14 August, 2022


Nihal Sri’s New Book On “Socio-Political Realities – (Hilton Hotel Fiasco & Ad Hominem Legislation) – Expropriation Law

New Book on “Socio-Political Realities – (Hilton Hotel Fiasco & Ad Hominem Legislation) – Expropriation Law

Author – Nihal Sri Ameresekere, FCA, FCMA, CMA, CGMA, CFE Associate Member, American Bar Association, Releases 12th Book

Nihal Sri Ameresekere’s 12th book in a series of books, Socio-Political Realities – (Hilton Hotel Fiasco & Ad Hominem Legislation) – Expropriation Law (published by AuthorHouse), documenting facts pertaining to real case studies, and dealing with subjects of corruption, fraud, economic crime, governance, and the rule of law, is in 2 parts; the first part, exposes the shocking socio-political and diplomatic realities, which are mysteriously shrouded from the public glare, notwithstanding that they concern the affairs affecting the people, and do not concern issues involving national security, which of course would warrant a degree of classified secrecy.

The second part of the book deals with ad hominem legislation, secretly and hastily perversely enacted, to suddenly expropriate to the State, pre-identified properties of persons, devoid of any transparent process and intelligible differentia, and denying natural justice – in blatant violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

‘Socio-political realities’ at the highest levels in society are lucidly revealed by the author documenting real life experiences, in interacting with Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers, demonstrating their subservience to socio-political and diplomatic pressures, exercised by influential powerful countries, and the consequent shielding of fraudulent and corrupt Ministers and high profile Public Officers.

Author discloses appalling instances of the non-enforcement of the rule of law, even by attorney generals, against those affluent and powerful, even though the rule of law is the cornerstone of democracy, which rules the people, including those in governance.

There is shocking revelation, of how the Japanese government, through diplomats, influenced to settle and cover-up a colossal fraud, blatantly perpetrated on a country and its impoverished people, and prevented criminal prosecution of the miscreants; even inducingly offering, as a quid pro quo, to negotiate with a terrorist organization, to resolve the issue of armed terrorism, ironically created by social injustice, as a consequence, inter-alia, of economic terrorism.

A constitutional minister, a President’s counsel, charged for fraud states blatant falsehoods. A Justice minister and a foreign minister, also a President’s counsel, both scholarly alumni of Oxford University, camouflages to whitewash fraud, intriguingly taking duplicitous stances.

As to how the highest judiciary deals with challenges to the perverse legislative process in enacting ad hominem legislation, ultra-vires the Constitution, is revealing with shocking disclosures of the Chief Justice’s husband being given plum political public offices, with a scandalous controversy exploding in the public domain, as the Author applies for a review, as per-incuriam and ultra-vires the Constitution, of the pre-enactment Determination made, including by the Chief Justice, on such Statute, adducing additional grounds of perceived bias, citing the famous Judgment by Their Lords of Appeal, in exercising inherent jurisdiction in similar circumstances, to rescind a previous Judgment of the House of Lords, in extradition proceedings re – Chilean President Pinochet.

Books by the Author hitherto:

1.     “UN Convention Against Corruption – To Combat Fraud & Corruption – a Cancerous Menace, with mere Rhetoric, subverts UN Convention”

2.    “Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction – Fraud on Sri Lanka Government – Sri Lanka’s First Derivative Action in Law” reported in the Commonwealth (Commercial) Law Reports (1992 CLR @ Page 637 / SC Appeal Nos. 33 & 34 / 1992)

3.    “IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Sri Lanka Insurance Privatisation, handled by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young – Annulled as Unlawful & Illegal by Supreme Court” – of Sri Lanka in SC (FR) Application No. 158/2007

4.    “Derivative / Hedging Deals by Citibank, USA, Standard Chartered Bank, UK, Deutsche Bank, Germany, with Sri Lanka Government’s Petroleum Corporation – Dubious & Illegal ?” – re Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in SC (FR) Applications Nos. 535 & 536 / 2008 and Nos. 404 & 481/2009

5.    “IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Colombo Port Bunkering Privatisation – Annulled as Illegal & Fraudulent by Supreme Court” of Sri Lanka in SC (FR) Application No. 209/2007

6.     “Transparency & Public Accountability – Fiscal Mismanagement & Lack of Public Accountability – Case Study – Sri Lanka, a Country under the Purview of IMF, World Bank, ADB” – The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in SC Reference No. 1/2004 & SC (SD) Application No. 3/2008
7.     “IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – Pillage of the Plantations in Sri Lanka”

8.    “Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction – Fraud on Sri Lanka Government – Criminality Exposed, but Perversely Covered-up” – Special Presidential Commission Inquiry 1/98

9.    “IMF, World Bank & ADB Agenda on Privatisation – ‘Dubious Deals’ in Sri Lanka – What a Paradox !”

10.    “Settlement of a Fraud – Colombo Hilton Hotel Construction – Fraud on Sri Lanka Government”

11. “Overseas Corporate Structures, which Hide Real Owners – Foreign Business Empire of a Sri Lankan Entrepreneur ?”

12. “Socio-Political Realities – Hilton Hotel Fiasco & Ad Hominem Legislation – Expropriation Law” – Fraud on the State & the People ! Lame duck Political Leaders ? Abuse of Legislative process ! Judicial Independence & Bias ?

SOURCE: Consultants 21 (Publications) Ltd.

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