15 April, 2024


Nugegoda, The Nazism Of Sri Lanka & Its Genocide

By V. Kanthaiya

It is much easier to believe lies than the truth. Because lies are manufactured to satisfy the emotions. Germans would rather believe they were stabbed in the back than that they lost a fair fight. The truth is hard. ” Hilda van Stockum, The Borrowed House

It was after World War I. All Germans were experiencing the bitter truth of defeat. Germany had lost millions of men and large volumes of material for the war it had started. If it was a factor which hurt the Germans most, there shouldn’t have been a World War II. But what hurt Germans most was the collapse of the concept that Germans are the ‘master race’, a race which is superior to all other races, in terms of both intelligence and physical strength.

Mahinda jan 6 2014The questions most Germans had, immediately after WW I was how it was possible that ‘the master race’ was defeated by other inferior races? They found the answer from their scholars. The answer was ‘Jews’. The Germans were not defeated in the War, and they could never be defeated. Germans were deceived and they were deceived by Jews, who conspired together with the allied nations. The German intellectuals concluded that in order not to be ‘deceived’ again, Jews should be completely wiped out from the face of the earth.

It was February 18th, 2015 afternoon at Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. Thousands of people who believed that they love their country above all and everything, gathered in support of bringing Mahinda Rajapaksa back to active politics, and making him the prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming election. The theme of the rally was “The freedom won is in danger; Let us mobilize ourselves to face the nation’s challenge”. The message to the masses from Mahinda Rajapaksa reads: “What we are experiencing today is not a defeat but a result of a conspiracy”.

The majority of the Sinhala populace still remains shocked after the presidential election. Their charismatic leader for whom the majority of them voted, is not the leader of the country. The one who was chosen by the minority segment of the majority community and by the majority of the minority community is the leader of the country. For those who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksha, this is unacceptable. This is not democracy. This is a deception. This is a deception by the Tamils. This is a deception by the Muslims. This is a deception by the west to bring a puppet of theirs to power.

The words from Mahinda Rajapaksa clearly depict the Nazism of Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Nazism which considers that the Sinhala Buddhists are the only righteous citizens of this island. The other communities are just parasites who suck the blood of the Sinhala Buddhists; in the same manner Adolf Hitler considered the Jews.

Our scholars, our patriots, our self claimed political scientists may call ours a national democracy, but in reality what we have is a national socialism (Nazism). My question is how on earth would you call a constitution which gives all the executive powers to an individual, a democracy? In fact, it is the process of democratically electing a dictator. Presently the country may opt to shift from the executive presidency, but the Nazis of Sri Lanka would do their best to prevent it as the parliamentary system is a prime threat to their ideology, since it would give some space to the minority communities to raise their voice against the oppression they face.

What the Nazis of Sri Lanka want is a ‘strong leader’ to deal with “the Tamil and Muslim question’, which is the equivalent of the Jewish question Adolf Hitler wanted to solve. The February 18th Nugegoda rally is a desperate call of these elements to elect their proven ‘strong leader’ back again, to deal with the minorities.

Nazism in Sri Lanka is not a new phenomenon. Its roots start from the pre-independence period. The Sinhala leaders wanted to ensure the dominance of the majority ethnic group in the constitution and brainwashed the Sinhalese to believe that they are the righteous owners of the island. The pogroms of 1956, 1958, 1977 and 1983 were part of the systematic ethnic cleansing program the Nazis of Sri Lanka undertook.

Once the ethnic crisis developed into an armed struggle between the state and the Tamil militant groups, Sri Lankan Nazism found it much easier to unleash its brutality to solve the ‘Tamil Question’, in the name of fighting terrorism and protecting its territorial integrity. A ‘total war’ was unleashed on Tamils with a ‘blockade’ of goods, even essential food and medical supplies, citing as reason that it could be used by the rebels. They were systematically subjected to indiscriminate shelling and aerial bombardment. Anyone who spoke or wrote about the state atrocities were branded as a terrorist given he/she was a Tamil, and was branded as a traitor if he/she was a Sinhalese.

