, in their wisdom, did not accept his request. (think about the course of history, if they had not had inflated egos and had welcomed him back!). Premjibhai’ s son Punjalal Thakkar (Jinnah’s father) was enraged at his father’s humiliation and reacted like any other Lohana – with equal and opposite force. He adopted the Muslim religion and changed the names of all his four sons. However, he continued to use his Gujarati nickname: Zino (pronounced Jinno in old fashioned Gujarati) which means ‘Skinny.’ Jinno`s son – Mohammad Ali – changed his family name to Jinnah – the nickname of his converted father. So, here is the fact. Gandhiji who effectively gave birth to independent India and Jinnah, who is the father of Pakistan , are both sons of Saurashtra,(old Katahivad) Gujarat!

  • 0

    “Muslim Exodus: Hijra In Reverse” was forced the day multi-nationals smelt oil and gas in the Mideast. Self imposed exodus started as a way to survive. In due course the exodus is being used to create and sustain a Muslims-under-the-bed paranoia.
    Australia uses this just before elections. Clearly remember the doors and windows of a Muslim house being smashed up, shown on primetime TV. Repair crew were on stand-by. (Remember the June 2014 Aluthgama pogrom repair crew looked on).
    The very recent ‘arrest’ of Lankan post graduate Kamer Nizamdeen comes when the Australian government is in turmoil and an election anytime.

  • 1

    Much of Ameer Ali’s writing focus on the politics of Arab countries vs the West
    and recent American-Arab conflicts for migration of Arabs or Muslims towards
    the West . Little he talks about economic migrants who are caught up between
    Islam and Democracy . Little, many people talk about a difference between
    INDEPENDENCE and FULL INDEPENDENCE (a term maybe no one talks about)
    but exists since the word INDEPENDENCE was activated . Before the world was
    colonized , the KINGS ruled their subjects all over the world at their own whims
    and fancies and under unknown ideologies . What happened to those different
    and free ideologies ? THEY WERE ALL DEFEATED IN WARS ! Theory of Democracy
    emerged and those who wanted to remain attached to their old systems whatsoever,
    were granted or forced to remain with them but under the control of new world order !
    And it is that new world order that people from many parts of old order are flooding
    into join ! Their exodus has helped receiving countries IN MANY WAYS . Not ONE OR
    TWO WAYS . It works for both the entrant and the receiver . Everyone needs to know
    this first before trying to tag it only a MUSLIM ISSUE . Now let’s look at it with open
    mind taking UK for an example . It is reported that UK immigration population stands
    at around 8 million of which Muslims account for 2.8 million . And now let us go to the
    numbers of few countries and compare who stands where .

    Country Population In UK
    ———– ————— ——–
    Pakistan 193.2 million(2016) 540,495(2015 UN estimate).
    Bangladesh 163 million (2016) 230,143. “
    Turkey 80,810,525 (2017) 100,956 “
    Iraq 37,202,572 80,939 “
    Syria 17, 064,854 9950 “
    Srilanka 22,409,381 (2017) 138,752 ”

    Contd ……………

  • 0


    I propose to some regular anti-Muslim commentators to work out the percentage
    of immigrants to UK with the populations of those countries and take into account
    the war situation in those countries as opposed to ours ! And also , read a report
    published in the UK INDEPENDENT on the 15th of Dec 2016 which published a survey
    by IPSOS Mori’s ‘ perils of perception found’ the following , I quote it here briefly .
    When asked , Britons said that one in six in the country were Muslims (10 million) while
    the truth was one in six (2.8 million). The French were led to believe that 31% of french
    population were Muslims while the truth was 7.5 % . The US said 7.5 % of their population
    was Muslim while the truth was 1 % . And to end , one more interesting thing , the Britons
    guessed 19% of their GDP = £225 billion was being spent on health while it was 9% .
    Ammeer Ali with a Doctorate , has only managed here to point out with so much omissions ,
    only what he knows best . There is a lot more to this ,

    • 1


      “Ammeer Ali with a Doctorate , has only managed here to point out with so much omissions ,
      only what he knows best . There is a lot more to this ,”

      Socrates took the position, i don’t know and asked questions from others to know what they know beyond what he knew. Socrates was charged for corrupting the minds of youth and sentenced to death.

      25% of the Americans and 33% of the Europeans ( mean IQ 99 to 100) believe that the Sun goes around the Earth. Are they still listening to the Catholic Church and Joshua?


