23 May, 2023


Neither Mahinda Nor Maithri Is Fit To Be The Choice Of Ealam Tamils: ICET

“The expectation that Eelam Tamils will benefit from a regime change is certainly a fallacy based on decades-long lessons learned by us. Particularly, after careful analysis of the actions of the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa and the beliefs of Maithripala Srisena we have come to the firm conclusion that neither is fit to be the choice of our people.” says the International Council of Eelam Tamils.

Professor R. Sri Ranjan

Professor R. Sri Ranjan

Issuing a statement regarding the upcoming election, the ICET co-chair, Professor R. Sri Ranjan says; “our request is that each Eelam Tamil should act in keeping our long-term goal in mind, and express to the international community a stance based on only the Tamil nation’s existence and security in mind.”

We publish below the statement in full;

Our stand is aimed at attaining complete freedom for the Tamil Nation — International Council of Eelam Tamils

In response to questions arising from Eelam Tamils living within and outside the island of Sri Lanka, and from the international community regarding our position on the January 8, 2015 Presidential Election in Sri Lanka, we the International Council of Eelam Tamils representing the Eelam Tamil diaspora, wish to announce our stance based on our position aimed at attaining complete freedom for the Tamil Nation.

Our position, based on a long-term vision and based on the mandate given to us by our people, reflecting their political aspirations, was achieved through discussions between country councils and other relevant actors.

The world has changed with time. International politics too has changed. However, there has been no change in the politics of the Sinhala Nation. The continuing genocide of the Tamil Nation is the direct consequence of the anti-Tamil stance of the Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony.

We have presented the international community with abundant evidence documenting the decades-long injustice and genocide committed against the Tamil Nation. In addition, the international community is well aware of the catastrophe being unleashed upon the Eelam Tamils through ample evidence gathered through official channels as well as satellite imagery. Despite this, we are saddened that the international community has failed to recognize our just political stand, one based on our own collective experience.

Our Tamil homeland has been continuously devoured by Sinhala-Buddhist hegemonic rulers who have successively come to power over the last six decades. Their policy has been on one hand to take possession of our land and turn it into Sinhala colonies, while on the other hand destroying our people through occupying and plundering our resources.

As for the Eelam Tamils, the Unitary State structure perpetuating the Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony is also a vital cause of the ongoing genocide in the island. Both major political parties which have ruled Sri Lanka are rooted in Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony and have come to power by perpetuating racist anti-Tamil stances.

In the forthcoming election, the election propaganda of those in power as well as those aspiring to come to power are aimed solely at the Sinhala-Buddhist vote bank. Their election manifestos further confirm this. Their manifestos do not mention justice to Eelam Tamils or express any mechanism to bring normalcy to their lives.

The expectation that Eelam Tamils will benefit from a regime change is certainly a fallacy based on decades-long lessons learned by us. Particularly, after careful analysis of the actions of the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa and the beliefs of Maithripala Srisena we have come to the firm conclusion that neither is fit to be the choice of our people.

Based on history, important roles in the Sri Lankan state have been held, continue to be held and will in future be held by racist Sinhala-Buddhist hardliners. The international community in particular should take careful note that the anti-Tamil frenzy in the South and dominance of racist forces in government will never allow for the co-existence of the Tamil Nation in the island.

After the armed resistance aimed at safeguarding the Tamil Nation was silenced, through the struggles upheld by our kith and kin in our homeland, Tamil Nadu and around the world seeking justice for the Mullivaaikkaal genocide, our National Questions has attracted the attention and interest of the world.

If the international community is seriously interested in bringing just peace to the island, it should be cognizant of the fact that successive Sinhala hegemonic governments have continued their single-minded policy of committing Tamil genocide and thus it is futile to expect any of these governments to bring just peace to the Tamils.

We wish to salute the actors, who despite threats to their lives have clearly and strongly articulated a position focused on the existence of the Tamil Nation, regarding the election on January 8, 2015.

Our kith and kin who sacrificed their lives clearly expressed that Sinhala sovereignty cannot be enforced onto the Tamil homeland through military occupation. Likewise, while we strongly believe that our brethren will not allow the Sinhala Nation’s dominance over the Tamil people, we request that they ensure the Tamil Nation’s freedom struggle still lives on.

Therefore, regarding the upcoming election, our request is that each Eelam Tamil should act in keeping our long-term goal in mind, and express to the international community a stance based on only the Tamil nation’s existence and security in mind.


