27 May, 2022


New CCTV Footage Shows Daham At Clique And PSD Threatening Club Security Prior To Attack

New CCTV footage has confirmed that President Maithripala Sirisena’s son, Daham, was in fact at the Clique Night Club on the day of the attack and an officer of the Presidential Security Division (PSD) who was accompanying Daham, threatening the security guard at the club.

The CCTV footage, obtained from two different cameras shows Daham Sirisena in a checked shirt along with a group of friends, flanked by members of the PSD walking out of the night club, and a PSD member in a white shirt raising his hand and threatening a member of the club security after Daham’s group was refused entry to the club. This footage was prior to the attack.

The new video footage has surfaced amidst reports that President Sirisena has ordered for two separate investigations into the incident

Deputy Minister of Mass Media Karunaratne Paranavithane told a news conference at the Government information Department that Sirisena has ordered both the Sri Lanka Police and the Presidential Security Division to carry out investigations into the night club attack, which was allegedly orchestrated by Sirisena’s son.

Despite clear CCTV footage, no arrest have been made yet, and one of the victims, a guard who was severely assaulted and hospitalized has already made a statement to the effect that he is unable to identify any of his assailants. The venue manager of the club in a statement soon after the incident denied the reports that a VVIP son was present at the time of the incident.

The club is located on the sixth floor of the building, and according to sources, the venue manager was not present at the time of attack, which occurred on the ground floor. There have been several reports to the effect that clandestine moves are underway to cover up the incident with the PSD men asked to take the blame to safeguard Daham.

According to information received by Colombo Telegraph, Daham and a relative named Dias, a notorious character from Ganemulla, along with a group of Presidential Security Division Personnel were denied entry to the night club around 2 am on Saturday. They had then left and returned with poles and had initially hit one security guard on the head with a flower pot. Thereafter the mob went berserk smashing the glass panes at the entrance to the building. Some of the other night club revelers waiting to enter the night club had also been assaulted by the group.

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Latest comments

  • 31

    It is for professionals to evaluate the evidence.

    Maithri ought, by now, to know what has happened.

    I’m one of many humble members of the public who feel that there is much in this that points to an incident that has taken place. Fortunately, the incident itself has not escalated in to one having tragic consequences, but it is not too much to say that our very faith in the very administration of the country hinges upon what we perceive as the President’s honesty in facing up to the truth about his son.

    Our sympathies may be with the President and his family, because the son’s abnormal behaviour must be distressing. But this is now a question of national significance, with even international ramifications.

    • 15

      The Daham Entourage should have checked with the Clique Night a Club first whether they’ll be allowed in beforehand instead of going there to Punch their way in.

      This is not acceptable.. Who are these morons herding Daham &Co??
      Are they Zombies leading the Zombies???

    • 9

      There are multitude of problems needs solving in the country.
      Looking after the Brat, the Racists , and the Sangha are not the priorities at the moment.

      The unsolved problems of Tamils are ignored to fester into the next war , arms deals , and get Rich ministers and Co.
      Why the Tamils cannot show or express their sufferings of 60plus years??
      Is it not a free country of Democrasy??
      Is there no freedom of speech??
      Why the expression of sufferings are allowed on stage are interpreted as Terrorism?? While the Racists continue to spread Hate and Xenophobia. They are not punishable??

      Haven’t we had enough of this hate and destruction??
      Is the Yahapalanaya too involved in this latest turn coat act.
      All are Acting to all kinds of Racists while the real TRUTH and the URGENCY OF SOLVING THE MINORITIES SUFFERINGS ARE IGNORED..
      The past regimes hid the truths of the matters and whitewashed. As everything is Hunky dory in SL.
      Putting Sticky plaster forever is not applicable in the present International World.

      Time to face the truth and face the music handed out Internationally.

      Whether it will favour one group or the other the world is watching , Hope in the name of Lord Buddha to be kind to all Living Creatures is the Lord Buddha’s sermon Applied sooner.

