3 July, 2022


Opposition Party Offices Continuously Attacked In Uva By Unidentified Groups In Unregistered Vehicles

The rampant election law violations in the Uva Province seem to escalate daily as election monitoring body – Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) notes that nine election offices have been attacked on August 29 and 30 alone despite calls made to Elections Commissioner and law enforcement authorities on the situation prevalent in the province.

Uva electionAccording to CaFFE, four UNP offices and five JVP offices have been attacked and burnt on August 29 and 30 and three of them have been completely damaged.

Among the party offices that had been attacked includes:

– JVP office located in Unawatuna area in Buttala, Kuda Oya had been attacked and burnt on August 29 at about 12. 30 in the night

– JVP office in the Puhulkotuwa area of Buttala, Halmillewa attacked and burnt at around midnight on August 29 – the whole office has been razed by the fire

– JVP contestant Palliyaguruge Wijesiri’s office located in Moneragala, Maduketiya has been attacked on three instances so far by unidentified groups

– Several other JVP offices in Sevanagala, Hamburugala and Allekona areas attacked on the same day

– Offices of Opposition Leader of the Wellawaya district secretariat – UNP member Roy Kavinda attacked on August 29

– UNP offices in Malwattaawala junction, Anapallama and Kithukotte attacked on the same day

– Office of Moneragala district independant contestant W. M. Udaya Kumara locate in the Okkampitiya junction destroyed

During the past week alone,a total of 21 party offices have been attacked within 72 hours and the majority of them had been located in the Bibile electoral zone. Despite concerns raised by election monitoring groups over the prevalence of vehicles without garage numbers or vehicle registration numbers that have resulted in a climate of fear in the area, CaFFE notes that several of such vehicles were spotted by their observers on August 29 and 30 in four locations including Keppitipola and Bandarawela towns in Badulla and Wellawaya  and Bibile Medagama Bridge in Moneragala.

CaFFE also notes that despite instructions to maintain check-in registries for police patrolling groups, the instructions have not been followed by the law enforcement authorities as of August 31.

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    Only Grase Piya can Identify them.

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      RE: Opposition Party Offices Continuously Attacked In Uva By Unidentified Groups In Unregistered Vehicles

      “Only Grase Piya can Identify them.” Yes, because he recruited them and assigned the task.

      Behind Uva escalating elections violence is none other than the President –Glaring evidence

      (Lanka-e-News- 28.Aug.2014, 11.55PM) During the last two days since the Uva elections campaign began , the elections violence had risen meteorically as confirmed by the elections monitoring report released today- it has increased by 76 more cases of violence! All of these incidents of violence involve shooting, threatening using firearms, attacks, arson and destruction of property which are all first degree crimes.

      Behind all these criminal violence are the Presidential security division (PSD) and the special task force (STF).Lanka e news makes this revelation taking full responsibility . Based on reports substantiated by evidence reaching Lanka e news inside information division , they are as follows :

      185 soldiers in civil attire of the PSD armed with weapons including para, gas bombs , mini ooshi, , T 56 and AK 47 , as well as 65 STF soldiers of the Gonahena STF camp, in 19 jeeps have been dispatched to Moneragala and Badulla.

      To provide unlimited fuel to these vehicles ,the fuel supply books of the police department had also been sent along. Moreover , 6 garage mechanics have gone with them to attend to vehicle repairs , if any.

      These contingents are being deployed at Moneragala, Badulla, Siyambalanduwa, Athimale, Buttala ,Ella and Wellawaya .

      9 high rung STF officers have been included in this contingent , and a further 3 ASPs of the STF are to be dispatched.

      Sarathchandra the present coordinator of the defense Ministry intelligence espionage service and ex DIG of the STF is put in charge of the Moneragala district , and he is entrusted with the tasks of facilitating the operations of violence of these groups and giving illegal directives to police stations.

      Chandra Fernando an ex IGP and currently a Presidential advisor has been appointed to be in full charge of enthroning lawlessness and dethroning the rule of law in the entire Uva region. Ex DIG K.P.P. Pathirane is to serve as his assistant. With these arrangements in place , President Medamulana MaRa had made a beeline home disregarding his blood in urine ill health condition to see to it that even through bloodshed and illegal operations he wins at the Uva elections.

