22 May, 2022


Over To God Tirupati

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Loudest voices will dominate, irrational, ill-motivated decisions will be made and the complex arena of politics will turn into a crazy circus”~  (Anja Steinbauer-Philosophy Now, March-April 2014)

Even a sensible, balanced and informed personage like our Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, has fallen into what I call the ‘Tirupati Mental Trap.’ We used to observe how, time and again, former strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa rushed to the Tirupati Deyyo in South India-causing a measurable consternation among the Sinhala nationalists who formed the core of his political support. After all, Mahinda was not as strong as good old Tirupati. However, I had all along borne the opinion that Ranil was more strong-minded than even Tiru.

No leader in the prosperous, modern part of the world believes in God, or Gods, auspicious times, charms or pirith nool. Imagine our Malcolm Turnbull tying charms on his person! Or Merkel in Germany, for instance! Some of them might mouth ‘God,’ but that is to be politically correct among a deferential population.ranil-wickremesinghe-tirupati

The Sri Lanka case is totally different. The machine of governance is like Plato’s ‘ship of fools.’ The country is simply capricious for good rulers with a knowledge of statecraft. The best equipped to govern will have to fight hard to stay in power. “Loudest voices will dominate, irrational, ill-motivated decisions will be made and the complex arena of politics will turn into a crazy circus.”

Here’s the relevant news story from today’s (19/12/16) Daily Mirror: “Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will visit the Lord Balaji temple at Tirumala in Andh ra Pradesh, on December 22, an Indian news agency PTI reported today. ‘Wickremesinghe will arrive here (Chennai) on Dec 21 for the visit,’ it said quoting officials referring to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s tentative itinerary.  He will take a chopper from Chennai to reach Tirupati airport (Renigunta) which is about 130 kilometers from here and proceed to the temple by road from there, they said.  Wickremesinghe is set to return to Sri Lanka on the same day after offering prayers at the hill temple, they added.  He was in India in October last, for an official visit and had last year offered prayers at the Sri Krishna temple at Guruvayur in Kerala.”Mahinda Education Colombotelegraph

Why do Sri Lankan leaders rush to Tiru and pray to the latter? I thought they had more of the grey matter given to them from the elephant-nosed “Lord Gana.”

Again, when I reflect, who else can save our miserable Paradise? The lot that it has fallen to over decades of ‘Avapaalanaya.’ (bad governance). As things are, Yahapaalanaya will always be a dream until Tiru steps in. Tiru didn’t help Mahinda probably because there was blood in the latter’s hands and enough cash in his pockets to help himself. Even Tiru has a moral code

Just look at the state of our country: We used to have a decent and civilised constitution before the watershed year of 1971. The evil British Empire was really responsible for that constitution although Kalu Suddas (Black-Whites) passed it in the new independent Parliament. The Constitution we had over those brief years was inspired by Lord Soulbury. Persons acceptable to their areas of inhabitance were nominated by the political parties to contest Parliamentary Elections. So we had decent MPs from the different electorates-be it Devinuwara, Galle, Baddegama, Hanguranketa, Matale,Pelmadulla, Jaffna and Chavakachcheri and so on. The simple reason for this was that these candidates had passed the first test of local popular acceptability. Only, basically good men could gain such popular clearance.The Constitution of JR in 1971 changed that with proportional representation. Party bosses and the corrupt political elite within parties did the picking of candidates. Upon election, these men and women (overwhelmingly men in a misogynistic society) wouldn’t care about a local population as they represented a ‘District,’ and a District was large enough to ignore local people and to pass the buck.

The outcome? We had refuse and rubble and stinking uneducated bloodsucker boys creeping into the august assembly. The old quality of NM, Colvin, Leslie Goonawardena, Edmund Samarakkody, SA Wicks, MDH Jayawardena. MDF Banda, Gamini Jayassoriya, Ponnamabalam etc were replaced by riffraff and murky characters. Under Mahinda, we even had a guy whose occupation was to snatch gold from the necks of passing-by girls and women. To add insult to injury this rascal became a Minister. The better folk avoided Parliament like the plague.