      • 1

        You make a good point over there. Above all different issues, there has been a very fatal issue, that sometimes is the cause of many other issues, while it has definitely been the root cause of this country’s lacking development – Racism.

        This Govt is doing much better than previous to address the issue, still not enough, and in some cases I feel the previous Govt was extrovert, and the present one is just introvert.

        But unfortunately a government can do very little while the racism has been a deep-rooted fundamental political aid in the minds of all community for generations.

        When people with ugly racism deep-rooted minds see a Govt fulfilling a need of another community, their credibility on the Govt becomes shaky which, the Govt is very careful, specially if that is majority. Probably the size of political loss is bigger, maybe.

        And the same concept goes on opposite direction for minorities as well, because every community has been deep-rooted with the same ugly racism.

        On top of that, politicians, religious leaders or even a neighbor / relative too strengthen that ugly racism on a regular basis to the minds that have already been corrupted for whatever benefits.

        Over all, racism doesn’t shrink among our Sri Lankans, but extends its wings day after day. As Sri Lankans, we have to throw that ugly thing from our own minds to show that we are better now and can’t be fooled.

        WILL That Happen???

    • 6

      Yea! right by the time so called professionals evaluate the incident and the story will change to a soap opera.How heroic Sirisena Brat helped three innocent young girls that been molested by the patroness of the club hero Brat with his brat-pack bravely stepped in and saved the girls by smashing glass doors & windows by putting their life in harms way. Every one should still remember so called half paralyzed half impotent Kudu Duminda and the bullet in the brain story.

  • 16

    Guy in the Check Shirt looks a bit intoxicated ,There are three chicks behind him .

    So many young able bodied dudes surrounding them are definitely not other patrons .

    The two guys turning back and going towards the exit, which the Check Shirt man got out seems for an exchange of words.

    Is this Baby Daham?..On the balance of probability . it certainly is not Baby Malaka .

    Batalanada Ranil has got Daddy Sira by the knackers.

    Sira got Batalanada by the balls too, thanks to baby Aloysious.

    Sira has already started to squeeze them, because our irate great inhabitant majority have put fire crackers up his ass, at the Municipal elections.

    Will Batalanada Ranil cop it sweet and keep quiet, until he can fulfil his promises to Vellala Sambandan and the UN?.

    Or will he strike back?..

    Can’t wait to the see the next episode…

    • 11

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “Sira got Batalanada by the balls too, thanks to baby Aloysious.”

      In Honour of Sirisena’s service to nepotism and impotency The Oxford English Dictionary recently added “Aiyo” to its lexicon.

      aiyo (also aiyoo)


      In southern India and Sri Lanka, expressing distress, regret, or grief; ‘Oh no!’, ‘Oh dear!’.

      Late 19th century ; earliest use found in Chambers’s Journal of Popular Literature. From (i) Sinhala ayiyō.

      You should be celebrating this achievement with a bottle of malt on a Poya Day.

      • 1

        Dear Native.

        I just couldn’t ignore you after responding to Mally..

        I consider you also my mate, but misguided by the Yahaplana Batalanada and Bodhi Sira Duo, with the help of the Vellalas.

        But I am not sure whether they are Vellalas from Wellala Gardens or from Scarborough or East London..

        Anyway, Mally was not happy that I called Batalanada’s knackers and Bodhi’s Balls.

        Is there any difference?..

        I mean you are the expert on B*** Carriers.. Aren’t you…

    • 2


      They are well aware of the Camera No.1 and playing the sequel perfectly. They all look like drunken, but it cannot be ruled out if that is not for Camera No.1. As the nightclubs are their dwells, it is not stage they are taking the note of the camera, in that occasion. Their pretended calm and cool movements clearly indicates a secret preparation to hatch some rowdy game is on, in spite of their awareness of the Camera. So they have clearly defeated the video in the other club released earlier.

      I don’t know the difference between the knackers and balls, the two political bombs you throw. But I would take a wild guess, one is Rural and one is Royal manufactured. One bomb is famed in White Flag destruction and other one famed in Batalanda destruction. One is Kandyan Sumane serviced and the other one vellala Sumanthiran sericed. But whatever the difference might be there, Phimathalawe – Ehelepola is the Sihala Intellectual’s courtship professionalism.

