6 December, 2023


Tamil People Are Highly Disappointed And Dismayed: Shivaji Tells HR Chief

The Tamil people are highly disappointed and dismayed by United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner’s announcement on February 16, to delay the OHCR Investigation on Sri Lanka – OISL Report until September 2015, says M.K. Shivajilingam.

Sending a letter to the High Commissioner today, the Northern Provincial Council member says; The Tamil people, however, take solace in your “personal, absolute and unshakable commitment that the report will be published by September”, and it will be “stronger and more comprehensive report.”

M. K. Shivajilingam

M. K. Shivajilingam

We publish below the letter in full;

February 23, 2015

The Hon. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais Wilson, 52 rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Dear Honorable High Commissioner Zeid,

Re: Accountability and Political Solution in Sri Lanka

The Tamil people are highly disappointed and dismayed by your announcement on February 16, to delay the OHCR Investigation on Sri Lanka – OISL Report until September 2015. The Tamil people had been anxiously waiting with high hopes for the release of the Report, but this unexpected delay has caused serious concerns to the victimized Tamil population, and we strongly believe justice delayed is justice denied.

The Tamil people, however, take solace in your “personal, absolute and unshakable commitment that the report will be published by September”, and it will be “stronger and more comprehensive report.”

The UN’s failure to protect the Tamils in 2009 was termed as “systemic failure” of the UN by the UN’s own “Report of the UN Secretary General’s Internal Review Panel on UN Action in Sri Lanka” released in November 2012 by the head of the Panel Charles Petrie. The Tamil people sincerely hope that the UN System will not victimize the Tamils once again by delaying or denying them full and complete justice. We see this delay yet again as a failure of the UN system to protect and listen to the victims of mass atrocities.

The Tamil Nation has been systematically destroyed by the successive Sinhalese dominated Sri Lankan governments, ever since the island got its independence in 1948. The Tamil people have been massacred in thousands, they have been tortured, their churches and temples have been destroyed, their lands have been taken away, their rights have been denied, and they have been oppressed and occupied. The injustice against the Tamils continues even at this very moment.

We are hopeful that the Report by the OISL will be released in September of this year, and the UN judicial proceedings will follow without any further delay. We sincerely hope this extended time will be used to strengthen the Report and not to weaken it. Tamil people have experienced disappointments and disillusions in the last 67 years, and we do not believe Sri Lanka will ever deliver true justice to the Tamils; instead, it will use the time and space to hoodwink the International Community again, and try to derail the UN process of accountability and justice to the Tamils.

The main reason given for delaying the OISL Report is that Sri Lanka now has a new government, and they need to be given time. However, the Tamil people, who have first-hand experience of the Sri Lankan political culture which thrives on oppressing Tamils with Sinhalese Buddhist nationalistic Majoritarian sentiments, do not believe the new government which consists of several of the same personals that were part of the previous regimes that committed the crimes, will deliver anything new to the Tamils. The new regime came to power with the slogan of opposing the UN Investigation and opposing equitable political solution based on a federal model.

The new regime came to power on January 9th of this year. Within days of coming into power, the new regime has given the police-powers to its armed-forces. This is not a sign of demilitarization or good-will from the new regime. The fact that the Northern Provincial Council unanimously passed a historic resolution on February 10th clearly indicates the Tamils’ mistrust against the new Sri Lankan government. The Resolution details the genocide, crimes, and injustice committed against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan governments and its system since 1948, and includes the roles of some of the leaders in the current regime including the President. This Resolution is tabled by our Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council Honorable Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, who is a retired Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. The Resolution describes the systematic historical atrocities against the Tamil people by Sri Lanka and calls for comprehensive investigation of Genocide against the Tamil people and referral to the International Criminal Court. Some of the highlights of the Resolution are attached at the bottom of this letter.*

While the OISL Report is being delayed to give more time and space to Sri Lanka, we Tamils kindly and respectfully request that the International Community and the UN must set clear requirements to measure the progress of the commitment of Sri Lanka. Although the UNHRC Resolution of March 2014, “Calling upon the Government of Sri Lanka to fulfil its public commitments, including on the devolution of political authority”, Sri Lanka has not made any progress towards finding a permanent political solution, instead, its oppression of the Tamils continues.

