25 June, 2022


Pitting Lanka Against The World

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

A key lesson is that civic passivity and willed blindness were the preconditions for the triumph of National Socialism….”  Fritz Stern (Leo Baeck Lecture)

Fanatics hate facts. Therefore the fact that the Sinhala population has actually increased between 1982 and 2011 would be of no interest to those who are trying to ignite a new – religious – inferno.

According to census figures, in 1982, Sinhalese constituted 74% of the population; by 2011, this has increased to 74.9%. The Muslims constituted 7% in 1982 and 9.2% in 2011. If any community is in danger of depletion it’s the Tamils. Indu Bandara, Director, Population Census and Demography Division of the Department of Census and Statistics, “disputed a claim being propagated in the country that the Muslim population is likely exceed that of the majority community” (The Island – 18.3.2013).

At the Kandy BBS-Rabble-Rouser-in-Chief, Rev. Gnanasara Thero concluded his speech (in which he warned Buddhist maidens not to become ensnared into harems) by thanking the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

But the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and others of their ilk are unlikely to allow this reality to intrude into their psychotic universe. Having ‘defeated’ the ‘Halal threat’, the BBS is ready to forge ahead to do battle against other ‘dangers’. Their demonising rhetoric against the ‘Abaya’ has already caused several incidents, according to DBS Jeyaraj[i]. Advertently or not, the BBS monks are enabling uncouth and criminal elements to perpetrate violence against women in the name of religious-patriotism. Currently the threat is limited to Muslim women; gradually it will encompass all women who dress/act in a manner unacceptable to these Talibanisque Sinhala-Buddhists.

Obsessing about female purity is a classic sign of racial/religious fundamentalism. The threat to one’s own womankind from the ‘Lascivious Other’ has been a perennial concern for every fanatic throughout ages. This miscegenation-bogey is currently bedevilling the minds of the BBS. At the organisation’s Kandy meeting, BBS’ arch rabble-rouser, Rev. Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thero, talked about a plan by Muslims businesses to hire Sinhala girls and convert them to Islam through marriage or promotions[ii]. He demanded an end to Sinhala girls being employed in Muslim businesses.

According to official reports, in Sri Lanka, rape in general and child rape in particular reached an all time high in 2012. Last year, there were four child rapes per day, including of very young children. But this plague of rape/child rape does not seem to concern the BBS, even though many of the victims are Sinhala/Buddhists. Is it because most of the perpetrators too are Sinhala/Buddhist men and therefore the BBS cannot use it to incite religious/ethnic hatred? Is the BBS silent about this real danger to the physical and psychological wellbeing of Sinhala society because the threat comes from within its own bowels?

In the BBS universe, a consenting relationship between a Sinhala woman and a Muslim man is a far greater danger than the rape of Sinhala children by Sinhala men.

The ‘pollution’ of Aryan women by Jewish men was a major concern of Nazi zealots: “Racial purity, they claimed, could only be attained through total physical apartheid….  ‘Defilement’ of German girls through predatory Jews….(became) a central theme of the anti-Jewish agitation” (Hitler:Hubris – Ian Kershaw). Der Stürmer, edited by arch anti-Semitic Julius Streitcher, specialised in publishing incendiary stories/cartoons about ‘Aryan maidens’ and ‘Jewish seducers’[iii]. The ban on White-Black marriages/cohabitation survived in the US state of Alabama till 2001. Saudi Arabian women are still not allowed to marry men outside the Gulf Corporation Council countries[iv]. The Jewish fundamentalist Lehava organisation ordered Bar Refaeli, an Israeli model, not to marry Leonardo DiCaprio, the American actor, because he is a gentile.

Until now,Sri Lankawas not affected by this particular madness. Thanks to the BBS, we might succumb to that bacillus as well.

What the BBS has failed to realise is that by making Sri Lanka an unsafe place for her minorities, it is turning the world into an unsafe place for the Sinhalese.

Gotabhaya/BBS Way to an Unsafe World

Last week, two Buddhist monks were attacked by mobs in Tamil Nadu.

Sinhala/Buddhists could visit Tamil Nadu in perfect safety throughout the long Eelam War – and did so, on religious or shopping pilgrimages, in transit or for medical treatment. The spate of attacks on Lankan people and institutions is a very recent phenomenon.

