22 May, 2022


Navy Report On Yoshitha Rajapaksa Just Pigeonholed

Rear Admiral D.W.B. Wettawa’s investigation report on Yoshitha Rajapaksa was just pigeonholed, a highly placed Navy source told Colombo Telegraph.

After the new government came to power, the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Jayantha Perera appointed a three member Board of Inquiry to probe Yoshitha Rajapaksa. This came on the directions of the Ministry of Defence in January this year.Yoshitha

The Board was chaired by Rear Admiral D.W.B. Wettawa and comprised Commodore U.S.R. Perera and Commodore M.M.V.B. Medegoda. Their report reveals some shocking details:

  • The qualification requirement for the 45th Intake of Officer Cadets, to which Cadet Y.K. Rajapaksa, (NRX 2431) belongs, was to have six credit passes for GCE (OL) in one sitting including English, Mathematics, Science and Sinhala in addition to GCE (AL) two passes. This is what had been advertised. Going through his personal file, it became apparent he has NOT obtained a credit pass for Sinhala in the same sitting. Certificates for both AL and OL are not available in his file.
  • The Board did not come through any material evidence to substantiate whether the Navy took a decision to accept the GCE (OL) examination results in consequent years (2003/2004) produced by Cadet Y.K. Rajapaksa. Therefore, the Board cannot make a conclusive statement on his enlistment. It is possible this could have been considered as a special case.
  • When Cadet Rajapaksa was undergoing training at the Naval Maritime Academy, three senior Navy sailors have been assigned to provide security for him. This is in addition to security provided for the training area by the Presidential Security Division (PSD).

Navy sources told Colombo Telegraph these special arrangements and other privileges including the selection of Lt. Rajapaksa for special prizes were given by one time Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda.

  • Cadet Rajapaksa was not sent on a scholarship to the Britannia Royal Naval College. This slot has been obtained on payment basis exclusively for Cadet Rajapaksa.
  • He has later been attached to the Royal Navy for two more courses in sea training.
  • Thereafter, Rajapaksa who was then a Midshipman (after joining as Sub Lieutenant) was again attached to the International Sub (Executive)Course at the Maritime Warfare College, HMS Collingwood in Hampshire.

After Rajapaksa reached the rank of Sub Lieutenant, has been selected by his uncle Udayanga Weeratunga to follow a Master’s Diploma in the National University of Defence Academy in Ukraine from 29th October 2009 to 31st August 2010. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary ordered that he be paid his daily foreign allowance, travel and telephone expenses. This was whilst the course was paid for by Ukrinmarsh with whom Weeratunga had close connections. The invitation to young Rajapaksa from Ukrinmarsh came in his own name. Therefore no selection process was held. After finishing that course, he was selected to follow a course in doctor of philosophy.

At the passing out parade in Trincomalee Cadet Rajapaksa was titled “Midshipman of the Year” and was awarded the “Sword of Honour.” This was arranged by former Navy Commander Admiral Karannagoda.

On the directions of the Ministry of Defence Rajapaksa was attached to the Presidential Security Division. After work at Navy Headquarters, he reported to Temple Trees to work for the PSD. He was issued a special identity card for this purpose. The transfer to the PSD has now been stopped.

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  • 85

    The whole family is a scandalous humbug.






    The most corrupt and murderous ruling family of recent times, which has even corrupted the whole of public services and the judiciary that has made it virtually impossible to eradicate the menace even after the change of government.

    The worst part is, there are still a sizeable village folks and even some learned idiots to prop this family after all these revelations which includes Dayan the D…..,Vasu, Dinesh and also our famous Sumane, who happens to be the lone fighter for MARA in this forum. The rest have deserted, probably Sumane will also desert with time and with more revelations.

    Dayan the D….. and the rest will have to cling on to the SATAKAYA, as they have no other option for their survival.

    • 28


      When all these things happened what were the state doing to stop nepotism amid their presence in all state institutions, for civil servants, police, judiciary, members of the armed forces are supposed to be the permanent guardian of the state and its assets?