With material like this in our august assembly what is the kind of policy-making that can get through? Your guess is as easy as mine. Even the few good and educated leaders had to bend to the majority of thugs, fools and hooligans to whom Parliamentary privilege had been the passport to a prosperous life. The outcome is that for decades Sri Lanka has had no policy-making in any areas of public endeavour. Our education has never moved with the times; our economic policy has been something worked out from day-to-day according to political expediency. Sri Lanka has had repeated trade deficits running into billions and nothing has been done to restore the chronic imbalances. We have now o worm our way into a balance of payments green area thanks to the blood and sweat and tears of our poor housemaids and other expatriates. Tourism is also bringing in dollars but this activity is extremely fragile and dependent on external conditions. In economic terms, Sri Lanka is surviving on a day-to-day basis-putting out fires and living in the “now.”

The behaviour of our MPs do not reflect in any way the perilous state of our economy. They have to be kept bribed with increased allowances, payment for attendance in parliament and, above all, with car permits. The permits are sold by them on the spot and they recoup big profits. While their Indian counterparts go about with locally manufactured Indian Fiats and Ambassadors these beloved MPs of Paradise hit the roads with Mercs and BMWs, and luxury Four-Wheel drives. What a turn of life’s fortunes to the man who snatched gold chains!

Only Sri Lankan roads mock them. Look at Colombo’s eternal traffic jams. Road accidents are inevitable. The Bus Owners association went on strike over a proposed hike in road fines. Don’t these bus owners know that speeding is impossible in chock-a-block road arterials. Recently, a cop was run over and killed by one of these buses while he was trying the impossible of attempting to manage traffic.

The other day, our forthright movie star ‘One-Shot’ Ranjan Ramanayake did give just one big shot pointing out at a particular Mahinda Rajapaksa Minister. He showed how this foul character had only a motor bike to go about with in his meagre job of an insurance sales rep. How he became an ugly rich man and was able to part with his vexed wife in a divorce settlement that cost him several hundred millions. If his irked spouse didn’t reveal we would not have known about his ill-gotten wealth.The former Minister is now a JO strongman who, like all JO men, are fighting to duck being locked in jail by the Yahapaalana government. They have made an effective presence good enough to make yahapaalana not work at all. All they have to do is to attend FCID call-ups and come out released like heroes of yore. No wonder they are seen gong on arrest with hand-cufffed wrists and beaming heroic smiles.

Astrologers cannot predict in Sri Lanka because the country is unpredictable. So we see the blind astrologer trying to eke out a miserable living by conning. The TV channels are full of these soothsayers.

The ship may be sinking but the music will go on. It is baila all the way. Thanks to Portuguese imperialists.

Readers please tell me: Who else, but God Tiru can help us?

*Shyamon Jayasinghe can be contacted on sjturaus@optusnet.com.au

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Latest comments

  • 9

    Thank you all for your comments. My intention is to expose so that an awareness is built among readers. A better social awareness will bring about a better society and a better society will bring about better quality of politicians.
    The two images shown here-that of our present PM and that of the former strongman- exhibit a pathetic state of affairs. MR has upper body naked and look at his expression and the deep passion in his face. That tells a lot. He is begging in such lowly and prostrate fashion. Ranil is a surprise to me;he, too, is begging for help from a non existing God. If our leaders have such a world-views what is the future of our country, I ask? It also implies they are bankrupt of solutions so much that they have to implore man-constructed Gods to solve problems. In the process, these leaders are reinforcing the foolish beliefs of our ignorant masses. The coconut-breaking ritual was another reminder
    The Poosali makes the money!

    • 3

      Having studied all these, I feel why not Rajapakshe turn to lankas most known SAIBABA counter part ? There he could achieve a lot also reappointing his former Royal asstrologer from Galle as his event Manager to the position and leaving other relevent posts to his family kith and kin also not forgetting former US ambassador-JALIYA W as his representative to the world – then we could do better politics – in the line of bringing reforms and getting them passed accordingly. Final goal is to achieve prosper- not being lagged anymore.

    • 5

      If someone is caught by intoxications inexplicably- he cant know what he is going to do next.
      As we remind it now, shortly before the PE, former President and loads of his kith and kin (filled in sirlanken airline plane loads) paid a visit to highly recognized KOVILs. But nothing could block him being fallen that deep – as free fall on the 08th Jan 2015 ?
      Why was that ?
      However, what matters was FINANICIAL LOSSES created by his actions. THAT COSTED TAX PAYERS TO FALL EVEN DEEPER:
      These mad dogs -LET alone today should have healthy minds to see it back.
      Then only we the nation can achieve the future goals.

    • 1

      In Ranil s case, had he any other options as an Oppo leader in MR s regime ?

      Is Ranil s situation can ever be comparable of the current oppo leader ?