These attacks – especially the last two targeting Buddhist monks – presage the world the BBS and their Rajapaksa-masters will create for all Sinhala-Buddhists, if the anti-Muslim campaign reaches its logical end.

Currently Sinhalese are unsafe only in Tamil Nadu. If the hate campaign against Muslims does not come to a stop, no place in the world will be perfectly safe for a Sinhalese. The most vulnerable would be Lankan workers in theMiddle Eastand Buddhist monks whose robes render them easily identifiable.

Already the first formal protest has been made, by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC is an umbrella organisation with 57 member states. Islam, like every other religion, consists of many sects. This variety within Islam is incomprehensible to the BBS, just as the variety within the Christian-fold was lost on the JHU. In the ‘Api’ vs. ‘Un’ (US vs Them) world of the BBS, ‘Un’ (them) is any man/woman who follows any form of Islam. Consequently the BBS will antagonise Sunnis and Shias, as well as every single sub-sect within this major divide.

Theirs is the Tiger-way.

What if Vellupillai Pirapaharan did not choose to treat all Muslims as enemies? What if he was genuinely committed to a Tamil-Speaking Elam and tried to win over Muslims to his cause?

He may not have met an inglorious death; he may be presiding over his own state, now.

From a rational Tamil nationalist point of view, winning Muslims to the Eelam cause made sense. But Mr. Pirapaharan wanted a state not for all Tamils speaking people, not even for all Tamils, but for himself and his cohorts. And in that dystopian land there was no room for those who were not ready to abase themselves before the altar of the Sun God. That visceral inability to avoid extremes and to tolerate difference played a major role in the ultimate downfall of the LTTE.

Today, the Rajapaksas and their BBS shock-troops are demonstrating a similar incapacity to avoid extremes and accept/tolerate difference.

At the Kandy BBS-Rabble-Rouser-in-Chief, Rev. Gnanasara Thero concluded his speech (in which he warned Buddhist maidens not to become ensnared into harems) by thanking the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence. A cogitational and behavioural similarity between the Thero and the Presidential Sibling is quite discernible. Both gravitate towards the extremes; both prefer dictatorial solutions. For instance, in a stance which almost echoed that of the BBS, Mr. Rajapaksa told Divaina that “there will be no further dealings with Tamil Nadu…… henceforth all Tamils coming from Tamil Nadu will face maximum legal consequences and punishment” (Sri Lanka Mirror – 21.3.2013)[v].

Anyone with an iota of sense would realise that in a tit-for-tat game with Tamil Nadu, Lanka and Lankans will be the greater losers. But for those blinded by megalomania and consumed with fury, sense is in short supply.  They will push this country into another internal conflict and antagonise most of our remaining international friends. They will endanger all Lankans, at home and in the world.

They are the real Sinhala-Tigers.


[ii] http://lkvideos.com/view/49453/bodu-bala-sena-kandy-2013-march-17-%E0%B6%B6%E0%B7%9C%E0%B6%AF%E0%B7%94%E0%B6%B6%E0%B6%BD%E0%B7%83%E0%B7%9A%E0%B6%B1%E0%B7%8F/

[iii] These included such ‘gems’ as ‘A dangerous race polluter. He regards German women as fair game for himself’ and ‘Castration for Race Polluters. Only heavy penalties will preserve our womenfolk from a tighter grip from ghastly Jewish claws’

[iv] http://web.archive.org/web/20120614045804/http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_931.html

[v] http://www.mirror.lk/news/6040-no-dealings-with-tamil-nadu-gota

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    Pitting Lanka Against The World is a conscious act by the enemies of Sri Lanka. History will judge the oligarchy of the early 21st century and their participation in the destruction.

    There is more than a Million Sri Lankans working in the Middle East and they are all safe to live, work and earn a Halaal living. Most people of the Arabian peninsula are well known for their generosity and the attitude to Live and Let Live. The transformation of the Arabian region as a knowledge based economy has brought in enormous wealth utilizing their natural resources. Every peace loving people have the opportunity set up shop fast in cities like Dubai and earn their livelihood leaving aside their faith as a personal choice.