      Are you going to tell us that all these time the state had been fighting a war against Tamil terrorists, separatists and diaspora? Hence the focus was on fighting the war and not on home grown southern thieves and nepotistas.

      • 31


        There is a story about a Lion chasing a herd of sheep and when the lion got the chance to attack a particular sheep, the sheep pleaded and the lion said, ok ,I let you go.

        When the particular sheep became the last of the herd, the lion pounced on it and the sheep said you promised not to harm me, for which the lion replied, I marked you on the first day and it was only a matter of time for your turn and the time is up now and killed it too.

        Moral of the story, MARA was behind the TAMILS for a purpose and he turned his guns on Muslims and Sinhalese too and luckily MY3 came to the rescue and all of us are saved, otherwise MARA would have liquidated the last of the sheep (Devout BUddhists), just like the lion did.

        Hope I have made myself clear with my limited capacity to figure out things, as I see.

        • 4

          Well said, cheek n tongue, Your point is very clear to the learned idiots of our great society, unfortunately they still deny!!

    • 21

      There’s been a competition between MARA family members to be the most corrupt person. .at the end all looser’s. .

    • 16

      Corruption at its peak during MRs Regime as summarized hereunder, lest we forget:
      1. Case No. 474/2015 at Fort M.C. dealing with Hedging Fund and involving A.N.Cabraal, PB Jayasuendra, A de Mel, L.Karunaratne (Rs.200-700 Million ) 2. Case No. 24327/2015 at Chief M.C.(3) In the matter of Lanka Hospital shares and connected to G. Rajapakse, Roshini ,Cabraal, N.Godahewa, D.Jayaweera, M. Medihewa, W.Amunugamuwa, D.P.Y. Wijesinghe. (Rs. 600 million) 3. B26907/3/15 at Colombo M.C re Housing deals connected with W.Weerasena,B.K.J.K.Perera. 4. B/40/2015 at Kaduwella M.C. re Land purchases, involving Mrs. W.Weerasena, C.S.Ranasinhe. 5. B323/15 in Tangalle M.C. about Carlton Pre-school construction involving State Eng. Corporation Staff (Rs. 35 million) 6. 8674/15 in Pugoda M.C. re Development works, involving B.Rajapakse, N. Thirukumar 7. B22467/1/15 at Colombo Chief M.C. re Money Laundering by M. Aluthgamage (Rs. 3 – 27 million) 8. B22468/1/15 in Colombo Chief M.C. on Wealth acquired of Dr.P.B. Wickrema. 9. B25389/1/15 at Colombo C.M.Court re Money Laundering by G.Senarath. 10. B25166/3/15 at Colombo Ch M.C. Teleshan TV Network with A.Pilapita S.Wickremasinghe, and Sil Reddi with L.Weeratunga and Ven.V.Somananda Thero. 11. B9825/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re CSN Channel involving ITN Directorate & Staff. 12. B35/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re ownership of Marriot Hotel in Dubai with N.Lokuwitharne and M.Rajapakse ( Rs. 48 to 190 million) 13. B27453/1/15 at Hultsdorf M.C. about Lanka Logistics Arms importing connected to G.Rajapakse, P.B.Jayasundera, Mohan Peiris, J.Wickremasinghe. 14. B/663/15 at Fort M.C. on Bank of Ceylon, Seychelles by M. Rajapakse & family 15. Greek Bonds purchase with names of Cabraal & Rajapakse in Petition Colombo M.C of 15.8.15 involving Rs. 1257 million 16. Sajin Vass Gunewardena in abuse of Public property, at Fort Magistrate Court, remanded since May, 2015. Also at Bribery Com. for questionable Assets. 17. Petition accepted in Supreme Court on 6.8.15 re Vehicle Permits abuse 18. Case No. 50/10 at High Courts, Kandy: Captain Wickremasinghe`s activity in Giritale Army Camp re Torture Chambers – under G. Rajapakse`s directions? 19. On Bail – Rohita Bogollagama
      20. B/C Case – BC/2370/2011/B1 – 1 Billion heist: Pradeep Gunawardana (C`man State Trading Corporation) 21. etc etc

    • 11

      But 50% of people are still on their side – proof was the election result…

      meaning nothing else, OVER 50% the folks are scandalous. See this is the problem in our countries.