The atrocities against Tamils reached its culmination when Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power. He was the ideal leader Sri Lankan Nazism sought. He unleashed unimaginable brutality against the Tamils in the name of fighting terrorism. It is a question which should be asked of everyone who believes the ‘second freedom’ of Sri Lanka which was gained on May 18th 2009; Why was so much military power used to fight an organization which had just 5000 cadres (which was the number claimed by the then Army commander)? Why was so much shelling used when about less than a thousand terrorists were trapped along with 300,000 civilians? Why so much aerial bombardments were carried out when they were cornered along with thousands of Tamil civilians into less than 10 square km barren stretch in Mulliwaikal? The aim of the Sri Lankan Nazi state was not only wiping out the LTTE, it was also solving the ‘Tamil Question’, of what they were going to do with the Tamils of this country.

The most shocking are not the killings, rapes and the forced disappearances which were systematically carried out in the name of wiping out the LTTE. It is the refusal by the state to investigate such atrocities, openly stating that it will not betray the security forces who won the ‘freedom’ (which means that state will not take any action against those who took part in the war). Every citizen of this country is assured by the constitution to seek justice through legal channels. Then why are the Tamils are being denied justice? The reason is that the Sinhala Nazi psyche does not accept Tamils as the righteous citizens of Sri Lanka.

Everybody who speaks about the war victory knows that the victory came at an enormous cost. They know that thousands of Tamil civilians lost their lives, lost their limbs, lost their loved ones, lost their livelihoods and were subjected to unimaginable cruelty by the security forces. To a man with a heart, it is shocking how indifferent one can be to another’s pain, how one can remain unemotional towards the suffering of another, how one can simply justify his cruelty to the other without feeling any remorse?

The answer lies in the words of Nazi SS-Brigadefuhrer Erich Naumann, who carried out the Holocaust in Eastern Europe between 1941 and 1943. When asked about massacring thousands of unarmed Jewish men, women and children, he told his prosecutors during the Nuremberg trials:

“I considered the decree [Hitler’s order to kills the Jews] to be right because it was part of our aim of the war and, therefore, it was necessary”.

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  • 20

    jUST imagine if the Tamils were the majority and Singalease were the minority the way Prabaharan and his so called LTTF massacred who ever stand in their way at the beginning and later ,would have wiped out the Singalese from the face of the earth.

    • 5

      Dear Gonthadiya

      Where were you when your master mass killer Podian Preba was running a muck in this country? Too busy collecting funds for your dream La-La land Peelam?? Sound like you have a selected memory to pick only on Sinhalease.

      You sound like a another toad stool that pops from time to time following storms.

      You just wait 50 more days then the carnival that you are enjoying now will be soon over. We will send you and your Nikamasinghe (self-claimed PM of SL) packing. Just find a place to hide by then my friend.

      • 10

        Mati mola,

        you are more or less like Mahinda himself.
        He promised that ” mama thamai Jan 8th tath passe inne”; but his intelligence was that clever to find that in and out of his UPFA supported him to get back stabbed. Cool NE ? You the like are born Gonthadiyas, will survive not long.. for sure.
        I am fully in agrrement with MY3 AND RW – though I am not a party political fan. Having lived on the west for thest last 2 decades, I feel, this is the first ever most advantagoues turning point of the country s politics, if they the politicans intend to improve the society, country and people.

    • 8

      My father who is not in his late 80ties is a person who would not shy to heart out when he feels things marching wrong direction.
      He said to me lately, my son, Rajapakshe rata kewa winsasa kora- as no other leader did. Good thing he said Rajaapakshe to have done is end of civil war that held the coutntry back from all developments. But he never forget to clarrify this war was not started with START of MR presidency, not in 2005. He reads news papers from that day on – he reads every word many a times – being on his bed now, but what he makes it distinction is today spoliticians are not at all hearted. Rajapakshe is the worst ever leader he said , srilanka ever had. It is all because of his rascal past. Not only past, but even recent years, his energies were with all high profile rascals. He further said to me, Rajapakshe was popular as a IRC man thana good politician then. So, I nodded my head all along, and tried to get what hesummariesed. So our people shold finally get the message arcoss.

  • 9

    Tamils can do resolutions now thanks to the freedom brought by MR.
    He developed the whole north and east before the rest of the country.
    With the son god they were like poodles and what freedom?
    Ungreatful lot do not appreciate what he did, If MR spent that money in other provinces, He would get more votes!