Professor R. Sri Ranjan, Ph.D., P.Eng.,

Co-Chair, International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) 

Tamil cultural centre- Belgium (Belgium)

National Council of Canadian Tamils (Canada)

Danish Federation of Tamil Associations (Denmark)

Italian Council of Eelam Tamils (Italy)

Maison du Tamil Eelam France (France)

Council of Eelam Tamils in Germany (Germany)

National council of New Zealand Tamils (New Zealand)
Dutch Tamil Forum (Netherland)

Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils (Norway)

Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils (Swiss) 

The International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) is a grassroots federation, composed of organizations from across the global Tamil Diaspora that seeks a political solution to the Tamil National Question through the right to self-determination.

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Latest comments

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    Brother Sri Ranjan,

    You have published your personal opinion without knowing the ground reality. It is very wrong for each and every group to publicise their own contradicting views without consulting others which will confuse ordinary voters and put every tamil at a dangerous position. The politics is like a chess game, some dislike moves are necessary to win the game at the end. Brother, supporting Mitiri is a vital move at this time, so please change your decision and write another article supporting Mithiri.

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      All the traitors of Tamil Eelam who now criticize Professor Ranjan be aware. Genocidal Sinhala state would make mince meat out of you. Tamils quest is Tamil Eelam. There is no other way.

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        Tamil Patriot

        Where is this Tamil Eelam? I just want to visit this land.

        We know a few traitors, one was Rohana Wijayweera who was burned alive and the other one was VP who shamelessly surrendered, had his posterior explored with hot iron rod and was hacked to death. I suppose both of them are still your hero.

        “Genocidal Sinhala state would make mince meat out of you.”

        The Sinhala/Buddhist state makes mince meat out of Sinhala people as well. The state enjoy killing its own people irrespective of their race, region, religion, gender, …..

        “Tamils quest is Tamil Eelam.”

        The so called Tamil Eelam was dead on arrival just after passing the Vattukottai resolution.

        “There is no other way.”

        There are other ways, all what you need is bit of wisdom, which I do not see in Tamils nor in your Sinhala brethren.

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          Where is Tamil Eelam?

          You may find this to be useful in defining Tamil Eelam.

          “Speaking in Zurich, on Maha Veerar Naal, in November 1990, the late Sathasivam Krishnakumar, (Kittu) a founding member of the LTTE said:

          ”I was once asked by an Englishman connected with the British Refugee Council: ‘You say Tamil Eelam, but where are the boundaries of this Tamil Eelam that you talk about? Show me.’

          I was taken aback by the directness of the question. I thought for a while, searching for an appropriate response. Then I replied: ‘Take a map of the island. Take a paint brush and paint all the areas where Sri Lanka has bombed and launched artillery attacks during these past several years. When you have finished, the painted area that you see – that is Tamil Eelam.”’


          • 2


            Good to hear Kittu also was able to think.

            “Take a paint brush and paint all the areas where Sri Lanka has bombed and launched artillery attacks during these past several years. When you have finished, the painted area that you see – that is Tamil Eelam.”

            I was reliably told that Sri Lankan air force bombed JVP’s Tora Bora caves in Sabaragamuwa Province during its first failed insurrection in 1971. Probably Kittu was not aware of it otherwise he would have painted the province as part of Thamil Eelam.

            Without going into polemics let me ask you, is there anyway you can define Tamil Eelam positively without referring to negative actions of Sri Lankan state?

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        Tamil Patriot,

        I too stood for Tamil Eelam until about 2009. With Prabakaran gone and along with him the LTTE, Tamil Eelam could only be a pipe dream and nothing more. It is good for all the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka to get over this hang over, wake up fully and look for alternate means of making life better and preserving at least what remains of the Tamil community for posterity rather than get totally wiped out or totally assimilated!

        Sengodan. M

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        Tamil Patriot – To be a patriot one first needs to have a country and not some fantasy-land, so first get your definitions right before you hope to make sense.

        Read Native Vedda’s comment and digest it – confrontation is not the way forward – just look what happened to your self-proclaimed ‘Sun God’.

