2 March, 2024


My Wife’s Arrest Is In Retaliation To Nugegoda Rally: Wimal

Former Minister Wimal Weerawansa says his wife’s arrest is part of agenda launched to disrupt the political journey they are seeking to initiate following the Nugegoda rally held last week, where he along with three other UPFA ally parties called for ex-President Rajapaksa to be named the Prime Ministerial candidate of the alliance.

WimalSpeaking to journalists this afternoon before the CID, he said that the allegations levelled against him are blatant lies and added that they will reveal the truth before the Courts.

“All these issues are emerging after the Nugegoda rally. The champions of ‘good governance’ have become very agitated and their hearts beats have risen. So the more agitated they become, the number of times that we are summoned to these places would be higher and the enforcement of the law against us would concurrently rise,” he said.

The NFF leader went on to state that the arrest of his wife is to disrupt his political journey and added however that no matter what, he would not bow down before anyone and would proceed forward.

“This is an era where those who made sacrifices to rid the country of the LTTE menace are imprisoned while the LTTE-ers themselves are freed on the Independance day. This is the change that has taken place in Sri Lanka,” he added.

Weerawansa’s wife popularly known as Shashi, had been taken into custody at a private hospital located in Malabe on February 22, 2015. She has been identified as Ranasinghe Randunu Mudiyanselage Sirja Udayanathi but also goes by the name Shehasa Udayanthi.

Weerawansa too had been summoned by the CID today for an investigation that has been launched against him based on a complaint lodged in 2011. Although the journalists questioned him on the allegations against him, he did not wish to clarify what the charges were.

Weerawansa on his wife at Nugegoda;

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  • 7

    Now that they have arrested your fat lipped wife, they should also arrest you. Then all these ex-ltte buggers should be arrested. Put them all in one prison cell and watch the fun.

    • 1

      Tamil from the north east west Pakistan

      “Then all these ex-ltte buggers should be arrested. Put them all in one prison cell and watch the fun.”

      So you like to engineer another prison riot to get rid of those undesirables similar to the 1983 Welikada massacre?

      Man you are armed with despicable ideas and dangerous.

      How about you being part/head of the welcoming committee at the prison?

      • 0

        Native Vedda from a tree and a clown, listen all these undesirables should be eradicated now so that this country can move forward. Maybe they should throw Sach, ela Kolla, KA Sumanasekeram and all in there as well, maybe you could join them as well.

  • 9

    Wimal Ayya, don’t try to mislead people with your “concoction” by saying your wife’s arrest is a retaliation for Nugegoda meeting and other political vendetta etc. This is blatant fraud by your wife with your active participation! Having 2 NICs and 2 Passports is a crime in our law. You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to know this. Even a Grade 5 student would know this unless you have not been in that Grade even! Apart from possessing these items fraudulently, she has even taken a Diplomatic Passport FRAUDULENTLY when she is least eligible for it! These are crimes in law and, hence the normal course of the law has taken place. Further, even you should be arrested for aiding and abetting this crime!! Your “concoctions” are now “DECOCTION” to our people. Therefore, stop this NONSENSE!

  • 4

    Never mind why they decided to arrest Mrs Weerawansa at this time, what is really to the point is whether or not she is guilty of what she has been accused of. If she is innocent of the charges, what has she or her husband got to worry about?

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    No Gonwansa~!The charges were already there against you and her! You yourself challenged the police to come and take her and that you are waiting for them! So they came now! What’s the problem you have now?

  • 0

    Nugegoda rally does NOT mean that one cannot be charged-

    Jail term for such offences is five years? It will also consider suspension of civic rights!

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    Wimal bruwansa,your times are over.You and your racist politics are finished.You were lucky to have been a minister.
    you robbed the land from the people in the north and gave false certificates conniving with Douglas.Now wait for karma to catch up with you.You are not qualified to do even a peons job.

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