    • 12


      Not only MR any leader should have done that because NE is not located in India okay ?
      You guys make every efffort to see it different as if the magician did the job properly. If the man did it, as you think or forced to think… he should have earned the hearts and minds of them in the north and muslim areas, bugger just sowed seeds for new form of ethinic problems this time with muslims – latter is a fact – go to Beruwala or the muslim areas and get your facts right.
      Srinath, before the elections, I thought you are nice guy, but now it is becoming you sit with the dogs – that destroyed our nation – so as some good lectuerers point it out very clear to this day – fishes are bigger than the using net today- which is why high profile corrupted men such as Rajapakshes lived longer.
      If any world leaders should be convicted, there should be no barriers to get Rajapakshes behind the bars.
      one by one, they shold be brought behind the bars.

      With all prima facie evidence – Wimal Burwuanse denies it today. Satana whichi is said to be neutral among the few confirm that wIMALs wife had been abusing it using diplomat passports. Latter is proved by CID. So he denies. bugger should be made aware that LAW should be equal to all.

    • 4

      You need to learn balance. Noone would disagree to the facts that his term terminated CIVIL war held 30 years – but that was a part of a relay race. Each of the leaders should be given the credit… of course some more to MR. But grabing the entire credit should not be made – since the war was not started 2005.
      Besides, MR had been sitting in the parliament over 4 decades holding powerful postions. As Dr.Amila thero recapulated it lately, MR was not in a mode of crushing ltters at teh time he took the office. All forces collectively worked for a common goal and finally achieved it…. and his diplomatic handlings were also not the best, having studied the way his was defeated dueto the ill performance of his hand picked men – proved his ablities.

      • 5

        Samuel Jayaweera

        “Each of the leaders should be given the credit… of course some more to MR.”

        The beginning of the end of LTTE started in early 2002 when Ranil brought in Solheim to expose LTTE’s internal contradictions which eventually made it to implode, weakened, and eventually to its complete annihilation.

        In early 2005 Hindians approached Chandrika with an offer to help the country against LTTE, a full scale war, continued to support the state until LTTE was completely wiped out and VP was being explored with a hot iron rod and hacked to dead.

        MR and Gota on the record confirmed that without Hindians the war would not have been won.

        Hindia provided:

        Loans, training, intelligence, on the ground military advisers, Naval ships, naval blockade, helicopters, radar, political and diplomatic cover, targeted LTTE’s warehouse ships, finally persuaded and convinced 30 countries to support the final war effort of the SL and impressed upon them the need to wipe off LTTE completely from the face of this earth.

        MR, Gota, Sri Lankan armed forces are an incidental part of the grand plan, poor village youth died thinking that they were serving the country and their family.

        All forms of glory was appropriated to the clan, and the top echelon of the armed forces were rewarded.

        The analysts, arms manufacturers, brokers, other suppliers, politicians, bureaucrats, army officers have benefited while the village boys sacrificed their life, for the mistakes of previous rulers.

        Please put history writing into perspective.

  • 4

    Velllas and the Anglicans have the highest number of rich and wealthy next to Muslims in Srilanka on per capita basis.

    This is even after Kanthai’s mate Prabakaran put the brakes on the Srilankan Economy for three decades or thirty plus long years.

    Rajapaksa not only rescued the country and its Economy from Prabakaran and his One Million Kanthias in the diaspora who backed the LTTE, , but also tried to rescue the great majority whom Kanthai calls Nazis, from poverty.

    So Sinhala people , although they have some connection to the great German race through Aryan ancestry, are definitely not Nazis.

    Because they have no money, I mean the great majority of them have no money.

    The donkey didn’t have anything to do with this piece I guess..

  • 4

    “It was after World War I. All Germans were experiencing the bitter truth of defeat. Germany had lost millions of men and large volumes of material for the war it had started. If it was a factor which hurt the Germans most, there shouldn’t have been a World War II. But what hurt Germans most was the collapse of the concept that Germans are the ‘master race’, a race which is superior to all other races, in terms of both intelligence and physical strength”

    This mentality fits the tamils most when they given a shock treatment in 2009

    • 4

      After the WWII Hitler did not exist to create it worse than had been.

