23 May, 2022


My Ignorance That Seeks Answers

By Kusal Perera

Kusal Perera

Kusal Perera

Commenting on the Opposition slogan of “Abolishing the Executive Presidency”, Communist Party boss DEW Gunasekera had said, this is only to muster co-operation amongst them against President Rajapaksa. Yes it is. What’s wrong in choosing a demand or a slogan that most could agree ? The fact that DEW cannot subscribe to it as he chose to support President Rajapaksa for the third time, does not invalidate the opposition efforts in forming a broad alliance. What my ignorance cannot comprehend is, not why the opposition cannot choose a slogan (politically right or wrong) that brings most together, but how even a namesake Communist Party could support a regime that lives with racist criminal activities and lives to loot and plunder an economy.

Much different to DEW, I accept the right of the Opposition to decide what their election promises are. Having accepted that right of the opposition, I retain my right to differ on what they promise for the elections. My differences in terms of political relevance to what we need to address right now. In terms of socio political relevance to turn this country around and move democratically forward.

Mahinda01. Abolition of the Executive Presidency (EP) – The general explanation that reasons out why it should be abolished was what Rev. Omalpe Sobitha told the Muttiah Park gathering yesterday (12 Nov.) To quote, “…..the executive presidency which, with its unbridled powers is the main cause of undemocratic rule, rampant corruption, breakdown in the law and order situation and the unprecedented crime rate.”[The Island/13 Nov.] Going back 30 years or so in history, no one attributed all this in such scale to the Executive Presidency (EP) rule of Jayawardne, the creator of this “monster”. Talking about constructions in Mahaweli development work, Sarath Muttettuwegama the sole “Left” MP then in parliament accused the Jayawardne government of corruption that was around 10 percent the most. The scales are different and we now talk of 40 percent or more as “kickbacks”. What that would mean is, the provisions were there, for any despot to use. That possibility lies mainly with total impunity, a President enjoys even after retirement or defeat.
The question that needs discussion is, “will the scales be this high in undemocratic rule, rampant corruption, breakdown in the law and order, if the President can be taken to Courts by any concerned citizen”? One may say, “Well, we are not talking of shorter scales, but a total eradication of everything evil under the Executive Presidency”. So goes the justification for abolition of the EP and re introduction of the 17 Amendment. Agreed. We need a paradigm shift, away from all evils under the Rajapaksa regime. Hence the proposal to get back to “parliamentary rule”.

02. How democratic and civil was parliamentary rule ? Let me take them all, who propose getting back to parliamentary rule to cure all ills, to our political records beginning 1948. It was under parliamentary democracy,

  1. over 700,000 plantation workers of Indian descent were made Stateless and disfranchised in 1948/49.
  2. Sinhala was made the ONLY official language of Ceylon in 1956
  3. we bore the brutality of the first communal riots against Tamils in 1958
  4. North was first brought under military occupation on the pretext of curbing smuggling and illicit immigrants (Kallaithoni) from South India from 1962
  5. the first all powerful, politically arrogant Permanent Secretary Ministry of Defence emerged in 1960 (read “Jaffna – Exorcising The Past & Holding The Vision” by Neville Jayaweera / page 69 – N.Q. Dias The Tsar)
  6. the first armed uprising against the State was carried out by Sinhala youth in 1971.
  7. Sinhala majority (includes the traditional “left”) representation took the upper hand in promulgating a Constitution, without any recognition of Minority representations (1972 Constitution)
  8. term of the elected government was extended by 02 years, even without a Referendum (1972 Constitution)
  9. Buddhism as majority religion was given a privileged position in the Constitution (1972 Republican Constitution)
  10. State administration was brought under political interference by subordinating the Public Service Commission (PSC) to the Cabinet of Ministers (1972 Constitution)
  11. Tamil youth in the North took to arm rebellion (from around 1972)
  12. TULF was compelled to adopt the Resolution for a “Separate Thamil State” in 1974 at their Vadukkodai Conference.