      People would go on supporting bribe friendly, corruption friendly, abuse friendly leaders for the reasons, they are themselves highly courrpted.

      • 11

        Sam, people are not corrupted it is just that they want to get screwed by
        the prominent people and they would even lick the dirty butts of these corrupt leaders.
        Our amazing and gullible people reminds me of the rabbit screwing the porcupine and said “there is no pleasure without pain”

        • 0

          But why they repeat it ?

    • 5


      MaRa maRa Cahtu MaRa’s Son Yoshita.

      Like Father, like Son, Chatu Chatu and Chatu.

    • 10

      Check in the same pigeon hole for the elder brother’s law degree also. Oh, and don’t forget the rocket scientist’s PhD.

    • 2

      Gamarala said “Puta” to this guy.. So noting extraordinary will happen.. Life goes on for Sinhalese Buddhists..

  • 34

    The 4 fold path for bypassing any repercussions.

    1- Keep Mum

    2- Ask for report

    3- Ignore Report (if issued)

    4- Move on to another problem.

    • 6

      Hey Edwin, this is what Yahapalanaya is all about. Tks for expanding it.

    • 0

      Golden strategy to tide over the rainy period of another little more than 4 years. By then the present sago will amicable settle paving a new or redefined version of the present and past agendas IN ORSDER hoodwink the masses and reach the climax of floating IN royal luxury. The one and the only OBJECTIVE OUGHT TO BE 4ETERNAL PLANNING WITHOUT LEAVING ANY GAP AND IMPLEMENT THOSE SO THAT THE gAM Batas WILL WANT TO GO INTO HYBERNATION GETTING TOTAL CONCLUSION. THIS STRATEGY HAS BEEN OUR POLICY SINCE INDEPENDENCE FROM THE GREAT DUTCH/BRITISH PEOPLE.

  • 33

    The only thing that Sirisena and Ranils government will do IS NOTHING.
    just in vain that the people voted Sirisena to power, he will not do what the people want because he is tasting the
    Nectar of power, he too is going the Rajapakse way.
    The people will have to say goodbye to good governance.
    Every crook will escape the punishment under Sirisena as. power is corrupting him too.

  • 17

    If they can dig this case up, better to question Ret Air Vice Marshal Roshan Goonathilake how he managed to get his son with out A/L to Sri Lanka Airforce as general Duties pilot Branch.

    And many many more pilots getting in to Sri Lankan Airlines , and other Government Ministries with lower qualifications.

    Can somebody ask How Faizer Musthafa got in to the Law College in 1990 s ,thanks to KN Chokseys decision at that time to take 700 instead of usual 250 t Law College.

  • 25

    These sons of privilege are not very bright, and it is astounding that one ended getting his law degree (exam done in air conditioned comfort?), one became a high up official of the Navy, got awards, and achieved results he would not have had his father not been President, and the third son got questionable qualifications, and is more or less a play boy with his fancy watches and belts. How many deserving young men were cast aside for these brothers to be pushed up in various fields including rugger? The Rajapaksa name superseded others.

    There should be an inquiry and if it is found that rules were broken and these boys did not follow the rules and regulations that all Sri Lankans do, they should be stripped off their fake qualifications and titles.


  • 9

    I guess many of you know that one of the favourite movies of Gota is “Godfather”?
    I think you guys should see Godfather I, II & III again to see how the Italian Mafia worked towards financial power…
    Its the same way things happened.. and still the remants are working.

  • 11

    This is another clownish inquiry of this Government, becoming a “permanent feature”. If this candidate did not posses the basic minimum entry qualifications, what more prevents his appointment be terminated forthwith and give him a “dishonorable discharge” from the Navy? If further, anyone needs to verify the qualifications, he can be given a time limit to submit the educational certificates and the failure to do so can be another ground for dismissal. If further verification is needed, the Education Department could be written to and ask to certify the authenticity of the certificate and the results. Isn’t it simple as that and that will not take more than a thirty day period. This is a never ending “Committee Reports and Reports” but no action taken to correct the injustices done and send a strong message that the Government is not an “Institution” to fool with. When will this Yahapalanaya takes matters under its control?