      But the differnce with lanken post war times is- lanken dictator blood sucker, people plunderer became a king of all fools – just for one reason they thought the war victory was because of the magical powers inherited by Rajapakshe Meeharaka. The very same magifician to have failed in the reconciliation process with the last 5 years – is what becoming more clear to day than yesterday. So latter is evident the man was a real actor and high profile abuser by all means to live on the poor man’s votes. This kind of men were mostly known from far poor afro states but not in asia during the last 2 decades thought Suharthos times were long before that. However, after Premadasa era costed the country over 50k lives, rise of Mahinda like personlities int he same island – in retropspect we see is a greater mistake. He can paint black as white to the very rural maasses, but it was only for his and kith annd kin’s political survivial.

      Today after almost 1.5 months are gone since the LOOTER was defeated, but his brother so called people s man hasNOT yet mentioned a word about his leaving. What kind of law and order is prevailing in the country. Why delay to get him back for interorgattions of the abuses ranging to billions of tax payers funds.
      All these are the questions that almost everyone go through their healthy heads these days. ANyxway, HOPE THE BEST FOR OUR NATION soon.

      • 2

        your point is?

        • 3

          sORRY; I had to add it above.
          Anyway my message is Rajapakshes were like square peg in a round hole – if was to work for reconciliation after the brutal war is over.

          • 0

            reconciliation is two ways…you dont reconcile with an enemy who wants to destroy your country.

      • 4

        Suwanda Supun

        You said “ANyxway, HOPE THE BEST FOR OUR NATION soon”

        You mean your la-la land Peelam. You demonstrated you are on of LTTE loosers hiding behind Sinhalese name.

        You used the same tactics like your war load Podian Preba.

        • 2

          Kirimati Dombasiri, for you guys, anyone go against Meeharakaa Rajaakshe et al are LTTE supporters. I hope the current regime and their efforts will help you guys to see it beyond soon.

          Why should I be a LttER ? I am fully against LTTE or any other terror, but I am against the meeharaka regime to have killed civlians. Now looking back the way he handled it in post war sessions, we can see it clear the man is high criminal. You buggers gave him a mandate. I hate to see the rural folks of the coutnry being fallen to all selfish mode rather than learn to see it beyond. Be us sinhalese, tamils, bugther, muslims, we are all srilankens. You live in the west, then only you wills it man, they dont consider you as tamils, but a srilanken passport holder okay, Meeharakas of your nature can only do the job of Wimal buruwanse.
          I hate the folks that are only upto hate mongering or scare mongering. You guys have nothing else to do – today is no late you guys to see it right and achieve our common goal – peace peace peace .. FOR ALL OF US:

          • 2

            Suwanda Supun

            Somewhere else you said you have been living in a western country. Aha!!!!!!! Cleaning toilets. Heh ?? Born skills that you have from your gene my friend.

            By the way do not get excited on my comments??? Check your spelling??? You are after “Piece” not the “Peace”. Otherwise you have not funded that futile war.

            If you think MARA kills people, what about your beloved Leader son goat podian preba was killing flies for last 30 odd years then?

            • 3

              Typos cant be avoid while travelling only, I type in my comments.

              Mati mola seems to know nothing to put me as a tamil. I dont need to show your my ID. I dont care you are a tamil, sinhala, muslim, burgher or indian tamil. What counts me is if you are a good being. That is it basta.

              Mati molas of your kind cant roam anymore, they the rulers are about to make all law amendments so that you guys cant move on again. I love MY3 et al. We are all indebted to him for taking the risk to drive away the marauders of the nation. People had been made hallozinated for their political survival. Unfortunately, you should be one of them only.

            • 2

              Mati Dombasiri

              “If you think MARA kills people, what about your beloved Leader son goat podian preba was killing flies for last 30 odd years then?”

              Podian the psychopath killed people irrespective of their religion, race, region,………..

              However he was very useful to Premadasa for kicking Hindian IPKF out of the island and determining MR’s election victory, of course for a fee.

              It is not just the podian who killed people, the killings have been going on since 5th April 1971.

              What is new?