Is this the parliamentary democracy that would cure all ills? Parliamentary rule in two other countries that we could look to, don’t give much hope for remedy. The Westminster parliament, from where we borrowed ours, has not given the British people much peace and stability.

i. They fought an armed rebellion in Ireland for almost a Century from 1916 to 2007 leaving the British parliamentary governments incompetent in resolving the conflict.
ii. Scots now want to leave the UK and have their own sovereign government
iii. They’ve been into major economic ruts in post WW II parliamentary rule and gave into Thatcher as PM who was termed the “Iron Lady”.

The biggest parliamentary democracy in the world in our neighbouring India,

i. is reeking with corruption, without an “Executive Presidency” like ours. 30 million urban people came out on the streets during the last 02 years against mega corruption and created a hero in Anna Hazare.

ii. adopted the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in 1958 to curb “insurgency” in Assam and Manipur. Ever since then, the application of the “special powers” has been steadily spreading. [quote] The “disturbed areas” confined to only the Naga Hills in1950s spread to Lushai Hill in1960s, to Tripura and Imphal valley in 1970s, Brahmaputra valley and Punjab in 1980s and Kashmir valley in 1990s. In these areas, the fundamental rights such as the right to life, the right to a fair trial, the right to remedy and reparation, the right against torture and the right against arbitrary detention (as well as a series of economic, social and cultural rights) have been consistently violated.[unquote – Working Group on Human Rights / New Delhi, 27 August, 2012]

iii.gave into Madam Indira Gandhi’s tyrannical “Emergency Rule” of almost 02 years from June 1975.

iv. the present Indian Lok Sabha of 543 MPs have 186 with criminal records and pending cases against them. Indian parliamentary democracy is run by them.

v. despite PM Modi’s promise to have a “clean” government, nearly one third of the present 66 Cabinet Ministers are criminals with charges like attempted murder, waging war on the state, criminal intimidation and fraud. Some carry a baggage of over 20 criminal cases.

India has strong safety nets and systems to keep governance clean, like the Right to Information Act, independent Election Commission, declaration of assets, etc. Yet with parliamentary democracy without an Executive President, this is what Indian governance is.

03. Seriousness and responsibility – This is much in want. For two reasons.

One, the promise of initiating the abolition of the EP within 01 month and then adopting a new Constitution within 06 months, even if the parliament can be manipulated to provide the required 2/3rd, is wholly unacceptable. Who would do the final draft that would go before the parliament ? That responsibility has already been taken over by a few self appointed men behind the Colombo centred lobby, who decides everything from time frames to provisions on the single claim they represent the civil society. Constitutions cannot be hoisted on society as such. This society needs a very extensive discourse that should involve professional organisations, trade unions, community based organisations and even elected bodies like the Local Government (LG) bodies and provincial councils.

Two, if as they say, this country has now come to a “point of no return” and a regime change cannot be compromised, then the Common Candidate(s) they are scheming and manipulating to have, should be persons of much integrity and strong track record to have the EP abolished. As they argue, everything else depends on the abolishing of the EP. Why then bring forth CBK who in 1994 October promised in writing to abolish the same EP within 06 months from coming to power and thereafter never ever talked of it ? How serious are these people, when they themselves claim the situation is extremely serious ?

This whole project therefore tend to prove, those who keep making statements and holding press conferences are not serious about abolishing the presidency, but more greedy in getting their hands on State power.

04. Is Abolishing of Executive Presidency and a Common Candidate a nationally felt need ? This seems far from reality. Uva Sinhala Buddhist majority (about 88%) was least interested in any of it, when over 21 percent of the UPFA vote bloc departed and registered a protest vote against MR rule this time at PC elections. They had other serious reasons to leave the Sinhala Buddhist project of the Rajapaksas. They feel insecure, left to be coerced by a local thug who now runs the LG body in their area, with sexual harassment and rape of women and children galloping high, extortions and murder  common and drugs enter the village. This insecure rural life (70%) and the abolition of the EP for them have no relationship.

Abolition of the EP and this Common Candidate issue are mere slogans created in Colombo by a few middle class men at tiny forums attended by a dozen or two, who believe they represent the civil society (where ever it is) and pretend they know best. Most unfortunately, the media in Sri Lanka owned and run by proxies of the regime or by those who do business with the regime, are Colombo city centred and they don’t even know that “news” is not necessarily found in Colombo and with political parties. Thus what the media is after and what they wish to “plant” as news or “breaking news” are statements and briefings by the Colombo groups. Once in the media, we’ve got into the habit of saying they are “national” issues or national needs.