      All the lies, proved or unproved – mostly like Jathaka stories going beyong all ethics and morals about RW were spread by STATE and PVT media on the direct contract of RAJAPAKSHE MEN. Truths were aside. No dignity and respect had space in that era. Remember the manner how CONDOM SUPPORT of Rajapakshe -noneother than Wimal Buruwanse publicly insulted contesting President -Mr Sirisena (Sirisenayo, tho chutawela palayan….. etc –all abusive derogatory terms were used to attack him as no times ever anyone did in this country).

  • 14

    Tirupathi was built by the Tamil Chola and Pallava when this area was part of Tamil land. Even now when you visit Tirupathi you will notice the cast majority of the inscriptions are in Tamil not in Telugu Kannada or Sanskrit, as this temple complex was built by Tamil kings in what was once Tamil land until very recently.
    The same with Guravayur temple. The deity worshipped here is more than 5000 years old.In the 14th century, “Kokasandesam” (a Tamil literary work), references to a place called Kuruvayur are made. As early as the 16th century (fifty years after Narayaniyam was composed) many references to Kuruvayur are seen. In ancient Dravidian languages, “kuruvai” means “sea”, hence the village on the Malabar Coast may be called Kuruvayur. All done when Kerala was Tamil Chera Nadu.
    Now both these famous Vaishnavite temples that originated, and was built or became famous, when all this land was Tamil, are now in Telugu Andhra Pradesh, just over the border from Tamil Nadu and in once Tamil Kerala, where largely anti Tamil racist Sinhalese politicians are going to pray and seek blessings from Lord Venkateshwara or Guruvayoor Appan to bless them in their anti Tamil dance at Hindu temples and sites ironically built or made famous by ancient Tamils and was held sacred by them. This is now possible because these ancient Tamil lands and temples are now Tamil no more but are Telugu and Malayalam, a language and ethnic group that evolved from the Chera Tamils. Now these largely Tamil hating Telugu Brahmins and Malayali Potis( Namboothiri) who wre instrumental in destroying Tamil and Kerala are entertaining these Sinhalese politcians.
    I can only cry out in pain Govinda Govinda Govinda to Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupathi or to Guravayoor Appan. The sight of this Tamil killing war criminal Rajapaske praying at a shrine that was made famous by and sung in the songs of Tamil saints called Alwars.

  • 2

    Every religion has an element of preaching self reliance. Religions wants us to fear the God or the consequences for misdeeds committed. Sri Lankan leaders, both sides of the divide, want external succour for the simple reason that they have many a skeleton in their cupboards and the fear of loss of power makes them more vulnerable. Still they don’t take note of what finally happened to Macbeth (Shakespeare).

    How did late Rt. Hon. D. S. Senanayake bend the conscience of Hon. G. G. Ponnambalam and his colleagues to vote for the citizenship bill? Those who know the story know it. The same technique was used by all the executive presidents in Sri Lanka in maintaining files of skeletons of those they wanted to keep in control.

    It is upto the citizenary to judge whether there is “Yahapalanaya”, “Avapalanaya” or “Yamapalanaya”.

  • 1

    Dear Mr Shymon

    “The other day, our forthright movie star ‘One-Shot’ Ranjan Ramanayake did give just one big shot pointing out at a particular Mahinda Rajapaksa Minister”

    Ranjan Ramanayake serves under Minister S.B. Disanayake as deputy whose reputation is no better than that of the guy to whom Ranjan delivered a big shot.

    I remember Ranjan’s anti corruption campaign very well, forthright is not the word.

    All of us us are quite selective in this game, arn’t we Mr Shymon?

    You certainly have an explanation, no doubt. That ‘explanation’ applies to all situations in general, you have to acknowledge.


    We all know the process Rajapakshe adopted to retain 2/3 in the Parliament which passed the 18th amendment for him. Now kindly tell me isn’t it the same methodology your Ranil W is adopting to garner 2/3 for the new constitution?


    90+ ministerial positions were a drain on national economy.

    Port city was environmental apacalypto

    Chinese investments are a death trap, China is an economic hit man

    Appointing friends to high level institutions was Favoritism, Cronyism, and Nepotism.

    KP roaming free was unthinkable.

    Aluthgama was worse than 1983.

    Gnasara was free to move around, say anything.

    Need more?

    Again, all of us are great believers in end justifies means, aren’t we Mr Shymon?


    • 3

      There are lot of difference between Rajapakse regime method and Ranils approach. Thepurpose of the Ranils Ranils approach is to find solutions to the havoc created by Mahinda & Co. Mahinda did everything forcreate a kingdom for his family but Ranils approch is create a better land for every citizen.

