25 June, 2022


My Hands Are Not Stained With Blood Or Dirt: President Rajapaksa

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says his hands are not stained with dirt or blood and adds the day they become tainted he would cut them off.

Mahinda sepeechAddressing the crowd that had gathered for the rally in Anuradhapura a short while ago, President Rajapaksa said some ‘nonas’ are acting in hatred against them and are slinging mud at him, his family and the government.

“They have announced that commissions will be appointed to probe into our actions. . . What can they do? It seems they are not satisfied with the conspiracy they hatched to take us before the Hague – it seems they want more. Let them do whatever they wish – I am not scared of them!” he said.

He also scoffed at the claims being made by the Opposition of more crossovers from the UPFA to the common Opposition movement, saying he is not at all worried of such claims.

Speaking further he said that he has always honored the promises he made to the masses and added that he will continue to honor his word.

“I promised to finish the war that was being dragged on for 30 years and I did finish it in less than four years. Thereafter I promised development and you can see the development all around you. My next plan is to provide drinking water to every household in Anuradhapura,” he said.

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    Do any of the CC Sira’s shadow Cabinet and running mates have blood on their hands?..

    I did a quick check with my elders, and here is the list which they submitted.

    Fonseka had a tiff with one Lasantha, besides his penchant for killing Tigers.

    Ranil Didn’t like the Military Intelligence of the Srilankan Army.

    And he outsourced the contract to Mr Prabakaran to shut it down..

    I mean outsourcing is the in thing in Western countries…Right.

    CBK apparently went after Prabakaran big time . And the TNA didn’t like it.

    My elders showed me an interview she did in 1995.

    Boy, wasn’t she all fired up even against the West for supporting terrorism..

    And she lost her left eye ball too..

    Champika nothing so far..
    Mangala, Ravi, Kiriella , only do dirty work according to the ex General Sec of their own party…

    Dudley Sira tells the dalits in Pollonnaruwa that his brother is a sure thing

    And one Asath Sally was there right next to him, extending the support of and well wishes of the all Muslims in the East to Sira and his UNP, JHU, TNA, JVP, DNA , and CBK future Govt.. ..

    But other Sira Brother was not even in the audience , according to my intelligence sources..

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      What would you say to the following ?

      “I ran many websites, facebook campaigns and poster campaigns against SF in 2010 (when he decided to contest against MR). Someone asked me 2 questions.

      1. How much of those alleged corruption by SF happened when he was in the MR camp? 2. How much of those alleged corruption by SF happened when he left the MR camp?

      Being the HONEST PERSON I’m, I honestly answered him (AFTER the election).

      1. ALL
      2. NONE

      2 people committed corruption when it happened. One by COMMISSION and the other by OMISSION. This is the reality.

      Am I wrong? “

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    “My Hands Are Not Stained With Blood Or Dirt: President Rajapaksa”

    Which stain remover did you use?

    Why i ask is the one i use is useless.

    Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone.Someone said that,can’t remember who.That was sometime ago when stain removers were nonexistent.Now you can throw stones any amount after going to shop and buying stain remover and getting all cleaned up.

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    Sri Lanka has become North Korea. The Kim Jong dynasty rules and ruins North Korea. After Kim Jong Mahinda completes his rule in 2023, Kim Jing Basil will rule until 2035 and then Kim Jong Namal will rule until 2053. This is a national curse.

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    Not sure why every one is disagreeing with MR when he says that his hands are not stainded with blood. He is being honest.His hands are drenched in blood not just stained.

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    Then who killed lasantha. Eknaligoda, [Edited out] THE LIST CONTINUES YOU CRIMINAL CROOK.

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    OH Baby you are very innocent these are all unnecessary allegation for you take it easy baby your hand are very clean and you have not harm even an ant.

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    Bloody disgusting uneducated underworld criminal crook this low cast padda is real curse to our all ready bankrupt nation. If YOU DON’T GET RID OF THIS MANIAC AND HIS UNEDUCATED CRIMINAL FAMILY GANG THIS TIME THAT IS END OF HOPELESS SRI LANKA.

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