14 August, 2022


Parliament Dissolved

The Parliament will be officially dissolved with effect midnight today sources revealed. President Maithripala Sirisena has already sent the signed gazette notification to be printed, which incidentally is ten months ahead of schedule.

The General Elections is scheduled to be held on the 17th August 2015.

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    Good news this has finally happened. The dissolution should have taken place by 23rd April 2015.
    Let us face the electionsand elect a majority government where no more trading of M.Ps sbould be allowed to take place.

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      Parliament Dissolved

      Indeed Good News.

      People will have another opportunity to use Common sense or the Moda, Mootal and Foolish sense.

      Based on the results of the General Election and the votes received by Mahinda Rajapaksa and the cronies, we can establish the Common Sense and Moda, Mootal and Foolish sense Ratio.

      From the Presidential election, the ration was as given below.

      Common (Sense) Candidate MS = 6.25 Million

      Moda, Mootal and Foolish sense Candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa =5.7 Million

      The Common Sense and Moda, Mootal and Foolish sense Ratio, =1.096

      Let us work to make this ration go to up to 1.25,

      Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Reprogramming Modayas, Mootals and Fools take time.

      MaRa MaRa Chatu Mara Amana Mara Moda Modays …

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      Parliament Dissolved

      “The million-dollar question is who to be blamed for all this nonsense. Surely it is none other than spineless Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe for their total failure to restore and enforce the Rule of Law to the letter, against those criminal elements who plundered the wealth of the nation ruthlessly. These elements who ruthlessly engaged in all sorts of anti-social behavior are now demanding returning to power, thanks to Sirisena administration hitherto failed to realize the burning desire of the people for corrupt free rule with due respect and regard to the trust and confidence placed in it by the people.”

      We have two big wimps.

      Guess who those two wimps are?

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    Congrats! RANIL, finally you won your argument and people are with
    you with more sympathizers as you brought MS into power and the current
    plan of the Govt.was to scuttle your plans to form a national govt. and
    kept you going as PM after 100 days in power,to have you questioned by the people and the political parties about your over stay, hence the delay in calling the election to reduce your popularity. You must bring
    this point to the platforms all over the country.

    Please do not make another election blunder by contesting alone as your
    vote bank, though increased, is not enough to get a majority so, enter into an electoral pacts or MOUs with some parties, like the minority parties and particularly with JVP & victory will be in your hands as people, who are fed up with our country, been robbed left right and centre by the former regime, would like to give a final chance to run the Govt.This time,the minority votes will be with you due to bungling of electoral reforms by SLFP (S&R),depriving seats for the minorities.
    Follow the Indian pattern of electoral system run by 545 MPs for 1300 million people and stick to 225 MPs for future General elections with minority grievances, fully settled on electoral reforms as they have a serious case and consider 2 vote system as this system is not new as same practiced in some other countries too. Please look for educated
    people as contestants as chaos raided in parliament on some subjects
    is due to less understanding power by the less educated MPs.They even
    drank whisky and slept in the parliament floor, recently over a minor

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      Lanka Watch

      Couldn’t it be a joint Maithiri Ranil election strategy to destabilize Mahinda’s campaign team.

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        Native Veddah,

        You are right in your thinking but what is the
        guaranty that Mithri SLFP MPs will not cross over to make MR the PM. Force and intimidation was the order the day during the last regime, as you know and it could happen again, and more over, if you followed the recent events, UNP Ranil was forced to carry on beyond the mandatory period of 100 days with a minority govt. and this was a ploy by the govt. to reduce the popularity of Ranil, as every one started questioning him for his over stay, while the right to dissolve the parliament was in the hands of the President.
        There had been some rift between the coalition partners in the very recent past over this matter, which was kept secret. It was rumoured that Ranil wanted to resign if the dissolution did not take place within a day or two. MS did everything right but he
        wanted to betray Ranil and UNP at the last moment to bring back
        a SLFP/UFPA govt. at any cost and it failed due to division in the SLFP. when people come to know this , the voters will certainly favour Ranil and MS at the helm of the govt with Ranil as PM, we could once again see a govt. of good governance.

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        Now what will happen to “Showel” Ratana the Hero of Matara?

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    It will be same old same old, once again; that is the nature of the beast.The culture of impunity will once again spring into action unless something miraculous and radical happens.