Sri Lanka often talks about “reconciliation” but conciliation cannot begin without accountability, justice and a permanent equitable political solution. Sri Lanka must stop its anti-Tamil agenda including the land-grab, and hand over all the lands taken from the Tamil people and remove its military camps from the North and East.

I respectfully request you, UNHRC Member countries, and the International Community to urge Sri Lanka to show progress before September, on both the Accountability as well as the political solution. Here I list some of the major requests:

Sri Lanka must allow the UN Investigative Team to enter Sri Lanka and visit any areas without any restrictions.

The UN Team must be able to meet up with victims, and witnesses. It must be able to meet with military officials that were involved in the war. The UN Team must be able to visit the areas of mass-killings, mass-graves and others places of interest to the Investigative Team. They should be able to visit prisons and other places where the Tamil prisoners are kept.

The witnesses must be given protection, and conditions must be created for the witnesses and victims, such a way that they will be able to meet the UN Team without any fear or reprisals.

Political Solution:

Towards finding a permanent political solution, Sri Lanka must accept technical assistance from the UN, and accept mediation by the EU, India, US and the UN. The Negotiation must start as soon as possible and progress be made before September.

The Negotiation must begin from the Oslo Declaration where both the Tamil side and Sri Lanka side agreed on Dec 5, 2002 to explore political solution based on a federal structure. The current Prime Minister Hon Ranil Wickeramasinghe was also the Prime Minister of the government that agreed to the Oslo Declaration in Oslo, Norway in the presence of Norwegian facilitators.

If Sri Lanka is unwilling or unable to find a permanent political solution, I request you and the International Community to help conduct a UN monitored Referendum for the Tamil people to determine their political destiny.

If Sri Lanka has genuine intention of cooperating with the UN, and genuinely interested in accountability, justice and permanent political solution, it must show progress to the International Community and to the UN, before September on all fronts. The Tamil people hope that the International Community obtains unambiguous commitment from Sri Lanka to fulfill these.

The Tamil people are counting on you and the International Community towards finding justice and permanent political solution. We seek your assistance. We seek your help. Above all, we seek your protection. We sincerely hope you are listening.

Thank you.
Member of Northern Provincial Council, Sri Lanka
[Former Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka]

CC: UNHRC Member Countries, EU Member Countries

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    The pressure is now on the UN HRC Chief to honour his commitment to deliver a more comprehensive report in September and not give in to the big powers backing the new government in Sri Lanka. Postponement of the report raises doubts about his credibility and commitment to human rights and justice. The only way he can restore that and follow in the footsteps of his esteemed predecessor Navi Pillay’s excellent record is to deliver on an honest non-political report that brings justice to the thousands of victims of the Rajapaksa regime.

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      M.K. Shivajilingam.

      “The Tamil people are highly disappointed and dismayed by United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner’s announcement on February 16, to delay the OHCR Investigation on Sri Lanka – OISL Report until September 2015, says M.K. Shivajilingam.”

      The Report is getting buried in Global Politics.

      Will the Report Include in addition to the state Atrocities, the atrocities committed by LTTE, and those LTTE who are at large, would they be tracked and punished? Committed against the non-LTTE Tamils?

      KP?Karuna? and the LTTE carried out civilian massacres? What abput Ethnic Clensing of Muslims and Sinhala?

      • 11


        We are missing the Sen Tamil of Addu Maddu… in the 100 day plan by former DRO Trinco – long fanged purple coloured monster.

        Let sivaji go and hide in Vaiko’s lungi because Shushima and her Friend RAW daughter know how in the zoo that he belongs to.

        Sivaji is Maratha King not nadu and the last maharaja of Nadu was his dynasty. 1818 was the last war with the british to capture the whole of east india company and that includes Kandy-1818.- se how the Brits planned.