    • 8


      “what more prevents his appointment be terminated forthwith and give him a “dishonorable discharge” from the Navy? “

      Investigators now have the burden of locating the file, may be it has gone walkies.

      ” If further, anyone needs to verify the qualifications, he can be given a time limit to submit the educational certificates and the failure to do so can be another ground for dismissal.”

      Investigation has to wait until a certificate is manufactured.

  • 9

    Sadly in the ugly days of food queues and rations,Late Honorable Mr. Anura Bandaranaike was called “moda putha” aka “dumb son” by UNP etc. Yes he too lived a privileged life as the Bandaranaikes were aristocratic British aping Radalayas. They probably used their British english family connections via the Obeysekera/Deraniyagala connection to get a slot at a British Uni; but it is said he did successfully finish OLs and ALs. He became a gifted orator in Parliament but also had a temper and sometimes became abusive like Premedasa Sir.

    But at the end Anura Sir, became the most educated one of the 3 siblings because he did graduate from London School of Economics. CBK never graduated and made false claims of a Sorbonne PhD; she went to Science Po but so far has failed to produce a graduation certificate or even her undergraduate Academic transcript. Sunethra madam is educated, has a degree but not from LSE but from Oxford and is classy and keeps a private quiet life.

    Influence is always used when powerful figures are involved in the third world. However, it is important to note, that AB had passed his Olevels at much better rate that Yositha.

    Saif al-Islam Gaddafi paid a tutor over £4,000 a month while he was studying at the London School of Economics. We all know how African and British Royalty get their sons into Military academies in Britain or get privileged admission to british universities.

    The Medamulana clan had an inferiority complex. They desperately wanted to copy the Bandaranaikes because Mahinda Sir and Late Hon Anura B were thick boozing pals and very close politically too when they both hated CBK and both sides were fighting to undercut Madam Bandaranaike and take control of the SLFP to grab power. Eventually in 1994 CBK madam won that fight thanks to former Mrs. Bandaranaike loyalist Late Anuruddha Ratwatte backing her(he was Madam B’s first cousin) to the hilt and letting Madam Sirimavo down but it was reality because by 1994 Madam Bandaranaike could not have won any election after her stroke and Chandrika madam was a people’s person and had great charisma like Mahinda Rajapakse Sir and I served them both.

    The Rajapakses desperately wanted to send Namal to Oxford too but he failed to have the minimum required qualifications. They even asked CBK madam for help. Shiranthi was desperate to get help with this. But now everyone knows what happened. Look at the Kingdom of Swaziland. The polygamous Mswati III is a product of Sandhurst. Every year he gets a right to pick another wife who is a virgin and most of them willingly go to him for perks and privileges of being a Queen. And MR invited Mswati III to Sri Lanka! For what? What is so useful about any waste of money inviting such backward Africans? NOTHING except the lust for power.

    So this happens. British okayed it because that is how diplomacy works. US universities are filled with Dumb stupid Saudi Arab and Kuwaiti princes and princesses spending big money.

    Here is a long excerpt on how money, petro dollars and influence works in
    White British world.. Remember younger Rajapakse Prince was supposed to get a PhD too? and claims that he was going to be Sri Lanka’s first astronaut? What happened?

