27 November, 2021


Neither Mahinda Nor Maithri Is Fit To Be The Choice Of Ealam Tamils: ICET

“The expectation that Eelam Tamils will benefit from a regime change is certainly a fallacy based on decades-long lessons learned by us. Particularly, after careful analysis of the actions of the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa and the beliefs of Maithripala Srisena we have come to the firm conclusion that neither is fit to be the choice of our people.” says the International Council of Eelam Tamils.

Professor R. Sri Ranjan

Professor R. Sri Ranjan

Issuing a statement regarding the upcoming election, the ICET co-chair, Professor R. Sri Ranjan says; “our request is that each Eelam Tamil should act in keeping our long-term goal in mind, and express to the international community a stance based on only the Tamil nation’s existence and security in mind.”

We publish below the statement in full;

Our stand is aimed at attaining complete freedom for the Tamil Nation — International Council of Eelam Tamils

In response to questions arising from Eelam Tamils living within and outside the island of Sri Lanka, and from the international community regarding our position on the January 8, 2015 Presidential Election in Sri Lanka, we the International Council of Eelam Tamils representing the Eelam Tamil diaspora, wish to announce our stance based on our position aimed at attaining complete freedom for the Tamil Nation.

Our position, based on a long-term vision and based on the mandate given to us by our people, reflecting their political aspirations, was achieved through discussions between country councils and other relevant actors.

The world has changed with time. International politics too has changed. However, there has been no change in the politics of the Sinhala Nation. The continuing genocide of the Tamil Nation is the direct consequence of the anti-Tamil stance of the Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony.

We have presented the international community with abundant evidence documenting the decades-long injustice and genocide committed against the Tamil Nation. In addition, the international community is well aware of the catastrophe being unleashed upon the Eelam Tamils through ample evidence gathered through official channels as well as satellite imagery. Despite this, we are saddened that the international community has failed to recognize our just political stand, one based on our own collective experience.

Our Tamil homeland has been continuously devoured by Sinhala-Buddhist hegemonic rulers who have successively come to power over the last six decades. Their policy has been on one hand to take possession of our land and turn it into Sinhala colonies, while on the other hand destroying our people through occupying and plundering our resources.

As for the Eelam Tamils, the Unitary State structure perpetuating the Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony is also a vital cause of the ongoing genocide in the island. Both major political parties which have ruled Sri Lanka are rooted in Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony and have come to power by perpetuating racist anti-Tamil stances.

In the forthcoming election, the election propaganda of those in power as well as those aspiring to come to power are aimed solely at the Sinhala-Buddhist vote bank. Their election manifestos further confirm this. Their manifestos do not mention justice to Eelam Tamils or express any mechanism to bring normalcy to their lives.

The expectation that Eelam Tamils will benefit from a regime change is certainly a fallacy based on decades-long lessons learned by us. Particularly, after careful analysis of the actions of the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa and the beliefs of Maithripala Srisena we have come to the firm conclusion that neither is fit to be the choice of our people.

Based on history, important roles in the Sri Lankan state have been held, continue to be held and will in future be held by racist Sinhala-Buddhist hardliners. The international community in particular should take careful note that the anti-Tamil frenzy in the South and dominance of racist forces in government will never allow for the co-existence of the Tamil Nation in the island.

After the armed resistance aimed at safeguarding the Tamil Nation was silenced, through the struggles upheld by our kith and kin in our homeland, Tamil Nadu and around the world seeking justice for the Mullivaaikkaal genocide, our National Questions has attracted the attention and interest of the world.

If the international community is seriously interested in bringing just peace to the island, it should be cognizant of the fact that successive Sinhala hegemonic governments have continued their single-minded policy of committing Tamil genocide and thus it is futile to expect any of these governments to bring just peace to the Tamils.

We wish to salute the actors, who despite threats to their lives have clearly and strongly articulated a position focused on the existence of the Tamil Nation, regarding the election on January 8, 2015.

Our kith and kin who sacrificed their lives clearly expressed that Sinhala sovereignty cannot be enforced onto the Tamil homeland through military occupation. Likewise, while we strongly believe that our brethren will not allow the Sinhala Nation’s dominance over the Tamil people, we request that they ensure the Tamil Nation’s freedom struggle still lives on.

Therefore, regarding the upcoming election, our request is that each Eelam Tamil should act in keeping our long-term goal in mind, and express to the international community a stance based on only the Tamil nation’s existence and security in mind.