        H.H. Choladesadhipati Srimant Rajasri Maharaja Kshatrapati Sri Shivaji Raje Sahib Bhonsle Chhatrapati Maharaj, Raja of Tanjore

        • Shahaji Raje (1594–1664)
        • The Marathi inscriptions of the Thanjavur temple dates the capture of Thanjavur to January 1676.
        • Ekoji I (1676–1684). Half-Brother of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj
        • Shahuji I of Thanjavur
        • Serfoji I
        • Tukkoji
        • Ekoji II
        • Sujanbai
        • Shahuji II of Thanjavur
        • Pratapsingh of Thanjavur
        • Thuljaji
        • Serfoji II
        • Shivaji II

      • 5

        OK both did war crime, why they delay the report?

        • 13

          Did you ever have latrines So why the hurry??

          Even the Chinese the original `Weretigers` (during the time of `terracotta warriors 3300 year)
          Yes who first presented tea and the potty to the world did not give it to you.

          You first learn `I` before you negotiate with a scamp, wayward, curious monkey individual.

          Over 200 years the Scots fought with love for the English of same race but different ethnicity yet friends in New England.


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        [Edited out] Ameraya
        This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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        M. K. Shivajilingam

        REL United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner’s

        Muslim People, especially those from Jaffna and Northern and Eastern Provinces Are Highly Disappointed And Dismayed: Why?

        they were chased out in 1992 by the Velupilaai Prabakaran and LTTE. The War ended 5 years ago, and they were not able to return to their homes as well.

        Sri Lankan Muslim refugees songs from ABABEEL
        Uploaded on Mar 15, 2009
        song about Muslims who were forcefully chased out from Northern Sri Lanka by LTTE in 1990


        The Jaffna and the Northern Muslims Issues and Concerns in Sri Lanka


        Uploaded on Apr 1, 2009
        Tarika chats with Mirak Raheem from the Center for Policy Alternatives to find out more abut what the future holds for the Jaffna and the Northern Muslims.


        The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) set-up the Peace and Conflict Analysis Unit in 1999 as a means of further developing CPA’s engagement in the sphere of Conflict Transformation.

        The focus of the Conflict & Peace Analysis Unit is the protracted ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka: its genesis, manifestations, present trends and tendencies and future trajectory. The unit also seeks to intervene in processes relating to national reconciliation, national reconstruction and the restitution of peace with justice in Sri Lanka. Lessons are drawn, wherever comparable and relevant, from situations of conflict formation and conflict transformation in the international sphere.

    • 10

      Richard Kaz the tamil speaking tamil,

      GET BSS to do a repeat and his report will follow yesterday.- alla -you – are -akbar no bars even from Anglo Saxon wife at the UN.

    • 6

      “Esteem predecessor Navipllai’s excellent
      record” —- during her tenure she proved her inability to be impartial – therefore her past record is neither perfect nor excelent – the best UN can do is to completely withdraw the report and wash their hands off – and ask racist tamil politicians – Hey guys now there is a Gov. who is willing to sit and talk about genuine tamil grivences – give up your racist rabble rousing and try to think as Sri Lankans and find common grounds where all can come to an agreement and reconcile for the mutual benifit of all races in the country – UN or any other country in the world should not take the side of any party – this is a local issue not an international issue – So let the solution also be local

    • 10


      I congratulate and thank you for proposing motion for “genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka” at the NPC and getting it passed uncontested.

      Using the same yardstick, can you now propose a motion at the NPC for “ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the Jaffna district by the LTTE in early 90″……..?? I challenge you to give your response in the CT!!

      • 4

        Real Peace

        “Using the same yardstick, can you now propose a motion at the NPC for “ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the Jaffna district by the LTTE in early 90″……..?? I challenge you to give your response in the CT!! “

        He won’t why? There is ample evidence to show that Sri Lankan Tamils were atre are much more racists than any other community. They even did not care about the Estate Tamils,and their own low-caste Tamils.