    The former dictator’s The 39-year-old former playboy;
    documents seen by the Daily Telegraph show the lengths some academics at the LSE went to ensure that Mr Gaddafi was given a place at the university.
    Shortly before the despot’s son was admitted, the then Centennial Professor Ed McClennan wrote to one of Mr Gaddafi’s aides.
    Professor McClennan told Mr Gaddafi that “presumably you do reasonably well” in the first year, he could then apply to the PhD course.
    The professor also said he could “tailor your first year here in a manner that is much more responsive to your interests”.
    “I can choose to grant you permission to ease into some of the more formal courses in philosophy,” the professor added.
    A bizarre PhD proposal by Gaddafi has also emerged for the first time. The document showed that in 2002, before he was admitted to LSE, Mr Gaddafi proposed to write a doctorate on “Transforming the International Monetary Fund into a World Central Bank”.
    The rambling introduction suggests dramatic changes to the structure of the United Nations and IMF and raises further questions about the LSE’s decision to allow Gaddafi to study from 2003 to 2008 for an MSc and a doctorate.
    Under his proposal, the UN General Assembly would have been transformed “into a world parliament with full legal authority to pass resolutions which would be obligatory to all member states”.
    The PhD proposal was discovered in one of the Gaddafi family homes after Tripoli fell to the rebels in August.

    Why is ok for Anura B and Sajith Premedasa to get special admission? Sajith failed to complete his MS at University of Maryland. Doubt if he even completed his first degree.

    Sagala R Hon PMR’s blue eyed boy claims he “studied” at a prestigious Lewis and Clarke and supposedly graduated in 1993. A basic US degree and RW’s favorite.

  • 4

    What is happening now in our country reminds me of:

    “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

    Marcus Aurelius

  • 4

    Does all this evidence make any difference in the way the country is been run by juyst another bunch of roques?

  • 2

    Dont be too harsh on the boys.

    After all the dad was head of state for 10 years and what the hell if you cannot get your sons into the military or to a good UNI in UK or USA.

  • 10

    So what are we doing about these corrupted individuals at the top and those who did the donkey work for them like Karannagoda? Are we just going to simply vacillate over these activities, wringing our hands for ever or force the government to bring the culprits in front of the court to account for their actions? If the President, PM and law enforcers do not act on these malpractices then it is an indication that they too are somehow compromised by these culprits, or they think what was good for the goose is also good for the gander! Actually I have no trust and confidence on any of our politicians, law enforcers and courts. All of them in one team vs the public.

  • 2

    ower resists delegation. Whenever there’s concentration of authority in one person, there’s usually pandering to individuals, aid showered on whoever’s (more) willing to backbend before those same individuals, and of course nepotism based on family-and-friend structures which pile up one by one and never seem to go away. Particularly in Sri Lanka, this is a truism as persistent as it is timeless.

    Daham Sirisena came under a lot of flak. Rightly. He offered justification for what he did, but then went on a tangent and countered “My family is not like the Rajapaksas!” If he or those who support(ed) his argument really thought that deviation from the present regime is enough, they are mistaken. There are different shades to nepotism and for this reason “We are not the Rajapaksas” never was nor will be enough as justification.
    That’s done and dusted though. Daham Sirisena can heave a sigh of relief now, not because of the time-factor, but because of other (more serious) issues which have cropped up, badly.

    Moreover, the president must realise that for all their cheers over his New York “moment”, those who fawn on him were, once upon a time, Rajapaksa’s sycophants
    Sri Lanka and South Asia for that matter are not unknown for their lavish displays of worshipping and kowtowing to power-figures. Put simply, that’s patronage. That this was rampant in Rajapaksa’s time is all too obvious. Does this mean the current government is any better? Well, yes and no. Going by recent events however, we’d be personally inclined towards “no”, not only because “deviation from the Rajapaksas” is not enough here too, but because those surrounding Maithripala Sirisena are going on with a (despicably) good job of “doing” a Rajapaksa. Again.

    Do we really need banners and cut-outs praising Sirisena for “saving the nation from the imperialist’s trap”? Does our government’s conduct this year at the UN General Assembly warrant anything other than moderate praise, moderate not because what was done was inadequate, but because the president himself argued that he need not be accorded excessive praise? Not really. But what do we see instead? Minister after minister kowtowing to the president, the same president in fact who defected from his predecessor because of how HIS government was paying obeisance to him and his family.
    This isn’t all. As has been reported, not even the United National Party (UNP) has freed itself from nepotism-taint. Well yes, putting in qualified people with credentials isn’t really favoritism. But the fact that these appointments were made after highly suspicious processes that had been implemented in ways which call for further investigation should move everyone into asking, “More of the same old?”

