29 May, 2022


No Bail for Muzammil

National Freedom Front (NFF) Spokesman, Mohammed Muzammil was denied bail today and he was ordered to be further remanded till July 13th by the Fort Magistrate.

Mohammed Muzammil

Mohammed Muzammil

He is currently in remand for allegedly misappropriating Rs. 6 million by misusing vehicles that belonged to the Presidential Secretariat during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term.

He was arrested on June 20 by the Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID). Soon after the arrest, NFF Leader Wimal Weerawansa, termed the arrest as a ‘brutal political hunt’ launched by the government against opposition politicians.

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    This man is RIGHT hand of Wimal WEERAWANSE.

    Actually, he speaks as if he woudl NEVER be mistaken – nor would he or his NFF bear any wrong doings. How come the kind of so called clean men to fall this much too deep ?

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    Its does matter what political party that he belongs, is immaterial for us.

    We want fair play and impartially of justice by Judiciary authority in an Island.

    We do not want political affiliation being annexed with UNP authority of evil democracy penetrated into court of law by ongoing current regime of UNP led by Ranil..W… MS and CBK!

    Let us maintain fair justice of credential that accepts by Judicial system of legal that frame work of democracy in Sri lanka.

    Look like charges against MR Muzmail are seems that not so serious in the present context of UNP , SLFP and JVP political cultural in concern.

    We are stand for totally an eliminated all political corruptions of that evils by New political culture–Democracy in Sri lanka.

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    Aiyo Sirisena, What is Rs. 6 million, peanuts compared to 18 billion dollars spirited away during the last regime. Pls ask FCID to release him on bail and he will find his way.

    • 1

      You sound to have mixed up your mouth and the other end to attack the head of state that way. Stop let alone today, even if the street creatures of Wimal Buruwanse started with that – any president deserves to be respected – above all, he was elected by people s power not through jilmarts being hidden by MR regime as experienced in 2010.

      ” I love the current DUO because they respect Dignity and Respect- that is the basics if the nation to turn to civlized folks”.

      You need to learn to respect others, if you would ever want to be respected…. that is the basics – you the guys should have missed that in the kindergarten.
      I never expect it from Wimal Buruwanse – the social scum – but from the masses.

      • 1

        Samuel – You must learn to appreciate jokes as well. People
        reading the comment will know that this is what would have
        come from Weerawanse. We have heard this form of addressing
        the Prez many times before.

        • 0

          Yes, sorry aobut that, I just read only ” Aiyo sirisena” and posted the my comment.. once again.. itwas while being on the train heading to Berlin. Have a nice wkend :)

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