8 August, 2022


No War Against North Korea !

By Lionel Bopage

Dr Lionel Bopage

Australia can help resolve existing tensions rather than encouraging a war against North Korea!

The rapid journeys the leaders of the US and Australia executed recently appear to indicate that Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull and several other leaders supporting them, may be planning another war in the Korean Peninsula or against Iran; a tried and true policy many of the worlds political leaders have used since time immemorial to cover up their economic failures and the increasing unpopularity.

The main cause for the current tensions in the Korean peninsula is the presence of the US troops in South Korea. Therefore, the easing of tension in the peninsula lies in the withdrawal or reduction of US troops stationed in South Korea and Japan. North Korea rightfully believes that these troops are stationed there to change the regime in the North.

Despite North Korean leaders’ rhetoric and verbal threats, it has not launched any military attacks against a foreign country that I know of. Whereas many nuclear powers in the western camp including the United States have created ground zeros, using their nuclear weapons. At their initiative we have seen many wars for regime change, created or imposed on many foreign countries causing unforeseen devastation and humanitarian catastrophes in those countries. No one can forget the recent regime changes in Iraq and Libya, and the attempted regime change in Syria.

I am not a supporter of the despotic leaders that exist or existed there. I believe any regime change needs to happen internally as a result of mass action by the inhabitants of the country in question, if they are desirous of such action. Regime changes by external forces such as the US and its allies like the UK and Australia, have created the prevailing catastrophic global refugee issue, for which the countries and leaders, who initiated and took part in such regime changes, have neither been held accountable nor taken responsibility for causing such catastrophic situations. A new war in the Korean peninsula will create unforeseen devastation, catastrophe and human displacement, that would be tantamount to another crime against humanity in global history.

At the end of a war the US, Australia and their allies appear to be planning now, the US will remain untouched, just like it did in all the foreign wars it had become embroiled in. North Korea would undoubtedly end up losing a war against the United States. I do not envisage China will come to protect North Korean interests, if Chinese interests are threatened. But South Korea will end up as devastated as North Korea itself.

It is time now for the Australians to demand that Australia should help resolve the existing tensions, rather than encouraging a war against North Korea!

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    Lionel Bopage

    “No War Against North Korea !”

    A noble thought.

    Frankly, can you, me, somass, NAK, Non PhD, Dayan, ….. stop any war or have a descent discussion on peace?

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    North Korea has been foulmouthed by global media since 1952 and there is a mountain of prejudice that cannot be shifted on the Internet.

    You say: “At the end of a war the US, Australia and their allies appear to be planning now, the US will remain untouched, just like it did in all the foreign wars it had become embroiled in.”

    Mostly true.
    But they were given their dollar’s worth in the Korean war (still only a truce not end of war); got humiliated in Vietnam and Cambodia. there was also a disgraceful retreat from Lebanon.

    They succeeded in places like Haiti and Grenada.

    Australia was a partner in US evil deeds in many a dirty war.
    People learn the hard way.

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      People who learned the hard way are six feet under ground.


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      “got humiliated in Vietnam and Cambodia.”

      However, Vietnam and USA are the best of friends now. Why?

      “Australia was a partner in US evil deeds in many a dirty war.”

      So was little Sri Lanka in the Pakistani war against Bengali people.

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    Oh Lionel Oh Lionel! Once-upon-a-time great advocate of a plan to overthrow a democratically elected government. Now, after all these years a peace advocate. Who would believe it? I do hope you have written to Kim Jong-Un and asked him to stop firing off his pathetic little cheena-patass rockets in the direction of his neighbours.

    Lionel, I never cease to be amazed at how you took sanctuary in the once Lily-whites-only Australia. Did you see the light and become a honorary white? Did you promise never to advocate overthrowing an Australian government in Canberra?

    After years of behaving like a lion, you now bleat like a sheep. How strange!

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      Spring Koha

      “Did you promise never to advocate overthrowing an Australian government in Canberra? “

      This reminds me of a story that Rohana Wijeweera attempted to overthrow the government of Soviet Union. Was that the reason he was kicked out of USSR?

      • 1

        Native Vedda

        Rohana W was the ‘original’ and during his Lumumba days he was infected with ideas of becoming Sri Lanka’s next ‘Che Guevara’. His mistake was sympathising with ‘Chinese’ communism, and after a visit to SL he was unceremoniously denied entry back to the USSR. He was a walking disaster to his party and himself. In the end, he had made so many enemies, they were all queuing up to finish him off, (including some of his own comrades). AND, they did! Like the story of old cock Robin, popular Sinhalese folklore goes “who killed Rohana? I said Podda with my bow and arrow…No said the major, I did with my service pistol, Never said the Colonel..It was me…and it goes on for another half dozen.

