25 February, 2024


Reason For Dissolution: Arjuna Mahendran Found Guilty In COPE Inquiry

“It appears that the Governor of the Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran would have temporary breathing space as a result of the dissolution of Parliament. All news pertaining to COPE inquiry says that it has found him guilty over the Treasury Bonds Scam.” a source close to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Colombo Telegraph.

Ranil“However, all those who I meet, big or small, say that they are all unhappy about how Prime Minster Ranil Wickremesinghe has manipulated the whole incident. What a pathetic story about the good governance for which we all fought risking our lives!” she further said. 

Colombo Telegraph also learnt that the COPE report has implicated Ministers Kabir Hashim, Ravi Karunanayake, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his friend Malik Samarawickrama.

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    COPE has found that the governor of the CB interfered with the Bond issue process, and yet he still has the ‘PM’s support. We, Sri Lankan citizens, are the losers, bound to Perpetual debt at Shylock rates for 30 long years.

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    This article by CT seems to be a load of bull. When has a COPE report ever been taken seriously by anyone? To say that the dissolution has been brought about to save Mahendran from a COPE report is most ridiculous.

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      “This article by CT seems to be a load of bull. When has a COPE report ever been taken seriously by anyone? To say that the dissolution has been brought about to save Mahendran from a COPE report is most ridiculous.”


      Thre seems to be many “Journalists” with IQs close to 65.

      Conspiracy again..! Dissolution delayed until false accusations via COPE are manufactured against UNP

      The decision to dissolve parliament (25) was changed in order to ‘manufacture’ a scheme to mount accusations against the UNP during the elections, based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

      This sinister scheme aims at preparing a speech against Ranil purportedly made by Arjun Mahendran , and incorporate that as a COPE supplementary report while also giving an official base to it.

      This conspiracy was hatched at the official residence of Susil Premachandra day before yesterday night (24).This discussion was attended by Susil , John Senevirathne, Dilan Perera and notorious and corrupt ex Central bank governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal. It was planned to introduce a supplementary report stating that Arjun Mahendra purportedly made a statement to the COPE committee that Ranil exerted pressure on him to sell the controversial central bank treasury bonds to a particular party , and then hand that report over to the speaker immediately.

      Accordingly a COPE committee report has been ‘manufactured’ in an unholy haste throughout yesterday (25) , and is to be handed over today (26) to the speaker.

      The COPE committee that was appointed by the previous parliament comprises old opposition members Sujeewa Senasinghe , Eran Wickremeratne and Rosie Senanayake ,and those who represented the previous government were: Susil Premajayantha, DEW Gunasekera , Rajiva Wijesinghe , Weerakumara and Lasantha Alagiyawanna.

      The COPE committee comprises members of the government and the opposition ,and when a report is prepared , all the member should sign it. One group alone cannot prepare the report. Hence , this latest attempt is to prepare a spurious misleading report signed by the members of the UPFA alone , and hand over that to the speaker.

      However , DEW Gunasekera had refused to sign this bogus report .Even the speaker had rejected it , but because the president Maithripala is behind this , there is a great possibility for this bogus malicious report to be accepted today.

      It is well to recall during the last presidential elections , Miathripala Sirisena bowed and vowed before the people that he would be impartial and politically neutral , but now he has decided to participate in the rallies of the SLFP Islandwide to secure victory for it , at the next elections. Already Rajitha and S.B have been named as his speakers during the campaign , and they are promised parliamentary seats through the national list.

      The SLFP led by Maithripala Sirisena having nothing to say against the UNP during the next elections campaign ,had planned this aforementioned conspiracy hurriedly , and are seeking to obtain the COPE supplementary report against Ranil, and carry it as a ‘certificate’ , fake though . Meanwhile president Maithripala has taken steps to postpone the dissolution of Parliament.

      Maithripala has told a close Minister friend of his yesterday “ if I allow Ranil to form a government with a majority I will have to become a ‘Wijetunge’ .”

      When such base , selfish and opportunistic politics is being indulged in without shame , the country’s tourist arrivals are going to increase without doubt – certainly more tourists will arrive to amuse themselves and take a look at the only leaders in the whole world with uniquely unscrupulous and ungrateful traits .


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    If COPE found Arjuna Guilty Dew Gunasekera would have run to the
    Parliament with the results. When COPE found Arjuna not guilty
    committee deliberately delayed to submit the report. Now the parliament is dissolved gosip mongers could say anything to vilify Arjuna

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    Was this interim report approved by the COPE commitee. Did they have any misgivings. An Interim report could not have considered all factors. Did DEw Gunesekera draft this report. Why was not all the people involved including Ranil Wickremesinghe not called to the hearing. Who were the people who testified. What documents were scutinized. We should be able to access all infirmation.

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      Rush job ala Gen (Then) Fonseka’s and 43rd CJ’s charges and conclusions.

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    COPE of Dew Gunesekera is doing a job like what they did to former CJ Siriyani. People are well aware of MR & Co.

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