      • 3

        @Tamil Patriot, where are you living? I presume in a foreign land, enjoying all the freedom that country could offer, all the kids either in uni or employed gainfully, loads of time on the weekend, scotch on the rocks, nice rice and curry wife cooked……..then it is ok to dream about Tamil Ealam. I have seen many of you fellows, I live amongst many in Canada who dream like this. Yes, tomorrow will come and nothing will change in your life, but everything will change in the lives of all these poor souls in SL. You want TE, then pack your kids bags, buy them couple of AK-47s and send them to SL and start the insurgency. Otherwise, stop writing this garbage. You will win TE by using other people’s children.

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    It is hard to believe that a professor cannot see clearly enough to discern the underlying issue. The underlying issue is “do the citizens of the Sri Lankan state want a limited two term presidency or s multi term unlimited presidency”.

    Will the Tamils benefit from a multi term unlimited presidency with the incumbent leading the way?

    Frankly your writing gives me the impression that you are as dumb as piraphakaran was.

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    Professor R. Sri Ranjan, I am not sure what you are a professor of, certainly not in diplomacy. I am all for eliminating the abhorrent treatment of the Tamil community but not for separation. In this regard we have to take baby steps after it was badly sabotaged by the likes of LTTE. Now you prop up advocating discarding Maithri too, an opportunity far removed from the Rajapakses, to achieve our goal.

    • 1

      @Sylvia Haik, this fellow SriRanjan is a Bio Systems engineering professor in (I believe) Manitoba, Canada. He certainly is blowing a lot of hot air…………..at other people’s expense that is.

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    Please all so called tamil patriots, after LTTE is defeated (I do not want to discuss how) tamil’s position in srilanka is very weak. When we are weak, we should not start a fight, even if your enemy starts a fight,you have to use your brain and escape (oodu meen ooda urumeen varumalvum vaadi irukumaam kokku). Even a bird is using the brain wisely. Hot temper, decision making without thinking or consulting experts will leads to disaster which we have experienced in Mullivaikal. Be wise and remove MR first. After a terrible accident, we have to walk first before run. No one asked us to drop everything after removing MR.

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    Professor R. Sri Ranjan, I doubt you are a political scientist, can’t see any political thinking in your article. I do agree with Senthil “The politics is like a chess game, some dislike moves are necessary to win the game” We who, living out side the Island of Srilanka, let us refrain from confusing our brethren, those Tamils living under military boots and the 6th amendment which is breathing down the neck of our Tamil Politicians. Let them have a space to think and act. Tamil people’s verti or Saree has been thrown on to a thorny bush and its laying there for the past 66 years since independence, let us be patient and remove the clothe tactfully without tearing it into rags. International community is well aware now of the Srilankan’s lies, UN knows all about the Tamil people’s problem.Even those rouge countries who care less about the human rights of their own citizens like Pakistan, China ,Russia, Cuba all know about the Srilanka’s humbug Rajapaske and his cry wolf,wolf. The GTF which represents the Tamil Diaspora has openly said to Tamils please do use your voting rights, but use it with common sense. Changing this murderous regime and the family rule should be first concern. At yesterday’s meeting in Jaffna, MY3 had an unprecedented crowd. They were not horded into government vehicles by the army or Douglas’s men for MR’s meeting. They all came on their free will to assess the political climate. MR’S peace and freedom is only found in his talk. empty gestures. Our people need a roof over their heads, a livelihood that could give them, at least two square meals. Have freedom to move about or even to talk to their friends and relatives, without being spied on.

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    If Mythiri is elected what could happen is the key question for the Tamils. Based on this Tamils will have to decide to vote. If they vote based on the hatred of Mahinda, then we are looking into a cycle of same thing again and again.

    1. Will Mythiri give the freedom for the Tamils to decide their fate? Not at all
    2. Will he give federal solution? Nope
    3. Will he allow UNHRC to come and investigate? Nope
    4. Will he remove military? Nope
    5. Will he give police power to councils? Nope
    6. Will he give more power to councils? Nope
    7. Will he give the land back to the tamils? Nope

    Not sure what else to ask for. Why are we talking about getting a roof for Tamils. By voting and electing Mythiri, UN and Western world will give more time for him to finish the game Mahinda started. Tamils to loose more if Mythiri is elected.

    • 0

      Jini, you are good at raising questions but not so with answers. Sri Lanka is already a small country and fragmenting it further will only destroy it for all of us. There are several communities and races living in Sri Lanka and what we should aim for is equal treatment, in every aspect, for everyone. Race, colour, caste or creed should be immaterial in employment. There are hardly any Tamil or Muslim in the Army, Navy, air Force or Police. These are problems that could easily be solved and should be tackled first and many of the other problems will just disappear.

