14 June, 2024


Wimal Weerawansa’s Wife Arrested

Wimal Weerawansa’s wife has been taken into custody this evening under charges of possessing a forged diplomatic passport.

wimal weerawansa

Wimal and wife| File photo

Weerawansa’s wife popularly known as Shashi, had been taken into custody at a private hospital located in Malabe this evening at about 7 pm. She has been identified as Ranasinghe Randunu Mudiyanselage Sirja Udayanathi but also goes by the name Shehasa Udayanthi.

She was asked to report to the CID on February 19 but had not appeared and former Minister Weerawansa said it was due to a sudden illness and that the CID has been informed of her inability to attend the inquiry. He had also said his wife’s arrest has been plotted to tarnish his image.

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    as I read elsewhere, ther is a lot more than just getting 2 passports here.

    This female was accused to send her sister to the UK on her first passport and then the sister dissapeared in the UK.

    Thereafter she got another passport for herself. This is how the 9th grader Weerasangali Pannikkiya Wimalasena a.k.a Wimal Weerawansa (again change the names to fool the masses) did ran the show pretend like the hero for the singhalese.

    These are the comrades that our so called political scientist, Dayan J. do associate and lean into get his dollars from NGOs to discredit this peoples government.

  • 1

    All wives of patriots are patriots
    Wimal is a patriot
    Therefore, Wimal’s wife, Sashi, is a patriot

    • 6

      Please correct the spelling, ‘Parrot’ not ‘Patriot’.

    • 4

      Andare Upawasage

      All smart ass patriots are scoundrels, not all scoundrels are patriots.

    • 3

      All wives of bootlickers are bootlickers
      Since Wimal is a bootlicker, so is his wife.

  • 5

    Now that Modawansa’s wife’s Passport is probed, why not probe the Diplomatic Passport of Karuna Amman’s also, issued in the name of Kokila Gunawardene? Who issued the false Diplomatic Passport to Karuna? Take the Bugger in as well.

    • 0

      It should be Kohila Gunamakuwana.

    • 2

      Two far varied issues Mr. Gamini.

      Karunas was planned strategically. So, that cannot be comparable to that of Buruwanse’s shiky micky aunty -who later became society lady but not having the basice education to do so. Anyways, Buruwanse has to face it for his crime thiking and animating the society for his own survivial.
      The days have arrived, all these buggers to face those tomrments that we thought should have come on them long back now.

      • 3

        Isnt this MILF used to be a ex-wife of another JVPer who was hiding in Japan after the 88/89 crackdown and our Panchayudaya went to her place as the man a die hard JVP cadre used to send remitance to the party to be distrubute among half for the party and the other half to this lady.

        Finally the Panchayudaya ran away with her and then its another story. This female was only a agency post office owner before MaRa came into power and now a billionaire herself.

        This govt should do a proper investigation of her and all around her to find out how many millions were illgotten as her name was mentioned in the infamous Salaka Casino after the Hulugalle episode.

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    These people who have made comments here are NUTS.
    They are mocking Buruwansa, Modawansa, Shashiwansa ect., on a passport fraud & talking of jails…………….

    BTW, the entire Immigration too will have to be arrested & sent to jail for issuing this passport, & allowing her to depart & enter the country ect.,

    Aiyo Sirisena will have to erect more prisons soon.

  • 1

    He issued the letter to demand the passport, why hasn’t he been arrested?

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    two thing can be lay here that possibly thummulu iganna Wimaley must attempt suicide drama at least as usual.

    Shassi weerawansa once purchased [Edited out]

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