Professor R. Sri Ranjan, Ph.D., P.Eng.,

Co-Chair, International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) 

Tamil cultural centre- Belgium (Belgium)

National Council of Canadian Tamils (Canada)

Danish Federation of Tamil Associations (Denmark)

Italian Council of Eelam Tamils (Italy)

Maison du Tamil Eelam France (France)

Council of Eelam Tamils in Germany (Germany)

National council of New Zealand Tamils (New Zealand)
Dutch Tamil Forum (Netherland)

Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils (Norway)

Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils (Swiss) 

The International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) is a grassroots federation, composed of organizations from across the global Tamil Diaspora that seeks a political solution to the Tamil National Question through the right to self-determination.

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Latest comments

  • 22

    I wonder whether this is a parallel organisation to the TGTE? How many more such organisations like this are there? Interesting ways of spending their leisure time in cool comforts of the overseas are these diaspora elements?
    The TNA has a very mature leadership and they are on the ground and not in distant clouds or far away overseas. The Tamils of the North and East have full trust in their guidance.

    What the Tamils as much as the Muslims and an overwhelming majority of the Sinhalese in the country are facing today is a very critical situation far different from any other situation faced ever before during the past 60 odd years. If by any chance Mahinda wins ( God forbid!), these elements will realise what it is before long, though they may continue bragging about Tamil Eelam.

    Sengodan. M

    • 16

      Sri Ranjan

      What you are talking is a complete bull shit!

      In mid 80s, in the aftermath of 83 pogrom, Tamils had a great chance of achieving Tamil Eeelam. This golden opportunity was destroyed by Prabaharan by his merciless attack on the IPKF soldiers and assassination of Rajiv G. India has been deeply wounded by the actions of the LTTE. People of India no longer support Tamil Eelam. Without India’s nodding Tamil will NEVER have Tamil Eelam. You can now stop talking rubbish about Tamil eelam.

      What Tamil should struggle for now is for maximum devolution to the NE within a united and undivided Sri Lanka as the TNA stipulates.

      • 5

        Vijitha Rohana attacked Rajiv at the guard of
        honour.He was arrested,prosecuted and jailed
        for six years.More than fifteen prominent lawyers
        defended him in court to prove it was not an
        attempt of murder.And Premadasa gave a presidential
        pardon in two and half years.Premadasa didn’t rule
        three years.Rajiv was killed and VP paid his price.
        Who is the winner among those three?All three were
        playing too much for their respective jobs!Inflated
        in arrogance trying to outsmart the other in vain.
        Today everybody has an opportunity to look back
        and start a new beginning with whatever gained
        so far.

    • 6

      Professor R. Sri Ranjan

      RE: Neither Mahinda Nor Maithri Is Fit To Be The Choice Of Ealam Tamils: ICET

      However, Sri Lankan Tamils wuth Common Sense will make an informed decision, not based on the Mootals, Madus, Fools and Modayas who have forced them to take decisions they doid not to take.

      Looks like the Tamils still have many Mootals and Madus left.

      “Our stand is aimed at attaining complete freedom for the Tamil Nation — International Council of Eelam Tamils”

      Try to get Tamil Nadu to be your Tamil Nation, you have a better chance. “Our stand is aimed at attaining complete freedom for the Tamil Nation —

    • 7

      No Eelam Tamil in Sri Lanka any more. They all are out of Sri Lanka. All the remaining Tamils are brothers and sister of all Sri Lankans so they are well satisfied with both the candidates and that is why they have decided to exercise their votes.

      • 8


        “All the remaining Tamils are brothers and sister of all Sri Lankans”

        Here is something that I learnt today:

        Fratricide – the act of killing a brother

        Sororicide – the act of killing one’s sister

        Democide – the murder of any person or people by a government

        • 3


          Domicise Statistics,


          For Pakistan.


          “After a well organized military buildup in East Pakistan the military launched its campaign. No more than 267 days later they had succeeded in killing perhaps 1,500,000 people, created 10,000,000 refugees who had fled to India, provoked a war with India, incited a counter-genocide of 150,000 non-Bengalis, and lost East Pakistan.”

          Sri Lanka Numbers?

          • 4


            “created 10,000,000 refugees who had fled to India, provoked a war with India,”

            It gave Hindia the opportunity to clip a wing of the artificially created Pakistan.

            Note Indra the female elected dictator just handed over 90,000 Pakistani war criminals back to the down sized country, without them being subjected to war crime investigations.

            Well that was Hindian justice for Bengali victims.