  • 8


    Sinhale Nazisum ??? – I think Vidushan had given you the answer regarding Nazisum – It is the racist tamil politicians who gave birth to tamil extremism in this country – it is the tamil racism that gave birth to the sinhale extremism in this country – It is the blood thirsty LTTE terrorist who killed many innocent civilians in this country that demand brutal suppression – it is the blood thirsty LTTE goons that invited SL armed forces to shell populated areas by placing their heavy guns among innocent civilians who were kept by force as cannon fodder – it is the blood thirsty tamil racist in Tamil Diaspora who supported / funded LTTE goons to kill many innocent civilians and destroyed national wealth of this country – It is the spineless racist tamil politicians ( now open their mouth to save tamils from Sinhalese ) who kept mum when LTTE goons were grabbing school children from their parents and used them as cannon fodder against the advance of Gov forces – it is the spinless racist tamil politicians who kept mum and educate their children in the West when the children of poor tamils were used by LTTE goons as foot soldiers – It is the same spineless tamil racist politikkas who are now trying to be heros among tamils and making a big noise to release lands held by forces – but turn a blind eye when LTTE goons were grabbing the lands on mass scale , money and business from normal tamils in the North and East and used them for the consumption of LTTE and their families – it is the same racist tamil politikkas who turned a blind eye when LTTE goons robbed supplies sent by SL Gov. for the consumption of displaced tamil civilians –

    Now big mouth racist – Tell me who are the Nazist – Majority Sinhalese were never extremist – for years tamils – lived happily among Sinhalese – inter married and did business – We still admire and proudly remember many rational minded tamils who had contributed immensely for this country – with the same intensity we hate tamil racist who kept on derailing the process of reconciliation and re inventing the lost trust among our communities

    Bloody racist in the Diaspora should keep their mouth shut without further harassing innocent tamils in this country

    In one of the CT article another TNA racist (Shivaji..) was lamenting about the postponement of UN resolution – Why the hell this idiot cannot talk to his supporters in Tamilnadu and ask them to stop robbing the fish in Mannar sea – poor fisherman in Mannar coast line are suffering immensely and their union leader Mr Anthony Pillai is requesting Presidential intervention to solve this problem – that itself shows the confidence they have about their own polititians

    Stop writing bull and talking nonsense like a rabid dog

    • 0

      “it is the tamil racism that gave birth to the sinhale extremism in this country”
      No it is the opposite,Tamil extremism is a result of sinhalese Racism.

      “it is the blood thirsty tamil racist in Tamil Diaspora who supported”
      ACTUAALLY NO! LTTE suppressed&murdered all Tamil political leaders in Lanka and refused to contest in elections THEY DO NOT HAVE Tamil disapora’s support!

      If they did have then why didn’t they let Tamils Escape in the final moments of war? why they held them hostage? because they don’t care about Tamils.

      “It is the blood thirsty LTTE terrorist who killed many innocent civilians in this country”
      It is also the majority Lankan army that indiscriminately killed innocent Tamil Minorities,you make a special exception for your govt’s war crimes because its your govt huh?

      “LTTE goons that invited SL armed forces to shell populated areas”
      YOU CAN’T JUST KILL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE LTTE IS THERE! that’s a pathetic excuse for blatant ETHIC Cleansing!

      You could’ve easily avoided this slaughter of so many defenceless people if you ACTUALLY considered Tamils as your citizens.

      ” it is the blood thirsty tamil racist in Tamil Diaspora who supported”
      BECAUSE THEY ARE THE 20% of the population. they ARE OPRESSED BY 80% OF SINAHELSE they HAD to take arms.. and long as you people KEEP demonizing the poor minority you’re only proving his point!

      “LTTE goons robbed supplies sent by SL Gov. for the consumption of displaced tamil civilians”
      I’m no LTTE supporter but how is that bad?

      “Majority Sinhalese were never extremist”
      Neither Was the Nazi Govt.. they were living peacefully its only the filthy no good bloody thirsty jews who spread the anti-Nazi propaganda!

      “Why the hell this idiot cannot talk to his supporters in Tamilnadu and ask them to stop robbing the fish in Mannar sea”
      THERE ARE NO BORDERS IN THE SEA MISTER! so no they’re not “robbing” anything..

  • 4


    The theme of the rally was “The freedom won is in danger; Let us mobilize ourselves to face the nation’s challenge”. The message to the masses from Mahinda Rajapaksa reads: “What we are experiencing today is not a defeat but a result of a conspiracy”.

    *** The Hambanthotta THUG never expected to be defeated but we broke the camels back. But the forces of evil headed by the THUG are playing into the hands of those who broke his back. Mangala with the blessing of MS is Globe trotting to save Mahintha but it wont work.
    The more meetings they have in support of MR the better.