    As for Obsessing about female purity is a classic sign of racial/religious fundamentalism.

    When she is a daughter, she opens a door of Jannah (Paradise) for her Father. When she is a wife, she completes half of her Deen (Religion) of her husband. When she is a Mother, Jannah (Paradise) lies in her feet. If only everyone knew the true status of women in Islam.

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      Absolutely great work Thisaranee! Many many heartfelt thanks for this analysis. Keep it coming and please take good care of yourself for no doubt Gota the White Van Goon would love to send a Van for you..

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    Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara is a common thug, who is wont to use Mariakade lingo and apply physical force on innocent citizens belonging to minority communities with the support of his retinue of gangsters.

    His true colours were on display in that recent viral video, where he was seen venting his spleen in the choicest filth, and describing as “hambayas” innocent Sinhala youth who had apparently crossed his unholy path. Clearly “halaal” was not at issue, but the “hambayas”!

    He thereby proved beyond any doubt that he is clearly an extreme racist, despite his claims to be otherwise.

    In that tirade he even threatened he could overthrow the government with “mother’s cloth” (the original Sinhala expression is really telling), but he failed to disclose whose mother he was referring to!

    The safety and security of all citizens of SL is de facto in the hands of the Defence Secretary, Gothabaya Rajapaksa.

    If GR is publicly seen to be in bed with the unsavoury BBS elements then it is only reasonable for minorities to assume that he is the power driving the BBS agenda.

    That is extremely dangerous for the future of minorities who are now fearful of losing their constitutional rights as equal citizens of SL.

    Now that the Organisation of Islamic Countries have taken note of the BBS antics, GR should immediately rein in his running dogs.

    Otherwise, there is a real risk of the million or so innocent Sinhala Buddhists being shipped back to SL from Muslim countries, or as Tisaranee comments, worse still being physical targets of extreme Muslim elements abroad.

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    Hela and Eelam are one and the same. And the chauvinists who use these as their visiting card are destroying Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    “They will push this country into another internal conflict and antgonise most of our remaining international friends…”

    This is the hidden agenda of a USA Citizen to control Governance in
    perpetuality and his elder brother has lost his voice. The Fist Lady
    will eventually tighten the screws?

  • 0

    HELO Maghribi;

    “””Most people {ARABS} of the Arabian peninsula are well known for their generosity and the attitude to Live and Let Live.””
    Tell This to Your Muslims Brethrens, Who Dos not Know about The HALAL LIVING ARABS,

    Sine 1982 I have worked with them for about 12 years, and I have seen and have experiences with them,
    “MillionS Sri Lankans working in the Middle East and they are all safe to live, work and earn a Halaal living”.
    You don’t want Experience that HALAL LIVING. in MIDDLE EAST.
    Those ARABS ARE MAKING MOST OF Them Halal Special and sending back,
    Specially Innocent Sri Lankan , Philippine, Indonesia and North Africans female Domestic workers,
    THat is why Indonesian and Philippine governments banned this exporting of Female domestic helpers.

    Specially in Saudi Arabia.

    • 0

      But yet, you wanted to live and work there for 12 long long years!!! strange for a person who is anti arab wanting the arab money shame on you…

      • 0

        Good point. They hate Arabs but love to work for them and get those Rials.
        12 years must have been a suffering for someone who “knows” Arabs and hates them
        The non Arab countries do not want them.

        • 0

          Don’t forget how these righteous men treat women in our own beloved country. Over 1900 rapes reported last year. Indian Tamil girls who have worked as domestic servants can tell you how well Sri Lankan men treat them!

      • 0

        I did not go there To ask SAQAATH
        [ Charity,Donations],
        and They Don’t Give SAQAATH [Charity, Donations} TO ANY BODY,And Only You Work And Get Paid.

        My employer A European company paid me in dollars not in riyals,
        I did Not rob those Arab’s money or wealth.


        If I shed my perspire for them, They have to pay for that, before it get dries out.

        I think still those Lazy Arabs do not work but employ others to do work for them.

        If you Do not work, then Get Out Or Work as sex slaves,

        Are You So Ashamed to ask form your honor LADIES WHO WENT TO WORK IN Middle east AND WENT THROUGH THE HALAAL LIVING??.
        { NOW LIVINGs ALSO BECOME HALAAL????????????.