    • 8

      First of all we should respect each others opinion whoever it is and wherever he/she is now. Most of the Tamils who left this island are forced to leave because of the situation. I think Prof. Sri Ranjan is one of them. If I am correct he was one of the Tamil University students who were beaten several times by rascist Sinhalese students during his university years.

      The reality is that Srilanka was never a place for Tamils to live with dignity since the hand over of power to Sinhalese by British Colonial rulers in 1948. We all talk about the current state of critical situation but can you all think what factors that contributed towards this situation. Who should be blamed for this situation? Do you think it is LTTE? Do you think it is Mahinda? Do you think it is because of Tamil Eelam call? SriLanka lost its principles of governance long time back. Whoever came to the power misused that power and ethnic based politics, language based politics, religious based politics gave people to ignore the importanace of rule of law. The rule of law failed to protect those Tamil Parliamentarians who just sit on protest against Sinhala only bill. The prime minister of the nation ordered to the police not to stop the attack by those Hooligans. That is the moment democracy was started to cry. It is the state ministers and military who burnt the Jaffna library. Now scene has changed. Sinhalese couldn’t stop Hooligans attacking them now. The lessons should be learned and I don’t know how far the opposition politicians have changed morally and culturally. We all know four years back TNA supported the opposition and that gave a momentum for Mahinda to exploite Sinhalese people. It is sinhalese people who wanted Mahinda to put Tamils under open prison. Unfortunately, Mahinda thought that Tamils are now over and I need to control of my Sinhala enemies. That is the outcome now faced by Sinhalese. Tamils contribution is very small compared to Sinhalese contribution in deciding the results of this election. But if Mahinda wins or loose Tamils are going to be in the receiving end of the competition. Will the opposition stnad with Tamils? I doubt.

      We don’t know how far the change will going to recognise the rights of the Tamils? Tamils have decided to vote opposition and hope that there will be a positive change and Sinhalese leadership will emerge to stnad in front of Sinhalese masses against those minority racial elements. We will have to wait and see!

    • 0

      I am aghast at the insensitivity of the commentators here for the Eelam course. Our great Thalaivar gave his life to the cause and those treacherous Tamil who vouched to live by ever word of him are trying to sell the Eelam course.
      Those traitors should be punished

  • 12

    Idiotic professor. Then bring back VP.Get real man,pull yourself out of your theoretical books, bookworm!

    • 5

      “Idiotic professor”
      Kill the messenger instead of the message. I suggest you to provide any better solution to the ethnic problem if you are any smarter. The attitude of you and people like you towards columnist are no different to those of Mara boot lickers who criticize the columnist who criticize MaRa.

      • 9


        Are you the author of this article?


        When Rajiv G tried to bring about a solution VP assassinated him!
        When Chandrika tried to bring about a settlement VP assassinated Thiruchelvam!!
        When Norway tried to bring about a settlement VP blasted Sarath Fonseka!!!

        Currently, you should stop talking rubbish such as referendum and give some space for the TNA to work out something

        • 3

          Real Peace,
          Are you taking real peace and real solutions?
          SWRD tried to find a solution with SJV. Did that haqppen? who blocked it?
          Dudley tried to find a solution? Did that happen? Who blocked that?
          District Development Councils formed. What happened? They didn’t even had powers to appoint a peon. That is similar to what Mahinda’s provincial council election without powers to TNA.

          Rajiv forced a solution but ordered to assasinate VP and destroy LTTE. But Sinhalese government revert back the solution.
          Do you know what Chandrika did? asked civilians to go into a church and bombed them. CShe is the one who dissolved UNP government when they are talking to LTTE to find a solution. an Chandrika bring back the same solution now if Maithri come to power with TNA support?

      • 3


        When do you think the UN will organise the referendum? In another 100 years? The way things are going, by then there will be no need of a referendum! Please don’t continue to live in a dream world. That was o.k upto 2009.

        Sengodan. M

  • 13

    The best way to shut the diaspora, TGTE, BTF, GTF etc is to have a referendum organized by UN in N/E and let the people there decide if they want to stay united or seperate.That will solve this seperatism demand once and for all. You cannot solve a century old issue by writing articles in the internet.

    • 9

      Ranjan; you call this an article? I call this a verbal diahorrea. He must have had a New year party and decided to vomit here.

  • 8

    Professor R Sri Ranjan:”Therefore, regarding the upcoming election, our request is that each Eelam Tamil should act in keeping our long-term goal in mind, and express to the international community a stance based on only the Tamil nation’s existence and security in mind.”