        Because they all are Racist Tamils. Are they going to Fool the Sinhala, the Muslims and Tamils with common Dense and decency? No.


        The Jaffna and the Northern Muslims Issues and Concerns in Sri Lanka


    • 0

      Navi Pillay is Tamil – so how can anything she began be impartial? M K Shivaji disappointed? Go [Edited out]. Instead of being thankful peace has returned to Jaffna, you are urging for more misery and trouble. When will you parasites ever clear off?

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    TNA should hold their saddles for a longer time until the parliamentary
    elections are over and a prime minister is appointed and a stable govt.
    is formed The govt.is releasing confiscated lands and trying to reduce
    the strength of the army with the release of the confiscated lands, proportionately in an orderly manner, also working on the laws under which,the govt. could release the political prisoners and slowly easing the problems faced by the Tamil people one by one in a manner that does not upset the majority. M/s Sambanthan & Sumanthiran seem to understand the reasoning for the govt’s delay in solving the problems immediately but M/s. Wigneswaran, & Sivajilingam are in a mighty hurry,harassing the govt. to act immediately on the problems,
    as if the govt.is run by TNA, while this problem lasted over sixty years and Tamil leaders did nothing and this is unbecoming of TNA,whom
    Tamils given the trust to work for them. TNA must place themselves in
    Mr. Sirisena’s position as the opposition is waiting like vultures to pick holes in his administration and waiting to play the communal card again to change the minds of the gullible voters. Genocide resolution, though a good piece of resolution, brought at the wrong time.Had he brought it during former regime, NPC would have got dissolved and if he brought at the time UN, releasing the human rights report in Sept, it would have got recognition but now no body has shown any interest.
    TNA should not jump the gun and patient is needed at this juncture as the Tamils feel that this coalition of various parties will rectify all wrong things done to the Tamils and TNA should bear in mind the parliamentary elections are around the corner and lesson will be taught if TNA topple the apple cart now and be the cause of a change of government. Ar’nt the Tamils now happier than the past decade. What
    has TNA done to eliminate the Tamil militias and their leaders in North and East and are they working on getting more smaller Tamil parties and Eastern Muslims to form a stronger coalition to be in a position of strength after the elections. No is the answer.

  • 7

    The best fitting Sri lankan leader for Tamils was Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Because, Tamils know only the Tribalism. Among Dravideans, Tamil is just one language and they are the most primitive Tribe.

    Within them they know only Casteism.

    • 10

      Jimba Gembass,

      I never knew that casteism is a Sinhala halal Buddhist classified advertisement guarded secret.
      Schedule Tribes and Schedule Class because they are asking and
      Sinhala halal Buddhist are in denial that they are Hemophrodite Heyna Carcuta’s as in the flag French English Dutch picked up the Lion from their colony in Africa- understandable and you Hennde??

      Yakko minimaruvo thief murder you are fit for soylent green in any modern abortion- canned fish fish is what your pirise coppa silvas peeras and of course De – durava? there is all an encylopedia on Sinhala halal Buddhist Casteism..

      Boston Brahmin- Anglo Saxons (you lived in US pinnata then hide those twiddlewinks pls.

    • 3

      Jimbo wakey wakey, are you (=_=)~ sleepy

      Q: What did a Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?
      A: Make me one with everything.

      (The hot dog vendor prepares the hot dog and gives it to the monk. The monk pays him and asks for the change. The hot dog vendor says: “Change comes from within”.)

      Why are you spanking a dead donkey when everyone in the world is aware that both have casteism- what cheap thrill do you get- I like the rest then born Ceylonese at Colombo In Ceylon. If I say it now as per my vocal (we have always been one before religion or ethinic as we jumped over hedges played in any uncle anut garden climbed trees anywhere at colombo and we spke monkey language scratching eachothers ears.- so please all you villagers have some self respect please stop eating chinese dogs and getting peeky not nice brother) it is
      Lankan born at Colombo Sri Lanka in Plain english- thats it please keep you faith to self like us who are fed up of your curse therefore I am Spiritual but not religious (SBNR). & I dont need a Sri lankan passport even for free- peeky toilet paper you are responsible for the damge because you live there and cause the problems like your friends the pakistanis dont tell me I am a curious monkey.