        When you go to the Katunayake B I A, You Can hear More happy stories about Hallal Treatments.

        What about nailing and burning halal living.
        never heard of that from ARABIA ??????????.

        Did You People Sign for the petition for that Innocent child RIZAANA’s release?,

        OH Oh Crocodile tears for hallal living.

        When you walk past in Deira, Sathuwa Jumeirah in Dubai, or Sharjah you can find they have opened illegal oldest profession’s flesh shops, and most in oil rich cities too.
        And THEY DO have a vigilantes style Police Force CALLED IR-RELIGIOUS POLICE. and They practice the law of the jungle and justice.
        Now they have started Importing of poor African girls through Blanketing of so called UM-RAH VISA And distribute like Commodities All over G C C.



    • 0

      JULAAMPITYE AMARAYA – MENA region like the rest of the world do have a fair share of the undesirables like the BBS however, they do not have a voice or exercise a vigilantes style; law of the jungle justice. There is always a small percentage who works for 12 years and bites the hand that feeds. Good riddance of Bad rubbish. It should be the policy of all governments not to export their women for employment. This should speak volumes of their men’s attitude towards treating their women. Poverty cannot be eradicated without social harmony and the rule of law. Economic prosperity is a distant dream as long one is ungrateful to the nations who assist them. The departure terminal at the airport indicates the status of a guest worker returning or perhaps the arrival terminal at Colombo.

      • 0


        Middle East “region like the rest of the world do have a fair share of the undesirables like the BBS however, they do not have a voice or exercise a vigilantes style; law of the jungle justice.”

        In the Middle East the undesirables don’t need a voice, or need to exercise vigilante style justice or practice the law of the jungle. Because in Arab/Muslim countries everywhere the undesirables are the ones in power. Sharia law is the law of the jungle. The legal system in these countries is based on the medieval vigilante justice. It is like the BBS having their own state. Too bad if I’m harsh, but that’s the reality for the people who actually live and suffer in these countries, but maybe not for those like you who are blinded by faith and have a romantic fantasy about the UMMAH.

        • 0

          A rambler rambling just like the blind leading the blind. The ignorant watching the world go by with a begging bowl. Get a ‘life’ and be a productive member of your society rather being intoxicated with jealousy.

        • 0

          Ramble on until someone wakes you up from your reverie! You want the law of the jungle? Ask the guy who raped 100 women and invited the police to party with him, ask the guy who murdered a guest in our country and raped his companion, ask the man who told a distraught wife that god only knew where here husband was and became the chief justice.

          The point rambler is not what or how good the law is, but how well you uphold it.

          • 0

            Maghribi & Nabil

            I may be rambling, I may be blind, I may be a beggar, I may be jealous.

            A guy may have raped 100 women (wow, the guy believes in round figures, to keep his score neat, eh?), a guy may have murdered a guest, and a guy who didn’t know where somebody’s husband was may have become the chief justice.

            Hey diddle diddle,
            The Cat and the fiddle,
            The Cow jumped over the moon,
            The little Dog laughed
            To see such craft,
            And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

            But none of the above alter the simple but stark fact that you guys don’t want to talk about the legal (illegal?) system, and crime and punishment in Arab/Muslim countries because it is extremely embarrassing and painful for both of you.

            And before you guys return fire please note, I’m not talking about the Islamic precepts on law or justice. I’m talking about the actual practice in these countries.

  • 0

    Sri Lanka is it’s worst enemy. The current regime is making blunder after blunder, and not only isolating us from the rest of the world, but complicit in the ugly racism prevailing on our streets.

    Time and time again the opportunity for the brothers grim to cut off the poison permeating in the country has presented itself, and time and time again they exhibit disinterest, somehow implicating themselves in this organized anti Muslim hysteria that is ravaging this country. They also give Buddhism a bad name for what these criminals do, the discrimination and harassment of a minority, who up to now have not provoked such ugly behavior, goes against decency, and the teaching of Buddhism.

    The Rajapaksa’s are doing to Sri Lanka, what they accuse other nations of – isolating Sri Lanka, and making the people of Sri Lanka insecure and unable to progress. What a sorry state of affairs.