I do agree the EP should be abolished not only for what is generally said, but more because it is an impediment in creating a governing system where power could be devolved and shared with the periphery. That a new governing system should be established through far reaching reforms, accepting that parliamentary system per se is no answer to our problems. That necessity and finding right plug-ins to save democracy goes beyond the capacity of these mediocre efforts around a Common Candidate. It should turn out as a people’s lobby and will have to address two key areas.

  1. Political necessities of the Tamil people and other Minorities including Muslims to live as equals and honourable citizens in this country with their cultural identities accepted within a Constitution that guarantees civil liberties and all universal rights (HR, Women and Children, Workers’ Rights).
  2. The necessity to have a National Development Policy that would seriously address the nagging issues of education, health, public transport, rural livelihood with an accepted minimum wage. It should also guarantee the wealth and benefits the labour creates in terms of profits and foreign income, are not left for the unaccounted luxury of the Colombo rich and upper middle class professionals.

My ignorance thus tells me, this whole campaign to oust the Rajapaksa regime will have to be redefined and redesigned as a people’s reform movement to hold whoever comes to power post elections, wholly responsible in effecting reforms the people decide and the country needs.

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    Almost all our politicians are thieves. Having an EP just makes them more efficient at thieving. What is required is an honest and principled leader, the scrapping of the EP is secondary to that.

    • 9

      Kusal Perera,

      You have a clear vision of what democracy ought to be: Many so-called democratic countries have morphed into quasi-authoritarian states in some form or the other.

      Sri Lanka is a glaring example of a decadent “democracy” from the word go in 1948.

      EP or no EP is not the question, or the remedy either, it is the mind set of the ruling elite from the majority community that needs be cleansed. From 1948 they have followed a racist, religious supremacist thinking that has to corrected.

      Until such time the island will muddle along under ever increasing pain and suffering of the masses.

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      Kusal Perera –

      Pau says, “Almost all our politicians are thieves”

      Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva says, “Rajapaksa Is A Henahura (Harbinger Of Evil) And A Hora (Thief): Ex CJ Silva”


      Kusal Perera, you have ample materials to write TWO Common Sense Pamphlets.

      What is stopping you. Please let us know . A lot of people will help you. Thomas Paine did that for America in 1776. Can Kusal Pererta do that for Lanka in 2014, to get rid of the King?


      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

      • 1

        Kusal Perera –

        RE: My Ignorance That Seeks Answers

        Here is a solution that you can share with All the Citizens to make Mahinda Rajapaksa Retire.


        Common Sense

        Uploaded on Mar 18, 2011
        The American Revolution (HIST 116)

        This lecture focuses on the best-selling pamphlet of the American Revolution: Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, discussing Paine’s life and the events that led him to write his pamphlet. Published in January of 1776, it condemned monarchy as a bad form of government, and urged the colonies to declare independence and establish their own form of republican government. Its incendiary language and simple format made it popular throughout the colonies, helping to radicalize many Americans and pushing them to seriously consider the idea of declaring independence from Britain.

        00:00 – Chapter 1. Introduction: Voting on Voting
        01:40 – Chapter 2. On Paine’s Burial
        05:52 – Chapter 3. Colonial Mindset during the Second Continental Congress
        12:28 – Chapter 4. Serendipity and Passion: The Early Life of Thomas Paine
        21:53 – Chapter 5. Major Arguments and Rhetorical Styles in Common Sense
        33:45 – Chapter 6. Common Sense’s Popularity and Founders’ Reactions
        39:16 – Chapter 7. Social Impact of the Pamphlet and Conclusion

        Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses

    • 4

      A person has to be sincere, self sacrifice and selflessness to be a good friend and to be a politician for that matter. Can we name anyone in that category? When a greedy person is elected as president, then he becomes more greedy and more and he wishes to be a lifetime president.

      As far the Tamils are concerned, they do not want to think of the EP. Instead they need a referendum to decide their fate.