    For those who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksha, this is unacceptable. This is not democracy. This is a deception. This is a deception by the Tamils. This is a deception by the Muslims. This is a deception by the west to bring a puppet of theirs to power.

    *** This is a bitter pill for MR who was a master of deception himself. He tried to deceive the World and he has been beaten in his own game. The Majority who voted for him at the last election have a choice. Vote for him or his cronies and pay a heavy price in terms of Sanctions OR DUMP him and get back into civilisation.
    Mahintha the THUG will never unite Sri Lanka.

  • 7


    1. Sinhala people DO NOT THINK that they are superior to anyone.

    2. Sinhala people CONSIDER WHOLE of Sri Lanka territory their exclusive HOMELAND.

    3. The areas that SInhala people live in majority are the MOST MULTI-CULTURAL, Multi-REligious , parts of Sri Lanka.

    4.Tamils have been raising issues of RACE since the 1940’s..

    5. It is the Tamils who like to keep Northern and Eastern province majority Tamil even though the total population Tamils is only about 20% of the total population of Sri Lanka. So Tamils want to stop diffusion of SInhala population from high concentration to low concentration by adopting an Apartheid policy of Tamils ONLY northern and eastern province. IF SUCH A POLICY WERE TO BE ADVOCATED BY THE SINHALESE THE TAMILS WOULD BE THE FIRST TO RUN TO THE UN screaming RACISM and DISCRIMINATION.

    The Sinhalese DO NOT HAVE a RACIAL SUPERIORITY COMPLEX LIKE THE western europeans. We are NOT AGAINST Tamil people living as Tamils BUT WE ARE AGAINST EXPANSION of TAMIL COUNTRY / TAMIL NADU into Sri Lanka.


    • 5


      1. See point two.

      2. You have called Sri Lanka the “exclusive” homeland of Sinhalese. The word “exclusive” means “restricted to” and “only for” some. You are contradicting what you’ve said in point one. You obviously think the you are superior which is why you’ve said this homeland is the “exclusive” home of the Sinhalese. Sri Lanka is not a country club. It is a country. It is a multicultural country. It’s not possible for it to be our “exclusive” home. It does belong to us, but it also belongs to the Tamils, Muslims, Burgers and the native Veddah tribes that lived in this land when we emigrated here from India a long time ago. You do realize that that the Sinhalese are NOT natives of this country right? Tribes like the Veddas were the ones living here when we arrived from India. For the Veddas to say that this is their “exclusive” home at least makes some sense, not that they should say it either. For us to say it; makes no sense.

      3. I agree with you on this. Many areas the Sinhalese live are multicultural.

      4. You have to look at the grievances the Tamils have had with us, in the context of what we did to provoke them. That’s the honest thing to do. There was an individual who called himself a Sinhalese named Anagarika Dharmapala (1864-1933). This is what he had to say about the Tamil Christians, Sinhalese Christians, British Christians and Tamil Hindu people during a public speech:

      “This bright, beautiful island was made into a Paradise by the Aryan Sinhalese before its destruction was brought about by the barbaric vandals. Its people did not know irreligion … Christianity and polytheism [Hinduism] are responsible for the vulgar practices of killing animals, stealing, prostitution, licentiousness, lying and drunkenness … The ancient, historic, refined people [Sinhalese], under the diabolism of vicious paganism…are now declining slowly away.”

      By the 40s many speeches and writing like this, had already put Tamils on the defensive. Wouldn’t it have put us on the defensive, if we were the minority someone was provoking? We are the majority, our politicians should not have allowed this kind of racist divisive speeches. But they allowed it.

      5. IF there is a system of segregation being practiced in the North and East that’s wrong. But just because there is a concentration of a race in a certain area; does not mean it’s segregated. There should be the opportunity for ANYONE, any citizen of this country to live anywhere they choose to live. But for a “government” to forcibly integrate minority areas WITHOUT fixing the lack of equal rights among that minority first; is moronic. You also have to look at things from a Tamil perspective if you want to understand and help fix the situation. If you were Tamil and were not treated as an equal citizen in the country of your birth; wouldn’t you want to be protective and defensive of what you had? What we need as a country is real reconciliation.