    But you fail to give a constructive direction with regard to the forth coming Prrsidential Election

    You guys are only fit to hold banner in front of Lords Cricket grounds.

    Let the Tamils of NE on the ground back in their villages led by the Tamil leaders back at home decide.

    You have put your two penny worth for the sake of it. Now shut up. The Tamils back at home will not take any notice of your bla bla.

    • 0

      This post is by Rajash. I mistyped the name as Rajesh.Apologies to any Rajesh out there.

    • 3

      Rajesh, Tamils have given a verdict in 1977, if you still doubt if that verdict hold any strength in modern times it’s in best interests in everyone to hold a similar referendum. This time however organized by the UN.

      • 4

        Rajan: “Tamils have given a verdict in 1977, if you still doubt if that verdict hold any strength in modern times it’s in best interests in everyone to hold a similar referendum. This time however organized by the UN”
        A Tamil.born in 1977 is now 38 years old
        So you are right. The 1977 verdict does not hold any strength in modern time.

        The current young generation of Tamils living in Sri Lanka
        must be given a fresh voice

  • 5

    We Tamils given the verdit in 1977 election.TGTE,BTF ,GTF whatever it is a is the same.we have to have our land,culture.

  • 12

    This is total rubbish.

    Living in luxury, mileading the poor tamils in the North and East by so called ICET and their co-chair, Professor R. Sri Ranjan.


    Where were you all in 2009 May? What was your contribution to the Tamil struggle.

    Writing statements, articles, interviews are very easy activities.

    Why dont you come here and show your colours by supporting suffering Tamils.

    You bunch of fools in a few country fool the uneducated Tamils and they come to the street with flags to say “We want Tamil Eelam”.

    The non-violent struggle has failled, armed struggle has failed, now what you all upto.

    ICET stands for what and how many countries see you as real representatives of the Tamils.

    ICET is for Cocktail, Tea parties and time to time for so called conference with money making Academics.

    Is this is the way to win the Tamil rights.

    Have you got a website where we can see you activities and record.

    For GOD sake dont mislead the Tamil, they have suffered enough and enough.

    Let them be in peace.

    How many Tamil academics and intellectuals are in your ICET? So far, with the last five what have you achieved.

    Stop you pure ride

    • 4

      Where were you in 2009 when Tamils were massacred? Where were your darling my3, Chandrika, JHU and Foneska when unheard violence were unleashed on those poor souls?
      It’s easy to criticize everyone, can you provide any better solution to the problem?

  • 7

    Do you want a Tamil Eelam? Ok! Take a gun and point it to your forehead and then pull the trigger, Tamil Eelam will arrive to your dreamland.

    • 6


      “Tamil Eelam will arrive to your dreamland”

      Tamil Eelam or Sinhala Eelam it depends on what Hindians are dreaming. So relax.

  • 5

    Professor R. Sri Ranjan

    You diaspora Tamils are going to enter the Guiness book of records by having hundreds of organisations with ‘Eelam’ and ‘Tamil’ in their names.

    These all born very recently to settle their mental illness.

    They were thinking that they would be appointed as Ambassadors of Tamil Eelam. As it failled they have consoling organisation with ICET, TC, BTF, GTF,etc etc.

    Why some of you get together and form a proper organisation which can be really challenging to the Royal Highness Rajapaksa.

    No you people need the post of President, Vice President, Chair, Co-Chair, Prime Minister, Minister, etc etc to be in the lime light.

    I gurantee you that you in diaspora will mess-up everything than doing some thing useful to your people.

  • 4

    Are you a real professor? All the readings you mentioned are foreign. Pl.leave the Tamils Sri Lanka alone and they have elected their leaders and who will in turn look after their people.

  • 4

    When,why and how and from where did this ICET mushroom out at this point of time?
    Is it a product of the Hela Urumaya or the BBS working for Mahinda Chintanya?

  • 10

    Nice to see Tamils voicing their concerns against Tamil hypocrites.We will need a national government and it will materialise after 8th for sure to solve our national problem.It will be only a platform but definitely more hope for our peace loving Tamil brothers.Light at the end of the tunnel at last and we will give the definite answer to these day dreamers with time to come.

  • 5

    Is this ICET for collection of funds or run on its own money?

    I cab see ICET as = International Cut-throats of Eelam Tamils.

    Your children in foreign live with proper western education, lavish life, nice holidays and good medical facilities. Whereas the children of Tamils live locally has no shelter, no proper food, no other facilities.