      “….thanks to baby Aloysious. Sira has already started to squeeze them, because our irate great inhabitant majority have put firecrackers up his ass, at the Municipal elections. Will Batalanada Ranil cop it sweet and keep quiet, until he can fulfil his promises to Vellala Sambandan and the UN?.”

      “Velai Kallikku Pillai Pirakku”. (The woman does like to take responsibility of the works accuse it on the baby with her.) Batalanda has a child, the baby Aloysious. Other than Mahendran’s CB, Old Royal government has been perfect until the Young New Prince hit the DIG’s son. Mahendran can postpone his case, tomorrow if he take the example of Pillayan.

      Pillaiyan’s case was started only because was the Old regime’s Aloysious, but now it is on hold by Batalanda for the witness he made. Pillaiyan told that he was hired by Old King. Now Old King went and met Pillaiyan inside the prison. Like the PSDs Pillaiyan will now take the responsibility to the death of TNA parliamentarians. Why the attorney General Department did not oppose a criminal meeting the witness against him? Duminda’s case was conducted only to save the Old King. So, from that, Old King has learned to whom his support has to go. If the New King rebelles tomorrow against Batalanda , Ranil will partnership with Old King. SLFP will go back to Old King. These is now strong wedge between the Old King and New King. But, if New King acceptes the authority of the Old King, he will too will be accommodated in SLFP. Pavitra will be the new secretary of the reorganized SLFP(Batlanada can hire Geetha- but only if he wants to go for that). Old King will appoint Hakeem as the new shipping and air transport minister, to facilitate the trade – an Old King’s style of give and take.

      There are no words of “Promises” and “Pacts” in the primitive language Sinhala’s dictionary. Those appear in English, Tamil like sofiticated lanagues. So the Sinhala Intellectuals have no need to abide to their promises or the pacts signed by them. Period for that, there itself. So, don’t lose your sleep thinking the UN resolution or the promises to TNA during the 2015 CC election.

      When Secretary Kerry walks out of the white house, he will have to take his UN resolution with him. Old King brought him to the white house by defeating Susan Rice. After he came to power, he chased the Old King out of Temple Tree House. Now his turn to leave the White house with his bags and baggages and Old King is returning to power….. Thanks to Batalanda.

      But for you, again a piece of advice! “Puddichchaal Puliyam Komppaai Irukkaveenum” (Hold only on tamarind tree branches, they strong and don’t break). Reassess your loyalty, whether you want to hang on to Kickers or change it over the Balls.

      • 1


        This is Gold….

        Man. what are you doing with those Yahapalana suckers, who are paying baby Aloysious few Billion for nothing, starting with the five they have forked out already,

        They have another 29 instalments to go and still think Batalanada is cool.

        And are living in hope that Batalanada will bring them the Bacon to go with Federal Eelaam for Sambandan and Abraham to run it from Cinnamon Gardens.

        Let me know when you are going to be in Wellala Gardens next, And I will shout you a nice seafood platter at Vadiya with a few Old Arrack…

        Hard to get Single Malt nowadays….

        And I don’t trust the ones in the Supermarket, It could be bottled by Hindians and sent over even without the ETCA..

        • 0


  • 1

    just because they were there, does’t mean they started a fight

    • 21


      The club’s glasses were shattered by a large earth-quack. However earthquaketrack.com reports:

      Western, Sri Lanka has had: (M1.5 or greater)

      0 earthquakes today
      0 earthquakes in the past 7 days
      0 earthquakes in the past month
      0 earthquakes in the past year

      The security guard seems to practice self harm, intentionally damaged and injured himself.

    • 17

      Dear romi,

      I’m with you in my sympathy for Maithri. But ask yourself whether we should be uttering the sort of words that you have written above.

      This is a matter with international ramifications, even. If you really have the interests of the Sirsena family at heart (without our knowing them personally), instead of manufacturing far-fetched excuses, please put whatever “pressure”on them to take “corrective action”. If not, it is demands for “punishment” that will prevail.