    There are questions here that will and won’t get asked. Naturally. “Rhetoricising” improvement is what politicians are known for, and not just here. “Yahapalanaya” however is not an end in itself, especially not when it’s paraded about as a word used by those with an axe to grind with Rajapaksa. There’s more to be done here, much more.
    First and foremost, perhaps the same people who hooted Rajapaksa when he claimed (unjustifiably, we note) that the government should foot his election bill should hoot louder when THEIR boss is being paraded about to the tune of 10 million rupees! Perhaps these hypocrites should be grilled on how they’ll react to other excesses which we’ll see in the coming weeks. There’s no saying when this will stop, after all.

    For now, here’s something to think about. No amount of allegations against predecessor can hide power-abuses in place currently. No amount of feel-good rhetoric aimed against Rajapaksa and his gang can fool people for long. If at all, what this government will be doing will play into that same gang’s hand, by raking up issue after issue which leaves just one idea in the voter’s head: “The present is not necessarily better than the past”. Sad, yes. But if things go as they’ve gone these past few days, that’ll be the only inevitability.
    Moreover, the president must realise that for all their cheers over his New York “moment”, those who fawn on him were, once upon a time, Rajapaksa’s sycophants. Doesn’t take much to conclude that they will probably ditch incumbent when his popularity starts to wane, just as they did to Chandrika Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    President Sirisena should tame these sycophants, therefore. Especially when 10 million rupees have been spent. And especially when the rupee’s down, prices are up, and everyone is wondering as to why New York warrants hurrah-boys while their concerns as citizens are slowly being shown the door.

  • 1

    I can understand the ex Tigers and their supporters who have now become the Yahapalana members getting peeved off..

    Early two thousand no Elite or even a pretending Elite would allow their beloved sons to join even the Air Force , once the bastion of the Elite , Anglican and Vellala strong hold of Colombo,

    Navy wasn’t even considered by the those Colombosiders, because their current mates’ Hero , Mr Pirahaparan was blowing up even Dovra Class Gun Boats .

    And Mr Pirahaparan did those demolitions by sending Fishing Boats fitted with High Horse Power Outboards which Diaspora supplied .

    These boats were then filled with poor Batti Boys of the LTTE, wearing TNT laden jackets, again supplied by the current Yahapala partners the Diaspora…

    6 Credits including English and Maths and two AL passes would have gotten the Elite sons a gig with uncle Kotalawala at any time to sit in a nice A/C in Office in Colombo overlooking the Indian Ocean.

    Now that Mr Pirahaparan is not around , there will be shit loads of our Colombo School AL drop outs from of the Poodle Club mums and Dads joining the queue to sign up for not only the Airforce , but the Navy and the Army as well ,

    But of course at Second Leutinent level as the good old Pre Pirahaparan era.

    That is the plan of Batalanda Ranil . And it coming sooner than expected.

    Batalanada Ranils fan club must be celebrating these new found opportunities rather than whinging about a young man who has manned a Navy boat and had the luck to survive Mr Pirahaparan’s Suicide Attacks.

    • 4

      Sumanasekera, what kind of a man are you to write the crap you have, in the foregoing?

      Are you so pathetically one eyed and one sided? Are you unable to recognize wrong as wrong?

      If Ranil Wickremasinghe had these Batalanda Capms as you say, why was he never hauled over the coals by YOUR LOT who were in power since 1994? Why??

      If there is no proof, then kindly stop calling the Prime Minister the names you use. He is respected, while you and your Jhonnies are not.

      Can you remember the man we had as Prime Minister one year ago? Can you remember? Is there any comparison between him and the present one?

      Sumanasekera, suggest you try the middle path. Recognize wrong for what it is, and right for what it is, and give the devil its due. Otherwise you are just a pathetically one sided hack.