    Are you all talking of Eelam in USA or Canada or in Europe. Then it is fine.

    Before the cultivation, there are so many process. So if you want talk of Eelam, you ICET fund the people in the North and East and upgrade their living standard.

    What you all expect is another Mullivaghzhal. You in ICET are reall self-fish people. Not boatherd about other difficulties.

    What have you done on the people in detention, widows, ofphans and others in the North and East.

    Talking about Eelam is an easy project for diaspora. The agony is paid by the people who live locally.

    Therefore for me ICET is equal to

    International Cut-throats of Eelam Tamils.

  • 3

    Professor R. Sri Ranjan, Ph.D., P.Eng.,

    “The International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) is a grassroots federation, composed of organizations from across the global Tamil Diaspora that seeks a political solution to the Tamil National Question through the right to self-determination.”

    If ICET is a true organisation, tell us what happened to the Tamils in
    Australia, India, Swedan, UK and USA?

    Why they didnt join your ICET?

    Sorry to tell Professor R. Sri Ranjan, Ph.D., P.Eng., that there are many Eelam Tamil who have done their double Ph.D exist in the world. They are silent crowd.

    So advertising Sriranjan’s qualification is not going show others that ICET is an intelectual organisation.

    Some people working for ICET in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland haven’t passed the GCE(O.L). These are the people going to achieve Eelam to the Tamils.

    Professor R. Sri Ranjan, Ph.D., P.Eng.,

    Before you advertise your qualification, check the qualification of the other members in your ICET.

    Competition, jealousy are the basis for failure of Eelam Tamils.

    What can you do with this ICET.

    you can do a fund raising, shout in the street of western countries about Eelam, at the same time some of your members can secretaly work with Rajapaksa’s regime and with local intelligent agencies.

    Not forgetting, some of your members can forcefully take some photographs with some VIPs and publish it in Tamil websites for their publicity.

    What all these bring for the suffering Tamils in the ground?

    In you next article or statement, can you give us an updated on the achivement of ICET and the qualification of your members.

    • 3

      Velu you have written a good piece with reasonable questions, but you have wasted your time to write to a group idots who lives in a dreamland.

      Ask this professor where was he educated?

      Talking about Eelam struggle is their part time job and they do it only where there is publicity for them. Other why this gentleman has to quote his qualification and title here?

      I understand this ICET was started by Nediavan group in competition to the KP’s Trans-national government of Tamil Eelam – TGTE.

      So this getleman who dremaed to become the Minister of Technology in the Eelam government agreed to become the Co-chair of this mythe group ICET.

      There are so many mad cases and under-cover agents are members of this ICET. So the ICET work is just pass there time and gather information on people who really still working on Tamil political rights.

      This Prof who is for pride just bluffing here.

      Does this statement or his declaration has any sense to anyone who know politics.

      This is good for comedy show. This professor is like Charly Chaplin.

      Good luck to ICET. Like in a comment befor International Cut-throts of Tamils Eelam.

      Let them file their pockets and bank accounts.

  • 3

    Oh!– No!! Here comes out another rat –it was Suren Surendran, Tamil Net, Rudrakumaran and now with the fancy title “Professor” Sri Ranjan with an equally fanciful name of an organisation!- From which holes are they all sneaking from ? Who gave them the authority to speak for the Tamils living in Sri Lanka?- what mandate do they have? How did they get the mandate?

    And more, what exactly are they proposing as panacea for the Tamils? What is their exact solution they have for the suffering Tamils living in Sri Lanka to get out of their present rut, except to flaunt high sounding words such as “self determination” “Attaining complete freedom for the Tamil nation” etc etc, while sitting comfortably with their family and their close kith and kin outside the shores of Sri Lanka? –Tamils need no other enemies with these sort of self- appointed persons with illusions of their own non -existent grandeur, to ensure their suffering further degeneration, destruction and destitution.

  • 6

    “Who gave them the authority to speak for the Tamils living in Sri Lanka?- what mandate do they have? How did they get the mandate? “
    It’s their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters that are living back N/E and what authorization is needed to speak for their kith and kin? Oh the TNA, do you in your right mind believe that TNA has the freedom to openly talk on behalf of their people?

    “while sitting comfortably with their family and their close kith and kin outside the shores of Sri Lanka?”
    No different to you sitting behind a computer screen.

    “except to flaunt high sounding words such as “self determination””
    Let’s not forget that TNA election mandate was based on Tamils right to self determination and why did they win if Tamils are against self determination?