      6. I added a new point. The Tamil majority are not asking for a separate country. This is just our fear talking, it’s not fact. The Tamils don’t want to integrate with Tamil Nadu. You have to understand that most of our media has been state owned for decades. It was in the interests of our previous politicians who got to power by playing the race card, to use fear to keep things the way they are. For example, if we’re always afraid that Tamils will want to integrate with Chennai, then we’ll never treat them as our fellow citizens. And we won’t pressure our politicians to improve their policies and be better at their jobs because they could always play the race card.

      This is a ugly thing that’s been done to us, but the generations before us should have said something and prevented this. But we can fix it now. Tamils don’t have any power in the North and East to run their affairs, that’s all they want.

      I think it is our responsibility as the majority race; to give them this power, in good faith and trust. We need to start a new chapter in our race relations. So we can focus on other things, like reducing poverty, creating more jobs, improving the education system etc. I believe a federal system of government makes the most sense in this country. This way power is not given to different races; it’s devolved to regions which become states. All the states are controlled by a national government. The national government controls all matters of national importance like defense, currency and commerce. NO state is more powerful than the national government but they have a high degree of autonomy in matters of local government and a high degree of autonomy in interactions with fellow states. There can be some overlap between the powers of the states and national government; but that’s okay. The balance of power can shift between the states and the national government in times of emergency or necessity. This is a good system because there can be healthy competition between the states and the country can advance. It does not matter that our country is small, this system of government would work regardless of size, all it needs is sound regional infrastructure. Federalism if it’s done right, actually strengthens the national government; because power is shared. However, if another solution is there that can help us fix our civil rights issues effectively and permanently; we should consider it. We’ve got to move past this, it’s just holding us all back.

      • 3

        Also we should never give people from our minorities ultimatums like, agree with us or leave. This is highly unfair. All we’re doing with this kind of behavior is pushing them into a corner. That’s how civil wars start.

        We don’t want ANYONE to leave. The minorities are our countrymen and countrywomen. Let’s find a solution for this together.

        There will always be extremists of both races who are either too primitive or too dishonest to make human choices. But why should that stop us? Why should we let self serving lies preached by traitors corrupt us? We should do the right thing. That’s how we’ll prosper.

        • 1

          By saying exclusive , I think he meant Sri Lanka is the homeland of Sinhala people. There is nothing wrong in it. That is the truth.

          Sri Lanka is the cultural, logistical and historical homeland of the sinhala people.

          • 2

            If that’s what he meant, he shouldn’t have used the word “exclusive” sach because that word means something else. Yes Sri Lanka is our homeland, the homeland of the Sinhala people. But the other people who live here, the Sri Lankan Tamils, the Sri Lankan Muslims, the Burgers, and the Veddas; it’s their homeland too. They’ve lived here for generations, just like us.

            I think a lot of Sinhala peeps have to work through a lot of misinformation that we’ve grown up with. I’m guessing some Tamil peeps have the same problem. But we’ve got to work through it. We’ve got to try and see the bigger picture.

            I think it’s better if we all consider ourselves Sri Lankans first, before being Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burger or Vedda. The country and what’s good for the country should be more important than our race. We should stop fighting with each other, and start fighting together, to make our lives better. That makes sense because if the country is stable, our lives will definitely get better. For example, they’ll be more people who contribute to the economy instead of fighting for their race; we can hold our politicians to higher standards; and there will be less brain drain as clever people won’t leave, they’ll stay and help develop the country.

            If the country is not stable, that’s a big problem for us. The only way the country can be stable is if all the races in this county are treated equally by the government. See our minorities are smaller in numbers than us, so we’ve got to make sure they have civil rights, power and legislation that protects them, so that nobody can push them around. If we allow a system where they can be pushed around; we’re doing the wrong thing and we’re never going to stop having wars. Doing the right thing is the only way forward.

      • 1

        OMG Are you REALLY A SINHALESE? you are so open-minded,Rational,understanding and Kind! that is so unlike the chauvinist anti-Tamil sinhalese i’ve met who do nothing but parrot the same nationalistic propaganda over and over.

        Plz i need to follow you somewhere! now i can sleep well knowing that there is ONE sinhalese somewhere who doesn’t deionize Tamils.

    • 1


      “Sinhala people DO NOT THINK that they are superior to anyone.”