      • 6

        Unfortunately, Derana, Hiru and Killis sender spread in favour of Rajaapkshe. So the botschaft will not outreach masses.
        This country is filled with more of uncivilized rascals thare are fed with Rajaakshe mantra than the civilized cultured people represented by Ranil Wickramsinghe et al.

        • 1

          Even Sirasa was not by large different from Derana and Hiru until 08th Jan 2015 revolution sent Rajapakshes home.

          Now one can easily check it – which websites display most the assasination predictions about Prez Sirisena as repeatedly added by that idiot-Wijemuni ?

          Latter can give you more information about the real nature of Joint Opposition that makeevery efforts to get Rajaakshes back in place and continue the previous business from the point it stopped.
          Srilankens are more into corruption and higher abuses than to anti-corrution and anti-crimes.
          So if mafia king would be back (I mean Mahinda Jarapakshe) things will become ” business as usual for the many”. This is what we see it clearly today.

    • 4


      “All of us us are quite selective in this game, arn’t we Mr Shymon?”

      If I could add a few more:

      The war criminals are still roaming the streets, from 5th April 1971.

      Those who burnt down the Jaffna Library are still free to roam around,

      Those who bribed the terrorists to win elections are still in the parliament.

      The war criminals are allow to travel and lecture abroad.

      Those who organised communal riots are still free from the long arm of the law.

      What are you going to do about it?
      Are you going to bury your head in the Sinhala/Buddhist Ghetto and pretend everything is “Hunky Dory”

  • 2

    Who pays for this private trip? The long suffering tax payer or the pilgrim? Sounds like the taxpayer funded Italian luxury holiday!

  • 3

    SOMA I do not agree with you when you say that the end justifies the means

    • 1

      In my opinion, sometimes, the end justifies the means.

      For example the end of Prbhakaran aka Pirapaharan justifies the means: The scalping Red Indian style.

      • 1

        [Edited out]

    • 0


      When you now defend Yahapalana deeds which you campaigned as evil during Rajapaksha I thought what you are saying is end justifies means.



      Any comments?


  • 4

    One has to understand the people and conditions of a country to understand their behavior. Sri Lanka had Sirisena back stabbing Mahinda and your mob had Turnbull stabbing Abbott.

    Our country is run by India as we are an Indian colony after the dissolution of the British-Indian Empire, now the Indian Empire. You will follow the same with massive influx of Indians from India and other Indian colonies like Fiji, Mauritius, South Arica to name a few.

    So that is why leaders of the Indian colony goes to see Hindu Gods.

  • 1

    Breaking News…

    Poor Vijitha Muni is going to be grilled by the UNP Police for an alleged plot to kill Yahapalana Prez Bodhipala Sirisena.

    The Yahapalana Govt has issued a statement that Vijitha Muni was the person who tried to kill Rajiv Gandhi by hitting him on the head with his service weapon when Rajiv was walking next to the Yahapalana PM’s dear old Uncle, the then President.

    I thought Vijithamuni is a just an Astrologer.

    He is a National hero for our great inhabitant majority the same way Mr Pirahaparan has become for the minority.

    BTW wonder why Batalanada Ranil the PM, rushed to Tripathi ?..

  • 3

    KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

    “BTW wonder why Batalanada Ranil the PM, rushed to Tripathi ?..”

    He is trying to be proactive in securing good relation with the trustees of the temple in case if he needs finance to support his projects or pay off the Chinese. Do you think the Coffer is suffering from cash crunch? On 15th January 2015 it was empty.


    On June 17, 2016 International Business Times reported:

    Richest Hindu temple Tirupati Balaji to earn Rs. 2,600 crore in revenue this year The temple trust is expected to receive about Rs. 1,000 crore in offerings by devotees, Rs. 600 crore from sale of tickets and Rs. 800 crore from interest receipts.

  • 2

    Tirupathi is a Tamil Chola God. Why does Rajapaksa also go there to worship? Sumnasekera answer this

    • 2

      Karunaratne Gamage

      “Tirupathi is a Tamil Chola God. Why does Rajapaksa also go there to worship? Sumnasekera answer this “

      Tamils are Paras in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      Sinhala are Paras too in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      They have the same ancestors, and are Para cousins.

      So, the Para cousins Gods are good for each other too.