      Southern castes[edit]
      There are still major differences between the caste structures of the highlands and those of the low country, although some service groups are common to both. The southwest coast is home to three major castes other than the majority Goyigama common to both Low Country and Up Country, some of whose ancestors are believed have migrated from Southern India at a later period but who have become important actors in the Sinhalese social system: the Salagama, the Durava and the Karave (or Karava). The first century BC Anuradhpura Abayagiri terrace inscription referring to a Karava navika may be the first reference to a specialist occupation.[12] Their traditional occupations and their coastal positions of power have been advantageous to the Karave caste during the colonial period. Hence mixed marriages with the Portuguese (as promoted by Alphonso Albuquerque) as well as wealth accumulation during the rest of the colonial period have been natural consequences. By the late 20th century, members of southern castes, especially by the Karave, Durava and Salagama had moved to all parts of the country, occupied high business and academic positions. Formerly untouchable Rodiya and Kinnaraya are also found in the low country.
      List of Southern castes
      Ahinkuntaya – Gypsies
      Badahäla (Kumbal) – Potters
      Berava – Tom-tom beaters
      Demala Gattara – Tamil Outcastes
      Dewa Deva – Feudal rulers, merchants, military personnel
      Durava – Traditional teachers, soldiers and coconut cultivators, toddy tappers, confectioners
      Gattara – Cultivators
      Govigama – Traditional cultivators, landworkers and herdsmen
      Hannali – Tailors
      Hinna – Washers
      Karava – Traditionally marine based activities and warriors, typically indicated by a ge-name to denote the feudal tribe
      Navandanna – Artisans (many subcategories)
      Pamunu – Tenant farmers
      Pannikki – Barbers
      Porowakara – Wood cutters
      Rajaka (Hena) – Washermen
      Rodiya – Outcastes
      Salagama – Cinnamon cultivators, warriors and coastal nobility
      Tamil castes[edit]
      Castes amongst Sri Lankan Tamils[edit]
      Currently among the Sri Lankan Tamils, some of the equivalent Sinhalese castes are:
      Vellalar equivalent to Govigama
      Karaiyar equivalent to Karava
      Nalavar equivalent to Durave
      Paraiyar equivalent to Berava
      Pallar/Mallar equivalent to Batgama
      Thurumbar equivalent to Hina

    • 0

      actually jim [Edited out] most people in the indian subcontinent have dravidan in them. The sinhalese have a lot of dravidian in them. As for caste it was brought to india by your friends the aryans.

  • 5


    • 12


      This one point bothers even right thinking folk of the west.

      This is how Aryan refugees to the island became robber barons assisted by `saffron colored one`

      Listen to Boston Brahmin Woman – freedom carries a responsibility and it is plucked – not stolen by not paying taxes on utilities or duty on imports

      Hillary Clinton Calls Internet Freedom ‘An Ongoing Struggle’
      Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest supporters of an “Open Internet,” the principle that people should be able to make their own choices on internet services and expression..
      In fact, she is one of the original cosponsors of the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, the law that protects net neutrality and the right to keep an open internet.

      On Tuesday, Clinton reiterated her strong support for internet freedom during her speech at Dreamforce 2014, Salesforce’s annual conference in San Francisco……


  • 6

    Stop your bloody racist bull shit – you guys are dragging innocent tamils from bad to worst – Solutions to genuine tamil problems can only be found by genuinely assimilatING tamil politics with other local politics in Sri Lanka – Americans or West have their own agendas – they will be using everybody under the sky to push their agendas – by running to India or West or America will only distance you all from local political scenario

  • 10

    I quote “The Tamil Nation has been systematically destroyed by the successive Sinhalese dominated Sri Lankan governments ever since the island got its independence in 1948”

    Do we have a “Sihala nation”, “muslim nation” and a “Christian nation” and maybe also a small “burger” and “malay” nation anywhere in Sri Lanka ?
    Whoever came up with such notions has been defeated.