  • 0

    Hopefully majority Tamils will not follow this maniac.

    @ Waran, Senthil and the author: No matter who wins you don’t get your eelam. You may think about using My3 as a proxy but it will never work as any constitutional changes should go trough Supreme court, 2/3 of the parliament and secure 51% from the public opinion. Never on earth it is gonna happen.

  • 2

    Prof. Sri Ranjan is unfortunately right. The Tamil aspirations, if any, cannot be met by MARA. SIRA says he is accomodating but can he?

    His main promise is to make Ranil the PM no sooner he takes office. But when that happens all UPFA will be with SIRA leaving MARA naked. So SIRA now having nearly two thirds with UPFA alone, what is the use of making Ranil the Prime Minister? He will dump every one perhaps including CBK who nurtures him right now.

    I think even his convoy of vehicles was attacked in Boralesgamuwa by the Tigers. He now claims credit that he was the Acting Defence Minister when Prabhakaran died. (So who should be the War Criminal?)

    The victoe in this elections will be make mince-meat out of the looser.

    The abstaining Tamil vote may help MARA. A tamil vote for SIRA will help SIRA. So where are we Tamils?

  • 0


    I think you misunderstand our comments , we never mentioned the word Elam, all we wanted is a political solution inside united srilanka. Every politician including MR is talking about home grown solution but you are saying home grown solution is not possible. You never know , you may be against freedom and equality but your 2nd 3rd generation might be more civilised to accept free srilanka like free West but that time you or me want be alive – life is too short, try to enjoy while you are active, I am enjoying my life.

  • 0

    I can agree with the statement that a separate state is a solution the Tami problem. There are other solutions. The LTTE itself advocated an ISGA, which would have meant a large amount of devolution within a unitary state. The issue now is how to achieve it. It cannot be through violence.

    The strategy of not voting is not the correct strategy. Its adoption is what brought Rajapakse into power. Why the LTTE adopted this strategy has never been explained. Some say, on both sides that Rajapakse paid a huge amount to Mr Prabhakaran. This remains a plausible explanation that soils the memory of Prabhakaran. Those who support him must ensure that he is relieved of this suspicion. Legend credits him with great foresight. History shows that he did not have the foresight of a flee. MR killed not only his family but a large number of innocent Tamils.

    It is not right that LTTE supporters should ask the Tamils to make the same mistake. They are people who have fled the country and are living in comfort in other lands.

    They must respect the right of the Tamils in the NorthEast to vote and choose what they desire. Professor Sri Ranjan should stick to his engineering and not purport to advise the people who have to live with their choice on the ground.

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    What matters most on the day of election re this article is Tamils, the ones live in Sri Lanka and eligible to vote, and how they do vote. If the writer wants to influence what Tamils should do on 8th Jan, he should have simply stated either to not to vote or, to vote either of the main candidate. Finished reading this article twice, yet I am not sure what the heck he is asking a Tamil voter to do on the day of election, and this clearly explains the quality of leaders that we have left with. The objective of the article seems just to use the opportunity for some propaganda purpose to resurrect a loss cause and gain some mileage among the community the writer lives up there in his fantasy world.

    Unlike Tamils, who let VP to become a ruthless cult figure and have a free ride on ordinary Tamils, taking them to ring fence him when the tough got going, Sinhalese were able to identify the real MR and his intentions so soon, and are doing the right thing by attempting to change the political discourse of this island, despite MR had won the war for them. They were no longer prepared to buy MR’s arguments that he puts for, to extend his tenure nor have them perturbed by his scaring tactics that Tamils diaspora are waiting to ambush the SL’s sovereignty. They knew there is no point flogging the dead horse, and doesn’t the quality of this article ably prove them they are right and smart. What they think is just because he eradicated the LTTE menace, doesn’t entail him with a free hand to steer the destiny of this country in a wrong path and exploit the opportunity for his own. They are happy see his back, if the country’s future can be put back on track.