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    100 Days were too short of a time to make constitutional
    amendments with two thirds and at the same time catching
    the 40 thieves of Alibaba.From day one of My3 victory,
    Mahinda chose to destroy winner’s efforts.This alone
    shows how nasty a selfish loser could become without
    power !UNP and the minority parties made the breakthrough
    and this time Mahinda is in real hot water.Non of those
    got on stage for want of Mahinda back should be given
    nomination and all should be completely wiped out from
    SLFP. And I believe this will happen.So many good things
    happened in 100 days and a few things like appointing
    people like D M Jayaratna as advisor to the president
    also happened.This kind of decision is detrimental to a
    new dawn promised by new leadership. More of this kind
    could have happened if UNP and other interested parties
    did not raise the alarm. It is very important that people
    send more members from parties like JVP and other smaller
    parties to give a proper shout in the parliament to raise
    the alarm loudly in need.

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    At last! The worst parliament we have had has been delegated to the dustbin of history, I hope, we, the people, will elect a qualitatively better parliament next time around. The ball is in our court now. We will be the Kings and Queens for a short time. Let us deliver our judicious verdict objectively and decisively. This our moment.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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      How can we pick and choose when whats laid at the banquet for us is garbage? It won’t change much….

      I would be watching come individuals carefully, including
      Douglas Devanada
      Magistrate attacking Risad Badhiutheen.
      Mervyn Silva and Duminda Silva
      Wimal W
      Champika R

      Let’s see these crooks and their next moves..

      Wonder what the liberal party will do, they might lose their sole MP ?

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        A good comment. The civic bodies should ‘ Name & Shame’ all such politicians. Let the voting public make a educated decision on whom to vote. Such a campaign will force the parties to be extremely careful while nominating candidates. The media should also play a major role in such a campaign.


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          Dr.Rajasingham Narendran, time and again, your observations are spot on.

          What is important is not ideology, but simple honesty. And Dev has come up with a representative sample of the knaves who have to be identified.

          Our country has suffered much for forty years or so, when communalism and thuggery held sway. It is now up to “civic bodies”, to play the role that you have suggested. However, each of us, who has the leisure and this bit of know-how, to influence so many who have grown so cynical of the democratic process to not bother to study the candidates. I mean we have to start talking about all this, not just among internet users, but especially with any others we associate with.

          The most difficult part of our operation was successfully performed on January 8th; let us complete it on August 17th.

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            [Edited out] @RNirmalaN, please use one name – CT

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      Fully agree.However, if the major parties nominate the same old people then our choice is limited and people may even refrain from voting. Let us hope this does not happen.

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      Dr RN – True, it is our moment but major parties should select educated
      and go-getter candidates to contest and the media should support them as corrupt free candidates do not have money to support their election
      expenses and if that happens ,the voters will do the needful to get better behaved parliament. The President, who will be in power during the election, should see that the mushroom media outlets, who spread communalism, and spread of lies, should be controlled by law and law enforcement officers should pounce on them and get them arrested and
      such establishments closed.

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    Had no choice since the COPE report would have implicated RW and Ravi K on bond issue.

    Hopefully Colombo voters will come out strong to teach all crooks involved in the bond scandal a lesson.

    Unfortunately MARA and the clan is no better.

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    the UNP won the general election on 17th.august 1977 with a 5/6th majority with 140 seats .the poor mans life standard improved from this date

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    Excellent news a news for which a majority of people have bee waiting for. The sad part is again the Elections will be held under PR and the “manage system” which shuts the door for good and honest people to contest.
    However, we appeal to all party leaders to scrutinize their candidates and nominate only people of integrity without corruption to represent the people at the next Parliament without blaming the voters. The country looks forward for a representative Parliament with capable honest and talented people from all parties. After all Sri Lanka has many such people.
    We hope it will be a free and fair elections and Democracy ultimately triumphs and this is the Prayer and wish of all Sri Lankans.
    Once again please do not give nominations to dishonest politicians and to members whose contributions have been “zero” in the last Parliament. The current seats of 225 should not be increased under any circumstances as it will be a burden on the people ultimately.

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    All these years the oposition said that the election was rigged, abuse of state resources,fraud, corruption,abuse of power by the Police & Election officials looking for promotions.
    Let us all watch the next general elections. The president,the PM and the Election Commissioner,have all the power to have a clean and fair election.
    So dont come with cock & Bull stories the the election was rigged. lets have clean & fair election this time and set a new trend in Sri Lanka

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