    This is bullshit, when majority of the country is Singhala the government is going to to be from that majority.
    What the Tamils wanted since independence was to create a separate nation, that’s where everything went wrong. I agree injustice has taken place against Tamils and also against Muslims a credible mechanism should be devised so that those who have committed crime will get punished irrespective of their ethnicity.

    But these diashora Tamils keep barking up the wrong tree no matter how many millennia, it is going be still Tamils asking for separate nation.

    What the Tamil diashora should envisage is international community is tiered of their lies. Only reason it got dragged so long is because of dictatorial MARA.

    If they don’t change their approach and engage they will be left out with nothing. The problem with Tamil diahora is they are so selfish in their aspirations. Objective is conflict in Sri Lanka so they can stay away and also get down their kith and kin.

    Tamils in Sri Lanka are saying “Diahora – Apita Epa” as I have not hear a voice from Tamils in Sri Lanka asking for Tamil Diahora assistance.

    • 6

      How slime flies.

      We have Sanjay Patent right special for yours truly- Nalli Cut Howszat??

      everybody fly’s and everyone plays football`

  • 3

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 3

    I hope it covers all alleged atrocities and arrives at the truth. war crimes and beyond.As mentioned the LTTE and the Sri Lankan state have both been accused of war crimes.

    But what has been shown beyond any doubt via the well-crafted 11 page document by Sri Lanka’s former Supreme Court Judge and the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council Wigneswaran is that over the last 67 years the Sri Lankan state has engaged in structural genocide.

    The charge of genocide requires remedial action and protection of the Tamil
    people from the Sri Lankan state-this can well be a political arrangement within a united country or if the State continues to be intransigent in maintaining Sinhala dominance (as advocated by the likes of Dr Jayatilleke and his ilk), other suitable measures need to be explored.

    • 5

      If the sinhalese are that bad the Indian Tamils would have returned to their grubby homeland in Tamil Nadu. But they did not. The other option for Rajan to consider is taking a boat across the Palk Strait to where you belong and stop being a damn nuisence. Tamils have all the rights Sinhalese have and the state of affairs will not change just because of disgruntled parasites.

      • 1

        lal loo

        “If the sinhalese are that bad the Indian Tamils would have returned to their grubby homeland in Tamil Nadu.”

        It was a historical mistake on the part of Sinhala/Buddhists. Had the Sinhala/Buddhists packed the hard working Tamils back to Tamil Nadu this island would have ground to halt and gone bankrupt long ago, you would have had to eat Manihot esculenta with katta sambol , no cakes; kahatta with hakkuru if you are lucky to produce tea without the Tamil labour; Karathe ride to school and work with out imported petrol; ………….

        You should be grateful the hard working people.

  • 4

    Without talking bull shit can you tell your Tamilnadu friends to stop robbing fish in the Mannar sea – poor tamil fisherman are finding it difficult to earn their living due to this unchecked robbing – I heard Mr Anthony Pillai – the leader of the fisherman’s union had requested President to intervene to find a permanent solution for this problem – That itself shows how much confidence normal tamilians have in their politicos – They are not interested in your Resolution or Geneva resolution – they are more interested in solving their day to day problems – But the problem is you all are not interested in their day to day issues – but preoccupied with rabble rousing that will create more and more problems for normal tamilians living in North

  • 6

    Dear Mr.Shivajilingam,

    A long term solution to our problems will only come by the TNA and the Government of Sri Lanka working together.

    The UN report will only globalise our problems and this will not help find a solution to the problem.

    • 11

      Shaking hands is something i have always held with a bit of eeek.
      Display of animal instincts of the barbarians.