      1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says

      • 0

        Amarasiri ,

        People all over the world even today say ‘ Sun rises in the morning and
        sets in the evening.” Even after well over 350 years now but go to any
        corner of our country , all have smart phones ! I wrote my comment
        with a table of the list so that it can be easy to read but it’s published
        muddled up .

      • 0

        Amarasiri ,

        There are a few commentators on this forum ready with their guns
        to shoot down facts and plant their fabrications or rumors whichever
        makes them happy with a clear racist mindset . Little time they have
        even to think about themselves . Now here , I would ask a very simple
        question about our daily life , starting with our morning routine .We
        all love a morning cup of tea to begin the day and we passionately call
        it ” KAHATA KOPPAYAK.” The name itself says the taste of the tea that
        we drink ! But what is the truth ? Is Tea bitter ? No , tasty good Tea is
        Now , the crucial question ! HAVE WE EVER WANTED TO DRINK A GOOD
        that aside , do we even know that we know nothing about a glass of clean
        tasty water ? But we have all 24 hours to run after each other like mad
        dogs , to hunt down under cover of everything else in the world ? Tasting
        a good cup of Tea alone will save millions of dollars of sugar imports into
        the country and lot more other healthy stuff like Diabetes and Metformin
        and cardiovascular disease .

  • 2

    The writer has not given any reasons as to WHY others should accept Muslim immigrants into their societies. It is highly ludicrous for the Muslims themselves to demand acceptance. The underlying logic is you are obligated to accept us on the basis that your ethical standards are superior to ours as implied by the commentator Socrates above “Muslim desire to live in non Muslim countries is implicit acknowledgement of relative inferiority…..”

    These problems will not go away unless and until UN imposes a strict policy of one child per family limitation on all countries as in China.

    On my part I have no respect for anyone who believes that adulterators should be stoned to death and apostates should be executed.


    • 0

      Soma ,

      Writer didn’t also say why 138,00 Srilankans from 22 million was living
      in the UK alone ! FRANCE ,GERMANY , CANADA , US aside ! And he also
      didn’t say anything about whatever you know is nothing of your own !
      It is only a sorry state of affairs bur take it or leave it , it is Muslims and
      Tamils that opened your eyes and took you to the outside world , ask your
      Kings and their subjects who had been your ancestors !

  • 0

    Please read it as , the country name and the number attached to it is the
    population of that country and the next number on the line is the number
    of immigrants from that country living in the UK. And 2015 is the year of
    UN report.

  • 0

    “While the mullahs made Islam unliveable to intellectuals and thinkers…”
    I am surprised by the use of the word “mullah”.
    Is the reference to Iran, as the term is most often applied to Shi’ite clerics.
    The tyranny in the Arab Peninsula although in the name of Islam is in the interest of the Sheiks.
    Salafis and Wahabis seem the predominant source of Islamic fanaticism.
    Comparison with Vietnam are a little far fetched I would say.
    Collaboration between Islamic fundamentalists and US imperialism has not ceased, and is still functional in Syria and North Africa.

  • 1

    This is all well planned by the Muslim expansionism primarily planned by the mullahs from Saudi arabia. They tell these refugees, don’t come to Saudi Arabia but go to the west and try to islamicise those countries simply by reproducing so that the indigenous people in these western countries become the minority. Already we have muslim mayors in London, Brussels and many more. If you take a country like Belgium, muslims will be the majority by 2030. This is the grand plan which has worked so well in Malaysia, Afghanistan and even Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka over 50% of the children below the age of 9 are muslims. Dr. Ameer Ali is writing garbage trying to justify why muslims do not want to go to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab emirates. They can happily practice islam in those countries and even get citizenship! Have they ever tried to go to Saudi Arabia? Not a single and the reasons are obvious.

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      They tell these refugees, don’t come to Saudi Arabia but go to the west and try to islamicise those countries

      West countries are very intelligent the become Muslim by reading
      not by refugees going to western countries.

      Tony Blair’s Sister-in-Law, Lauren Booth, Talks About Her Conversion to Islam

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    Why are these things happen it is the same with muslims

    1. Sri Lankan police say they’ve arrested 22 people who were attempting to illegally migrate to Australia by boat.

    2. Malaysian police stop boat carrying 131 Sri Lankans to Australia and New Zealand

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