  • 9

    Do I care? No. Who should care? Mr. President. Think about this as a journey to the space. RW the spacecraft using MY3 rockets to pull it out into orbit. When the rockets burn off, they get detached and fall back on earth or burn down in the atmosphere. We have reached that stage of the journey, the rocket MY3 will detach and fall off. Sequence of events leading to this detachment is dramatic and quick…Australian investigation, TheHam’s rampage…more to come, will be soon.

  • 5

    What goes would come back sooner than Daham would think. There are many godfathers for Rajapaksuz due to all kind of nefarious activities which was done many of his supporters during his tenure. What Daham may not understand perhaps even President in this occasion is the half hearted cover up exercises would not be of any use in the long run. This would start showing up next year. So MS will have settle to YAHAPALANAYA properly or all out with all his siblings and others like Rajapases. But it is also worthwhile to note MARA-PALANAYA is not an option he can thrive well for he is bit too late and without the support from majority. So President either reform Daham or face the reality of the world after your term.

  • 20

    We are sick and tired of these PSD thugs throwing their weight around while we as tax payers , pay their salaries. Everyone in this country is suffering under the direct and indirect tax burden so these thugs can drink fine champagne at nightclubs?????? They should be severely punished to make a example to future PSD wannabes, drunk on power. Imagine the intelligence of these PSD, to make such a issue about non entry to a nightclub. It shows they have no reasoning power or thought process. They are just robots on command. They will do anything their masters command of them. Today it was non entry to a club. Tomorrow it will be murder, like with Thajudeen. This has to stop. Where is this country headed?

    • 13

      Well said. And the best part is they attack the very people who pay their salaries. None of the bloody people they protect pay a cent towards their upkeep.

  • 2

    Mama Sinhalam thinks that Sirisena is going the Rajapaksa way. It is good if he can chain his son in a dog kennel or hand him over to his torture machine which tortures the missing Tamils. Same goes for Ranil. One wonders what his fascination for Arjuna Mahendran is. Everyone thinks the man is a shady guttersnipe. Why associate with him. Soon, the descent of this government into the hole of the past government would be complete. Where are we to go from there. Please give us Tamils release from the majority community which cannot throw up leaders who can rule the country for the good of the country as a whole but are pedestrian poofters or parents who can’t control their brats.

  • 11

    With chicks on tow the drunk hooligan in cheque shirt and their muscle men must have got their EGO dented. The video seems to corroborate what details that we have read in some other web sites.

  • 10

    Chandrika Madam’s children did NOT behave this way.They know what it means t obe classy.
    JR’s son nor his grandsons behaved this way.
    Ranil’s brothers did not and do not behave this way although Shan was a crook and threw his weight around the US Embassy to get visas for people.
    MR’s sons whatever their other flaws did not go beat up people in clubs.
    Sirimavo’s children nor her powerful siblings went around this way or even go to clubs.
    Dudley did not have kids.?
    Sir John also did not have kids.?
    This is a new illness and only some people get it. After all Daham baba (or Appo or Haamu now is it?) once beat up a DIG’s son.

    Massive cover up going on. PSD was deployed to block the injured guy from talking to the press. Giant Joel Pera incident type cover up going on. Someone will be paid to “Confess”.

  • 10

    It makes you wonder who has been threatened, or paid off, to keep silent about the truth. In Sri Lanka, it is very easy to make these ugly crimes go away. The President should make an example of his son, turn him in, and make him face the punishment like a man, which will teach the young pup a lesson.

    Unfortunately this thug will continue to use violence to get his way. He sounds a spoilt brat.

  • 2

    If this happened among ordinary visitors to the night club, will the parents
    intercede? Therefore, in this case, it is only the Police that can and MUST
    persue the incident. The father (MS) has no place here to intervene. Law &
    Order must take its course. After all this is a casual incident in the running
    of a Night Club – a part of their business to turn a blind eye to what happens
    in the first floor.