    • 1

      You mentioned that abolition of EP and/or adverse effects of power concentration to a single family are just slogan created by few Colombo based elites and not effective in nation based election. But, we are talking about 4~5% swing of national vote. These explanations of exponential increases of corruptions with EP would flow to some young educated people outside big cities as well. They may discuss these with their moms/sisters and some may start thinking. Most Men are more egoistic and they are born Green, Blue or Red and hard to change. But power brooms can change governments in Asia, 4% swing against Rajapakse family power could do miracles..

    • 1

      Kusal Perera – Common Sense song

      Paul says, “Almost all our politicians are thieves” Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva says, “Rajapaksa Is A Henahura (Harbinger Of Evil) And A Hora (Thief): Ex CJ Silva”

      Kusal Perera, Here is an Indian Song on Common sense. Can you make a Sinhala Song like that?

      Aath Din (1946) Thomas Paine’s Common Sense 46 Page Anthology to American Freedom on 10-1-1776.


      Uploaded on May 27, 2010
      A tribute To Shri JawaharLal Nehruji on his PunyaTithi /Death Anniversary today -27-5-1964 to 27-5-2010
      On January 10, 1776, Thomas Paine published a 46-page pamphlet entitled ‘Common Sense’ that changed the course of America’s destiny. Paine hit the bull’s eye with this revolutionary pamphlet that put forth a powerful, persuasive argument for the cause of freedom. At the time, the prevailing sentiment in the country was one of reconciliation with England. It was not as though talk of independence from England was unheard of; the problem was that this view was whispered not proclaimed.
      Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ didn’t need King George’s help to become one of the world’s all-time, best-selling pieces of writing. The pamphlet ‘Common Sense’ united Americans in the cause for independence by presenting a passionate, pro-independence argument that captured the imagination of a fragmented colony. He did this by writing in a style that was appreciated on the street level. He appealed to the people not to the intellectuals of the day. It has been said that Paine’s writing was energized by a “suppressed rage”.

      Paine referred to the King as the “royal brute” and the “crowned ruffian” as he highlighted the flaws of the English Constitution. He convinced readers to opposed the tyranny of England, as well as the King. ‘Common Sense’ advocated Paine’s belief that government was but a “necessary evil” that should be kept in check. He wrote at length on the subject of the preeminence of “natural rights” as endowed by our creator, not a government. Although government has a role in society to safeguard those rights, it should never be more powerful than the people.

      Paine’s arguments against British rule

      It was absurd for an island to rule a continent.
      America was not a “British nation”; it was composed of influences and peoples from all of Europe.
      Even if Britain were the “mother country” of America, that made her actions all the more horrendous, for no mother would harm her children so brutally.
      Being a part of Britain would drag America into unnecessary European wars, and keep it from the international commerce at which America excelled.
      The distance between the two nations made governing the colonies from England unwieldy. If some wrong were to be petitioned to Parliament, it would take a year before the colonies received a response.
      The New World was discovered shortly before the Reformation. The Puritans believed that God wanted to give them a safe haven from the persecution of British rule.
      Britain ruled the colonies for its own benefit, and did not consider the best interests of the colonists in governing them.

  • 7

    The fake Sinhalaya writes yet again. This guy is a fraud just like RMB.

    over 700,000 plantation workers of Indian descent were made Stateless and disfranchised in 1948/49.

    It was an issue debated along the lines of political ideology. The left parties took it as a violation of workers rights. This included SWRD Bandaranayake. SWRD was against the policy.

    The Right side of the house were concerned about uncontrolled migration. GGP who was aligned to the Right – voted for the policy.

    It was not an ethnic debate. Had been 2 million Arabs, the same debate would have taken with the same result.

    Now, SJV Chelvanayagam could have formed an alliance with SWRD who was on the same wavelength. Instead, he forms the first Tamil National Socialist (Nazi) party ITAK and makes it an ethnic issue. He challenges it in Privy (Queens) Council. The Queen disagrees with him too.

    The policy was 3 generations i.e. child, parents, grandparents should have been born in Ceylon to be a citizen.

    There has been a long line of “Independent” parties who advised these Tamils were wrong. This includes Lord Dhnoomore, Lord Soulbury, The Queen of England, Justice Sansoni, Eric Sondheim et al. The Tamils disagrees with all but finally settles with one “Independent” party – Navi Pillai.

    Over 2 million Tamils are eventually given citizenship in Ceylon. This adds to the Ceylon ethic malaise and Tamil violence.