  • 2

    Only option to silence the voice for a Separate Tamil Eelam, would be Maximum Devolution and a federal setup without compromising the unitary state.

    The historic facts quoted in this position paper are accurate, except, mention of a mandate.

    Where did he get this from? Is he talking about TULF Vaddukotai Resolution?

    Then TNA Would argue they have the latest mandate from Tamils in North/East from recent Provincial council Elections.

  • 5

    Neither Mahinda Nor Maithri Is Fit To Be The Choice Of Ealam Tamils: ICET – the correct heading should be: Neither Mahinda Nor ICET, but Maithri Is Fit To Be The Choice Of Ealam Tamils:

    Who are the members of the so called ICET, most of them are asylum seekers who were part of LTTE war machine and those who were overseas who have made money by promoting LTTE during Prabaharan’s time. Today they are controlled by KP.

    Further how can ICET say that the people have given them the mandate? To which country these people who gave the mandate belong to? They would have been Sri Lankans at some time, but when they accepted the citizenships of UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, and many other countries, they gave up Sri Lankan citizenship. How can a foreign citizen have a mandate to interfere in another country’s politics? If they want they can set up a so called EELAM in the country of their residence.

    Further these so called Eelamists do not live in Sri Lanka and they have a very comfortable life abroad, educate their children abroad and none of these children will come back to Sri Lanka even if dual citizenship is offered. Then why do they have to interfere in Sri Lankan politics?

    By their two cents worth comments they are creating trouble for those Tamils who are living in Sri Lanka and who are desperately seeking to live in peace with other communities.

    Further if ICET presented documentary evidence re: the army atrocities in Sri Lanka, did they also present the atrocities committed by LTTE and Prabaharan on the civilian population of Sri Lanka? If they did not do that then what is the worth of all the degrees and designations and positions they carry. These ICET members or organizations are the the worst kind of TRAITORS of the TAMIL COMMUNITY.

    The Tamil people who have the voting rights in Sri Lanka have given their mandate not to ICET but to TNA. TNA is the legitimate leaders of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, so let them lead their flock. ICET butt out of this.

  • 3

    Sri Ranjan, in effect seems to be telling tamils not to vote at all.
    Is he real !!
    It is the duty of all, not only tamils, to vote.

  • 2

    Could be a lackey of the Rajapaksas. Idiots just like this person should explain what and why it happened – the last time (2005) when Prabhakaran instructed the Tamils to sit out and not to vote for either candidate, the disastrous end was Mullivaikal. It goes without saying that either candidate will be pushing for a Sinhala agenda but have the Tamils reached a stage where they can do what these jokers want them to do. Instead of sitting on their laurels, and not able to lift a finger to alleviate their problems, there is no point in passing resolutions and statements. Just as the TNA had decided, the Tamils should vote, and for the opposition candidate.

  • 3

    Sri Rajan “Our position, based on a long-term vision and based on the mandate given to us by our people, reflecting their political aspirations, was achieved through discussions between country councils and other relevant actors.”

    What mandate was given to you by whom and when and how.?

    It appears to me that your country councils had a new year party last night and polished a few bottles of whiskey and mandated between your self?

  • 1

    Most of the Tamil leaders, whether Ealam leaders, federalists or power sharers represent the rich Tamil elites whether they live in Sri Lanka or abroad. Ordinary Tamil people are not worried whether the country is run by Rajapakse brothers or Sirisena brothers. What they want is a piece of land with water to cultivate their crops, government or private sector jobs, free education and an environment to live peacefully. Ealam was a dream of the Tamil elites which originated when Sri Lanka won independence in 1948. Untill then the Tamil elites (rich people) were satisfied with the social system because the British favored the Tamils. The British rulers did not trust the Sinhalese, however loyal, because the rulers knew that the Sinhalese would never forget what the British rulers did to them i.e. plundering the Sinhalese for more than 100 years. After 1948 the majority i.e. Sinhalese, nominally became rulers in Ceylon. Origin of Ealam was at that point. In 1948 although Sinhalese were the nominal leaders the country was run by the Tamil elites. Most of the administrative staff, police chiefs, doctors, engineers, accountants, business elites, university lecturers etc. were of Tamil origin. This structure was radically changed in 1956. Sinhalese from rural areas got the opportunity to enter universities and technical colleges. Banks were nationalized and the rural poor got the opportunity to obtain loans to improve their business. Bandaranayake under pressure from Samasamajists distributed land among the poor. Paddy cultivators started saving money. Their children got the opportunity to go to universities. Some of them became Civil servants. Children of poor families became doctors, engineers and professors. We saw the emergence of the Sinhalese elite. Gradually the Tamil elite was displaced by the Sinhalese elite. Then the urge developed to create a separate state and maintain the status quo. Ealamis, federalists and power sharers are the representatives of this Tamil elites. Ordinary Tamils have no leadership. They have to develop their own leaders which is the most difficult task facing them at this juncture of the history.

