26 June, 2022


New Bills In June To Attract More Foreign Investments

The government will present a series of bills in Parliament by June, in an effort to attract more foreign investments to the country, foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera announced today.

Mangala Samaraweera - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mangala Samaraweera – Minister of Foreign Affairs

The new bills will make way towards creating Sri Lanka to be a more investor friendly nation, which will be more conducive for foreign investors.

“By June we will introduce several bills in Parliament to create an efficient, dynamic and secure business environment conducive for investments,” Samaraweera told the media, soon after his meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom in Colombo.

The bills comes in the wake of back to back setbacks the country has been facing with the President Maithripala Sirisena – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe coalition government failing to bring in considerably investments to the country, since being elected in January last year. In March, the government received a further blow when international credit rating agency, Fitch Ratings downgrading its ratings on Sri Lanka by a notch to B+ with a negative outlook, followed by Standard & Poor’s revised outlook on its B+ sovereign credit rating to negative, due to mounting concerns of rising debt, weaker revenue and decline in the country’s foreign reserves.

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    “By June we will introduce several bills in Parliament to create an efficient, dynamic and secure business environment conducive for investments,” Samaraweera told the media, soon after his meeting with Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom in Colombo.

    “Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom will visit the former war torn northern city of Jaffna where she will meet with government officials and civil society and visit an IDP Welfare Camp and a Housing Project.” – Source, Colombo Gazette

    Why she is visiting IDP Camp, if she is interested in trade? The West doesn’t have money to invest significantly. If they do have money they would invest in the Europe, especially in Spain, Greece or Italy. Mr. Samaraweera is not smart enough to understand this reality. The West is taking a note on human rights issues so it can put a pressure on Sri Lanka to stay away from China. This is call divide and conquer strategy by using democracy, human rights and law & order.

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      ando pando,

      “Why she is visiting IDP Camp, if she is interested in trade?”

      Sweden has got claustrophobia – over 200k syrian refugees and more to come this summer when 1/2 million leave libya.

      so she wants to send some of them over to Lanka so that you can have white babies
      and one of them might be Steve Job type the man who made Apple Computers.

      this is FDI laughing.

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        We don’t need white babies, because the Subcontinent has enough brain power. However, the West had ruled the Subcontinent for 443 years and screwed it, so all the talented South Asians move to the West.

        The Subcontinent has almost 2 billion people, including largest democratic country in the world by population. Yet none of them raised their voices when the Australian government deleted my citizenship due to my writings about the struggles of Australian aboriginal people.

        None of them said a word when the Canadian government put me in a prison under false accusation when I exposed the First Nations’ hardships.

        None of them never felt sorry for their fellow South Asian when Nazi Germans stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka due to my writings.

        It shows the dominant power of the West in the Subcontinent. The Subcontinent is the White man’s playground.

        Germany was bombed and destroyed by the Five Eyes twice, but Germany stopped me from attending my mother’s funeral, because I exposed the Five Eyes’ double standards. This is call evolution, even Nazis know the power of unity. They know that they have to stick together to undermine the billions of Asians. But foolish South Asians are divided by their White masters. They have no chance to beat the West or China. In fact, if the West undermines China, it will be ten times easier for the West to undermine the Subcontinent. Therefore, China’s success is paramount for Asia’s success.

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          It is no wise to say, we dont white babies or – if the asistance is given wthinthe frame works applicable to be used, to the manner we are not harmed interupting our local agendas. Just be away the way as Meeharaka Rajakshe did, betraying the nation, being isolated the nation should not be repeated anymore. That is like cutting your neck by your own.
          Even self proclaimed nation s analyst – Dayan Jayathilaka was sometimes (before the Nugegoda stage saga) in the view, if Intenraitonal community criticises us, we still need to find ways to explain them and make them clear about the situaton properly… and stay connected to them further. :: Even if I hate Katusu jayathilaka fo rhis ultra nationalism promotions, but I did agree with him about stay connected with IC.

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          ando pando,

          It shows the dominant power of the West in the Subcontinent. The Subcontinent is the White man’s playground.”

          They are nomads! The whole world is a stage and a copy.

          You have no idea of sub-continent culture- India nor China (don’t bum on the combination of 2 monkey’s – India (hanuman) and China (monkey) because they know who they are)

          year of the monkey take care both can send you to space or keep you static for 1000 years (no life)

          I gave you a challenge at Shaoling which is 150 kilometers from Longman Grottoes (longest hill with buddha statutes) The dual butterfly swords both hands (Indian maratha army). While I organise 3 ChiCom `party men` to stand as judge.
          When you have very little knowledge of vast nations it is better to look in the mirror and play monkey than on international platform CT.

          • 0

            You are sick. How likely South Asia beating the West or China when fools like you are encourage to write? How the 2 billion people will get enlightened by your foolish comment? I won’t reply anymore, it is a waste of time.