    • 6

      I read the part full. Not said ethnic issue. Yes even Arab you say, Kusal Perera argument is, parliament allowed dis franchising and making people non citizen. Where you taking the argument? Yours is crooked

      • 7

        Kusal Perera argument is, parliament allowed dis franchising..

        This guy is always making these fluffy claims against Sinhala people because although he has a Sinhala name he is inside out a Tamil nationalist.

        The Tamils never had a franchise to be “disenfranchised” in the first place – kapeesh?

        The Indian Tamils were migrant labour with no continuous residence in Ceylon. They were barred by the British government from taking permanent employment in the island. They were a floating population. In 1923 it was pointed out that Indian labour regularly went in and out of Ceylon, visiting relatives in India (The Island 27.6.99 p. 8).


  • 4

    Good one Kusal. Fact is that the majority of Sinhala population is used to being duped by Sinhala politicians who DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE them by racist rhetoric and groups like Balu Sena..

    Sinhalas are politically MODA (STUPID) because of the failure of the Opposition under the despot Ranil Wickramsinghe to educate them on the meaning of good governance, democracy and NO corruption.

    So today, Sinhala Modadys think that democracy is merely an election circus for family rule by the Jarapassa royals – i.e. feudalism – Mahinda Jarapassas and brothers, sons, in laws rule is regarded by Sinhala Modadya as NORMAL DEMOCRACY – rather than corruption due to lack of VOTER EDUCATION. Miracle of Modayas is all upside down!

    A Common Sense pamphlet to educate the SInhala Modayas on the meaning and practice of Good Governance is necessary from the joint opposition..

  • 3

    What should be demanded is good governance & transparency & rule of law.
    That is all the next president need to promise the masses.

  • 6

    Hang on a minute! Now it all makes sense.

    The citizenship act had to show 3 generations were born in Ceylon.

    The Tamils were sent to Jaffna in 1820s. Thats only 2 generations. That means even SJV Chelvanayagam could not have been entitled to citizenship nor any Tamil in Jaffna.

    Was D.S. Senanayake nor any in UNP aware of this? Perhaps they weren’t.

    • 5

      Where does this nonsense fit into your “honesty and integrity” scenario? Lying has become synonymous with Vibhushana in every sense of the word. A graduate from the BBS university!

  • 2

    Journalist Kusal Perera is looking for answers to help make up his mind

    whether under a parliamentary democracy or dictatorship model the social problems as highlighted in the article will always be there. Addressing these issues is what is crucial. Under the two systems application of solutions vastly varied. Adopting methodologies etc. are unique and identical are own to each of these situation. Under dictatorship; country’s Resources, Law and Order and Freedom etc. come under the grip of of one person’s personal interest (To stay in power as long as possible). On the other hand, under the parliamentary democratic system, those problem solving methods will feature shared responsibility of the society (performance oriented). Thus, in democratic way, the people in the remotest areas in the country will have their voices heard in the n
    ational decision making process.

    Look at the present SL political hierarchy! Leave alone the people in the remote areas, does the Prime minister himself in the country have any opportunity to raise voice or do something to the people in his own electorate?

    Pathala (Underworld) and all kinds of dangerous things happening in the country are usually featured under dictators. Dictators will not survive without letting dangerous things exist in the society. It is not something wrong with the ruler, its the way. In my opinion we should not have this system. No person need to do bad things everybody wants to have decent livelihood and take care of their families. It would be only a dream in places where dictators are ruling.

    Does this help you make your choice? (its the choice between the shared responsibility and one-man-show)

  • 2

    Thanks Kusul Perera for enlightening the Intelligentsia….

  • 1

    Dosen`t China have a say in this PE? Who brought this about – China
    is meeting all or any cost of the electioneering, as they too cannot
    afford a MR rival. SL Voters do not have much choice, with vote-rigging easily possible and must be carried out as MR has to be in Power to off-set the UN revelations against him in the next couple of
    years. It is a matter of life or death to him and his family, even
    astrologist cannot predict.

  • 3

    Wrong reasons Kusal.

    How about me?

    I am not a Tamil. How about my grievances and aspirations?

    I don’t care about Tamil grievances. I want my grievances addressed.