  • 0

    It would be interesting to chart the rate of increase in population of ethnic Sinhala, to Muslim. In a 30 year period, if the Muslim poulation increased 2.2% as against a 0.9% increase of Sinhala (perhaps at the cost of ethnic Tamil numbers), although in absolute numbers it is insignificant, social demographers might need to look at the main causes for the rate disparity. Since no Sinhala, Muslim or Tamil can claim purity of race, the demographics simply show nominal features distinguishing the different groups…

  • 0

    Well enunciated Tisaranee. I’ve always liked reading your viewpoint, since it is quite relevant,and gives enormous courage to those who are marginalized to see things differently, than the stereotyped.

    This hate campaign against Muslims is not an originality from BBS, but flows through the chain of command starting from GR. These are his clear intentions, and is only using BBS to carry out his wretched plans and has found the perfect ally in comrade Gnannathaara. Those who get addicted to such muscle power, can never be subdued when it is abrogated, and will eventually devour their own masters, before the master liquidates them. As long as the going is good, everything will be hunky-dory, but when it ends, it will be who fires the first salvo.

  • 0

    After the Indian vote at Geneva, the regime seems to have picked on a new enemy, India. News that the LIOC tanks at trinco are to be taken back as well a threat from SOD that all visitors from TN will be dealt by the law (whos law? White van?).
    So a new enemy and a new frontier to battle for our war hungry veteran. Of course launching an economic or military onslaught on the third biggest country in the world is not something even a big power would relish. But this is nothing for our warriors Asterix and Obelix. One drink of gal or pol is enough to finish any enemy.

  • 0

    Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara becuase of your dumbness (actually You and the ruling family in sri lanka is gone INSANE)you are creating immense damage to Sri Lanka and all sinhalese buddhists in Sri Lanka. sri Lankans work in middle east as servants drivers beucase your ruling clan is stealing left and right.They are only concern about themselves and the family. You the “thug” did not go against the government for impeaching the innocent chief justice. You did not voice against appointing a rogue thief justice mohan. You did not voice against the injustice these rajapassas did to Sarath fonseka. You dont care about sinhalese or buddism. You did not voice against destryoing the democtratic institutions of sri lanka. You dont voice against any ruling party corruption. You a dumb matta. Becuase of people like you LTTE was born and took many lives and money to eradicate the menace. Now you are trying to start another one. Start with the ruling clan who is really destroying democracy in sri lanka.

  • 0

    I call Bodu Bala Sena Golu Boru SENA.

  • 0

    Our Indian friends should realise that our Sri Lankan Buddhist Parliament along with President Rakapakse clan using Buddhist monks called BBS to instigate violence against all communities.

    This is purely for the sake of Rajapakse Family and their party Goons to stay in power. You know wars and violence are the political cover up to to stay in power and to cover up Citizen’s economic, social , education, cost of living issues and needs.

    Rajapakses are winding people among both both countries and among communities to fight each other, while they have all the fun and laugh.

    Therefore both my Indian and Sri Lankan Brothers. Let’s not fight each other. This is purely a Ruling party political stunt.

    Always remember Black July 1983…..how it was started and where it end up. Please leave aside blame game at each other and be friends. There’s a saying that your neighbour is your best protection and friend in need.

    Therefore please don’t fall into this Political / religious trap, and fight eachy other . This is what the ruling party expect.

    Therefore without getting trap into Rajapakse political stunt, lets fight against our COMMON ENEMY…..WHICH IS THE CORRUPT DICTATORIAL REGIME.


  • 0

    Both the leader of the BBS and the moronic lunatic, Gota pose a serious danger to society. They should be locked up in the a mental institution.

    • 0


      Who will bell the moronic lunatic?

  • 0

    People pay to watch women take off their clothes, and punish if you cover yourself. What a world we live in!

  • 0

    Mahinda Rajapaske’s wife is a Catholic – Where is BBS?

    • 0


      “Mahinda Rajapaske’s wife is a Catholic – Where is BBS?”

      She is perhaps a Sinhala/Buddhist catholic convert. Who did say her children are not Sinhala/Buddhist?

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