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              ando pando,,

              kiss no nomad behind the walls at Colombo Gazette.

              do the kangaro strut,

              Now Scream..Whoooo Hoooo

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      Bloody hell!

      How is “a series of bills in Parliament by June, in an effort to attract more foreign investments to the country,” going to work?

      Will foreign investors bring their money here because we have a series of bills in parliament? Or are we going to write our country off to these international blood suckers?

      Mangala Samaraweera [Edited out]

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      Shoould she come against to go and visit IDP camp ?

      Any politician of the kind would make every efforts to cover all their items on the agenda per visit. Those foreign degnetaries work very hard focusing on all their items unlike our guys. I dont mean almost everyone in the country would work so silly, but visit to have made to IDP is for their own info I believe. Then only they had nodd their heads in UNHRC meetings agreeing what the current govt utter is right. Please Anthony, dont try to paint the picture in favour of culprit set. In our country, as you know, more sabotagers than peace-proxy folks. You repeat to have lived onthe west for such a long time, and to do the same job as any simple simon would do .. not having the least knoweldge is to my knowledge somewhat pathetic.

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    Friend the communist, you do not know the difference between investments and lending. One more thing is called donating too. We are not interested in that now. An investor can not hack the computers in the country he/she invests for principal and interest. He/she can not sue for the loan and interest. Sri Lankawe’s tea lost the market because the British companies were nationalized by the China communist Sirima. But China captured those tea markets lost by Lankawe and crushed Lanakwe’s tea trade. China opening factories and trading posts in western countries. Invest on their government bonds. When American Banks faced delinquency on home loans in 2007,2008, 2009….. China begged the American government to protect its investments. But China is too smart to invest in Lankawe. Lankawe Central Banks is losing in billions in bond issues because of the credit rating of Lankawe. Did China bought any bonds and relieved Lankawe? It did not because it has not been a brain washed fool? Why China is not investing Sri Lankan Air Lines? Chinese tourist are highest. China putting a grip on the Matale Air Port and use to CAL. Then why would it help to salvage the Lanaka airline?

    China putting $1.5 Billion loan to use Chinese layabout and Machinery in Port City and have captured it free. The fools in Lankawe put $4 billion dollar earth, sand, rocks and other building material and lost it with the location land to China.

    As communist you do not know that the western countries’ Foreign Minister do not go other countries to look for investment opportunities with cash in their hand. You have no idea of how capitalist counties work. Did you thought Margot Wallstrom also that kind of lending and got disappointed?

    Know something, please. West are the people created UN. Not Mao tse tung. China and Lanka wanted membership in their organization. If want to hang around there, behave properly or get the hell out there.

    You failed to read the article as usual. Can you tell where did you find out the Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom visit is to explore investment opportunities? Your Chinese bosses sent a note of it to you when they sent the poem about mother to post in CT?

    I feel sorry for the Tamil woman. Wouldn’t she too have had a dream when she was rocking the cradle that her little one too grow up and one day walk tall within the crowd of men as one in them? Unfortunately, That is posting poem when its Chinese masters fetch and give only, but not being able to understand that in Capitalist Market countries governments do not invest. They do not carry cash.

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    What are this chap’s policy credentials? He was part of CBK’s diehard kitchen club. Then he was MR’s FM before falling out and crossing over to the UNP for forty pieces of silver. Then before the election that ousted the GodKing he wanted to cross over if he was given the FM position. Why FM? Can he write policies papers like Harsha DeSilva and do analysis of investment portfolios? Can he do a IRR, CB analysis, NPR on investment proposals? Who writes these laws?

    • 3

      what did pavement preme know?
      where did GL take you?
      there is a limit to professionalism. They should stick to their profession- harsha can never perform this job of FM- how many international languages does he know?
      Is he conversant in the languages of great neighbours Hindi (.5 billion same as english and Mandrin 1.2 billion)

      This man is a `professional politician` the worse of the lot and in a world of illiberal democracy you have to find the best of your national pastime- shape shape shape to survive.

      At that level he has all the servants to write and even dress him. What did both Banda women know??

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    Heap it on Mangala somewhere the sun is shining and the clouds will soon roll by.

    IMF bailout facility instills confidence of donor agencies on Sri Lanka, says IMF Deputy Director Kalpana Kochtar. When SL has won the confidence of donor agencies it will automotically resolve that investor confidence will be restored once again.
    The Deputy Head of the IMF has said above.
    Ranil and You did a good jpb by getting the EU ban on fishing exports lifted and now Ranil is working on getting the GSP plus concession restored and he is bound to succeed. More feathers in your caps.Things are falling into place and with further concessions to be given in June as you envisage I am confident that there will be a influx of investors coming to Sri Lanka.
    Ignore the critics and keep up the good work and God Willing we will be at last “The Miracle of Asia” and not the carrot that was dangled in the past.
    promising this goal which was never achieved

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      Do you think any politician cares for the public? When they wake up they think of the next commission that they can make and break the promises they made to the poor fools who voted for them.
      Do you know how the island was taken over by arab traders then european traders?
      Or hong kong for 99 years?