  • 3

    Kusal, my ignorance is no better than yours but here is my answer. There is no cure for the Buddha statute hugging hypocrites or for the SINNHALA MOADAYA! We deserve these governing bigots for our Karma that we do to our own and others. We need to take our civic responsibility of voting seriously and even fight until death to regain our freedom and democracy. Taking up arms at this stage to depose these autocrats is inevitable. A blood bath is a must.

  • 1

    Your reading of history since 1948 after Independence of Ceylon and after that in fact are noted ,but interpretation of History of all ruling class that policy applications that totally negative in nature, certain steps of segment policies by bouegesios class in Reactionary step. Even since 1956.

    Kusual Perera your reading of Sri lanka modern politics history that belongs that anti-Leftist and anti-National Democratic terms of by metaphysis political ideology.
    You have reach to negative result, as similar as JVP, LSSP of all bunch of Trotskyist and CP of Moscow wing, that anti Socialist policies adopted by 70 years of So-called political anarchism and reformism of adventurist methodology.

    This way of politics had been created and establishment of anti-People policies by Ruling class of bouegesios since 1948.

    Well, that all set of policies adopted by ‘Left’ political parties ultimately serve for US and its proxies agenda; which against Will of People and its task of Democratic Revolution Of led by working class of an Island.

    So-called “Communist Party” of DEW belongs is name board only. They abandoned their “Communism” even long before beginning of 50 years ago that even DEW never elected or selected by any elections basis.
    DEW has NO working class roots or No roots for Trade Union movement or no Framers movement or no intellectual background of Elites politics in his history so-called “Communist” terms of Socialist politics, hence he has no mass base in our soil at all.

    Since beginning his so-called “Communist” carrier over many years he was bureaucracy hire by bourgeoisie state. He has no policy to be evaporated.

    Kusual sad to say your line of essays and mind set of politics are still that lagging behind country urgently want?

    I notice some facts are noted but by misread and misdirected policies of politics is concern you have to change and learn objective stage of Capitalism ; Politics not that your write repeatedly by same theme poor, want bring NEW PATH of Capitalism, its has no impact to change politics of Sri Lankan timey very poor performing by Bourgeoisies.

  • 0

    Sinhala Intellectuals, whether they are right or left, are quoting from Buddha. That is ok. That is ordinary cheating. But Ranil attempted to fool the Sinhala Buddhist that Buddha and his disciples in Nepal are ones invented the Republican Constitution. Just like nobody ever will know if Buddha had come to Lanka, nobody will know the truth of if Buddha has anything to do with Nepal. But this Christian evangelist is preaching to cheat the Sinhala Buddhist. Further to that, he fooled them that for their status, the American and Westminster (he used that word purposely to make to feel it is old and raise hate towards British constitution) are old, not suitable for Lanka. There is contest with in the commons candidates, CBK, Anura, Karu, Thero …. Foxy is lowest grade person.

    Sinhala Intellectuals are not ready to educate the Sinhala Buddhists. That is disadvantages to them. “Call the LTTE to each line they write and talk and brainwash the Sinhala Buddhist”. A Sinhala intellectuals invented technology. Unable to underhand why the LTTE is used in each line, the Sinhala Buddhist dance for the tune, or the move of the pipe of charmer, the Sinhala Intellectuals.

    JVP said it is going to stay out of the election and educate the public of the defect in the 18A. I do not think the 18A is bad and 1978 or 1972 constitutions are any good, though TNA keep telling the 1978 constitution’s 13A can become a starting point to negotiations and solution. But educating the Public stands beyond any right and wrong. Say there is nothing wrong in the 18A, but you still starting to educate the public starting with 18A, once they have learned, they will know to evaluate themselves the 18A and act accordingly. That is the only reason the Foreign Countries and NGOs came ready for voter education. But the sole purpose of the Sinhala Intellectuals is to win the election by brainwashing the Sinhala Buddhist by directly quoting or creating subliminal messages with LTTE’s name. Just mention the LTTE name, the snakes will rise up and dance. This is the dirty trick they are playing. (Subliminal message is the latest model the Sinhala Intellectuals are using after Euro Court knocked off the ban. “You know I could have used the word Terrorist…. But I am a nice person….” That was suitable to eliminate the terrorism, but we do not need it any more”.)