  • 1

    With the denials by the assaulted guard and the manager, and of the entire clique, a decision of “insufficient evidence for indictment” is inevitable, though the truth is known to many.

    The police will be unable to use their usual “methods of persuasion” –
    which is almost always used on hapless citizens – on these two.
    Use of same method on Daham.S is unthinkable.

    None can/will even be compelled to make a statement at a police station.
    Another “victory” for our Justice System.

  • 0

    camera quality ha ha ha
    some vvip may be lucky, another Canadian trip is awaiting.

  • 4

    What has happened to the Sri Lankan VVIP brats…???
    1. Malaka was playing hell and his dad was always defending him.
    2. Ramith was trying to open an airplanes door while in flight.
    3. This brat now dashing doors and windows of night clubs.
    Enough is enough, bring back some tough laws and prosecute them without looking for VVIP status. If any of the non VVIP’s son or daughter does this type of thing the law will be implemented without any hesitation. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • 3


  • 4

    Makes me wish for the Good Old Days !!

    “Namal Baby” and “Yoshitha Baby” at least had jobs – never mind that they were parachuted into them

    Does the wastrel Daham Baba live off the Public Purse ? Or is he actually employed anywhere ?

    Our Yahapalana Tax Rupees At Work !! Thank You Mr. Prime Minister !

    Jayaweva Yahapalanaya !!!!

    • 4


      ” Or is he actually employed anywhere ?”

      Be serious, if you are a businessman, would you employ him?

    • 0

      Daham is from a family of farmers. He does Chena cultivation in Polonorruwe.

  • 0

    None of this can happen without the collusion of our Good-Governance, New Economic Era Prime Minister

    • 2


      “None of this can happen without the collusion of our Good-Governance, New Economic Era Prime Minister”

      Ranil must be dreaming/hoping good governance could be achieved by sitting on the wall.

    • 2


      ” Or is he actually employed anywhere ?”

      Be serious, if you are a businessman, would you employ him?

      • 5

        There is the wisdom of the foolish ranil,
        The advantage of lying low and leaving the rest to the heavens.

        And this would nail the coffin. Oh no not with mukkatiys

        MR: spending $42 million just to remove a rock from the harbor at Hambantota.

        But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Sri Lanka’s current administration is doing much better. Under President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who came to office at the beginning of 2015, domestic debt grew by 12% and external debt by 25% without starting any new large-scale infrastructure projects.

      • 3

        in this whole drama of Right is might I want my Rights!
        All roads lead to Switzerland the land Nazi Gold Stocks money laundering, Loot.

        Here are the Bees Babru Mee Pani that NV would like too.

        The Sri Lankan diaspora are Sri Lankan emigrants from Sri Lanka, and their descendants, that reside in a foreign country. They number a total estimated population of around 3 Million. The vast majority of the Sri Lankans abroad are Sri Lankan Tamils, followed by the Sinhalese.

        • 5

          Heres a toast to man we loved from college days- he taught us much. Blowing in the wind.

          US singer Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, becoming the first songwriter to win the prestigious award.

          Far between sundown’s finish an’ midnight’s broken toll
          We ducked inside the doorway, thunder crashing
          As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds
          Seeming to be the chimes of freedom flashing
          Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight
          Flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight
          An’ for each an’ ev’ry underdog soldier in the night
          An’ we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing

  • 1

    Arjun Mahendren grew up in a tiny rented one room annex at Vivekananda road in Wellawatte. What a success, with friends in high political places.

  • 9

    jay gunasekara ,

    “”Arjun Mahendren grew up in a tiny rented one room annex””

    PREJUDICE of a stupid bigot!!

    Putin in a tenement flat for 2 hardly a space to live in..

    So you are worried about a chetty Well most became sinhalese after sinhala only while a few flew like Ajith Nivard Cabraal,

    Cameron Cabinet: He was Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade from 2015 to 2016.
    T May cabinet: Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
    Tory party: Sajid Javid was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, one of five sons of parents of Pakistani descent.[2][3] His father was a bus driver.