    • 2

      He like many people now think that since the temple is now no more in Tamil land but in Telugu land ( thanks to weak Tamil leader when linguistic state demarcation took place) just over the border. Lord Venkateshwara is not a Tamil god or Tirupathi a Tamil temple that was built by the Tamil Chola/Pallava kings. The land surrounding the temple and the temple itself has now become Telugu. Telugu Brahmin priests and Telugu people. Until 1953 Tirupathi temple and its environment was considered essentially Tamil, like many areas in southern Karnataka, Iddiki in Kerala. Tirupathi temple was the northern border of Tamil lands. Even now the vast majority of the inscriptions at the Tirupathi temple are in Tamil not in Telugu Kannada or Sanskrit as this was essentially a Tamil temple built on Tamil land by Tamil kings. Chola and Pallava. Lost due to weak Tamil leaders. Just like Amparai Puttalam and the coastal Negombo and Chilaw and large parts of Trincomallee district which were all Tamil 60 years ago,lost due to weak Tamil leaders and a racist Sinhalese government and an opportunistic Muslim population

  • 3

    Have we forgotten Kataragama Deyyo. Has the bugger vanished?

    • 2

      Are you kidding? Don’t even bring the name of poor Kataragama Deyyo here.

      According to our well known scholar in religious matters in SL reported that devotees go to Kataragama for sexual healing rather than spiritual healing. (Don’t get mad at me for bringing this up. I’m just reprinting a comment to highlight some hidden religious issues in SL).

      Here is what Prof. Hoole actually wrote: “Professor Gananath Obeyasekera of Princeton University has studied the bhakti devotees, well–married Hindu women, who went to the temple at Kathirkahmam on annual pilgrimage. As these women went into a trance and danced, their rapid back and forth hip movements signified that they saw themselves as in copulation with Lord Muruha”.

      “The Firewalkers of Kataragama —The Rise of Bhakti Religiosity in Buddhist Sri Lanka,” J. of Asian Studies, Vol. 37, No. 3, 1978. If you want a quarrel, please take it up with Prof. Obeyasekera and ask Princeton to take back his Emeritus Professorship. Good luck with that!

  • 1

    News Break

    Yahapalana Sira denies that he is going to be assassinated and blames Bopage for cooking it up.

    Bopage BTW is also part of Yahapalanaya .

    After all the Yahapalana PM Batalanda Ranil made the right call to visit Tripathi.

    Saturn must be in the Seventh position..

  • 1

    Good old days people worshiped trees and rocks. Later on they were replaced by the sun and the moon and modern days buy several gods. As the writer says modern day world leaders do not seek gods assistance to solve their problems as they know that gods cannot be of any assistance.So far we have not experienced seen or had any conversation or photographed any of these so called gods. As we know only the weak meek and the gullible seek gods help. We are so unlucky that we have such leaders.

  • 1

    End justifies the means. Hitler and Mussolini’s thinking. Anyway they reaped the benefits of what they have sewn. MR and generations to come for millions of years will pay for the dastardly crimes perpetrated by them.

    • 2

      “End justifies the means. Hitler and Mussolini’s thinking”

      For us srilannkens – it was the thinking of Rajapakshe men. No previous presidents never wanted to civilian casualties.But MR. I am born sinhalaya, even today, my heart is with those who got killed in the last phase of the war. I have no doubt, they were more than 7-8 thosands.

      No WONDER the kind the thoughts since Edwin is caught by open prison environment in Middle east. Just study all the texts the sexagenarian added on and on -over the last two weeks alone. That proves his (Edwin s) mental state. I dont think he had been thinking the same manner while he had been living in Japan.

      “MR and generations to come for millions of years will pay for the dastardly crimes perpetrated by them”

      Upali, you are right. Sadly, MR et al still remains as the man for all punnakku eaters of the country why ?

  • 1

    Why do Sri Lankan leaders rush to Tiru and pray to the latter?
    The answer lies in here;

    (The Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena)

    “We cannot worship a Bo tree according to you.”

    “a comment made by him during MP Sumnthirans’s speech posted here in CT”

    The Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhism is polluted. Polluted by the Sinhala politicians. And they know that. They have unwittingly let the thugs take over the Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhism.

    will you bathe in polluted water?

    Will you prostrate in front of every Bo Tree in the jungle will you prostrate in front of the thugs in yellow robes?

    No – you go in search of clean purity water.

  • 0

    The idiotic deeds of our leaders bring shame in the eyes of the rational people to the Sri Lankan’s living abroad.
    Ranil exhorts private entrepreneurship but does not believe in his ability and pray for divine assistance. Our business community too should learn from RW and start praying.