    Just watch what the paramedics doing for an injured. They do not start blood infusion saying the man is bleeding. They first take action to arrest the bleeding. Then they take him to hospital. The doctors, decide what kind of operation to be has performed and how much blood infusion needed. Lanka profusely bleeding by the start DS gave on the side of racism. First thing needed is to stop peoples from thinking the LTTE. LTTE was not present in the 1948. They never talk about 1971, JVP. The Sinhala Intellectual acting like they know Lanka is bleeding that is why they want to infuse blood. Without correcting the problem DS created, you can infuse blood through eliminating EP, but Lanka’s death is inevitable. Power hungry Intellectuals are dying to capture the power. They do not want to care about the condition of the country. It is like the doctor is bargain for his money first, though he do know that patient has lost blood, he needs to be evaluated, operated and blood needs to be infused. They say in Tamil, while the house is burning, the man is picking fire from there to smoke his tobacco. Sinhala intellectuals conduct is even nastier than that.

    It is the thief has to realize and stop the theft; otherwise never one can eliminate the stealing. Unless Sinhala Intellectual come forward and fix this cheating in every election to capture the power, even without Hanuman setting the fire, Lanka will be burned down.

  • 0

    How about if we tell Rajapakse that he can be prez for the 3rd term, but without executive powers? ……(is that possible?). The Westminster model is most apt(SLFP permanent-system of “ape-rata” was established in the 50’s and there’s no going back on that one, so the Senanayake model is ok to implement now.). it’s been almost 6 years since the end of the war, and so EP is not needed anymore- EP, which was meant for containing terrorism.

  • 0

    Amarasiri in his coment of Nov 13th 2014 says: “Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva says, “Rajapaksa Is A Henahura (Harbinger Of Evil) And A Hora (Thief): Ex CJ Silva””. This ex CJ is the biggest humbug. It was he who swore MR in as Pres on a Poya Day to prevent UNP filing a case that Tamils were not allowed to vote by LTTE and get a ruling that the first term was not under a free and fair election. It was he who ruled that it was in order for MR to go in early for an election for his second term but still have a delayed swearing in of the second term.He did the same with CBK, and even imprisoned SB (SB is a disgusting rascal but Sarath Silva mis-used his position).
    Whether we have an executive Presidency or Exec PM will it make a difference. In Sirima’s govt of 70-77, the rot started, Adinistrative service, Police, Railway, Bus transport and hospitals got all messed-up. JVP chaps were killed at random (that idiot Wimal W has forgotten that).But Sirima, Felix, Badi, NM and all those devils did just what they wanted. They harassed ordinaryu people with co-op shops using ration cards, but they enjoyed a luxury life. Sirima’s children went to foreign uni’s: neither Chandrika nor Anura passed any exam. They just drank and wasted OUR money. I dont know about Sunethra’s education, but she married a JVP chap, one Rupasinghe but he was not arrested…. why?
    Is it the executive presidency or the complacency of our people. In fact I feel inclined to agree that we are a nation of Modayas: today our people are inconvenienced by roads being built quite intentionally. They think that this is development. Why are the Rapid transport projects being given less priority? Because by road building, people touch and feel developement taking place. Politicians can make money too.Why can’t our Opposition make more noise about the malappropriation and mismanagement/ misuse of EPF monies?? Why was the Galle mayor not arested even though he had a revolver in his hand when UNP delegates went on a fact finding tour of Mattala Airport?
    What more cant we say… if the people want to believe lies nothing can save them. Truly a government – and an opposition- they deserve.

    • 2


      “Is it the executive presidency or the complacency of our people.”

      None of the above, it is simply the stupidity of your people.

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      “This ex CJ is the biggest humbug. It was he who swore MR in as Pres on a Poya Day to prevent UNP filing a case that Tamils were not allowed to vote by LTTE and get a ruling that the first term was not under a free and fair election.”

      If the Poya is that kind binding, you all deserve the King Gemunu’s Buddhist government! The truth there is nothing to file a case. Nobody ever did that. Its all created stories. Knowing that only Blake started to support King’s government. America knows every truth in the money case. Blake wanted Gemunu to come to power.

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