      Do you know how we fatten a pig? we castrate it then send it to slaughter.

      The IMF chief school teachers daughter term ends in July and she is refusing to leave saying she is a woman and needs 2nd term. She exchanges music videos with Merkel the stupid catholic priest daughter.
      Swedish folk are experiencing cultural shock right up to neck.

      When The Trump who is spending his own cash wins. The world would be a democracy once more. Tuesday primary will give that wow.

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    Another con artist acting on a shaking stage.
    New name is Shakin Stevens.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

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    “The bills comes in the wake of back to back setbacks the country has been facing with the President Maithripala Sirisena – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe coalition government failing to bring in considerably investments to the country, since being elected in January last year.”

    So, the Joint Opposition is correct! I thought Gammanpila, Weerawansa, Vasu, and Dinesh with other disgruntled SLFP MPs were misleading us.
    Then, the problem is the Bills? But, people think it is the bulls in the Yahapalanya! What have they been doing for the last 16 months? Just bullying?This guy as the foreign minister has flown to all countries, spent probably millions of dollars, now after 16 months has found the problem! Thank you Sir for the joke of the day!
    But please remember foreign investors are not bulls!

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      You guys have no knowledge what the current govt achieved sofar. It is all because they dont boast the way Preiovus govt did. Having listened their modest talks being added to TV programs these days, we really feel their achievements are more than enough. They even accept that not everything went smooth due to the heavy loads of debts left by MOST ABUSIVE PRSIDENT ever produced by mother lanka.

      Political situation left by MR et al by 08th Jan 2016 was almost similar to what you got to see after monster tsunami waves took the lives of over 50k or more on the costal areas of the country.

      Alone the issue MR to go for election two years before his terms ends, is good enough any sane ones to grasp it was all because he was conviced nothing can help him if he would have waited further.
      No leaders of powerful kind would do so, but he did. That Astrologer was harmed putting th blame on him and his activities.

      And the facts that come up these days, proves, there are not even proper documenation on some of the debts made on behalf of the country, and scrutinization of all has taken that long. Even if the current bunch for their political reaons, not making MR et al directly accoutable for all the mess, as any sane ones or europeans in general feel, MR s adminstration was beyond all standards that the srilanka ever maintained.

      And the extern affairs and the pressure being excercised was read on lanken tabloid, they themselves spreading lies that MR would have been executed and electric chair is waiting for him etc… were just bailya to keep the gullible folks like you permamanently shut. You guys are the target of them – no body else.
      EVEN masses you represent stay like injected mice in experimental boxes, since ground realities of MR regime was kept away from your through their own media units. Even today, these media men work for Maharaja et al. Thi sis the reason why we dont see any proper information, interviews directly being made with MR on any issues that the current govt believe are due to direct mismanagement of MR et al.

      By today,
      A) No nothing like International community is against srilanka. External affairs is almost shaped as investigators can keep faith on the country and its future. India is no more against by their reactions. Not only Swaziland, Belarus, Seyshelves or the like coujntries, but powerful allies seem to be supporting the nation… they open add theirthoughts the way that the current govt moves is acceptable.

      B) As So called Jounros like Chapa of Ravaya makes every effort to paint the picture that way, we the lankens must not be that fear of not explainable, irreal fantasies that say EU, America and all these powerful nations are against us. Sure, we the nation have to make them very clear about our issues need to be settled through locals, if any allies would come against us. So long powerful diplomatic ties are there, through discussions, you can manage almost everything the manner previous leaders did it. Just being swollen as MR the like behave, we cant achieve anything for the betterment of the nation.

      C) China clearly expressed to MR already at that time, that they are just business partners. They have economic deals not only with Srilanka but also with many other poor countriy that make every effort to raise their head. Just go to africa, there you may see the realities.
      Like frogs in a well, if we would stay being closed to the world, we would not have any chance in competive worlds today.

      D)I have no doubt things woudl work the way the current regime plans for the country, Investors would come and start projects between srilanka and China, India, EU and America. We dont have oil springs and other natural reasources, but the location is geographiscally the centre for them to deal with. No doubt, if asterity measure would properly be imposed, nothign can go wrong with the current plans. No doubt about that.

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    Hon Minister

    ArcelorMittal (Headquarters in Luxembourg) is about to carry out a 1-billion dollar Housing project of prefabricated houses in Northern Sri Lanka at a colossal rate of 2.1 million dollars a unit with lavish furnishing. According to many analyses it’s contrary to all known principles of sustainable development. It was reported in January that a mystery investor from Belgium(How far is Belgium from Luxumbourg?) ‘parked’ a billion dollars in Sri Lanka to help the government.

    How does Sri Lanka use ”investments”?
    There should be good economics and good morals about it.

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