    • 2

      LOL……. Sumane. So Madduma Bandara of the South was the hero of the naval victory over Sea Tigers, was he? His service record however reads that he was enjoying the cosy and safe havens abroad, undergoing endless training courses during most of his Navy service (trying to obtain pre-paid Gold Stars for his uniform I assume), and was mainly in Presidential Security staff when he was in Country. I do recall that he was on an operational ship for about 4-months around Mullativu sea towards the end of the war, in a war that lasted 30-years. What a cosy Hero, compared to those real Naval heroes from our villages that were scarred for life and lost their lives in real sea battles!

      • 1


        Wonder what did your Yahapalana boss Bodhi Sira’s beloved son Daham Sira do, when young Rohitha was on that War Ship off Mullative. the base of Mr Prabaharan’s sort of 7th fleet of Suicide Attack crafts. A K A Human Torpedoes..

  • 5

    Imagine where Yoshita would be if MARA held on to power? MARA almost did if not for Gnanasara and BBS.

    The people of Sri Lanka must thank the thug in saffron robes dishonourable Gnanasara for delivering all Muslim votes to Sira.

  • 5

    I think Karannagoda has been a damned disgrace to the Navy and to his old school.

  • 3

    We have to be still careful about writing comments about our former goon rulers and their kith & kin.
    The famously fought out and won, watered down “hybrid” court of inquiry system will also be quietly put to rest by our crafty and chronically sick governmental system, like all the previous infamous inquiry commissions in order to save our hard worked old ruling clan, valiant heroes of war and accused war criminals.
    Former ruling family and their cohorts are still popular among Lankans and there is no guarantee that they will not come back to power any time.
    So beware of all the kinds of risks one can face like white vans, murders, rape, reprisals, arrests, disappearances etc.,anything is possible in this fluid state we live in. RW/MY3 may go and MR, GR gang may take over again.

    These publicized arrests or a list of soon to be arrested criminals,Prageeth murderers, MP’s Raviraj, Pararajasingam muder culprits, Karuna, Pillaiyan, GR or even MR and others are all just political games, lies and cheating tricks our government is playing. They don’t know what else to do.

    Have we seen anyone being actually punished for any crime so far ?
    It is the same old yahapalanaya and no need to get excited.

    All the politicians are one and the same. UNP, SLFP, JVP,… The Govt is not firmly in place. They are scared of armed forces revolt and other political cross overs, back stabbing, hopper eating in the night and changing the mind next day…so no one trust any one and all are suspicious of each other.

    So we have an unsteady and unstable government and anything unimaginable can happen overnight.
    There will be no surprise if MR and GR take over tomorrow with Namal and Yoshitha on the side ! Beware !!

  • 4

    Whatever happened to Udayanga Weeratunga and his Russian mafia connections who allegedly bumped off Noel Ranaweera his assistant. Noel’s body was exhumed and re-examined but nothing has come out about the results of this investigation. Have the tissue samples or god forbid the entire body gone missing like in the Thadujeen case. This fellow Yoshitha was the defacto Navy commander. All the senior navy officers deferred to Yoshitha Sir’s orders. Appointing a Navy committee to go into his doings is like asking the robbers mother for his whereabouts. If a person is genuinely talented he or she will succeed without much help. But if the fellow is a dud then no matter how much spoon feeding is done he will always be a flop that is the moral of this story.

  • 1

    Where in the world could you find people for good governance.prepared to sacrifies the luxturies where they are priviladged to enjoy.When one enjoys luxturies it is always from currupt pactices.Is our country fortunate to have good people for good governance

  • 0

    From Mara’s family only siriliya is innocent.

  • 4

    This is a disgusting, dishonest, deceitful family that has earned privileges through the back door. That goes for the father, mother, brothers, uncles and in laws.He must be cashiered.

  • 0

    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 0

    Is it not a fact that all prominent Universities and Military and Naval Colleges overlook common requirements for entry for sons and daughters of the heads of states? This is not to say that Yoshitha Rajapaksa was recruited for that reason. If one goes back to the recruitment process of military and Naval Officers in the past one is sure to find instances of abject nepotism and cronyism especially when our Security Forces were a mere ceremonial entity.

  • 0

    [Edited out] Please avoid typing all capitalized comments – CT

  • 0

    Then why no action about this?

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