  • 0

    Having read about the ground-breaking theory of ‘Biocentrism’ propounded a few years ago by eminent professor Lanza, I am inclined to believe that there is and has always been a kind of creator-God pervading the universe. Biocentrism calls it ‘Universal Consciousness’, but thousands of years ago Hindu philosophy called it ‘Universal Soul’ as if the Universe is a living organism like us.

    According to Biocentrism, the universal consciousness created the universe and is eternal. It is the same with the Universal Soul of Hinduism.

    According to Hinduism we humans (who are blessed with a moral conscience: a silent godly voice), also possess our own soul, which is called the ‘individual soul’. In biocentrism, it is called ‘individual consciousness’.

    Biocentrism goes further and declares that the individual consciousness is also eternal, despite being born again and again. This is so with the individual souls in Hinduism.

    Although biocentrism is new and is not yet widely accepted, it is a more comprehensive theory than big bang theory, as it is based not only on physics but also biology.

    Hinduism is akin to Buddhism, so I see no conflict in Buddhists going to Hindu temples, especially because Buddhism has no definite answer to the question: Is there a God?

  • 0

    The moral stand of Soma and some others in this column of comments is that the end justifies the means. I oppose this kind of consequentialist morality. Take an example:
    Suppose that by killing X, an entirely innocent person, we can save the lives of 10 other innocent people
    A consequentialist would say that killing X is justified because it would result in only 1 person dying, rather than 10 people dying
    A non-consequentialist ( I, for instance) would say it is inherently wrong to murder people and refuse to kill X, even though not killing X leads to the death of 9 more people than killing X

    Bad means often derail the very good outcomes it may target. If you take the yahapalanaya example, roping in the controversial characters from Mahinda Rajapakse’s side will eventually derail the outcomes of good governance.

    • 0

      How would killing one innocent Mr X save 9 Xss?.

      I can understand dispatching a bad Mr X and saving a lot of innocent Xss.

      I know Yahapalanaya is a bit soft on notorious Mr Xss.

      In fact Wela Sudda was praying to Lord Kataragaman in the company of a UNP DIG and a Yahapaana heavy as well.

      That was a few weeks before the Yahapalana PM went to seek protection from lord Vishnu in Tripathi, who is the cousin of Lord Kataragaman.

      And Yahapalan PM now has the list of Mr xss who dispatched 13 or so .not so innocent bad Xss in Welikada.

      Wonder what the Yahapalana PM is going to do with it?..

      Merry Xmas to all…

  • 0

    why not go and pray in Mecca or “The” Bo tree in India under which Buddha allegedly attained Nirvana

    why Thirupathi?

    The reason is obvious.

    Islam is torn apart all over the world with violence

    Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhism is taken over by Thugs

  • 0

    Dear Shyamon,

    I like your style, your diction and your civic responsibility in speaking your mind – openly and fearlessly – in matters of public interest in these times when our political and pseudo-“religious” leaders are competing with each other in the country’s downward

    Forgive me to correct you in a matter or two. When you refer to the venerable Tirupathi diety please remember he is usually referred to as Tirupathi Venketeshwar – not Tiru or any other lowly abbreviation. A man of the Hindu temple (in Tamil) is also called Poosari/Pujari and not Poosali. These great temples in India have survived and grown in their history of thousands of years. They have won the confidence of the many millions in India through their service and devotion. Every Indian is not a coolie or rikshaw Wallah. Many millions of the educated and high educated Indians too follow these priests and temples fervently. Sinhala Buddhism has failed because of the examples of the whisky-drinking Buddharakhita Thero of the Kelaniya Temples and such vulgar examples as the present Gnanassara Thero of the BBS and that rowdy thero in Batticaloa. Can’t blame our Buddhist public for losing faith in our declining local variety and rushing to Tirupathi, Guruvayoor, Putparthi and elsewhere in India. It is time we had a revival of good Buddhism here. Have the times changed since our friend
    Stanley Tambiah was critical in his book with Ven. Sobita Thero on the cover. Did the Sinhalese err in going after Tambiah’s blood?

    R. Varathan

    • 0

      R. Varathan

      ” It is time we had a revival of good Buddhism here.”

      It is time Buddhism is liberated from Sinhala/Buddhism and Sinhalese are liberated from Sinhala/Buddhists.

  • 0

    Maybe that these Sri Lankan leaders wanted an opportunity to strip and show off their muscles!

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