      Based on the aforementioned facts and evidence , it is abundantly clear what the opposition parties have to face in Uva are not peaceful elections but a bloody war. Believe it or not , the violence is so horrendous and widespread with Medamulana Percy Rajapakse ‘s parties taking advantage of the climate of impunity they enjoy ,that even a deputy elections commissioner was attacked at the very beginning of the elections campaigns while the elections officers too were threatened and intimidated.

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    RE: Opposition Party Offices Continuously Attacked In Uva By Unidentified Groups In Unregistered Vehicles

    What are the Facts? Further Evidence

    Unidentified? They are the Goons of MaRa Given below are the circumstantial evidence.

    Gota convenes special security meeting: government to solve its election violence with answers more criminal.

    The Election violence is carried out by Gota and MaRa Goons.


    (Lanka-e-News- 30.Aug.2014, 11.30PM) At the brainstorming special meeting summoned by Sri Lanka (SL) criminal defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse last 27th, the reports pertaining to the election results furnished by the defense Ministry intelligence division and that by the State intelligence service (SIS) were absolutely contradictory, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

    According to the report submitted by Chandra Wakishta , Director of SIS , the votes likely to be polled by the government in Moneragala district is 43 %, and the victory will be 50 % or below. Wakishta’s report also mentions that the votes in favor of the government had immensely declined in Siyambalanduwa , Athimale and third mile post , because of the activities and conduct of Minister Sumedha Gunawathie Jayasena .

    All contracts of Gem mining in those areas have been awarded to the brother of the Minister and one individual by the name of Sisira in her shop. Consequently the government has earned the displeasure and bitter resentment of the people, Wakishta’s report pinpoints. As a remedy the report recommends that exploitation of power in excess during the last two days before elections should be avoided, in which case this hostile climate against the government can be eliminated.

    While SIS Director releases a disappointing report against the government , Ex Major general Hendavitharne , the bosom pal of Gota , and defense Ministry advisor had issued a report which discloses that the government will win polling over 40% of the votes.

    The report prepared by Colonel Silva a subordinate of Henda , is based on information garnered by intelligence officers of the forces at ground level , Hendavitharane had pointed out. This report is in conflict with that of Wakishta. In any case it is the report of Henda that has been accepted by Gota, reports say.

    A security chief who is engaged in making an analysis on this stated, Henda had prepared this report to conform to the ‘jilmart’ (fraud) the government is anticipating to commit , for if some day the government ‘s fraud is exposed , the government can fall back on this report and claim long before that the report had also confirmed what the result (jilmart) would be, the security chief explained.

    The report on escalation of election violence owing to the government party was another matter that was taken up by Gotabaya at this meeting. As a solution to this , it was suggested by him , that it shall be made compulsory that a complaint of the UPFA regarding election violence be recorded by the police ahead of the complaints made by UNP, JVP and Democratic party.

    Gotabaya also ordered that a circular be sent to every police station in that province that before any complaint is recorded, the OIC of the relevant police station be consulted .As the OICs of those areas are all government henchmen and stooges , they could change anything to suit the needs of the government, he added. In pursuance of the directives of criminal defense secretary Gotabaya , DIG Gamini Navaratne who is in charge of Uva elections is to dispatch notices to all the police stations of that province tomorrow itself.

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    Violence is part and parcel of the Sinhala psyche. Even Buddhist clergy have joined the affray. Rule of law is something that has always been lacking in Sri Lanka. We as a nation are still a bunch of monkeys just descended from the trees and pretending to be humans(as stated by a disaffected Mossad Agent in the 1980s. How true).

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    Fat Shashendra is on the verge of losing.

    What a blow to Mara/Gota/Gandasara/Sajith Rajapaksa/Tiran & Sirasa it will be. What I heard was Harin & Samantha are miles ahead of UPFA.

    As Anura Disanayaka said the regime cannot afford to lose. So they try every ways and means to win.

    Coming colours (ena pota) not good for Mara.

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    Nope! JVP and UNP attacked themselves.

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      Rohan Polwatte

      “Nope! JVP and UNP attacked themselves.”

      How come the police allowed JVP and UNP to attack themselves and denied the same freedom to SLFP, JHU, NFF, SLMC, MEP, Gota, Election Commissioner, ….. to attack themselves?

      Its very unreasonable.

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