    • 2


      “Their children got the opportunity to go to universities. Some of them became Civil servants.”

      And they started imposing essentially a Sinhala/Buddhist state on rest of the people, followed by oppression or tyranny of the majority, which now mutated in to a state where we find ourselves in a country, which expressed its collective will clearly to have and agreed to live under “tyranny of the very tinny minority”.

  • 2

    So spoken by the learned from the safety of their homes AWAY from
    the shores of Sri Lanka!!! BRAVO !!! How true that the Jaffna man
    will take himself out of Jaffna but will not let go the ‘Jaffna’ OUT of him!!!
    For God’s sake stop creating more trouble for the poor Tamils who HAVE
    to live in SL & stop talking about a ‘Tamil homeland’ which can and will never materialise! Even if the unthinkable was to happen, you will never live peacefully among yourselves & you know why – bcz of the prejudices you carry as extra luggage! In any case you have LOST Jaffna and deservingly so !!! The way forward is to live as Sri Lankans first and anything else thereafter.
    Let the tamils live without your meddling or stirring the pot anymore because time will eventually heal old wounds and that is the only alternative. Historically much greater enmity between peoples have
    cured itself though,unfortunately,some problems are kept boiling and
    simmering all because of meddling by those with a hidden agenda
    for personal or political ends.
    A beautiful land with beautiful people was torn asunder bcz of dirty politics on BOTH sides,all for a cause (to qte Lee Kuan Yu in the 80’s) “that does not fill your stomach..” and that, dear Sir, is the tragedy of SL politics!

  • 1

    TNA was part of the meeting arraigned for finding a CC. TNA attempted to negotiate with the opposition. TNA could not make a deal with any body. TNA could not agree. But TNA asking the Eelam Tamils people to go in agreement with CC. It is like Hitler had food taster. TNA wants the Eelam Tamil people to taste the CC and tell them how it its.

    TGTE has explained in its’ new year message if King come back, there may be a small increase in the current trouble, But in the long run, the Tamils should benefit.

    In the past high majority victory has been disastrous for Tamils. 1970’s election enabled Sirima to change constitution for her betterment, unwanted nationalizations, Standardization, JVP murders…..It was same the case when JR came with the excessive majority. Same patterns repeated. War against Tamils, systematic communal riots, constitution change,……murders even with in his party……..Same thing with King when he came with excessive majority in 2010. He has basically appointed him as the life time EP. I wrote some where else that, there was not just third term, but there was not even a second term.

    Where did the TNA got the assurance that if Maithiri wins he will be able to access to the seat? If he will not get the power there is going to be revenge from Royal family. So where did the TNA got the confirmations that voting in this elections is safe for Tamils. If TNA thinks that Maithiri will win and gain the power, why TNA is participation in bring him with excess majority? Is that because TNA can not learn from the past history or remember or remember anything it learned?

    Even Dudley did not keep his promise. In that case in what how Maithiri going to keep a promise that is not given. How the TNA got its morality to sacrifice the Tamils and redeem Sinhala Intellectuals?

  • 0

    Professor Sri Ranjan doesn’t seem to represent British or American Tamils..

    Does this confirm that Surendran and Rudrakumaran have amalgamated their outfits with the UNP through London?.

    That is another story I guess.

    But he got a point.

    JHU Rathne is going to Jaffna with the Vellala TNA to demand the natives in the North to vote for CC Sira..

    I mean who can be more Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinist than JHU Champika ,who seems to be the front runner for the PM post.

    LTTE Praba, who is the founding father of Professor Ranjan’s all outfits plus British and American Tamils’too, took away 100,000 lives with him, trying to create the great Eelaam in the NE of Srilanka.

    His successors, the Vellala TNA are now on the same stage with the JHU , , preaching to the ex captives to put their vote in Sira’s box.

    Has JHU agreed to give 13 A plus with Land Rights and Police powers to the Vellalas, let alone creating an Eelaam to fulfil the wishes of Professor Sri Ranajan and his wheel barrow full of Eeelaam outfits?.