        JVP is a busted flush. Budding revolutionaries in our sunny island must develop OUR own unique brand of socialism and not cobble together ideas from other political systems. That leader is still to be born.

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    “I do not envisage China will come to protect North Korean interests, if Chinese interests are threatened. But South Korea will end up as devastated as North Korea itself.”
    Quite possible. So China will take up the slack from Korea’s second destruction. It will be the only winner.

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      old codger

      If Americans are allowed to devastate North Korea in one way or another China will face a situation in which USA will literally be knocking at China’s back door.

      It is not acceptable to the peacefully rising middle kingdom and our regular fellow commentator SJ/Sekera.

      If anything we Sri Lankans should stop Trump at any cost for the sake of SJ/Sekera.

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      The US could destroy anything with its military might. But every time it did, it paid a big price, a price getting bigger by the day.
      What has it won in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria…?

      People here only discuss who wins the match. Does anyone seriously go into the history?
      It is the US which is against peace in peninsula. People of both North and South want to reunite and that is obstructed by the US. Any progressive regime in the South working for closer ties with the North is undermined by the US and the crony capitalists in Seoul.

      The North should stop its nuclear weapons program, but that means the military threat posed by the US should go.
      That is the position of China and Russia, but our media do not tell us.

      Trump is determined to destroy the US. His route is anybody’s guess.

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    Australia is a member of a association called “FIVE EYES”. That is USA, Canada, Britain, NEw Zealand inc,luded. They help each other in everyway.

    Do you think, the recent assasination of North Korean Leader’s brother was just did by North Korea alone ?, How did others reached to his brother. HOw did north korea find he is leaving for some specific reason.

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      Now you are forensic expert ? That is why they say jack of all trade is master of none. This is true in your case

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    Trump only shifted the heat that was building around him at home to the south china sea. China will never antagonize it’s biggest customer and this show will end in a Rain, no play, stalemate.

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    War will not break out over North Korea. There are reasons to believe that the recent North Korean rocket failure was staged. Kim will say that he defied the aggressors. Trump contends that the launch did not take place. Media speculates that it was a sabotage. All happy.

    The regime-change mania is insatiable. Iraq and Libya capitulated because they did not have their own technology. The resulting misery of two countries are obvious.

    North Korea is a different cup of tea. Thatcher once said that nuclear bombs are weapons of peace. What is good for the gander …etc. Thatcher was opposed to the reunification of Germany. South Korea cannot even consider reunification! Their “protection” is through external technology.

    The recent Erdogan victory is a regime change. Erdogan has to depend on externally supplied arms.

    How will the Syria tragedy end? Like Egypt?

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    Dear Comrade ( Sahodaraya)Lionel Bopage. How about formulating something like the “5 classes ” you guys swore by in 1971 and then try selling it to the adversaries?Who knows old Abbot may be the first to be convinced by your wizardry!!

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    China sell arms to the governments who kills their citizens. China sold arms against Tamils who rebelled against their oppressive government. China may not have done that to JVP, but that does not allow JVPers to oppose democratic counties support to rebels against their dictators. That is what China is doing against North Korean Citizens and in effect that is spilling on South Korean citizens too. So, there is not theoretical error in another government helping its citizens.

    Isn’t it Crimea should have solved its problem with Ukraine, without Russia in that? Communists and Muslims Jihadists support always their feathered even if they are aware that their one is the wrong.

    The danger here is China and Russia have been armed their borders. If they are affected they will get into the fight direct; if they are not affected they let North Korea have the arms from the border bunkers. So this will much worse than China funded Mullivaikkal.

    China should respect UN sanctions and should withdraw from trading with North Korea. That is only solution North Korea become atomic super power.

    North Korea Funded JVP. After Mullivaikkal, when a plane was captured in Thailand that Urain Pilot had said the he was flying to Lankawe. North Korea needs fix.

    America should not go alone. UN has to go. The Veto is unfairly affecting the countries. But UN has to take a serious role.

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    “North Korea Funded JVP.”
    This fib was promoted by the opposition in the wake of the insurrection.
    Diplomatic relations were suspended but N Korea was cleared soon enough for return of normal relations.
    Is there something that we missed in the papers of the time?

    A friend of mine made us laugh by joking that it was Ossie Corea, Gamini Corea and North Korea who were behind the insurrection.
    This state old false accusation lacks even a sense of humor.

    Tamil nationalists as a group are bad students of world history and worse of their own history.

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