      Wriggling our own hands but not bending as if we are ancient `weretigers` on the prowl is what i have fancied – its hygienic too when you don’t have latrines and rarely use soap or pray.The max goo is not on toilet seat but keyboard(according to yahoo survey) and lives on finger nails of king kong.

      If you fight at home solve it at home or change the rhythm but not the music of romance because there can never be love then on.


  • 1

    The Hon. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein in addition to below has discovered fresh evidence on M.K.Shivajilingam’s association.

    So the Report Include in addition to the state Atrocities, the atrocities committed by LTTE, and those LTTE who are at large, would they be tracked and punished? Committed against the non-LTTE Tamils? KP?Karuna? and the LTTE carried out civilian massacres,Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims and Sinhala and also about the indulgence of M.K.Shivajilingam………….
    So .. Shiva is demanding for the report now.
    He was able to bribe Navi Pillay but not Zied.

    We the Tamil people would not mind knowing what SHIVA has been up to as well.

  • 4

    I am confused, didn’t you and Ananthy wanted Mahinda to be our president. So why do you lose your patience on this?. At least give a chance to the IC to see what you claim you knew about the current Government?. We don’t want any more enemies. You seem to have some problem with MS.

  • 2

    Lanka watch , you are right and wrong. I do not think that majority Singhalese will be angry if Srisena release all people’s land occupied by Gothas army. They are only asking their own land -why Singhalese will get angry for that except those who wanted to steal those land. Gotha was stealing sand and now the sea water is coming into land. Gotha was cutting all the trees and it leads to green house effect. Gothe was pouring oil in to wells and people do not have water to drink . Gotha’s Tamil thugs are still killing people. I am blaming Gothe because the ordinary law abading people can ‘not do anything because Gotha’s army is there with guns. Can you do something for these things without blaming Sivagilingam or Vicky.

  • 1


    It is clear that you are in a hurry to bring about the enthronement of Mahinda Rajapakse and his cronies, at the next elections, who are dependent upon the stupid outbursts you come out with time to time without any heed to national or international realities. Do you remember your shameless stunt, not long ago when you were a parliamentarian, running around the parliament premises with the Speaker’s maze? Do you sincerely mean that the UNCHR is going to pay any heed to your letter/appeal. You are only –like in the past– by your words and deeds digging more graves for the Tamils living in Sri Lanka and ensure their alienation. You are knowingly feeding to the powder keg of the racism propaganda by the calibre of Wimal weerawanse and others. Their slogan to come back to power is mainly and only that LTTE is being revived since you were one of the backers of the LTTE despite their atrocities which may be less in numbers compared to the Govt but equally intense in its cruelty at all levels. Do you sincerely think that the resolution will ever bring Mahinda and others to International courts, and/or will provide compensation for the war-affected (which don’t forget also comprises of Muslims evicted from Jaffan and the innocent Sinhalese/ Tamil, Muslim civilians who were massacred by the LTTE, and/or meet constitutionally a political solution for the Tamils that will go beyond the 13th Amendment?

    TNA leadership is fast losing its credibility and acceptability by not evicting you from the party. Tamils do not need any enemies to destroy them; a few people like you is enough to accelerate the process!

  • 2

    If any human being Rights the Wrongs what the Government did by chasing those innocent people out of their homes and lands by Arial bombardment, they are not considered as Humans. The people had to flee their homes and lands leaving all their possessions and many died in those shelling. Is it not considered to be human rights violation? As Lanka Watch says, there is no alternative for the Tamils except to wait for another 70 years for the Army to secure those properties they are illegally occupying. In those private lands the Army has built a presidential palace, Golf Course, Yogat factory. The cattle the army is raising are the ones left by those people who fled their lands. That is why Lanka Watch is asking the TNA to hold the saddle. When they speak of reconciliation, they accept the injustice done to the Tamils. I once said that there were 20% Tamils living in Sri Lanka and now the Tamil population is reduced to 12%.Why?

    • 2

      Some Tamils in Eastern and Northern provinces have become Muslims.

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