    Regarding the unsolicited article, made to seems like for all Tamils, what Tamils who had faced the brunt of the war would like to say is, TNA is the representative of Tamils, not by default but by popular votes that they received in the elections that were held after the demise of LTTE. We did cast votes in these election and send a clear message that you didn’t make piece with us yet, to the MR Government exercising the democratic right. Despite, LTTE’s killing spree, alas, we have still a few leaders who have got what it takes to decide as to what is right for Tamils at a given time. Tamils have a great faith on the trios, Sampanthan, Vigneswaran and Suminthiran, and do not they command the majorities respect too?. They have been always on record saying the resolution they seek does respect the unitary state of Sri Lanka, not Eelam as you dream. We all have to learn to live in harmony in this beautiful island, at least after the lessons that we learnt the hard way. The island right now is in crisis unless the democracy is restored. The need of the hour is to go hand-in-hand and help those progressive forces in South, and see them through in the election.

    As a matter of fact, what did you do when TNA supported SF at the last Presidential election?. Haven’t seen then a Professor advising as he does now or, anyone else for that matter. Why, because you all wanted to see MR being defeated, for no reason other than revenge.It was only a wishful thinking as you knew full well that he wasn’t to be defeated. So what is the logic and relevance you have to put out a nonsense article like this at this juncture?. Don’t you see this time they support for a worthy cause-preserving democratic value, maintaining a justice system that is independent, restore good governance and eliminate corruption- than what they supported for last time?. Maithri went his own way, defecting the Govt of the day, risking his peaks, and challenges his boss makes it obvious that he has been free from corruption throughout his political life, if he did involve, his dirt files would be swinging in the air back and forth for all to see by now.

    I guess a weird message you try to pass on to the voter is that you’ve got everything- the photos, imageries, videos, etc. -lined up for a war crime investigation and, if MR supposed to vanish from the scene due his election defeat, your effort might go in vein. This again is driven by your revenge attitude, none other. Although the common candidate doesn’t promise anything at this crucial point of the election that would jeopardize his chance of winning, which is quite obviously understandable and diplomatic, there appears to be a real opportunity to find a solution for the National Question which is acceptable to all Lankans under the common candidate’s regime than MR’s. On the other hand, even if you succeed taking MR to war crime investigation, which is very unlikely, would you bring any real benefit to those affected families?. Such situation will only further aggravate the situation here inflaming the racial tension, and who will be the losers- the poor Tamils live in Sri Lanka?. Why is this ‘kolai veri”?, be more pragmatic, do not utter something that put others’ lives in danger while you and your family perfectly live in a safe heaven. Do the numbers, you being an Engineer, will know, the size of Tamil population who live in SL doesn’t justify such a claim in future. The irony is, your hero didn’t have the maturity to accept it even if it were to be given. Apology for my tone, but you have got see the incapacitated ones that are at their prime now, who were forcefully snatched from their parents when they turned the threshold age.

  • 1

    ” Our kith and kin who sacrificed their lives ” – what is your sacrifice then.
    They didn’t sacrifice they lost their lives because your experiment went terribly wrong and you killed them.

    This is your dream. But you are incapable of even dreaming about the plight of the Tamil people who suffered under your poorly deigned experiment. For you it is some dream, theory, past time, hobby, revenge, and some sort of self recognitions. For the Tamil people in Sri Lnaka it is their life. We know what you care about. Stop this nonsense.
    If you want to do another experiment please do it on yourself and your friends family. Dont use the innocent Tamil people to test your foolish theories.
    In the list of organizations many are groups of families and friends. Nobody has the right to speak for the Tamils of any land. Add some more if you want.
    International Foolish Tamils Organization
    Past Time Tamil organization.
    Distant Tamil organization.
    Dead Tamil Organizations.
    Keeping Tamils Weak Organization.

    “The International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) is a grassroots federation, composed of organizations from across the global Tamil Diaspora that seeks a political solution to the Tamil National Question through the right to self-determination.”
    It is not grass root it is a Grass providing Organization for Mad cows.

    First unite under one organization and show the Tamils and the world that you deserve self determination. If you cant then it is merely self serving self promoting, self indulgence on somebody elses resources time and even lives.

    Dream Dream Dream ……..
    When you wake up you will be still dreaming. Pathetic

  • 0

    Wait for Prabhakaran’s resurrection!

  • 0

    Neither Mahinda Nor Maithri Is Fit To Be The Choice Of Ealam Tamils: ICET

    Very true EAlam Tamils need a more systematic relocation program to Tamil Nadu where they can speak their mind to the fullest with Jayalalitha and the Gang

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