    Or the British and American Tamils have stitched up a special deal with the UNP through London without the knowledge of Sri Ranjan?.

    Is the plan to declare Elaam, once the Scrum is fighting to get the Ball, when Sira forms the teams..

  • 4

    Hey Sri Ranjan, take a chill pill and relax. No need of Ealam Tamil talk here. You took off sometime back, got your education and probably put all your kids in Uni…….now it is time to talk this Ealam garbage while the people suffer in the hands of this prick who happens to be the President. Buggers like you, will talk crap as long as it does not affect your kids. You want Tamil Ealam, then send your ‘OWN’ kids fully armed to fight another insurgency in SL, otherwise shut up and be quiet. You fellows never cared for the people, always sold this Ealam rubbish and forcefully thrust this rubbish down people’s throat. Then silently bolt to a foreign land, acquire all the education one can possibly get, get a job, get married have few kids and place them in some Uni…………then when you get bored in the evenings on a weekend, have a scotch, get the wife to cook some nice rice and curry, invite a few like minded individuals and have a good laugh at other people’s expense. We do not want TE, we want this hoodlum from Hambantota and his entire family wiped out from the face of this earth, then install good governance. We caring Tamils abroad, want everyone there to live peacefully. We do not want a bloody ealam. Why don’t you also address the Muslim issue or have you quickly forgotten what the LTTE buggers did to the Muslims? The LTTE chased the Muslims away who have been there for centuries. Let the remaining population in SL live peacefully once this hoodlum is gone.

  • 0

    This Professor, with [Edited out], is enjoying life in the US while preaching behaviors to his brethren living in impoverished Northern Sri Lanka.

    It looks he is bored with life in the white man’s land and now that he has got his PEng and PhD, he spends his co-chairing splinter Tamil Diaspora Groups spread all over the world, each with membership averaging not more than 10 persons.

    Firstly, he should get rid of [Edited out]

    Secondly, I advice him to stop worshiping the Sun God, who anyone in the World, would admit was a megalomaniac who wrecked the lives of millions.

  • 2

    Sri Ranjan, Esquire of the Stupid Engineers!

    like many technically educated people from Sri Lanka without an ounce of Political or social education is an arm-chair fundamentalist that you find among the Sinhales and the Tamils or even the Muslims. He and his wife living in a very cold country, watching hindi movies to pass the bitter cold while making a lot of money have nothing better to do. This can be excused if not for the sheer stupidity and Modaya qualities they exhibit talking about politics and history which he doesn’t know anything about even if it hits him on his behind.

    Its been made worse by he and his relatives suddenly becoming ministers in transnational governments that has been invented by similar modayas among the tamils.
    I hope he and his wife disappear from the Sri Lankan or any political debate for that matter due to their gross ignorance. Last I heard of him from a friend in the cold place he lives was that he was beaten up by some young Tamils there after famously being a Modaya in the local Tamil association there. After which he disappeared from the local scence but is making mischief in other transnational places. I hear also that he and his wife seem to be connected to some shady figures.

  • 1

    Ohhh Ranna , Ranna ! what a story or His-Story ? !

    …then they brought Sinhala ONLY, standardization,Racism mixed corrupted Buddhism only, pogroms,racial riots after riots with government’s tacit approval, discrimination,no rule of law for minorities,allowed racist groups like JHU,RB,Sihala urumaya, BBS,saffron robed thugs,and anything racist to grow, allowed mass murders of Tamils under the pretext of fighting terror, open prison for war affected people, chasing Tamils out of the country, land grabs, bulldozing their homes, creating more and more HSZ, Sinhala Colonization of Tamil land, deployment of too many forces and camps,harassing the public, women, destroying Temples, Churches, making their life miserable as much as possible,denial of employment opportunities, killing,raping,kidnapping,making people disappear, unlawful arrest and detention, detaining for indefinite period under draconian terror law, denying fishing rights,branding all Tamils as terrorists,torturing, killing them inside prisons , harassing the former freedom fighters and families and still continuing with every evil kind of controlling their freedom.
    Now beginning with terrorizing Muslims…..NICE History indeed and blame the disgruntled, due rights refused, decent life denied, totally discriminated Tamils for every thing. Do not blame the ruling Sinhala politicians or the majority brain washed or brain dead racist Sinhala Buddhists who brought this once a good country and people to this ‘pariah’ state. SHAME !

  • 0

    Since “Eelam Tamils” are a figment of Imagination they only have rights to pick imaginary leaders !

  • 0

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