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My Mother Just Received A Notice To Appear Before FCID: Namal Rajapaksa

“My Mother just received a notice to appear before the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID). My Mother has always stayed away from politics. Does she deserve this harassment?! ‘Yahapalanaya’ seems just a facade for this government. Vengeance isn’t ‘good governance.’ Targeting my Mother proves it. President Rajapaksa and I, as politicians, are always ready to face political vengeance. But I wish they would leave my Mother & brothers alone” says Namal Rajapaksa.

Namal Shiranthi Facebook 26 May 2015

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    If you want to get some sympathy at least accept the glaring truth that your father and your uncles did terrible and unforgivable things to many people. Just think of the two land mark examples I will just mention. But remember there are many, many more we could recount on the unpardonable abuses your father and uncles are responsible. First is about Sarath Fonseka the former army commander. Do you really think he deserved what he received just because he contested the elections for Presidency competing with your father? You tell your mother did not get involved in politics and so she should be left alone. What politics did former Chief Justice involve in for her to have undergone the humiliation she went through? Her son too had also commented on your plea about your mother, but her mother was not left alone by your dirty father and uncles did they? He recounted the ordeal his family underwent during that period. I can go on without stopping to narrate so much abuse of power by your father. But will stop with these two instances.

    If you really want people to have sympathy to you, you should have to agree and accept the undeniable facts that your father is responsible for the misery at least these two people who served the country. You denying these glaring facts will certainly play against you.

    If your mother and uncles are innocent they will be set free so you have nothing to worry about. It is a court hearing and as your father, uncles and you have claimed we have the best judiciary in the world, so you will have the best judgment the world can offer. So why worry? But if your uncle’s have stolen public money, or indulged in criminal activity taking advantage of the powerful position they held in Government then it is certainly a serious matter and deserve to be punished in accordance of the law.

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      Also, Namal should thank God for his mother getting an opportunity to prove her innocence, if she is, before a lawfully constituted body than a kangroo court similar to that set-up by his father to unlawfully punish SF.

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    Why does this kind of “son and mother news” receive 191 comments?? Don’t the readers have anything better to do? There are many articles on serious problems that almost nobody comments.

    I admit that I haven’t read the comments here.

    CT should provide information on how many times an article has been accessed not just the number of comments.

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    Namal you have said “#Yahapalanaya seems just a facade for this government. #Vengeance isn’t “good governance.” Targeting my Mother proves it”.

    Look at you and your family in the mirror and then tell, did not targeting the former chief justice Shirani Bandaranayke prove what you just said, but against your father and uncles, when your dirty and stinking father and his brothers committed an unpardonable sin to her abusing the privilege of the powers vested in them. Accept undeniable facts dear Namal and that is the only way to put these behind you and move ahead, if not the ghost will always come behind you to haunt you. You need to close this dirty chapter once and for all. You have a full life to live and so take my advice and accept publicly to the sins your father and uncles committed and plead an apology and to forgive, and after lead a normal life better give up (dirty)politics for ever.

    Certainly your fathers and brothers have to pay for their sins if proved by courts and there is no simple escape through a lip service apology! Nobody is taking vengeance against your family and what happened, really happened and was so visible for everyone when your father and his brothers thought they will be always in power and can manipulate justice the way they want. It is not vengeance to face charges for what they have committed.

    However no white van took them away nor any hired killer silence them in the manner Lasantha Wickrematunge the respectable Editor of the Sunday Leader was killed by the orders of whom I know you know. Your uncles still have a right to defend and prove their innocence in courts (which was not provided to many of your white van victims or Lasantha). If your uncles are totally innocent then they should be set free if not and proved guilty then they deserve the most severe punishment.

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    Dear Minister Namal

    Legal due process is one thing, humiliation is another. Persons who so quick to state that General Sarath Fonseka was humiliated now seem to think that it is right to humiliate their opponents.

    As a lawyer yourself you must know of the oft-quoted statement that ‘no-one is above the law’. However you must also know that before the law everyone should be treated equally as possible. Harassment and humiliation is not an option.

    Maybe your party when you gain power in the next election could make a formal legal appeal on behalf of several persons of the previous government that were subjected to undue humiliation above and beyond that required by due legal processes. The final sentencing is a separate matter. As a lawyer you should be able to gain support for such a case.

    I think it is a shame to the entire country that the Former First Lady, a Catholic (for the the information of Western readers), has been summoned to the Financial Crimes Investigation Division. I think it is a shame that the former Defence Secretary, who risked his life for this country, with countless others, has been summoned, and also former Minister Basil Rajapakse has also been paraded like a captured King in public. We don’t need foreign conspiracies to sully the name of our Country we are doing it locally, right here.

    Surely there are laws concerning undue harassment and intimidation by the government, these are the laws the previous government is accused of breaking.

    Also, it may be a good time think of conducting your political career in a way that no-one will be able to accuse you of corruption or wrongdoing.

    Is this possible under the modern Yahapalanaya Sri Lanka? I am not sure, lets find out.

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      Let me try and take you point by point.
      More than humiliation,Gen. Sarath Fonseka was dragged like a dog and put behind bars on fabricated evidence.That was pure revenge.Crime committed: contesting against the man who taught, was the undisputed king.All instructions given to military court and personally monitored by Gota.I suppose you don’t remember the past.Now when it happens to them,it hurts,which I understand.

      Namal lawyer? Your guess is as good as mine!You say no one is above the law,absolutely.It’a shame that you didn’t teach him that,then.It would have done good for this mama’s boy.You say that there are several
      people from the previous regime,subjected to harassment.May I ask you in your opinion,can’t any one be investigated if he or she is accused of any wrong doings? That person should go before the law and get cleared if not guilty.we should wait for the verdict instead of giving our two cents.

      Gaining power at the next gen. elections? May be in your dreams.You are advising him,after gaining power (day dreaming),to go to courts and sue the present regime people,at least that’s what I understand.We know very well how the judiciary,police,Election dept. and basically all govt. departments operated under the then self appointed king.The good majority of the people will never want to live under that rule.

      If there are allegations,the first lady should be investigated and the truth must come out.After all she is a another citizen of this country and if not guilty she goes out free.Do not worry about the present judicial system,which is independent. Pls.don’t drag in religion here we all are below the law of the land.Gota’s and Basil’s deals have to be investigated as they too are not above the law unlike during the former rule no one knew about the robberies taking place then.Good that you have indirectly admitted this.You, advising this boy about his political career will be in vein as he has grown up in politics around corruption and not sure if he could ever change.

      Lets hope that he will change under Yahapalanaya.

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