      They believe they are inferior to others, hence they repeatedly impose the their will on other people, scared s**t of Hindia as displayed by Mahinda, watch the clip:


      “Sinhala people CONSIDER WHOLE of Sri Lanka territory their exclusive HOMELAND.”

      Since when the descendants of Kallathonie started considering this island as the exclusive `Homeland? Sinhala/Tamil homeland is in Tamilnadu. Go there and claim it from Karunanithy, Ramados, Jayalalitha, Seeman, ………. and 85 million other stupid people.

      “The areas that SInhala people live in majority are the MOST MULTI-CULTURAL, Multi-REligious , parts of Sri Lanka.”

      Dispersed minorities tend to assimilate into majority population, the basis for building a Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto.

      “Tamils have been raising issues of RACE since the 1940’s..”

      Sinhala/Buddhists have been beating up and killing non Aryan non Sinhala/Buddhists since Duttugamunu;s time.

      “So Tamils want to stop diffusion of SInhala population from high concentration to low concentration by adopting an Apartheid policy of Tamils ONLY northern and eastern province.”

      It is self preservation. Minorities do not have to be assimilated into majority just because you have more stupid people than the others put together.

      “YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO CREATE A TAMIL COUNTRY IN TAMIL NADU WHERE 70 million TAMILS live and the spiritual and the LOGICAL home of the TAMILS….”

      Will you help them?

  • 3


    Bengalis are categorised as mongoloid dravidians not aryans

  • 5

    Mr.Kanthaiya states ” The atrocities against Tamils reached its culmination when Mahinda Rajapakse came to power.He was the ideal leader Sri Lankan Nazism sought” He conveniently omits the fact that MR was able to come power mainly due to the despicable role played by the LTTE and its leader Pirabakaran in the 2005 Presidential Election, by forcibly preventing the Tamil voters from exercising their franchise. MR won by a slender majority in that election. Had the Tamil voters were allowed freely to vote, Ranil would have easily won and the political history of this country would have taken a different direction. Blaming MR alone for the “atrocities against Tamils” is not fair. Pirabakaran too should be blamed for his role.

  • 1

    Sure. Sinhalese may have done these. But, you are not talking about the killings and massacres that the Tamils did. Let’s not forget, both sides are at fault. It is biased writers like you that throw hay in to the fire.

    • 0

      The difference is that SL Govt has an ARMY LTTE is just rag tag group of terrorists.

      You can’t hold terrorists accountable.. but people will&CAN hold Govts accountable for what they do! LTTE were terrorists everyone knows that..

      We Tamils hate them more than you do they strap bombs to children.. that’s the definition of Evil.

  • 4

    @ Sinhalese; Thank you and appreciate your honest and sincere comments given above. It shows your clear unbiased mindset and a probable solution advocated by many others but sadly never implemented due to the usual opposition and opportunist politicians, religious heads and various racist groups.

    It’s sad and pathetic that the great people and country of ours had to go through all these unpleasant things, tragedies, pain and still staggering to find a peaceful, reasonable solution to work together towards prosperity and peace. If we had a good number of honest people like you Mr/Ms ‘Sinhalese’, things would have been different. It’s never too late, we can try or our younger and next generation will eventually find a way, a workable way, without any prejudice.
    Suspicion, hate, jealousy, inferior/superior complex,racial discrimination etc., should be gradually eradicated from the minds of people with honest and sincere effort. The country should become secular and the governments should not interfere with personal life, religion, education and leave it to people to chose. Singapore is a good example and many western developed nations follow similar policies and prospering. We all can easily live in peace, help each other, only if we respect other communities and allow them to share the country and hard earned wealth everyone contributed for.
    We need honest, visionary, unbiased politicians and willingly cooperating people.
    We are just wasting our valuable time, arguing and fighting as to who came first here and who should go out. We must get out of the ‘well’ we are in and look at the world, see how much they have improved, while we are still here having ‘fun’ with our past old ancient glory civilization Mahawamsa, Mahabharatha, Arya, Dravida absurd differences and destroying country and people without improving our country and life.
    We can and will do better with the help of people like you Sinhalese !

  • 0

    What this world needs is true Democracy. Of the 197 UN members at least
    150 will vote to rescind the VETO power held within UNSC, for a change.
    Let things start from there.

  • 0


    where did the aryan part come from in dharmapalas speech. Most sinhalese look remotely aryan

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