    Javid joined Chase Manhattan Bank in New York immediately after university, working mostly in South America. Aged 25, he became the youngest vice-president in the history of the bank.[7] He returned to London in 1997, and later joined Deutsche Bank as a director in 2000. In 2004 he became a managing director at Deutsche Bank and, one year later, global head of Emerging Markets Structuring.
    Present Labour mayor of london again pakistani bus drivers son.

    What is so great about Pakistan that lives off America having received that land by force from India in 1947??
    Seduction and waging war I suppose so You love the kuddu they send like former PM on manioc?

    • 0

      Who gives a fuck of your irrelevant unrelated factoids gleaned from web sources Eelam boy?. Internet is a remarkable place.

      • 3

        tallana battu baddu nove,
        “”Who gives a fuck “
        No wonder you are drinking royal seepage poor SoB.

        “factoids gleaned from web sources Eelam boy?”

        Say HeeHaw, HeeHaw Sink_A_lam speaking demala then try meeting one of your demala only speaking demalas in the news room.

        “”Internet is a remarkable place. “
        that’s what it was meant for yuppies in ambude like you.

        We sit in the driving seat and drive the (dot) net.
        Any takers??

  • 4

    I am sure president well aware what his son did and his involvement. Why he is handing the investigation to third parties – Police and other state law enforcement organisation. Isn’t it a delay tactic and coverup. He can punish his son and ask him to confess to Police. If he did he will have public sympathy and re-gain his credibility.

  • 1

    Arnacha is that a pen name?To begin with you don’t know the meaning of biggot which Iam not.The comments are totally disconnected that has no meaning.Secondly Iam not prejudiced either but state the good fortune of connections. Arahcha what ever that means try to enhance your knowledge of the English language which is not easy for a johnny come lately to comprehend as English is not something that one can learn like taking a class in physics or math.

    • 6

      Pol buru gune nati Cloves (hora Oru from Maluku Islands )

      “” Arahcha what ever that means try to enhance your knowledge of the English language which is not easy for a johnny come lately . “”
      Arancha like the english rose a thorny bush touch me not unless you have the knowledge and have true wisdom – don’t mix them.

      “”to comprehend as English is not something that one can learn like taking a class in physics or math”

      Then read both:Jane Austen & Emily Brontë: the queens of English literature
      Wuthering Heights Pride and Prejudice.

  • 0

    Arancha, what ever that means in my day people like you were called

    • 4

      We are older than your dream many generations from kolaba kuruduwate and did not see yakkos but jumped over hedges etc all were aunty and uncle if you know what i mean.

      Read emily bronte- P-P Mr jealousy sour grapes

  • 1

    He is a good Sinhala Govigama Buddhist boy. He won’t do this sort of thing. There is a deep agenda to smear President Sirisena by the Ranil and christian faction and others who are against this President. The President’s son is a VVIP and now a Haamu Mahatthaya and he also speaks English. So leave him alone. You low caste buggers are attacking him for no reason.

  • 1

    First there was this gutter snipe of a son Malaka from that good for nothing Mervyn. He went about night clubs smashing properties belonging to the club. The last time he thrashed a foreigner when he tried to kiss his woman companion. He was followed by SB’s son. Jayalath’s son present MP smashed a policeman’s face when the fellow was caught red-handed defacing a wall of a girls’s school. Keheliya’s

  • 2

    Just like the previous President’s son dug a grave for his father, this President’s son is following in predecessors foot path.

  • 1

    The son is following the father. How can we forget that the father had a ‘hoppers’ dinner the previous night with the man he had planned to stab the next day? That kind of treachery is totally against Sinhala Buddhist culture. The all the stories of his hiding the election night with a ‘friend’ somewhere in Kurunegala, made up to show himself as the victim.
    Now he is blaming the UNP of a conspiracy to make him unpopular!

    Fruits do nt fall far from the tree, they say.

    The father is a dishonorable opportunist, and the son is a thug.

  • 0

    Why were they denied entry to the club, especially at 2 am? Anyway, the incident will likely be kept under wraps with some money going to the victims.

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